Kaloolah, Or, Journeyings to the Djébel Kumri: An Autobiography of Jonathan Romer

William Starbuck Mayo
George P. Putnam, 1849 - 514 pagina's

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Pagina 349 - Felatahs, possessing numerous slaves. Such of the latter as are not employed in domestic duties reside in houses by themselves, where they follow various trades ; the master, of course, reaping the profit. Their usual employments are weaving, house-building, shoe-making, and iron work : many bring fire-wood to the market for sale.
Pagina 365 - ... looked again, vision grew more distinct. An immense body, gleaming with purple, green, and gold appeared convoluted around the majestic branches overhead, and stretching down, was turned two or three times around the struggling lion, whose head and neck were almost concealed from sight within the cavity of a pair of jaws still more capacious than his own.
Pagina 513 - Win only add m conclusion, that in these days, when the fulfilment of prophecy is engagmg so much attention, we cannot but consider that the work of Mr. Layard will be found to afford many extraordinary proofs of biblical history."— London Times.
Pagina 513 - We cannot close without once more congratulating Mr. Layard on his success as a writer, as well as a discoverer ; we repeat, that taking this only as a book of travels, we have read none for a long time more entertaining and instructive.
Pagina 360 - Countless herds of animals, composed of quaggas, zebras, gnus, antelopes, hart-beasts, roeboks, springboks, buffalos, wild boars, and a dozen other kinds, for which my recollection of African travels furnished no names, were roaming over the fields on the other side of the river, or quietly reposing in the shade of the scattered mimosas, or beneath the groups of lofty palms. A herd of thirty or forty tall ungainly figures came in sight, and took their way, with awkward but rapid pace, across the...
Pagina 366 - ... the same way. By this time both females had recovered their voices, Clefenha exercising hers in a succession of shrieks that compelled me to shake her somewhat rudely, while Kaloolah eagerly besought me to hurry back to the camp. There was now, however, no occasion for hurry. The recovery of my gun altered the state of the case, and my curiosity was excited to witness the process of deglutition on a large scale, which the boa was probably about to exhibit. It was impossible, however, to resist...
Pagina 362 - ... with a sound like the falling of heavy clods upon a coffin. There could be no doubt of his intention to charge us, when near enough for a spring. And was there no hope ? Not the slightest, at least for myself. It was barely possible that one victim would satisfy him, or that, in the contest that was about to take place, I might, if he did not kill me at the first blow, so wound him as to indispose him for any further exercise of his power, and that thus Kaloolah would escape. As for me, I felt...
Pagina 24 - The two vessels were now rapidly approaching each other, the frigate steadily pursuing her course, apparently confident that the prize was within her grasp ; while the Atalanta, with the luff of her foresail shivering, was, in the expressive language of the sailor, " eating into the wind " at a rate which put all the calculations of her pursuer at fault. Soon she was nearly athwart the fore-foot of the frigate, and within musket shot. A flash from the bow-port, and a twenty-four pound shot dashed...
Pagina 360 - ... descent. The gigantic trees grew quite on the brink, many of them throwing their long arms far over the shore below. The trees generally grew wide apart, and there was little or no underwood, but many of the trunks were wreathed with the verdure of parasites and creepers so as to shut up, mostly, the forest vistas with immense columns of green leaves and flowers. The stems of some of these creepers were truly wonderful : one, from which depended large bunches of scarlet berries, had, not unfrequently,...
Pagina 362 - ... so wound him as to indispose him for any further exercise of his power, and that thus Kaloolah would escape. As for me, I felt that my time had come. With no weapon but my long knife, what chance was there against such a monster ? I cast one look at the gun that was leaning so carelessly against the tree beyond him, and thought how easy it would be to send a bullet through one of those glowing eyes, into the depths of that savage brain. Never was there a fairer mark ! But, alas ! it was impossible...

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