Healthcare Interpreting: Discourse and Interaction

Franz Pöchhacker, Miriam Shlesinger
John Benjamins Publishing, 1 jan. 2007 - 155 pagina's
This volume the first-ever collection of research on healthcare interpreting centers on three interrelated themes: cross-cultural communication in healthcare settings, the interactional role of persons serving as interpreters and the discourse patterns of interpreter-mediated interaction. The individual chapters, by seven innovative researchers in the area of community-based interpreting, represent a pioneering attempt to look beyond stereotypical perceptions of interpreter-mediated interactions. First published as a Special Issue of Interpreting 7:2 (2005), this volume offers insights into the impact of the interpreter whether s/he is a trained professional or a member of the patient's family including ways in which s/he may either facilitate or impair reliable communication between patient and healthcare provider. The five articles cover a range of settings and specialties, from general medicine to pediatrics, psychiatry and speech therapy, using languages as diverse as Arabic, Dari, Farsi, Italian and Spanish in combination with Danish, Dutch, English and French.

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Doctorpatient consultations in dyadic and triadic exchanges
Exploring untrained interpreters use of direct versus indirect speech
Dialogue interpreting as a specific case of reported speech
Examining the voice of interpreting in speech pathology
Book Reviews
Revisiting the interpreters role A study of conference

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