A New Practical and Easy Method of Learning the German Language

D.Appleton & Company, 1869 - 217 pagina's

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Pagina 86 - It thaws. It is very windy. The wind is very high. There is no air stirring. It lightens. It has lightened all night. It thunders. The thunder roars. The thunderbolt has fallen. > It is stormy weather. We shall have a thunderstorm.
Pagina 83 - I am speaking to you. I am not speaking to you. What do you say? What did you say? I say nothing. Do you hear? Do you hear what I say?
Pagina 83 - Very little, Sir. I understand it a little, but I do not speak it. Speak louder. Do not speak so loud. Do not make so much noise. Hold your tongue. Did you not tell me, that ? Who told you that? They have told me so.
Pagina 85 - It is one o'clock. It is past one. It has struck one. It is a quarter past one. It is half past one. It wants ten minutes to two. It is not yet two o'clock.
Pagina 92 - Is your tea sweet enough ? Have I put sugar enough in your tea ? It is excellent. I do not like it quite so sweet.
Pagina 88 - I must go. You are in a great hurry. Why are you in such a hurry ? I have a great many things to do. Surely you can stay a little longer. I will stay longer another time.
Pagina 85 - What kind of weather is it? It is bad weather. It is very cloudy. It is dreadful weather. It is fine weather. We are going to have a fine day. It is dewy. It is foggy. It is rainy weather. It threatens to rain. The sky becomes very cloudy. The sky is getting very dark. The sun is coming out. The weather is clearing up again.
Pagina 88 - B. 1 wish you a good morning. I am happy to see you. I have not seen you this age. It is a novelty to see you. Pray, sit down.

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