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LARGE PAPER. Only 100 copies printed.

33 ADAMS. An Oration delivered at the State House, in Philadelphia, 1st of August, 1776. pp. 42. 8° half roan.

Philadelphia, printed: London, re-printed, 1776 "No such oration it is believed was ever delivered. See Proceedings Mass. Hist. Society, for March, 1875."

34 ADDISON, Joseph.


Works; with a Complete Index. trait by Miller, after Kneller, and plates by Grignion, after Hayman, etc. 4 vols. royal 4° marbled calf, gilt, yellow edges. Baskerville: Birmingham, 1761 35 ADDISON. Works of. A new edition, with notes by Rich6 vols. royal 8° tree calf extra, London, 1811

ard Hurd. Portrait.
marbled edges.

36 ADLARD, George. The Sutton-Dudleys of England, and
the Dudleys of Massachusetts. 8° cloth.
ONLY 250 copies printed.

New York, 1862

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39 ÆSOP.

The Fables of Æsop, paraphras'd in Verse; adorn'd with sculptures and illustrated with annotations. By John Ogilby. pp. 239. (Some leaves at the end wanting.) Numerous fine plates, proofs before letters. Large folio, old calf. Thomas Roycraft: Lond., 1665 40 ESOP. The Fables of Æsop, with Life of the Author. With 112 fine copper plates. pp. 191, 248. 2 vols. royal 8° calf. John Stockdale: London, 1793 41 AIKIN, Lucy. Memoirs of the Court of King James the First, third ed., 1823; Memoirs of the Court of Queen Elizabeth, sixth ed., 1826; Memoirs of the Court of King Charles the First, second ed., 1833. Portraits. 6 vols. 8° half calf, gilt. London.

3 vols. Boston, 1866

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42 A'KEMPIS, Thomas. Of the Imitation of Jesus Christ. Translated from the Latin original ascribed to Thomas A'Kempis. By T. F. Dibdin. pp. 248. Frontispiece. 8° marbled calf, gilt. W. Pickering: London, 1851 43 ATKINS, T. B. A Brief Account of the Origin, Endowment and Progress of the University of King's College, Windsor, N. S. pp. 84. 8° half roan. Halifax, 1865 44 ALBANY, N. Y. The Settlement and Early History of Albany. By William Barnes. pp. 100. Plates. 8° Albany, 1864 45 ALDEN, Rev. Timothy. Collection of American Epitaphs and Inscriptions, with occasional notes. Portraits. 5 vols. 16° morocco, gilt. New York, 1814

paper, uncut.

46 ALEXANDER, A. Biographical Sketches of the Founder and Principal Alumni of the Log College. pp. 279. 12° cloth. Phila.

47 [ALEXANDER, W.] Conduct of Major Gen. Shirley, late General and Commander-in-Chief of His Majesty's forces in North America. Briefly stated. pp. (8) 130. 8° half calf. London, 1758

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49 ALLEN, Ethan. Narrative of Col. Ethan Allen's Captivity, from the time of his being taken by the British, near Montreal, in 1775, to the time of his exchange in 1778. Containing his Voyages and Travels, with the most remarkable occurrences respecting himself, and many other continental Prisoners, of different ranks and Characters. pp. 80. 16° morocco. Newbury, 1780 The same. pp. 158. 16° boards.


Walpole, N. H., 1807

Reason the only Oracle of Man, or a Compenduous System of Natural Religion. pp. 21, 477. 8° half morocco, gilt. Bennington, 1784

An autograph note signed by the author inserted.


pp. 252. 53 ALLEN, Ira. Vermont.

Memoir of Col. Ethan Allen. By Hugh Moore. 12° calf, red edges. Plattsburgh, N. Y., 1834 Natural and Political History of the State of pp. 300. Map. 8° boards, uncut.

London, 1798

54 ALLEN, John.

56 ALLEN, Paul.

Modern Judaism; or a Brief Account of the Opinions, Traditions, Rites, and Ceremonies of the Jews in Modern Times. PP. 434. Plate. 8° half calf. London, 1816 55 ALLEN, Jolley. An Account of a Part of the Sufferings and Losses of Jolley Allen, a Native of London. With a preface and notes, by Mrs. F. M. Stoddard. pp. 52. 8° cloth. Boston, 1883 Original Poems, serious and entertaining. pp. 141. 16° sheep. Salem, 1801 57 ALLEN. History of the American Revolution. pp. 592, 510. 2 vols. 8° sheep, (rebacked). Baltimore, 1819 58 ALLEN, William. American Biographical and Historical Dictionary. pp. 632. Portrait of Washington by D. Edwin. 8° sheep. Cambridge, 1809 59 ALLEN. The same. Second ed. pp. 800. Royal 8° cloth, Boston, 1832 The same. Third ed. pp. 905. Royal 8° sheep. Boston, 1857 A Decade of Addresses delivered from 1820 to 1829, to the Senior Classes at Bowdoin College. Portrait. 12° cloth, uncut. Concord, 1830

uncut. 60 ALLEN.



Wunnissoo, or the Vale of Hoosatunnuk, a Poem, with notes. pp. 237. Portrait. 8° cloth. Boston, 1856 63 ALLEN, Zachariah. Philosophy of the Mechanics of Nature, and the Source and Modes of Action of Natural Motive-Power. pp. 797. Illustrations. Royal 8° New York, 1852



Defence of the Rhode Island System of Treatment of the Indians, and of Civil and Religious Liberty. pp. 34. 8° cloth. Providence, 1876

65 ALLIBONE, S. Austin. Critical Dictionary of English Literature, and British and American Authors. 3 vols. imperial 8° cloth. Phila., 1858-71

66 ALLIN and Shepard. A Defence of the Answer made unto the Nine Questions or Positions sent from NewEngland, against the Reply thereto by that Reverend. Servant of Christ, Mr. John Ball; entitled, A Tryall of the New Church-way in New England and in Old. By John Allin and Thomas Shepard. pp. 211. Small 4° calf, gilt.

London, 1648


The Sylphs of the Seasons,
Poems. First American edition.
pp. 168.

with other 16° calf. Boston, 1813

Tracts relating to the Dutch Settlements at Amboyna: A True Relation of the uniust cruell and barbarous Proceedings against the English at Amboyna; - Answer to the Dutch Relation; Second Part of Amboyna; Justification of the Present War against the United Netherlands; - A Further Justification;— The Dutch Usurpation. Illustrated with copper cuts. Bound in 1 vol. 4° calf. London, 1624-1673


69 AMERICA; or an Exact Description of the West-Indies, more especially of those Provinces which are under the Dominion of the King of Spain. By N. N. pp. 484. 16° old calf. (Small portion of second title neatly repaired.) London, 1655 70 AMERICAN Almanac and Repository of Useful Knowledge. 31 vols. 12° paper. Boston, 1830-61

71 AMERICAN and British Chronicle of War and Politics, being an accurate and comprehensive Register of the most memorable Occurences from 1773 to 1783. 8° half morocco, gilt edges.


72 AMERICAN Antiquarian Society. Transactions and Collections. With catalogue of Books, 1837. Together 8 vols. 8° cloth and boards, uncut. Worcester, 1820-85 73 AMERICAN Antiquarian Society. Proceedings at the Annual Meetings from the beginning in 1813 to 1889 complete. First series, 1813-1880 with index. 10 vols. New Series, vols. I to 5. 14 vols. cloth and one vol. in parts. Together 15 vols. 8°.

Worcester and Boston, 1813-89

74 AMERICAN Archives. Fourth and Fifth Series. Containing a Documentary History of the English Colonies in North America, from March 7, 1774 to December, 1776. 9 vols. folio, half russia. Washington, 1837-53

75 AMERICAN Biography. Dictionary of Biography, by R. A. Davenport, 1831;— Memoir of Hannah Adams, by herself, 1832; Boston Merchant of 1745, or incidents in the life of James Gibson, 1847;-Girard College and its Founder, by H. W. Arey, 1856; - Tribute to Thomas Starr King, by Richard Frothingham, 1865; - Life of Henry Dunster, by J. Chaplin, 1872; John Quincy Adams, edited by J. T. Morse, Jr., 1882; - James Madison, by Sydney H. Gay, 1884; Margaret Fuller Ossoli, by T. W. Higginson, 1884. 9 vols. 12° cloth. Boston and Phila.

[ocr errors]

76 AMERICAN Chronicles. The first Book of the American Chronicles of the Times. (Fragment of 8 pages.) 8° half calf.

77 AMERICAN Gazette, being a collection of all the authentic addresses, memorials, petitions and other papers, which have been published from 1768 to the present time. Including a journal of American Transactions, and interesting correspondence between Gov. Bernard, Gen. Gage, etc., and the Ministry. 6 parts, complete, with index. pp. 454. 8° calf, (broken). London, 1770 Papers. Vols. 1, 2 and New York, 1885-89

78 AMERICAN Historical Association. 3. 3 vols. 8° in parts, uncut.

79 AMERICAN Historical Record and Repertory of Notes and Queries, concerning the history and antiquities of America and biography of Americans.

son J. Lossing. Vols. 1, 2 and 3.
vols. small 4° in parts, uncut.

Edited by Ben-
Illustrations. 3
Phila., 1872-74

80 AMERICAN Pioneer (The), a Monthly Periodical devoted to the objects of the Logan Historical Society. Plates. 2 vols. royal 8° half crimson morocco, gilt.

Cincinnati, 1844-5

81 AMERICAN Register, or General Repository of History, Politics, and Science, 1806-1810. Edited by C. Brockden Brown. 7 vols. 8° half roan, uncut.

Phila., 1806-10 82 AMERICAN Remembrancer; or an Impartial Collection of Essays, Resolves, Speeches, etc., relative, or having affinity, to the Treaty with Great Britain. 3 vols. 8° sheep. Phila., 1795

83 AMERICAN Trade. That the trade to Affrica, is only Manageable by an Incorporated Company and a Joynt Stock, demonstrated in a Letter to a Member of the present House of Commons, by a Gentleman in the City. pp. 7. Folio, half calf. (London, 1690)

84 AMERICAN Weekly Messenger, or Register of State Papers, History and Politics, 1813-15. 2 vols. royal 8° half sheep. Phila., 1814-16

85 AMES, Fisher. Works of; with Notices of his Life and Character. Portrait. 8° diamond russia. Boston, 1809 86 AMORY, Thomas C. William Blackstone, Boston's first inhabitant, n. p. n. d.; William Blaxton, 1595-1675; General Sullivan not a Pensioner of Luzerne, 1815; The same, second ed.;- Memoir of Hon. William Sullivan, 1879;-Daniel Sullivan's Visits to Gen. John Sullivan, 1884. 5 pamphlets.

87 AMOS, Andrew. The Great Oyer of Poisoning; the Trial of the Earl of Somerset for the Poisoning of Sir Thomas Overbury, in the Tower of London. pp. 551. Portraits. 8° cloth, uncut. London, 1846

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