Englische Blätter, herausg. von L. Schubart, Volume 7


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Pagina 19 - Edmund Burke to His Grace the Duke of Portland, on the conduct of the Minority in Parliament. Containing fifty-four Articles of impeachment against the Rt. Hon. CJ Fox from the original copy, in the possession of the Noble Duke.
Pagina 13 - Letters for Literary Ladies. To which is added, an Eflay on the noble Science of Self-Inftification ш 8. (4 f.) lohnfon i79î. (35mfe fur gelehrte SriuicH. ®it einem ?ln!)<iitgc übet bit eble JSiffenf^flft bee ®elbilrec&tferti« gang) * ÍDaé ©etúcbt giebt ben 55r.
Pagina 25 - Bath) man work; bullock work; horse work; ass work; every thing work here but de hog! he eat, he drink, he sleep, he do nothing all day; the hog be the only gentleman in England.

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