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ACTA REGIA, an Account of the Treaties, Letters, &c. between the Monarchs of England and Foreign Powers, by Rapin, portraits of the Kings and Queens by Vandergucht, 4 vols. 8vo. calf gilt, 88, 1726 44 ACTON'S English Bread-Book for domestic use; Receipts for Making every Variety of Bread, improved Baking Processes, &c. 12mo. new cloth, 48, 1857 45 ACTON'S Modern Cookery in all its Branches, illustrated with numerous engravings and woodcats, Last and Best Edition, fcap. 8vo. new cloth, 6 6d, 1860 ACTOR (The), a Treatise on the Art of Playing, Interspersed with Theatrical Anecdotes, Observations on Audiences, &c. 12mo. calf gilt 4s, 1750



ACUNA (H. de) El Cavallero Determinado (in Castilian verse), with many fine and curious engravings, sm. 4to. original vellum wrapper, fine copy, scarce, £1. 5s, Anvers, 1591


A metrical translation of Olivier de Marches "Cheva

bere," and one of the most esteemed works in the an language: the production of this work was one terary recreations of the Emperor Charles V. duris cloister life.-See MS. note by S. W. Singer.

ADAIR'S (Sir R.) Mission to the Court of Vienna 1506, with his Negotiations for the Peace of the Dardanelles in 1808-9, together 3 vols. 8vo. cloth, 12s 6d (pub. £1. 16s), 1844-5 49 A valuable work by one of the most distinguished matists of modern times. It contains much importmatter on national rights and claims which recently ste been brought so prominently before the public. DAIR'S History of the American Indians, their Origin, Language, Customs, Productions, &c. ap, 4to. calf gilt, scarce, £1. 15s, 1775


"One of the best and most curious works of its kind." CHIN.

ADALBERT'S (Prince of Prussia) Travels in the South of Europe and Brazil, with Voyage up the Amazon and Xingu, now first explored, with Inroduction by BARON HUMBOLDT, plates, 2 vols. Svo. cloth, 7s 6d (pub. £1. 12s), 1849 51 ADAM'S Luxury and Eve's Cookery, with a large Collection of Receipts for Cookery and Preserving, &c. 12mo. bound, scarce, 58 6d, 1744 DAM'S Ruins of the Palace of the EMPEROR DIOCLETIAN, at Spalatro, in Dalmatia, with 61 engravings, some very large, by BARTOLOZZI and others, impl. folio, hf. cf. £1. 108, 1764



G. Wilkinson in his "Dalmatia" observes, "If I Confined my description of the Palace of Spalatro to wer compass than the importance of that monudeserves, it is from its having been so amply deby Adam."

AMS' (H. and A.) GENERA OF RECENT MOLLEBCA, arranged according to their Organization, mplete, with 138 plates, containing many thouad coloured and other figures, 3 large vols. pl. 8vo. cloth, £6. 15s, Van Voorst, 1858 54 Amst valuable and beautiful work, published £9. 9s.

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ADAMS' (T.) The Divell's Banket, described in Sixe Sermons, sm. 4to. hf. calf, 4s 6d, 1614 58 ADAMS, BAIKIE and BARROW's Natural History for the Use of Travellers, with directions for Collecting and Preserving, thick post 8vo. new cloth, 78 6d (pub. 12s), Van Voorst, 1854


A most instructive and interesting Description of the Families of the Animal and Vegetable Kingdoms, with Remarks on the practical Study of Geology and Meteorology, &c. ADAMSON'S MUSES WELCOME TO KING JAMES at his Majesties happie returne to his Olde and Native Kingdom of Scotland after 14 yeeres absence in 1617, portrait, folio, cf. £3. 3s, 1618 60 scribing his Majesty's progress, with the speeches delivered A most interesting volume in Verse and Prose, deat the several towns and gentlemen's seats, &c. Bindley's copy sold for £6. 28 6d; Constable's, £7. 78.

ADDISON'S (C.) Knights Templars, a History of the Order, tinted plates of Churches, &c. thick sqr. 8vo. cloth, 10s 6d (pub. 18s), Longmans, 1812



ADDISON'S Temple Church, London, its Monuments, &c. with interesting notices of the Knights Templars, engravings, 8vo. cl. 6s 6d, 1843 ADDISON'S (G.) Damascus and Palmyra, a Journey to the East, with a Sketch of the State and Prospects of Syria, coloured plates of costume, &c. 2 vols. 8vo. cl. 7s 6d (pub. £1.8s), 1838 63 ADDISON'S Works, complete, BASKERVILLE'S BEAUTIFUL EDITION, in large type, portrait and engravings by Grignion, from Hayman's designs, 4 vols. royal 4to, cf. gt. £4. 10s, Birm. 1761 64


The most sumptuous edition; comprising Spectator, Tatler, Guardian, Freeholder, Travels, Plays, Poems, &c. ADDISON'S Works complete, edited with Notes by Bishop Hurd, portrait, BEST LIBRARY EDITION, 6 vols. 8vo. calf gilt, £2. 2s, 1811 ADDISON'S Works complete, collected by Tickell, with copious Index, portrait, 6 vols. 8vo, calf gilt, yellow edges, £1. 15s, 1804 66 ADDISON'S Works in Verse and Prose, with numerous engravings of Medals, 4 vols. 8vo. tree cf. gt.yellow edges, fine copy, £1. 4s, Tonson, 1765 67 ADDISON'S Works complete, with the Notes of Bishop Hurd, new edition, with Large Additions, including upwards of 250 Letters chiefly unpublished, and very copious Index, portrait and engravings, 6 vols. post 8vo. cloth, £1. 1s.Another copy, new calf gilt, £1. 15s, 1856 This edition contains nearly one-third more than has hitherto been published in any collective form.


ABBOTSFORD CLUB BOOK.-ROMANCES of Rouland and Vernagus, and Otuel, edited from the Auchinleck MS. by J. Maidment, 4to. extra bds. 15s, 1836

20 Two highly curious Ancient English Romances, relating to Charlemagne and his Peers; of which Ellis has given a spirited and elegant analysis. ABBOTSFORD CLUB BOOK.-Mind, Will, and Understanding, a Morality, from the Macro MSS. in the possession of Hudson Gurney, 4to. 58 6d, 1837 21 ABBOTSFORD CLUB BOOK.-Arthour and Merlin, a Metrical Romance, from the Auchinleck MS. front. by Sharpe, thick 4to. cloth, £1. 10s, 1838

22 One of the most curious and extensive of the Romances connected with the Round Table.

ABBOTSFORD CLUB BOOK.-The Chartularies of Balmerino and Lindores, now first printed, engravings of Seals, &c. 4to. cloth, 16s, 1841 23 Edited with introduction, description of the Abbey, &c. by Turnbull. ABBOTSFORD CLUB BOOK.-Extracta e Variis Cronicis Scocie, from the ancient MS. in the Advocates' Library at Edinburgh, now first printed, 4to. cloth, 14s, 1842

24 "A very valuable and curious historical collection." ABBOTSFORD CLUB BOOK.-Memoirs of Sir Ewen Cameron of. Lochiell, Chief of the Clan Cameron, with History of the Family and of the Neighbouring Clans, portrait, thick 4to. cloth, £1. 1s, 1842


This valuable work was edited by J. Macknight. ABBOTSFORD CLUB BOOK.-Gardyne's Garden of Grave and Godlie Flowers; Theatre of Scottish Kings, and Miscellaneous Poems by J. Lundie, 4to. cloth, £1. 4s.-Another copy, LARGE and FINE PAPER, 4to. hf. mor. gt. £2. 8s, 1845 26

Only 20 copies Privately Printed upon royal drawing paper as the above; Presentation copy to Dawson Turner with the editor's (W. K. Eyton) inscription, and the extra leaf of arms, &c.

ABBOTSFORD CLUB BOOK.-The Buke of the Order of Knighthood, translated from the French by Sir Gilbert Hay, Knt. 4to. cl. 15s, 1847

27 This very curious specimen of the Early Literature of Scotland is now first printed from the MS. of the XIVth Century, in the library at Abbotsford, with long introductory Preface by B. Botfield.

ABBOTSFORD CLUB BOOK.-A Penni worth of Witte, Florice and Blancheflour, and other Pieces of Ancient Poetry, 4to. cloth, £1. 1s, Edin. 1857


Only 100 copies printed; edited from the Auchinleck MS. by D. Laing. ABBOTSFORD CLUB BOOK.-SIRE DEGARRE, a Metrical Romance of the XIIIth Century, from the Auchinleck MS. with facsimile woodcuts from Wynkyn de Worde's unique edition, 4to. cloth, 14s, 1849


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ACCIDENTS of Human Life, with Hints for their Prevention, or the Removal of their Consequences, plates, 12mo. hf. calf, 2s 6d, 1813 33 A very useful little volume. ACCUM'S Culinary Chemistry, exhibiting the Scientific Principles of Cookery, with instructions for preparing Pickles, Conserves, Jellies, &c. front. coloured, post 8vo. cl. 3s 6d (pub. 98), 33*



ACERBI'S Travels through Sweden, Finland, and Lapland, to the North Cape, map and 17 engravings, those of Natural History coloured, 2 vols. 4to. calf gilt, 10s 6d, 1802 ACHERLEY'S Britannic Constitution, or the Fundamental Form of Government in Great Britain, wherein is proved that the placing on the Throne of William III. was Constitutional, LARGE PAPER, thick folio, calf gt. 12s, 1727 35 ACKERMANN'S Microcosm of London, with 104 coloured plates by Pugin and Rowlandson, of the Interiors and Exteriors of the Public Buildings, and of the Manners, Customs, &c. of London, 3 vols. impl. 4to. hf. morocco, gilt tops, £2. 12s 6d (pub. £13. 13s), 1811 ACKERMANN'S Cambridge University; History of its Colleges, Halls, and Public Buildings, with nearly 100 finely coloured engravings by Pugin, Mackenzie, Nash, &c. including Interiors and Costumes, 2 vols. impl. 4to. hf. morocco, gilt, £2. 58 (pub. £16.), 1815 ACKERMANN'S Oxford University; History of its Colleges, Halls, and Public Buildings, with nearly 100 finely coloured engravings by Pugin, Nash, &c. including the Interiors and Costumes, 2 vols. impl. 4to. hf. morocco, gilt, £2. 58 (pub. £16.), 1814




ACKERMANN'S Westminster Abbey; its History, Antiquities, and Monuments, with 70 finely coloured engravings from Drawings by Pugin, Mackenzie, &c. 2 vols. impl. 4to. hf. morocco, £2. 5s (pub. £15.), 1812 39 ACKERMANN'S History of the Colleges of Winchester, Eton, and Westminster, with the Charter-House, the Schools of St. Paul's, Merchant Taylors', Harrow, Rugby, and Christ's Hospital, with 48 finely coloured plates by Pugin, &c. impl. 4to. russia extra, gilt, joints and gilt leaves, £1. 5s (pub. £7. 7s), 1816 40 ACONTIUS' Satan's Stratagems, or the Devil's Cabinet Councel Discovered, with the Testimonies of Ancient Divines, &c. sm. 4to. neat paneled binding, 38 6d, 1643


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Resepi Vita, et fabulat Æsopi et Ariorum, | Germanice, with many curious and highly spirited woodcuts carefully coloured, folio, bds. rare, £1. 16s, Augsp. MCCCCLXXXIII. 97

Very rare edition, likewise from the Press of A. Sorg: contains the "History of Sigismaude and Gwisgarde," hat is apparently slightly imperfect at the end.

ESOPI Fabulæ, Gr. et Lat. printed in parallel columns, 18mo. morocco, gilt leaves and borders of gold, 78 6d, Antv. C. Plantin, 1567 98

Includes also, Gabrias, Homeri Batrachomyomachia, Museus, Agapetus, Gr. et Lat., et Galcomvomachia, Gr. ESOP'S FABLES, English, French, and Latin, with Life by BARLOW, with 143 fine engravings by HOLLAR, &c. folio, cf. scarce, £3. 15s, 1687

99 This work is much admired for the accurate delineaton of the Animals, and for the freedom with which the bjects are etched: the Poetry under the Engravings, and the Life of Esop, are by Mrs. Behn: this copy contas the plate usually suppressed.

ESOP'S Fables, with Life, STOCKDALE'S FINE EDITION, printed in large type, with 112 engravings by Blake, Stothard, Landseer, &c. 2 vols. impl. 8vo. calf gilt, very neat, scarce, £1. 14s,



100 ESOP'S Fables, a new Version chiefly from Original Sources, by James, with 100 beautiful illustrations by Tenniel, post 8vo. new calf extra, gilt leaves, 8s 6d, 1856 101 ESOP'S Fables, and those of other eminent Mythologists, with Morals and Reflections by Sir Roger L'Estrange, fine portrait, 2 vols. 8vo. cf. 10 6d, 1714 102 ESOP'S Fables, with upwards of 100 elegant engravings, post 8vo. claret morocco, gilt leaves, ice copy, 128 6d, 1818 ESOP'S Fables, with his Life, Morals, and Remarks, and other Fables in Prose and Verse, nearly 100 rude woodcuts, sm. 8vo. bound, 4s 6d, Glasg. 1808 AFRICAN Race in the United States, the Condition and Prospects of, and the Means of bettering its Fortunes, post 8vo. cloth, 38, Philadelphia, 1839 AGES of Female Beauty, beautifully engraved portraits, with Contributions in Verse and Prose by Barry Cornwall, Hon. Mrs. Norton, &c. 4to. extra cloth, 58 6d, 1838 106 AGRICULTURAL SOCIETY OF ENGLAND, Journal of the, complete from the commencement to 1860, engravings, 20 vols. 8vo. new hf. calf gilt, £7. 178, 1839-60



107 This work contains the contributions of the most emibest scientific men of the day. The early volumes are quite out of print.

AGRIPPE (Corn.) In Artem Brevem Raymundi Lullii Commentaria, woodcuts, title mounted, sm. 8vo. old red morocco, gilt leaves, RARE, 14s, Saling. J. Soter, 1537


AGRIPPA'S (Corn.) Three Books of Occult Philosophy, complete, translated, with Life, fine portrait and cabalistic cuts, thick sm. 4to. old calf seat, £2. 2s, 1651


A very fine original copy from Lord Northwick's col: with the rare Encomium in Verse, by Eugenius Paarthes, i. e. T. Vaughan.

AGRIPPA'S (Corn.) Female Pre-eminence, or the Dignity of that Sex above the Male, translated with additional Advantages, by H. Care, 12mo. bound, scarce, 4s 6d, 1670


AGRIPPA'S (Corn.) Life, including an Account of his Works on Magic, &c. by H. Morley, port. 2 vols. post 8vo. cl. 9s (pub. £1. 1s), 1856 112 AGUILAR'S (Grace) Home Scenes and Heart Studies, 12mo. new cloth, 5s 6d, 1855 113 AGUILAR'S Home Influence, a Tale for Mothers and Daughters, with Memoir, 12mo. new cloth, 58 6d, 1856 114 AIDE-MÉMOIRE to the Military Sciences, from Contributions of Officers of the different Services, numerous engravings, 6 vols. roy. 8vo. bds. 115 AIKIN'S Dictionary of Chemistry and Mine£4. 10s (pub. £7.), 1846, &c. ralogy, with Account of the Processes employed in Chemical Manufactures, with Appendix, engravings, 2 vols. 4to. hf. russia, scarce, 18s (pub. £4. 14s 6d), 1807-14


AIKIN'S MANCHESTER, including a Description of the Country for Forty Miles round, 73 fine engravings by Storer, &c. and very large maps usually wanting, thick 4to. cf. gt. 14s, 1795 117 AIKIN'S (Dr.) Essays on Song Writing, with a Collection of English Songs eminent for poetical merit, enlarged edition, post 8vo. calf gilt leaves, fine copy, 38 6d, 1774.-Another, 2nd edition, post 8vo. calf neat, 3s, 1784 118 AIKIN'S Essays on Song Writing, &c. enlarged with Supplement by Evans, Best Edition, Svo. cloth, 38, 1810


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AIKIN'S Memoirs of the Court of Q. Elizabeth, portrait, 2 vols. 8vo, calf gilt, 128, 1818 AIKIN'S Memoirs of the Court of K. James I. portrait, 2 vols. 8vo. calf gilt, 12s, 1822 122 AIKIN'S Memoirs of the Court of K. Charles I. port. 2 vols. 8vo. cloth, 10s 6d, 1833 AIKIN'S Life of Joseph Addison, port. 2 vols. post 8vo. cloth, 6s 6d (pub. £1. 1s) 1843 AIMONI (Monachi) de Gestis Francorum lib. V. Marsicani Chronici Casinense lib. IV. et Abbonis de obsessa a Normannis Lutecia, folio, rough calf, 15s, Paris, 1603



The Best Edition, containing a fifth book, and 66 additional chapters to the fourth. The subjoined Poems by Abbo, on the famous Siege of Paris by the Normans, consists of above 1200 hexameter verses, and is said to contain many curious particulars.

AINSLIE'S Materia Medica of Hindoostan, and Artisan's and Agriculturist's Nomenclature, sm. 4to. cloth, scarce, 10s 6d, printed at Madras, 1813 126

In Nine Languages, i. e. English, Tamool, Dukhanie, Hindoostanie, Telingoo, Arabic, Persian, Sanscrit, and Latin. AINSLIE and MAYER's Views in Egypt, Palestine, Caramania, the Holy Land, and Syria, with Descriptions, upwards of 100 large engrav ings of Ancient Architecture, Sculpture, Scenery, Manners and Customs, &c. RICHLY COLOURED LIKE HIGHLY-FINISHED DRAWINGS, 4 vols. roy. folio in 2, calf gilt, £3. 10s (pub. upwards of 40 guineas) Bensley, 1801, &c. 127


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