vhich art in heaven, and glory of thy Attributes, may uniallowed be thy feignedly admire and adore thee; and

express their Veneration and Praises of thee, in Ways most suitable to the Condition of their Nature and the Discove

ries of thy Will. 10 Thy kingdom

10. Grant that all Mankind may Thy will be

come to the knowledge and belief of thy done in earth as it is true Religion : That the Kingdom of in heaven.

Christ, may be extended over all the Earth; and the eternal Laws of Godliness, Righteousness, Charity, and Sobriety, be established through the whole World. Grant that all who profefs this thy true Religion, may live in perfeet Obedience to the Laws thereof ; and that Men, as the infirmity of their Nature will permit, may obey thee with proportionable Sincerity and Constancy, as do the Spirits of the blessed in

Heaven. u Give us this 11. Bestow upon us every day, through day our daily bread. the remaining part of our Lives, as

many of the things of this present World, as may be sufficient for our necessary Subsistence, and for the useful

and innocent Conveniencies of Life. 12 And forgive us

12. Forgive us our Sins, and withour debts, as we for- hold thy Punishments which we have give our debtors.

thereby deserved : In like manner as we freely and heartily forgive all those Injuries and Offences, which have by others

been done to us. 13 And lead us 13. Take from us the Causes and not into temptation, Occasions of Temptations, or else debut deliver us from liver us from the power of them : That evil : for thine is the kingdom, and the Enticements of Riches, Honours, or

we may not be moved, either with the power, and the glory, for ever. Amen. Pleasure; or with the Fear of Want,

Disgrace, or Pain; to do any thing knowingly contrary to thy Will. And deliver us from all the Evils and Ca


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lamities, which either the Malice of the Devil, or the Wickedness or Misfortunes of the World might bring upon us. These Petitions we offer up unto thee, O God : knowing that thou canst, and trusting in thy Mercy that thou wilt do for us more than we can desire or desérve; who art infinite in Power, Glory, and Majesty, from everlasting to everlasting. Amen.

14. After this manner ought ye to 14 For, if ye forpray unto God. And in this Prayer give men their trefwhich I have now prescribed to you, passes, your heavenye are more especially to observe, that ly Father will also Í have taught you to expect and pray

forgive you. for Forgiveness of your Sins at the Hands of God, only in like manner as ye forgive one another your Offences and Trespasses. For if ye readily forgive your Trespasses against each other, God indeed will likewise upon this Condition forgive you your Sins. .

15. But if ye will not forgive one 15 But if ye foranother; be assured, that neither will give not men their God be moved by any Prayers or En- trespaffes,neither will treaties to forgive you.

your Father forgive

your trespaffes. 16. I Again, when ye Fast, be not

16 Moreover, like the hypocritical Pharisees, who put when ye fast, be not on fad and mournful Looks, going a- as the hypocrites, of bout in mean and sordid Garments, and a fad countenance ; with unwashed Faces, that they may

for they disfigure appear to Men to be wonderfully De their faces, that they vout, and may be applauded for the may appear unto men ftrictness and severity of their Faft. say unto you, they

to fast. Verily, I I tell you assuredly this shall be their have their reward. only Reward, and they must expect no other from God.

17. But when you faft, appear to 17 But thou Men as at other times; put on no

when thou fafteft, Mournful Looks, and make no Often- anoint thine head, tation of Strictness and Severity.

and wash thy face:

18 That thou 18. Make no affected show of Fast


unto ing and Sadness, but humble


your felves


rob you

you of.

men to fast, but un secretly in your Devotions before God; to thy Father which

and God, who seeth the secret Humiliis in secret: and thy ations of your Souls, will reward you Father which seeth in secret, shall re

openly before Men and Angels. ward thee openly,

19. S In fumm, whatever you do, re19 Lay not up gard not so much the appearances of this for your selves trea- present World; but in all your Actions sures upon earth, have principally a respect to that which where moth and

is to come.

Be not over-sollicitous to ruft doth corrupt, lay up a Treasure of Riches upon Earth, and where thieves which a thousand Accidents may easily break through and

of. steal. 20 But lay up for

20. But be careful by good Works, your

selves treasures proceeding from true Faith and Love, in heaven, where to lay up a Treasure of Rewards in neither moth nor Heaven, which no Power upon Earth, rust doth corrupt, nor any Accident can possibly deprive and where thieves do not break through

21. For if your chief Designs be to and steal.

21 For where lay up a Treasure here upon Earth, your treasure is,

Heart and Affections will be fixed

your there will your heart upon these things; and you will never be also.

be able to preserve that pious, resign-
ed, and heavenly Temper of Mind,
which the Christian Religion indi-
spensably requires. But if the principal
Aim of your Life, be to secure a Trea-
sure of Happiness in Heaven; then

Heart also and Affections be

settled there. 22 The light of 22. Above all things therefore be the body is the eye: sure to preserve this true Judgment of if therefore thine the Difference of Things ; viz. that eye be fingle, thy the Happiness of Heaven is the Treawhole body shall be

fure which full of light.

Hearts are to be fixed; and that the things of this World ought not to be too eagerly defired, but to be fought with Moderation, and used with Simplicity and Liberality, For as the Eye, is to the Direction of the Body; so is this True Judgment of Things, to the State of the Soul. If the Eye be clear and pure, the whole Body will be enlightened and well guided: In like manner, if this True fudgment of Things be kept pure and uncorrupted, the State of the Soul will be good and well ordered



23. But as, on the contrary, if the 23 But if thine Eye be dim and cloudy, the whole Body eye be evil, thy will be in the dark and without gui- whole body shall be dance : even so, if in this Matter your therefore the light

full of darkness. If Judgment be vitiated and corrupted, that is in thee be the whole bent of the Soul will be erro

darkness, how great neous and without direction. And how is that darkness! great is the Errour and Misery of such a State!

24. The Judgment and Affections of 24 S No man can the Heart and Soul, cannot at once be serve two masters : fixʼd and settled upon things of a dif

for either he will ferent and contrary Nature. No Man love the other; or

hate the one, and can at the same time serve two Masters else he will hold to of contrary Dispositions, but he must the one, and despise obey the one and neglect the other. Ye the other

. Ye cancannot be truly Religious, and sincere not serve God and Servants of God; while


Hearts and Affections are too intent upon the things of this present World. 25. Since therefore ye cannot attend

25 Therefore I wholly to two contrary things at once ;

say unto you, Take let your main and principal Intentions life, what ye shall

no thought for your be always fix'd upon your chief, which

eat, or

shall is your future Happiness. And after drink ; nor yet for you

have used a reasonable Industry your body what ye to attain the Necessaries of this present shall put on: is not Life, such as Meat and Drink, and

and the life more than Cloathing ; * be not any further solli

further sollic meat, and the body citous about them; but rely upon


then raiment ? Providence of God for a continual


what ye


* This Precept to the Apostles, who were to spend their Lives in travelling and propagating the Gospel, may be understood in its most strict and literal Sense; But to other Christians it must be applied in a larger Sense, as I have paraphrafed it.




Supply of them. For he that first gave
you Life and Being, without your ca-
ring or giving any Alistance towards
it will much more bestow upon you
things necessary for the support and

preservation of that Life.
26 Behold the 26. Consider the other Creatures of
fowls of the air : for God, which are of a lower Rank than
they fow not, nei-

you; the Birds, Beasts, and Plants. ther do they reap, Consider how God, without their fore+

gather into barns; yet your hea- seeing their own Wants, or being able venly Father feedeth to make any Provision for themselves, them. Are ye not preserves and nourishes, and furnishes much better than them with all things necessary. And they?

will not his Providence much more pro

vide for you? 27 Which of you 27. But however that be, your caby taking thought, ring and follicitude cannot be of any can add one cubit

advantage to you. 'Tis God, that unto his stature ?

without any Care of yours, gave you
Bodies; and 'tis God, that without
your Knowledge, nourishes them and
causes them to increase and grow, by
secret ways and imperceptible degrees.
Ye cannot by any Care whatever, so
much as add one Inch to the growth of
your Bodies, or one Moment to your

Age. Rely then upon the Providence * The
of God, (who will bless your ordinary word ýa-
Industry, but is displeased at your an- xic figni-
xious Sollicitude,) to supply you with fies indif-
things necessary for the nourishment of feiently,

Stature or your Body, and the preservation of your

Age. Life. 28 And why take

28. And as for Clothing, why should ye thought for rai

ye be so much concerned about that? ment? Consider the 'The Flowers of the Field take no Care lilies of the field how they grow; they

at all for themselves, and yet God gives toil not, neither do them a continual Increase, and clothes they spin.

them with inimitable Beauty.

29. For this their Clothing is of such say unto you, that Beauty and Comeliness, as far exceeds


29 And

yet I

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