Journal and Proceedings of the Asiatic Society of Bengal, Volumes 1-16

Asiatic Society., 1915
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Includes indexes to Numismatic supplements.

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Pagina 171 - Burnt offering, the casting of clarified butter, dried fruit, etc., into the sacred fire, as an offering to the gods, accompanied with prayers or invocations, according to the object of the sacrifice, -bajawna, vi re.
Pagina 29 - Rishi ( ^C'ljC'^'^'W*^' )} and live in huts made of the branches of trees. They live there on hunting ; and sometimes they visit the hermitage of CAPILA the Rishi. He, observing them to look very ill, asks them why they were so pale. They tell him how much they suffer on account of their restraint or continence.
Pagina 37 - She who is young, well-proportioned, and elegant, yet not boastful of her beauty; who is affectionate towards her brother, sister, and mother ; who, always rejoicing in giving alms, knoweth the proper manner how to bestow them on the priests and Brahmans; if there be found any such damsel, father ! let her be brought to me. One who, being without arrogance, pride, and passion...
Pagina 74 - ... stuffs, cloths, &c. for garments and hanging ornaments. 5. To make music, sing hymns, and utter the praises of Buddha, respecting his person, doctrine, love or mercy, perfections or attributes; and his acts, or performances, for the benefit of all animal beings.
Pagina 29 - ... continence. He advises them to leave their own uterine sisters, and to take themselves (to wife) such as are not born of the same mother with them. O great Rishi ! said the princes, is it convenient for us to do this ? Yes, Sirs, answered the Rishi, banished princes may act in this way. Therefore, taking for a rule the advice of the Rishi, they do accordingly, and cohabit with their non-uterine sisters, and have many children by them. The noise of them being inconvenient to the Rishi in his meditation,...
Pagina 29 - After the death of his first wife he marries again. He obtains the daughter of a king under the condition that he shall give the throne to the son that shall be born of that princess. By the contrivance of the chief officers, to make room for the young prince to succession, the king orders the expulsion of his four sons.
Pagina 38 - ... servants both male and female with constant mildness : — who is as well versed as any courtesan in the rites and ceremonies described in the Shastras : — who goeth last to sleep and riseth earliest from her couch : — who maketh every endeavour with mildness, like a mother without affectation : — if there be any such maiden to be found, father, give her unto me as a wife.
Pagina 73 - Compare p. 22. positions, must know, that every compound thing is perishable, that there is no reality in things; that every imperfection is pain, and that deliverance from pain, or bodily existence, is final happiness or beatitude.
Pagina 682 - Let Abul Hasan worthy of favour and countenance trust to our royal bounty, and let him know that since in accordance with our innate kindness of disposition and natural benevolence, the whole of our untiring energy and all our upright intentions are engaged in promoting the public welfare and bettering the conditions of all classes, high and low. In accordance with our holy law, we have decided that the ancient temples shall not be destroyed, but new ones shall not be built.
Pagina 530 - The only old customs which survives is the annual shradh called phulaich* in which a hegoat reared in the dead man's name, is dressed in his clothes, sacrificed and eaten by the members of his kindred. At a death-bed, grain is distributed among all those present, and the lamas read from Buddhist writings. The body is burnt on the same day, or at latest on the next. Drums, sanŠis, karnals,10 and conches are played when the corpse is carried to the burning-ground.

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