The new encyclopędia; or, Universal dictionary ofarts and sciences, Volume 8


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Pagina 362 - Ah, wherefore! he deserved no such return From me, whom he created what I was In that bright eminence, and with his good Upbraided none; nor was his service hard.
Pagina 100 - If marriage be the cement of society, mankind should all be educated after the same model, or the intercourse of the sexes will never deserve the name of fellowship, nor will women ever...
Pagina 379 - This left no room for controversy about the title, nor for encroachment on the right of others. What portion a man carved to himself was easily seen; and it was useless, as well as dishonest, to carve himself too much, or take more than he needed.
Pagina 95 - The ultimate result of the whole scheme of education would be the teaching all the children of the state reading, writing, and common arithmetic; turning out ten annually of superior genius, well taught in Greek, Latin, Geography, and the higher branches of arithmetic...
Pagina 219 - ... surface of the wheel ; and about six inches from it is another bullet, communicating in like manner with the under surface. When the wheel is to be charged by the upper surface, a communication must be made from the under surface to the table.
Pagina 340 - tis imposture all: And as no chemic yet th' elixir got, But glorifies his pregnant pot, If by the way to him befall Some odoriferous thing, or medicinal, So, lovers dream a rich and long delight, But get a winter-seeming summer's night.
Pagina 261 - ... to the paper-hangings of the room. He repeated the experiment, and found it would continue hanging near an hour. Having stuck up the black and white stockings in this manner, he came with another pair highly electrified ; and applying the white...
Pagina 219 - Two small hemispheres of wood are then fixed with cement to the middle of the upper and under sides, centrally opposite, and in each of them a thick strong wire eight or ten inches long, which together make the axis of the wheel. It turns horizontally on a point at the lower end of its axis, which rests on a bit of brass cemented within a glass salt-cellar. The...
Pagina 24 - Petersburgh, and the cities on the Baltic ; and there was, in 1783, an order from Paris to a coachmaker in Edinburgh, for 1000 crane-necked carriages, to be executed in three years. This trade has since greatly increased. " In 1763 — There was no such profession known as a haberdasher.
Pagina 219 - ... and is driven after the first, and so on till the wheel has gone once round, when the thimbles before electrified approaching the wire, instead of being attracted as they were at first, are repelled, and the motion presently ceases. But if another bottle, which had been charged through the coating, be placed near the...

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