Land Surveying and Levelling

Whittaker & Company, 1900 - 332 pagina's

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Pagina 277 - ... shall be deposited for public inspection at the office of the clerk of the peace for every county, riding, or division in England or Ireland, or in the office of the principal sheriff...
Pagina 286 - ... on the owners or reputed owners, lessees or reputed lessees, and occupiers of the said lands, and on the overseers of such parishes, and on the trustees, surveyors of highways, or other persons having the care of such roads or streets.
Pagina 254 - ... (no alternative line or work being in any case permitted), and the lands in or through which it is to be made, maintained, varied, extended or enlarged, or through which...
Pagina 90 - All the interior angles of any rectilineal figure, together with four right angles, are equal to twice as many right angles as the figure has sides.
Pagina 262 - ... feet, an enlarged plan shall be added of any building, yard, courtyard, or land within the curtilage of any building, or of any ground cultivated as a garden...
Pagina 264 - All places where for a distance of thirty feet and upwards there will be a less space than nine feet six inches between the outside of the footpath on either side of the street or road and the nearest rail of the tramway...
Pagina 253 - Provided that where it is proposed to lay down a continuous line of Tramway in two or more districts, and any local or road authority having jurisdiction in any such districts does not consent thereto, the consents of the local and road authority, or the local and road authorities having jurisdiction over two-thirds in length of the streets and roads along which such proposed line of Tramway is proposed to be laid shall be deemed to be sufficient.
Pagina 269 - Act, 1845, shall not be more than One foot in 30 feet, and of any other public Carriage Road not more than One foot in 20 feet ; and that a good and sufficient Fence, of Four feet high at the least, shall be made on each side of every Bridge which shall be erected.
Pagina 281 - November a. copy of so much of the said plans and sections as relates to each parish in or through which the work is intended to be made, maintained, varied extended or enlarged, or in which any...
Pagina 290 - II of this schedule were deposited. (2) They are also to deposit a sufficient number of such printed copies at the office named in that behalf in the advertisement, such copies to be there furnished to all persons applying for them at the price of not more than each.

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