Early English Poetry, Ballads, and Popular Literature of the Middle Ages, Volume 25

Percy Society, 1848

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Pagina 131 - Such notes as, warbled to the string, Drew iron tears down Pluto's cheek, And made Hell grant what love did seek ; Or call up him that left half -told The story of Cambuscan bold...
Pagina 174 - Have maad come in a water and a barge, And in the halle rowen up and doun.
Pagina 273 - That in this contree al the peple sleeth, And with his spere he smoot his herte a-two, And wente his wey with-outen wordes mo. He hath a thousand slayn this pestilence : And, maister, er ye come in his presence, Me thinketh that it were necessarie For to be war of swich an adversarie: Beth redy for to mete him evermore. Thus taughte me my dame, I sey na-more.
Pagina 187 - Toward the gardyn, ther as sche had hight. And he was to the gardyn-ward also ; For wel he spyed whan sche wolde go Out of hir hous, to any maner place.
Pagina 304 - For he so yong and tendre was of age ; But on a day his felaw gan he...
Pagina 259 - And after that than telle I forth my tales, Bulles of popes and of cardinales, Of patriarkes, and...
Pagina 108 - Ther nis no werkman, what-so-ever he be, That may bothe werke wel and hastily ; This wol be doon at leyser parfitly.
Pagina 156 - I telle yow of Cambynskan, That in his time many a cite wan : And after wil I speke of Algarsif, How that he wan Theodora to his wif, For whom ful ofie in grete peril he was, Ne had he ben holpen by the hors of bras.
Pagina 86 - And certainly, as soth as God is king, To take a wif, it is a glorious thing, And namely whan a man is old and...
Pagina 273 - Bothe man and womman, child, and hyne, and page. I trowe his habitacioun be there. To been avysed, greet wysdom it were, Er that he dide a man a dishonour.

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