History of the War in the Peninsula and in the South of France: From the Year 1807 to the Year 1814, Volume 5


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"This is the story of the great Peninsular War, by one who fought through it him-self, and in no history has a more chivalrous and manly account been given of one's enemy. Indeed, Napier seems to me ... Volledige review lezen

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Pagina 611 - Je suis avec le plus profond respect, Sire, De Votre Majesté, le très humble et très obéissant serviteur et sujet, Le Ministre secrétaire d'Etat au département de l'instruction publique, GUIZOT.
Pagina 212 - I saw him late in the evening of that great day, when the advancing flashes of cannon and musketry stretching as far as the eye could command showed in the darkness how well the field was won ; he was alone, the flush of victory was on his brow and his eyes were eager and watchful, but his voice was calm and even gentle. More than the rival of Marlborough, since he had defeated greater generals than Marlborough ever encountered, with a prescient pride he seemed only to accept this glory as an earnest...
Pagina 179 - ... anon darting upwards in one vast pyramid, the apex of which often approached, yet never gained the actual summit of the mountain ; but the French musketry, rapid as lightning, sparkled along the brow of the height, with unvarying fulness, and with...
Pagina 601 - Finalement, vous ferez connoître au duc de Raguse en temps opportun combien je suis indigné de la conduite inexplicable qu'il a tenue, en n'attendant pas deux jours que les secours de l'armée du centre et de l'armée du nord le rejoignissent. J'attends avec impatience l'arrivée du général aide-de-camp du roi pour avoir des renseignemens précis.
Pagina xliv - ... but they were received with a rolling musketry, driven back with loss, and resumed their movement through the streets. At last the breaches were abandoned by the French, other parties entered the place, desultory combats took place in various parts, and finally...
Pagina 172 - ... power, and the third division followed at speed, shouting as the French masses fell in succession before this dreadful charge. Nor were these valiant swordsmen yet exhausted. Their own general, Le Marchant, and many officers had fallen, but Cotton and all his staff was at their head, and with ranks confused, and blended together in one mass, still galloping forward they sustained from a fresh column an irregular stream of fire which emptied a hundred saddles ; yet with fine courage, and downright...
Pagina 334 - CHAP. forces safely. However some confusion and great ' danger still attended the operation, for even on this road one water-gully was so deep that the light division, which covered the rear, could only pass it man by man over a felled tree, and it was fortunate that Soult unable to feed his troops a...
Pagina lxxvii - ... governors which confines licensed importations from ports of the United States to the ports of the Eastern States exclusively. The Government of Great Britain had already introduced into her commerce during war a system which, at once violating the rights of other nations and resting on a mass of forgery and perjury unknown to other times, was making an unfortunate progress in undermining those principles of morality and religion which are the best foundation of national happiness. The...
Pagina xxiv - The reviewer does not like my work, and he invokes the vinous vagaries of Mr. Coleridge in aid of his own spleen.
Pagina 435 - Portugal around you ; the allies will not and indeed cannot make any serious offensive movement for several months ; wherefore it is your business to profit from their forced inactivity, to put down the insurrection in the northern provinces, to free the communication with France, and to reestablish a good base of operations before the commencement of another campaign, that the French army may be in condition to fight the allies if the latter advance towards France.

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