Laziness is a premature death, to be in no action is not to live.

Some people are busy, and yet do nothing; they fatigue and weary themselves out; and yet drive at no point, nor propose any general end of action or design.

He is idle, that might be employed. The idle man is more perplexed what to do, than the industrious in doing what he ought.

There are but very few who know how to be idle and innocent. By doing nothing we learn to do ill.

He that follows his recreation instead of his business, shall in a little time have no business to follow.

Should the greatest part of people sit down, and draw up a particular account of their time, what a shameful bill would it be ! So much extraordinary for eating and drink

ing, and sleeping, beyond what nature requires; so much in revelling and wantonness; so much for the recovery of the last night's intemperance; so much in gaming, plays and masquerades; so much in paying and receiving formal and impertinent visits, in idle and foolish prating, in censuring and reviling our neighbours; so much in dressing our bodies, and talking of fashions; and so much wasted and lost in doing nothing.

Life rolls along like a torrent, the past is no more than a dream, the present when we think we have hold of it, slips through our hands, and mingles with the past, and let us not vainly imagine the future will be of a dif ferent quality.


THERE are two excellencies which are

rarely to be found, a wise reprover, and an obedient ear, but when found are to be esteemed of great value.

Nothing is said or done in anger, but what may be better said and better done when the storm is over.

It is good to take advice, others can often judge better what is fitter for us than we can ourselves, they are not so much misled or beclouded by affection and interest.

Make not an enemy of your friend, by returning evil for good: but make a friend of your enemy, by returning him good for evil.

It was the saying of an heathen, that he who would be good, must either have a faithful friend to instruct him, or a watchful enemy to correct him.

Truth is not always relished, where sin is nourished. Light is pleasant: yet it may be offensive to sore eyes.

There is much discretion to be observed in reprehension, a word will do more with some, than a blow with others. A Venice glass is not to be rubbed so hard as a brazen kettle.

In reprehension, we should always beware of carrying our teeth in our tongues; and of biting while we are speaking.

Reprehension is not an act of butchery, but of surgery, take heed of blunting the instrument, by putting too keen an edge upon


While we seek to heal a wound in our brother's actions, we should be careful not to leave a scar upon his


The sword of reproof should be drawn against the offence, and not against the offender.

Good counsel is cast away upon the arrogant, the self conceited and the stupid; who are either too proud to take it, or too heavy to understand it.

Let reason go before every enterprize, and counsel before every action.

Be not diverted from your duty by any idle reflections the silly world may make upon you; for their censures are not in your power, and consequently should not be any part of your concern.

Live in peace with all men; nevertheless have but one counsellor of a thousand..

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