the Relation I have the Honour to bear to your Lordship, and the many particular Favours I have received from you, did not in Duty oblige me to take every Opportunity of making the gratefullest and most publick Acknowledgment of your Lordship’s Goodness; yet your Lordship's known Readiness to Encourage, Aflift, and Patronize any Attempts of this Nature, or any other that are defigned for the Promotion either of true Religion or good Learning; would have emboldened me, among Others, to defire

your Lordship’s Protection, and to have presumed to do my self the Honour of præfixing your Lordship’s Name to these Papers.

I Have used at least as much Care, and taken as much Pains, in the prefent Papers, to endeavour to express the full Meaning of the Evangelis in na


tural and plain Words, to continue the Sense by clear and easie Transitions, and to obviate all the Difficulties I could in the Text; as I did in the Paraphrase on St. Matthew. And I suppose, it will not be thought a great Presumption in me to hope, that I have in some Measure succeeded in this Design ; after having received your Lordship’s Corrections and Approbation, who have so thoroughly considered every Part of the Sacred Text, and are so absolute a Mafter and known a Judge of Style.

To attempt upon this Occasion, to describe your Lordship’s many other great Qualifications and Vertues; as it would be a Thing needless in Respect of the World, which every Day experiments many real Proofs of your Lordship’s Goodness; so I know it would be doing a Thing unexceptable and uneasie to


P 2

your Lordship. Wherefore I add no more, but only desire your Lordship to accept these Papers as an humble Expression of Duty and Gratitude, from,

Your Lordship's most Dutiful Chaplain

and Servant,

Sam. Clarke.


ver. 35


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