the value of the work. In addition, Mr. Mottelay, Prof. Thompson and Dr. Hellmann contributed additions to the collection in order to render more complete the representation in the Catalogue of some of the authors entered. As previously stated, Mr. H. M. Mayhew of the periodical department of the British Museum revised a considerable number of the drafts of entries of the periodical section, and acknowledgment is made of the courtesy in arranging for a like service in relation to other classes of periodicals, to Mr. G. C. Lloyd, secretary of the Institution of Electrical Engineers, London; Prof. Paul Janet, Director of the École Supérieure d'Électricité of the Société Internationale des Electriciens, Paris; and Herr G. Dettmar, General Secretary of the Verband Deutscher Elektrotechniker, Berlin; also, to the secretaries of other societies and to editors of various periodicals, for revising the drafts of the entries of their respective publications.

Courtesies and aid were also received from Dr. John S. Billings, Director of the New York Public Library; Messrs. H. H. B. Meyer, Charles Martell and James D. Thompson, of the Library of Congress; Mr. E. W. Nicholson, Librarian of the Bodleian Library, Oxford University; Mr. J. H. Canfield, Librarian of Columbia University, New York; Brother Chrysostem of Manhattan College; Dr. E. W. Auzal, Mr. Edward Caldwell, Mr. Charles L. Clarke, and Mr. Arthur Haas, New York City. The gratifying interest in the Catalogue and its objects shown by the several firms concerned in its mechanical execution-The Schlueter Printing Company, Gill Engraving Company, and J. F. Tapley Co. (binders), all of New York City-calls for recognition, especially as this interest was frequently manifested by services improving the book which were not covered by charges.

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SECTION I. Main Portion of Collection, Nos. 1-2447

II. Excerpts from Periodicals-Miscellanea .

III. Instructions, Rules, and Regulations for Tel-
egraph Operation-Tariffs-Codes

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X. Trade Catalogues, Circulars and Price Lists.
XI. Periodicals

APPENDIX. The Sympathetic Telegraph.

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