The Diary of a Manchu Soldier in Seventeenth-Century China: My Service in the Army , by Dzengseo

Routledge, 21 apr 2009 - 142 pagina's
Providing original insights into Chinese military history, Nicola Di Cosmo gives an annotated translation of the only known military diary in pre-modern Chinese history, providing fresh and extensive information on the inner workings of the Ch'ing army. The personal experience of the author, a young Manchu officer fighting in inhospitable South-Western China, take us close to the 'face of the battle' in seventeenth-century China, and enriches our general knowledge of military history.

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Over de auteur (2009)

Nicola Di Cosmo joined the Institute for Advanced Study, School of Historical Studies, in 2003 as the Luce Foundation Professor in East Asian Studies. He is the author of Ancient China and Its Enemies and his research interests are in Mongol and Manchu studies and Sino-Inner Asian relations.

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