John Ronge, the Holy Coat of Treves, and the New German-Catholic Church

Harper & Brothers, 1845 - 180 pagina's
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Pagina 24 - God is a spirit, and they who worship him, must worship him in spirit and in truth.
Pagina 171 - Introduction to Church History : being a new Inquiry into the true Dates of the Birth and Death of our Lord and...
Pagina 24 - ... increased ! For, do you not know — as bishop you ought to know — that the Founder of the Christian religion left to his disciples and his followers, not his coat, but his Spirit ? His coat, Bishop Arnoldi of Treves...
Pagina 22 - Heathen festival, for many thousands of the credulous multitude to render to a piece of dress, — the work of human hands, — that regard and adoration which are due to God alone. And what pernicious consequences must follow from these pilgrimages ! Thousands of the pilgrims deprive themselves of the necessaries of life to raise the money for their journey, and the offering which they make to the Holy Tunic — that is, to the clergy. They purchase it by sacrifices of their comfort, or by begging...
Pagina 25 - Is it not unpardonable that von, as bishop, accept of money from our poor and starving people, especially when you have seen, not many weeks ago, that hundreds have been driven by necessity to mutiny, despair, and death. Do not allow yourself to be deceived by the influx of thousands upon thousands, but believe me, that while hundreds of thousands of the German people hasten with holy fervour to Treves, millions like myself are filled with horror and the deepest indignation by the disgraceful spectacle....
Pagina 24 - For, do you not know — as bishop you ought to know — that the Founder of the Christian religion left to his disciples and his followers not his coat but his spirit ? — his coat, Bishop Arnoldi of Treves, belongs to his executioners...
Pagina 151 - I believe in God the Father, who by his almighty word created the world, and rules it in wisdom, justice, and love. I believe in Jesus Christ, our Saviour, who by his teaching, his life, and his death, redeemed us from sin and slavery. I believe in the working of the Holy Ghost on earth, in a holy general Christian church, forgiveness of sins, and life everlasting.
Pagina 24 - Lastly, do you not know — as bishop you ought to know this also — that the vigorous and healthy mind of the German people was first degraded to the worship of relics by the Crusades in the 13th and...

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