Sketch of the Language and Literature of Holland

Diederichs Brothers, 1829 - 130 pagina's

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Pagina 109 - There's punch so warm, and wine so bright, And sheltering roof and bread. And if a friend should pass this way, We give him flesh and fish ; And sometimes game adorns the dish, It chances as it may ; And every birth-day festival Some extra tarts appear, An extra glass of wine for all — While to the child, or great or small, We drink the happy year. Poor beggars ! all the city thro' That wander, — pity knows That if it rains, or hails or snows, No difference 'tis to you.
Pagina 94 - Gainst all rebellious thoughts have striven, And strive, — and call thee Father, — still Say all thy will is wisest, kindest, — Yet, — twice, — the burden that thou bindest Is heavy, — I obey thy will ! At Katwyk, where the silenced billow Thee welcomes, Rhine, to her own breast, There, with the damp sand for her pillow, I laid my treasure in its rest. My tears shall with thy waters blend them : Receive those briny tears from me, And, when exhaled from the vast sea, To her own grave in...
Pagina 95 - Twas wrong to mourn, When those so loving slept delighted. Should I divide what God united ? I laid them in a common urn. There are who call this earth a palace Of Eden, who on roses go — I would not drink again life's chalice, Nor tread again its paths of woe.
Pagina 125 - I wait to smite, — your cities, — you : go, borrow Safety and strength, — they shall avail you none. Eternity was mine, — and still eternal I hold my course, — God's being is my stay, — I saw worlds fashioned by his word supernal : I saw them fashioned, — saw them pass away. I bear upon my cheeks unfading roses ; Man sees me, as he flits, — and, fool ! supposes I have my grave, and limits to my sway. Take from...
Pagina 70 - Pool, the poet of the plough, whom we mention more because he was a ploughman, than because we deem him a poet. Of himself he says: — I am a peasant's son, no wealth have I, For wanton Fortune turns her back on me, Even to this hour my hands my food supply...
Pagina 111 - I so favored stand ; And he, the offspring of God's hand, A poor, deserted man. And then I sit to muse ; I sit The riddle to unravel ; I strain my thoughts, I tax my wit ; The less my thoughts can compass it, The more they toil and travel. And thus, and thus alone, I see, When poring o'er and o'er, That I can give unto the poor, But not the poor to me : That, having more than I require, That more...
Pagina 77 - To these may be added the names of Lucas Trip, burgomaster of Groningen, and author of " Time-saving of Leisure Hours," which has been designated by the critics, as " one of those gloomy works, which, like Young's
Pagina 109 - T is a long suffering, sad as long : No fire to warm, — to cheer, no song, — No presents for the poor. And should not we far better be, We far more blest than they ? Our winter hearth is bright and gay, Our...
Pagina 112 - T is a poor mother in the blast, Trembling, — I heard her as she passed, And weeping o'er her lad. I thank thee, Source of every bliss, For every bliss I know ; I thank thee, thou didst train me so To learn thy way in this : That wishing good, and doing good, Is laboring, Lord, with thee ; That charity is gratitude ; And piety, best understood, A sweet humanity. JOHN A
Pagina 7 - We have made many inquiries, and have not been recompensed by the discovery of a single fragment, composed in the spirit of those romantic compositions which for so many centuries were the heritage of the German and Scandinavian nations. If the Minnesingers of the North, or the Troubadours of the South, ever wandered over the plains of Holland and Flanders, they elicited nothing national there. The interest of inquiry into the early literature of the Low Countries is almost wholly philological. The...

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