The history of British commerce

C. Knight & Company, 1844

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Pagina 81 - ... parties residing in the dominions of the other, shall have the privilege of remaining and continuing their trade therein, without any manner of interruption, so...
Pagina 150 - For every pound weight avoirdupois of wrought silks, bengals, and stuffs, mixed with silk or herba, of the manufacture of Persia, China, or East India, imported from Great- Britain, two shillings. For every piece of callico painted, dyed, printed, or stained, in Persia, China, or East India, imported from Great Britain, two shillings and six pence.
Pagina 157 - MEMOIRS OF SAMUEL PEPYS, ESQ., FRS Secretary to the Admiralty in the Reigns of Charles II. and James II.; comprising his Diary from 1659 to 1669, deciphered by the Rev.
Pagina 85 - ... the merchant ship, which they shall so meet with, and may enter her to the number of two or three men only, to whom the master or commander of such ship or vessel shall exhibit his passport, concerning the property of the ship, made out according to the form inserted in this present treaty...
Pagina 81 - It is agreed between his Majesty and the United States of America, that there shall be a reciprocal and entirely perfect liberty of navigation and commerce between their respective people, in the manner, under the limitations and on the conditions specified in the following articles : ARTICLE XII.
Pagina 24 - Parliament, that all monopolies and all commissions, grants, licences, charters, and letters patent, heretofore made or granted, or hereafter to be made or granted, to any person or persons, bodies politic or corporate whatsoever, of or for the sole buying, selling, making, working or using, of anything...
Pagina 108 - ... by reason of the great trade of barley and malt that cometh to Ware, and so is conveyed by water to the city of London, as other carriages, both from the north parts, as also from the city of Norwich, St.
Pagina 73 - The mails are generally intrusted to some idle boy, without character, mounted on a wornout hack, and who, so far from being able to defend himself or escape from a robber, is much more likely to be in league with him.
Pagina 86 - ... after that due and lawful process shall have been had against such prohibited goods, and the...
Pagina 197 - He was apparelled in a gowne of blew satten, full of small oilet holes, at euerie hole the needle hanging by a silke thred with which it was sewed.

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