Afloat and Ashore with Sir Walter Raleigh

W.P. Nimmo, 1876 - 216 pagina's

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Pagina 195 - Even such is time, that takes in trust Our youth, our joys, our all we have, And pays us but with earth and dust ; Who, in the dark and silent grave, When we have wandered all our ways, Shuts up the story of our days ; But from this earth, this grave, this dust. My God shall raise me up, I trust ! ELIZABETHAN MISCELLANIES.
Pagina 11 - I know I have the body but of a weak and feeble woman; but I have the heart and stomach of a king, and of a king of England too ; and think foul scorn that Parma or Spain, or any prince of Europe should dare to invade the borders of my realm...
Pagina 215 - ... not. Therefore from suretyship, as from a manslayer, or enchanter, bless thyself; for the best profit and return will be this, that if thou force him 'for whom thou art bound, to pay it himself, he will become thy enemy ; if thou use to pay it thyself, thou wilt be a beggar ; and believe thy father in this, and print it in thy thought, that what virtue soever thou hast, be it never so manifold, if thou be poor withal, thou and thy qualities shall be despised.
Pagina 11 - I am come amongst you, as you see, at this time, not for my recreation and disport, but being resolved, in the midst and heat of the battle, to live or die amongst you all, to lay down for my God, and for my kingdom, and for my people, my honour and my blood, even in the dust.
Pagina 111 - First, I send you all the thanks which my heart can conceive, or my words express, for your many travails and cares for me, which, though they have not taken effect as you wished, yet my debt to you is not the less ; but pay it I never shall in this world.
Pagina 11 - SAINT-PIERRE. 4. Little Threads : Tangle Thread, Golden Thread, and Silver Thread. 5- Benjamin Franklin, the Printer Boy. 6. Barton Todd, and the Young Lawyer. 7- The Perils of Greatness : The Story of Alexander Menzikoff. 8. Little Crowns, and How to Win them. By Bev. JOSEPH A. COLLIER. 9- Great Riches : Nelly Rivers
Pagina 3 - This is a most interesting book. Boys, for whom it is especially written, will thoroughly enjoy it.' — Westminster Review. SECOND EDITION. 5. Drifted and Sifted: A Domestic Chronicle of the Seventeenth Century. 'The author of this interesting, and we may add pathetic, story appears to possess the art of reproducing bygone times with much ability.'— The Record. 6. Warrior, Priest, and Statesman ; or, English Heroes in the Thirteenth Century. By WH DAVENPORT ADAMS.
Pagina 6 - The Young Mountaineer ; or, Frank Miller's Lot in Life. The Story of a Swiss Boy. By DARYL HOLME.
Pagina 11 - To which, rather than any dishonour should grow by me, I myself will take up arms; I myself will be your general, judge, and rewarder of every one of your virtues in the field. I know already...
Pagina 111 - You shall receive, my dear wife, my last words, in these my last lines. My love I send you, that you may keep when I am dead ; and my counsel, that you may remember it when I am no more. I would not, with my will, present you sorrows, dear Bess ; let them go to the grave with me, and be buried in the dust : and seeing that it is not the will of God that I...

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