Delusion all!—a specious cheat!
At my approach the roses fade;
I found each fragrance quite decay'd,

And cursed the fond deceit.

At courts I've tried, where splendour shone, Where pomp

and gilded cares reside, 'Midst endless hurry, endless pride,

But there thou wast unknown.

Yet in the captive's dreary cell, Lodged with a long experienced sage, With the famed Chiron' of the stage

The goddess deign'd to dwell.

Integrity and truth serene
Had eased the labours of his breast,
And lull’d his peaceful heart to rest

’Midst perfidy and pain.

A soul like his, disrobed of guile,
With native innocence elate,
Above the keenest rage of Fate,

Can greet her with a smile.



FOR THE HERRING FISHERY. O’ER the green waves, where Britain boasts her

sway, Round the wide waste of our long slighted sea, Let the glad tale in sacred accents swell, Let babbling tritons to the seagods tell

He had been thirty years prompter at the London Theatre.

• Britain's at last grown conscious of her shame; Britain awakes her ravish'd rights to claim; Britain !-see pale Batavians trembling at the

name.' Abash’d-confounded—let the dull Mynheer No more between our sacred banks appear. Shall the dull Dutch exult in our disgrace, Rifle our wedded waves before our face? Feast on the joys of our luxuriant spouse, And plant upon old Albion's chalky brows? No, Britains! no-George and your Genius smile, And new-born beauties rise propitious to your isle!

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Did rocks and trees in ancient days

Round tuneful Orpheus throng,
Moved by the bard's enlivening lays,

And sensible of song?
When the bold Orpheus of our age,

With true pathetic fire,
Unfolds the philosophic page,

beaux admire !

ON GOLD. BEAUTY's a bauble, a trifle in price!

'Tis glass, or 'tis something as glaring; But set it in gold—'tis so wonderful nice,

That a prince should be proud in the wearing. How feeble the transport when passion is gone!

How pall'd when the honey-moon's over! When kissing—and cooing—and toying are done,

'Tis gold must enliven the lover.



THAT he was born it cannot be denied.
He ate, drank, slept, talk'd politics, and died.

AN ELEGY ON HIS DEATH. That Fate would not grant a reprieve,

"Tis true we have cause to lament; Yet, faith, 'tis a folly to grieve,

So e'en let us all be content.
On the stone that was placed o'er his head

(When he mingled with shadows so grim) These words may be every day read,

· Here lies the late Alderman Whim.'

MELODY. LIGHTSOMÉ as convey'd by sparrows,

Love and Beauty cross'd the plains, Flights of little pointed arrows

Love dispatch'd among the swains: But so much our shepherds dread him

(Spoiler of their peace profound), Swift as scudding fawns they fled him,

Frighted, though they felt no wound.

Now the wanton god grown slyer,

And for each fond mischief ripe, Comes disguised in Pan's attire,

Tuning sweet an oaten pipe: Echo, by the winding river,

Doubles his delusive strains; While the boy conceals his quiver,

From the slow-returning swains. As Palemon, unsuspecting,

Praised the sly musician's art, Love his light disguise rejecting,

Lodged an arrow in his heart: Cupid will enforce our duty,

Shepherds, and would have you taught, Those who, timid, fly from Beauty,

May by Melody be caught.


An Allegory.
To travel far as the wide world extends,

Seeking for objects that deserved their care, Virtue set forth, with two selected friends,

Talent refined, and Reputation fair.
As they went on in their intended round,

Talent first spoke :-'My gentle comrades, say, Where each of you may probably be found,

Should accident divide us on the way. • If torn (she added) from my loved allies,

A friendly patronage I hope to find Where the Fine Arts from cultivation rise,

And the sweet Muse hath harmonized mankind.'


Says Virtue, Did Sincerity appear,

Or meek eyed Charity among the great; Could I find courtiers from corruption clear, 'Tis among these I'd seek for


retreat. • Could I find patriots for the public weal

Assiduous, and without their selfish views; Could I find priests of undissembled zeal, "Tis among

residence I'd choose. • In glittering domes let Luxury reside;

I must be found in some sequester'd cell, Far from the paths of Avarice or Pride,

Where homebred Happiness delights to dwell.' • Ye may be traced, my gentle friends, 'tis true,

But who (says Reputation) can explore My slippery steps?—Keep, keep me in your view,

If I'm once lost you'll never find me more.'

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PARVA domus! nemorosa quies!

Sis tu, quoque nostris Hospitium, laribus, subsidiumque diu! Flora tuas ornet postes, Pomonaque mensas! Conferat ut varias fertilis hortus opes ! Et volucres pictæ cingentes voce canora, Retia sola canent quæ sibi tendit amor! Floriferi colles, dulces mihi sæpe recessus Dent, atque hospitibus gaudia plena meis!

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