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Prophet endued with such extraordinary

Authority. 9 And as Jesus 9. After this, Jesus departed from passed forth from Capernaum, and went towards the thence, he saw a man

Lake; and as he was in the named

he Matthew

way, saw a Man, named Matthew, fitting fitting at the receit of custom : he

at the Custom-House, or Tax-gatherers faith unto him, fol- Stall, receiving Tribute. And Jesus low me.

And he said to him, Follow me; and the Man arose, and followed without delay left his Business, and folhim.

lowed him. 10 g And it came 10. And he invited Jesus home with to pass, as Jesus sat

Jesus fat him to his House. And when they fat at meat in the house, down to Meat, many Tax-gatherers behold, many publi. who were Men hateful to the Jews; cans and finners came

and many finful Men of their Acquainand sat down with him and his disciples. tance, sat down with Jesus and his Dif

ciples. 11 And when the II. Which when the proud Pharisees Pharisees saw it, they saw, they were moved with Envy; but said unto his dil

not daring to provoke Jesus himself, ciples, Why eateth who had formerly with Authority re

with publicans and fin. proved their Pride, they asked his Difners?

ciples; Why doth your Master, who pretends to be a Holy and Sanétified Person, keep Company with the worst

of Men,with Tax-gatherers and Sinners ? 12 But when Je- 12. But Jesus hearing them ask the fus heard that, he Question, answered: As those that are said unto them, They in Health, 'need not the AMiftance of a that be whole need Phyfician, but those that are Sick ; so not a physician, but

those that are Righteous, need not my they that are fick.

Exhortations to Repentance, but those that are Sinners. Since therefore ye account yourselves juft Persons, who do not need my Instructions, why are ye angry with me for keeping Company with

such as do ? 13 But go ye and

13. And if ye account it an unfit learn what that

thing, or a kind of defilement, for a meaneth, I will have Man to keep Company with Sinners, mercy and not sacriwhom he may advantage by his Ad

your master

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vice and Instruction ; what, think you, fice : for I am not
means the Saying of the Prophet come to call the
Hofea (Hof. vi, 6, I will have mercy righteous, but fin-
rather than sacrifice? For my part, I ners to repentance.
think it the best thing a Man can do,
to converse with such Persons with de-
figns of Mercy and Charity ; And the
great Design of my coming into the
World, was not to call the Righteous,
but those that have been Sinners, to Re-
pentance and Reformation.
14. After this, the Disciples of

14 | Then came John the Baptist, who being used to

to him the disciples Fasting and 'Austerities, did through Why do we and the

of John, saying, humane Infirmity fomewhat envy the Pharisees faftoft, Disciples of Christ, who used no such but thy disciples faé Severities; came to Jesus and asked

not? him, saying ; Why, fince we and the Pharifees fast often, do not your Dif

15 And Jesus said ciples, if they pretend to any extraordi- unto them, Can the nary Holiness, fast also ?

children of the bride15. Jesus answered ; As the Guests chamber mourn, as at a Marriage-feast, cannot without ab- long as the bridesurdity fast, so long as they are with groom is with them? the Bridegroom at the Feast; so my

but the days will

when the Disciples cannot faft, so long as I, their bridegroom shall be Master am with them ; but when I am taken from them, taken from them, then they shall be- and then shall they gin to fast.

fast. 16. For as it is very improper and

16 No man putinconsistent, to put a piece of new teth a piece of new Cloth into an old Garment : So it is

cloth unto very improper that my Disciples should garment: for that mix Mourning and Rejoycing, by faft- it up, taketh from

which is put in to fill ing while they have the enjoyment of the garment, and the my immediate Presence.

rent is made worse. 17. And as it is very improper to put


Neither do new Wine into old Bottles, which will men put new wine thereby be in danger 1 to be rent: So into old

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an old

bottles : + Note, That the Bottles of the Ancients were not like ours, but of Leather, which when it was old, would grow rotten and be apt to read. 3




else the bottles break, it would be very improper to put my and the wine run- Disciples upon Fasting and Austerities, neth out, and the while I am giving them the first Inftrubottles perish : but ctions for their Ministry: But all such they put new wine into new bottles, and things ought to be accommodated, to both are preserved.

the Conditions of the Perfons, and to

the Circumstances of the Time. 18 { While he 18. While Jesus was speaking spake these things these things, there came a Ruler of the unto them, behold, Synagogue,and fell down before him, and there came a certain intreated him, saying: Lord, I have a ruler and worshipped him, saying, My Daughter lying now in my House, fo daughter is very ill, that by this time I fear The now dead: but come may even be dead.

Yet by the greatand lay thy hand up- ness of your Power and the Miracles on her, and she shall which I have heard of, I am convinced live.

that if you will please to come down and lay your Hand upon her, you can

cause her to recover. 19 And Jesus a

19. Jesus, as he was always willing rose, and followed to do good to those who desired any him, and so did his thing of him with Faith and Sincerity, disciples.

immediately went down with the Man to his House: And his Disciples and

the Multitude followed him. 20 S(And behold, 20. And as he was in the Way, a a woman which was Woman that had been twelve Years diseased with an issue troubled with a bloody Flux, and was of blood twelve

ashamed to confess her Disease publickyears, came

behind him and touched the ly before the Multitude, came behind hem of his garment.

him privately, and touched the Hem of

his Coat. 21 For she said

21. For she verily perswaded her self, within her self, If that if she could but touch his Clothes, I may but touch

she should be healed. his garment, I shall be whole.

22. Accordingly as soon as the touch22 But Jesus turn- ed his Coat, she was immediately healed him about, and ed. But Jesus by his Divine Power when he saw her, he knowing what was done, and not being said, Daughter, be willing that so excellent an Instance of of good comfort ; Faith Thould pass undiscovered, turned thy faith hath made himself to the Woman, and said unto thee whole. And the was made her; Daughter, be of good Courage,



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your great Faith hath obtained the Cure whole from

that of your Disease.

hour.) 23. By this time, Jesus was come near

23 And when Jethe Ruler's House : And when he went lers house, and law

sus came into the ruin, he found the young Woman dead, the minitrels and the and her Relations tumultuously lament, people making a ing and bewailing over het

noise, 24. But knowing the Power of God, 24 He said unto and what he intended to do; he told them, Give place, for

the maid is not dead, them the young Woman was not dead, but asleep'; and bad them all go out. they laughed him to

but fleepeth. And But they, knowing certainly that the scorn. was dead, laughed at him and derided him.

25. Then he put them all out of the 25 But when the Room, except the Young Womans Pa- people

put rents and some of his own Disciples : forth, he went in, And he took her by the Hand, and the and took her by the

hand, and the maid rose up, and was cured perfectly.

arose. 26. And tho’ he commanded them, 26 And the fame not to publish the thing abroad; yet the hereof went abroad Fame of so extraordinary a Miracle into all that land. presently spread over all the Country.

27. I Now when Jesus departed 27 S. And when from thence, two blind Men, who had Jesusdeparted thence, heard of his wonderful Works, follow

two blind men fol.

lowed him, crying, ed him, crying out ; ( thou Son of

and saying, Thou David, we believe thee to be the ex

son of David, have pected Messiah, we beseech thee have mercy on us. pity on us.

28. And when he was come into the 28 And when he House, the blind Men came to him. was come into the And Jesus, to inculcate perpetually the house, the blind men necessity of Faith and the evil of Un

came to him: and belief, asked them ; Do ye indeed be them,Believe ye that

Jefus faith unto lieve that I am fent of God, and have I am able to do this? Power to do these things ? And they They said unto him, answered, Yes.

Yea, Lord. 29. Then he laid his Hands upon their 29 Then touchEyes, and faid; As ye have believed, so edhe their eyes,

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saying, According to your faith, be it

be it done to you,

unto you.

30 And their eyes :30. And their Sight was immediwere opened, and ately restored to them. But Jesus having Jefus ftraitly, charg- already done many Miracles; and either ed them; saying, See knowing that the unbelieving Pharisees that no man know

would be provoked to apprehend it.

him before his time ; or that the admiring Multitude would be strongly moved to come together feditioully, and make him (according to their falle Notions of the Meffias) a temporal King; or else that he might set an Example of Humility, and how we ought not to be defirous of receiving Glory for our good Acticns; straitly charged the blind Men, that they thould not

divulge this Miracle abroad. 3. But they,when

31. But they nevertheless spread the they were departed, Fame of it, through all the Country. ; spread abroad his fame in all that coun

32. q When these Men were gone,

the People brought to Jesus a Man that try. 32 S As they went

was dumb, and poflefled with a Devil. out, behold, they 33. And Jesus cast out the Devil, brought to him a and the dumb Man presently fpake. dumb man possessed And the People, seeing that all manner with a devil.

of incurable Diseases were with equal 33 And when the ease healed by Jesus with only a Word devil was cast out, the dumb spake : and speaking, said

; Certainly this. Man the multitudes mar

must be the Messias ; for there never velled, saying, It arose a Prophet in Israel, that did lo was never so seen in many and so great Miracles in such a Israel.

manner. 34 But the Phari.

34. But the Pharisees on the contrary, fees faid, He casteth moved with Rage and Envy, resolved

the devils through the prince

to oppose him; and though they could of the devils.

not deny the Miracles which they faw with their Eyes, yet resolving some way or other to prejudice the People against him, they faid; 'tis not by the Power of God, but by Confederacy with the Prince of the Devils, that this Man casteth out Devils.


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