Transactions, American Philosophical Society (Old Series, vol. 3, 1793, repr. 1966)

American Philosophical Society
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Pagina 299 - The latent tracts, the giddy heights, explore, Of all who blindly creep, or sightless soar ; Eye nature's walks, shoot folly as it flies, And catch the manners living as they rise. Laugh where we must, be candid where we can, But vindicate the ways of God to man.
Pagina 3 - ... specific gravity with themselves, where they would rest; while other matter, mixed with the lighter air would descend, and the two meeting would form the shell of the first earth, leaving the upper atmosphere nearly clear.
Pagina 52 - ... the ratio of the velocity of the Earth in its orbit to the velocity of light, might not need correction or modification.
Pagina 295 - Secondly, We shall add greatly to their happiness, for however well they appear to be satisfied with their color, there are many proofs of their preferring that of the white people.
Pagina 308 - I have no doubt but he would have found wood where he might have fixed the screw, or if the ship were sheathed with copper he might easily have pierced it ; but not being well skilled in the management of the vessel, in attempting to move to another place he lost the ship. After seeking her in vain for...
Pagina 108 - I have known to survive without any assistance for many hours ; but where a rattle-snake with full force penetrates with his deadly fangs, and pricks a vein or artery, inevitable death ensues ; and that, as I have often seen, in less than two minutes. The Indians know their destiny the minute they are bit ; and when they perceive it mortal, apply no remedy, concluding all efforts in vain.
Pagina 309 - In the year 1777 I made an attempt from a whale-boat against the Cerberus frigate, then lying at anchor between Connecticut River and New London, by drawing a machine against her side by means of a line. The machine was loaded with powder, to be exploded by a gunlock, which was to be unpinioned by an apparatus to be turned by being brought alongside of the frigate.
Pagina 12 - ... easiest way of accounting for the deluge by getting rid of the old difficulty how to dispose of its waters after it was over? Since, if the poles were again to be changed and placed in the present equator, the sea would fall there about...
Pagina 303 - When the skilful operator had obtained an equilibrium, he could row upward, or downward, or continue at any particular depth, with an oar, placed near the top of the vessel, formed upon the principle of the screw, the axis of the oar entering the vessel; by turning the oar one way he raised the vessel, by turning it the other way he depressed it.
Pagina 28 - ... vibrate quicker in a denfe medium than in one more rare, contrary to what takes place with common pendulums. I made a compound pendulum on the principles above mentioned, of about one foot in its whole length. This pendulum, on many trials, made in the air 57 vibrations in a minute. On...

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