Against Capitalism: The European Left on the March

P. Lang, 2007 - 159 pagina's
Typically the gains in living standards and political rights of Europeans are presented as flowing from the good graces of industrial capitalism. In reality, as this book proves, it was the massive, militant struggle of millions of average persons who forced concessions such as the welfare state and free elections to Parliament. Without understanding the revolutionary vision and the pressure it placed on European rulers, it is difficult to understand contemporary society.

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European Radicalism in the 1870s
Birth and Development of Left Radicalism after 1871
Splits within the European Left Before World War 1

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The Author: Holding a Ph.D. in contemporary European history and an M.A. in politics, William A. Pelz is the author of <I>The Spartkusbund and the German Working Class Movement (1988) and <I>Wilhelm Liebknecht and German Social Democracy (1994) and editor of <I>The Eugene V. Debs Reader: Socialism and Democracy (2000). His articles and book reviews have appeared in the <I>American Historical Review, International Labor and Working Class History, German History, Sozialismus, JahrBuch fŁr Forschungen zur Geschichte der Arbeiterbewegung, and <I>International Labor History Yearbook among others.

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