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On the authority of the auction catalogue, this volume notes the order of edition of the entry quoted. This is given as "Ist.," "2d.,” etc. without addition of the word "edition."

Unless otherwise indicated, volumes are in original cloth binding. The following explanation of entry methods is reprinted from earlier issues.

Prices for individual items have been given in dollars realized without fractional parts, or cents.

The name of the author, or the main heading, is set in bold-face capitals. As a rule, Club and Press publications are listed under the name of the club or press in question; and a few other books, such as anonymous histories and biographies, are given subject entries.

The titles of various works under these main entries are printed in bold-face type, capitals and lower case. The subsequent matter, the description, printed in light-face type, is in two portions, the first, including the imprint-place, printer, date-and size of volume, is general and applies to all copies of the work listed.

The second portion of the description, applying specifically to the copy of the book sold (each lot beginning a new line), is made up as follows: (1) a description of the binding; (2) a statement as to the condition of this copy-if on large paper, with extra plates inserted, from a famous library, etc.; (3) capital (key) letter, referring to the Chronological List of Sales at the beginning of this volume and. indicating the name and date of the sale; (4) the lot number of the sale catalogue; (5) the price realized, that is, the price per lot and not per volume.

M. H. W.


A May 3-4, 1937.
Americana, etc.

B May 13, 1937.

Rainsford, Abbott; et al.

Rains Galleries.

Armstrong (E. A.).

Collection of Autographs formed by the late Hon. E. A. Arm-
Stan. V. Henkels, Inc.

C May 18-19, 1937. Sorg-Walser, Nellis; et al.

Standard Sets . . . First Editions of American and English
Authors . . . and Manuscripts.

American Art Association-Anderson Galleries, Inc.
(Abbreviated in entries below)

D May 25-26, 1937. MacFarland, Johnson; et al.
The Angling and Sporting Library of Samuel H. MacFarland;
the Famous Frederic Remington Collection formed by the late
Merle Johnson; with Additions.

Rains Galleries.

E May 26-27, 1937. Smith (Fred Harlow).
Selections from the Library of Fred Harlow Smith.

H Oct. 14, 1937.

Chicago Book & Art Auctions, Inc.

Smith (Fred Harlow).

Library of Fred Harlow Smith, Part II.

Chicago Book & Art Auctions, Inc.

Freedman (Albert), and Others.

Rare Books: the Collection of Albert Freedman, and Others.
Plaza Art Auction Galleries, Inc.

K Nov. 11, 1937.

Willets (J. Macy).

The Splendid Collection of Historical Autographs formed by J.
Macy Willets.
American Art Association.


M Nov. 17-18, 1937.

McLeish (George).

The Library of George McLeish . . . English First Editions
Fine Bindings, and Manuscripts.

Chicago Book & Art Auctions, Inc.

N Nov. 17-18, 1937. Simmons (Parke E.).

First Editions. Manuscripts, Fine Library Sets . . . Press
Publications, Nuremberg Chronicle, 1493: the Splendid Library
of the late Parke E. Simmons. American Art Association.

O Nov. 23-24, 1937. Smith (George C., jr.).

Sporting and Colored Plate Books. . . Collected by the late
George Campbell Smith, jr.
American Art Association.

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W Jan. 19-20, 1938.

Choice Books from the

Clearwater (Anna F.); et al.
Library of the late Anna F. Clearwater;

Further Books from the Library of Dr. William C. Braislin;
with Additions.
American Art Association.

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Y Jan. 24-25, 1938. Messenger (Maria Gerard).
The First Portion of the Library of the late Maria Gerard
Messenger, comprising American First Editions, Art, Books
for Collectors, Grolier Club Publications, Books by William
Loring Andrews . . . Private Presses, and an Important Col-
lection of over 500 Cookery Books. G. A. Baker & Co., Inc.
Z Jan. 25-26, 1938. Dahlinger, Clearwater; et al.

Exceptional & Noteworthy Americana from the Estate of the
late Charles W. Dahlinger; the Estate of the late Anna F.
Clearwater; & Others.
American Art Association.

AA Feb. 9-10, 1938. Various Owners.

Choice Books [and] Autographs. American Art Association.
Blake and Walker Collections.

BB Feb. 11, 1938.

and Manuscripts collected by

Sets of Standard Authors
the late Hallie C. Blake, also Selections from the Library of
Mrs. Guy M. Walker.
Parke-Bernet Galleries, Inc.

CC Feb. 14-15, 1938. Messenger (Maria Gerard).

The Second Portion of the Library of the late Maria Gerard
Messenger, comprising First Editions of English Authors, etc.
G. A. Baker & Co., Inc.

CCa Feb. 16, 1938.

Gordon, Wagner; et al.

Rare Books, Autographs . . . American and English Literature from the Library of the late James Gray Gordon; together with a Collection of Rare Autographed Letters from the Estate of George M. Wagner; with Additions.

DD Feb. 17, 1938.

Samuel T. Freeman & Co.
Walker (Mrs. Guy M.).

Americana from the Library of Mrs. Guy M. Walker.
Parke-Bernet Galleries, Inc.

EE Feb. 17-18, 1938. Thacher, Welsh, Case; et al.

The Bibliographical Library of the late Hon. John Boyd
Thacher.. Collection of Books, Drawings, Lithographs and
Letters by Joseph and Elizabeth R. Pennell formed by H. Devitt
Welsh; a Portion of the Library of the late L. V. Case.
American Art Association.

FF Feb. 21, 1938.

Volkert (Edmund G.); et al. Books, Autographs, Japanese Prints . . . including the Collection of the late Edmund G. Volkert.

GG Feb. 25, 1938.
Standard Sets

J. C. Morgenthau & Co., Inc. Looram, Craig, Terry; et al. Manuscripts, Americana, First Editions Library collected by the late Matthew M. Looram; Western and Other Americana, Property of Ward E. Terry; Manuscripts of Donn Byrne, Property of Mrs. M. M. Willoughby Craig... with Properties from Other Owners.

Parke-Bernet Galleries, Inc.

HH Feb. 28-Mar. 1, 1938. Messenger (Maria Gerard).

The Third Part of the Library of the late Maria Gerard Messenger, comprising Americana, etc. G. A. Baker & Co., Inc.

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