but on his senses going off, the noose unfortunate young creature, who was of the rose slipped, and he was like not more than twenty-one years of age, wise precipitated to the bottom; ano- was a native of the parish of Breedon's ther man had the rope fastened be- Norton, Worcestershire. Being hertween his legs and round his waist, self the illegitimate offspring of pabut had not proceeded ten feet, before rents by whom she was abandoned'in his senses left him, and he was drawn her infancy, she was dependant upon up ucarly lifeless. After this they the bounty of some poor relations; procured a grappling iron, by which and, during the short interval of the three bodies were extricated from peace, in 1802, went to France with the well, but the life of each was an uncle, a shoemaker, who intended extinct.

to settle there. Upon the detention

of the English in France, they were Only two of the six unfortunate sent, with many others, to the depot men, who were found guilty at the late at Verdun. Here she was seduced, Chelmsford Assizes, were executed. and cohabited with an English priBuckley, Fleming, Bienwick, and soner, by whom she had several chil. Sullivan were reprieved, but Sweeny dren, who all died. Female prisoners and Pearce underwent tlie sentence of being permitted to leave France, she the law on Saturday morning. They returned to England in June last year, ascended the platform about half after and sought an asylum with an aunt, eight o'clock, attended by two Roman who resides near Gloucester; but Catholic clerginien, withi whom, fall- when her pregnancy was discovered, ing on their knees, they joined in she removed in Breedon's Nortonprayer, with apparent devotion, for a The reception she met with there, few minutes; vet after being tied up,

from those whose first duty it was to and before the clergymien liad quitted have protected her, was such, that she them, both the culprits threw off their left the place soon after her delivery, shoes, Sweeney kicking his to a dis. and became a wandering outcast, tance with some violence. They were

without the means of subsistence for shority afterwards launched into eter. bierself or her helpless infant; and, nity, in presence of a vast concourse

under these circumstances, committed of spectaices. Their bodies were de- the awful crime for which ber life livered to the surgeons for dissection. became forfeited to the laws of her

During the hearing of a cause Cove o. Newton, at the above assizes, a

Died] At Berkeley Castle, the Earl number of deeds were produced. The of Berkeley. bis Lordship was Lord Lord Chief Baron stopped the Coun. Lieutenant and Cusios Rotulorum of sel, and observed, that the production the county of Gloucester, Keeper of of old writings reminded him of a St. Bujavai's Castle, in the Forest of curious circunstance that occurred a Dean, and tigh Steward of the City few days since, when, on examining of Gloucester. Considerable notosome ancient deeds, he accidentally ricty was lately given to some circumdiscovered, that the Black Boy lozi, stances relative to the marriage of jo Chelmsford, bore the same sign in this nobleman, in consequence of a the rein of Edward the lid, a period petition to the House of Commons, of near 300 years.

and the discussion wbich followed on Lord Dursley taking his seat as mem

ber tor Gloucestersbire, and quality. On Hlonday the 13th, Beity Amps, ing as the heir-apparent of a Peer. leti, convicted at Gloucester Assize, The subject was also brought hefore onibe preceding Friday, for the wilful the Bouse of Lords, some years since, murder ot' bes bastard child, was exe- by Lord Berkeley himself, with the cuted in front of the County Gaul, view of removing all doubis respect. agreeably tu bier sentence, and er ing the succession to the title; but Lody delivered for dissection. She atier an investigation had been proconducted herself with great peni- ceeded in for some time, it was you tence and decorum, acknowledging oi, on the ground that it was prema: the enormity of lier crime, aud the tille during his Lordship's lifetime, justice of ler sentence. 'i his truly The point must now be decided, and


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will probably come before the Committee of Privileges, in the House of

Saturday the 18th, something was Lords, next session.

seen on the water, at Dover, coming At Cheltenham, aged nearly 80, into the Bay from the westward, which Mr. Seward, sen. who has for many at first view had the appearance of a years exhibited his Fantoccini, and large vessel, bottom upwards; but other performances, at that place.- upon coming nearer in, it was found The night preceding his denuise, he to be a whale, which, after playing played Harlequin with his accustomed about in the Bay on the surface of activity. He has left considerable the sea for a considerable time, and at property in houses at Bristol, &c.

intervals throwing the water to a great height, took its course round the

South Foreland, and disappeared. In Died.] Lately, Mr. C. Cave, sur

passing the Foreland, it seemed at one geon, of Peterfield. On Saturday time to be very near on shore. se'nnight previous to his death, a sea

Died.] At Dover, Ann Kelcey, aged faring man was attacked with a vio. 14, who was found banging in her lent inflamation on the lungs; and bed-room ; she had been a pauper in after being attended several times the parish-bouse of River, which she during the day by Messrs. Cave and left and went to service, but being Wricher, he died the next morning. found too young to do the work of The surgeons being of various opini. the house, her mistress was compelled ons as to the cause of his death, agreed to discharge her; the dread of returnto open the body, which they did on ing to the workhouse operated so Monday, and found the lungs in a strongly on the mind of the unfortucomplete state of putrefaction. They nate girl, as to induce her to destroy afterwards sewed up the body, in do

herself! ing which they pricked their fingers; and, in the evening, both of them were seized with violent pains in the The four unhappy mon, Atkinson, arm, which soou extended to nearly for forgery, and Marshall, Sawyer, the whole of the body. Mr. Cave, and Wakelin, for burglary, left for after enduring the inost excruciating execution at the late Lincoln Assizes, pains, died on the following Monday. suffered the dreadful penalty attached Mr. Whicher remained in a danger- to their crimes, on Friday, the 17th

instant. At eleven o'clock the four HUNTINGDONSHIRE.

culprits 'were brought forth from the

prison into the Castle-yard, and Married.] At Godinanchester, Mr. placed in a cart. The awful procesJonas Lazarus, silversmith, of Liv. sion then advanced to the usual place c!n, to Miss R. Nathan, daughter of of execution, a little porth of Lincoln. Mr. M. I. Nathan, in whose gardiens the Marshall first ascended the scaffold, marriage-ceremony was performerl, in Sawyer next, Wakelin was third, and the presence of at least 200 persons, Atkinson was last. They successively (Jews and Christians) under an eie- addrersed a few words to the surround. nied canopy, supported by four ing multitude, hoping that their unyouths. A band of inusic, plaving a happy situation would serve grand marti:1 air, preceded the bride. warning: Just before the moment of groom, who was attended by ale the scaffold falling, Aikoson curved bridle's father and grandfather; soon to shake hands frith Wakelin, and said after came the bride', (veiled) accom- a few words. Marshall, Sawyer, and panied by her mother and grand no- Wekelin, seemed to be dead in tits ther. Four green wax tapeis were minutes after they were turned oil; burning during the ceremony; at the but at ihat time, to ibe inconceivable conclusion of which a glass was hand. horror of all around, Atkininson cried ed round to the happy couple and out,'" On God! Oh God! I cannot their relations, who all drank out of die, I cannot die--lift me up!!"

im, the same, it was then lajd under the messintely a soldier of the Carlo regtbridegrocini's foot, and by him stapp- inent went to him, lifted him up a ed to pieces.

lierie, and then by hanging at the

ous state.

as a




body, put the poor wretch out of his ground-then gallopping along the. misery. This dreadful circumstance church-yard alley, they, to the terror arose from the knot of the rope having and astonishment of the beholders, got under the chin, when Atkinson precipitated themselves down the turned to Wakelin, and not from any fight of steps into the Market-place, inattention of the officer, whose and fell at Mr. Ling's shop-door.shocking duty it is to adjust the ropes. Mr. Trull, who unfortunately was

passing through the churcb-yard as

the horses burst their way in, was A young woman, who was at ser- oknocked down by them: he received vice in a family at Gorleston, lately some severe cuts in the head, and was came to Norwich, and procured a let. much bruised in the back, but is in ter to be written for her to her parents, fair way of recovery.—The horses who live at Rackheath, in which she themselves sustained no very mateiakes leave of them, declaring herself rial injury. to be" in good health, but very unhappy."-In the course of the same day, she was seen walking at a quick High Tide.—Thursday the 16th, an pace along the Rackheath road to extraordinary high tide, accompanied wards the church-yard, where she by a boisterous north wind, and very was found, about an hour after, in a tempestuous sea, swept away about 56 state of total insensibility, reclining, yards in length of the outer wall of with her head resting on her arm, Clifford's Fort, at Tyvemouth, which against the grave of a young man, has stood since 1746. Somc masses of who had lately died of a scarlet fever, stone were carried, by the force of the to whom, it was known, her affections water, near thirty yards from the site had been engaged, and whose name of the wall. It also tore up and car(Nicholl) was signed to the letter ried away some hundred tons of earth above-mentioned, as if she had been and gravel to the castward of tbc fort, married to him.-- he was conveyed and destroyed the blocks lately erected home to her parents, and shortly after for laying down the frame of a new expired. An inquest was taken, when ship. This tide was also felt on the it appeared that this unfortunate crea- Lincolnshire coast. It has done some ture, who was only 19 years of age, damage to the embankment in difierhad destroyed herself by swallowing a ent places, but particularly to the quantity of laudanum. Verdict new bank in Skirbeck Parish, the Lunacy.

quantity of five or six yards of which. Ai accident, attended with the fol. in one place is completely carried lowing very extraordinary circum- away from the base. The sea flowed stances, lately occurred at Norwich, into the neighbouring corn lands to About six o'clock in the afternoon the depth of about six inches, but did the driver of a post-chaise, extieniely no material damage. Early repara. intoxicated, drove his borses most fu- tion was aliorurd by 100 hands with riously round the sharp turn leading many carts on Thursday; but the intron Chapel diela jorn St. Giles: jury done to ilice bank by that mornsirect, 'slien the wheels catching ing's tide, it is supposed, will cliente against a post at ibe corner of Mi. 1000l. On the Norfolk coast, Dear Day: house, the pole and Lion, we understand the same ride were both snapped off by the shock, di considerable damage to some new and the horse's, thus freed from the embankments. rariage, l'an down Bethel-street, wih

A curious wall of Roman masumry the pole and traces dragging at their las larely been discovered by thic heels.-dithe end of this streer their workmen emploveel in digging the coure was niet by the irrip gates of mound on which the Half Men batSt. Peters of Vancioil church-vard, tery lately stood al Newcastie, in order through the left entrance of wisichy to procure a tim foundation for the (though vor mue than 38 inches in New Court liouses for the county of widin) ide ati igliced animals forces Northumberlandi. It is situat erithitv theirjassage, imaging in thicistrus tect below the surface, and is formeil malce part of the iron work iu ibe of fine bewis stone. Withio a lui


yards of the wall, two very large horns, It Hoated directly over Winslow, in resembling those of a stag, and the Bucks, having before strept off Moor jaw bones of the animal, were found. Brill, &c. &c. The aëronauts, above Oo digging further, a great number Wo0401, met with a contrary current of large beams of solid cak, some of air, which detained them for a perfectly sound, others as rotte! as length of time, and compelled them dist, lying in a variety of directions, to make a complete circle in the air. have been met with. The abovc cii. They then resumed their original cumstances bave given rise to a varie: course, ani, after a transit of 2 lours ly of speculations as to the probabiiity and 29 minutes, alighted in a field beof the whole of that imniense mound longing to Mr. Marshall (a Quaker), being the production of art, which, in the parish of North C:awley, as usual, bas been ascribed to the Bucks; by the assistance of whose Romans; but it seems the most pro- people it was packed, without having balle conjeciure, that the bill may receised the slightest injury. The have becu heightened since that time, liery and confusion occasioned by when the citadel, of wilich, as the the people in the vicinity of the balHalf Moon battery, it formed the loon on its :scension, called Messrs. principal defence, was built.

s to forge: the barometer, so Died.] La'elv, in a garrei, at Kirk. that the true elevati's couid not be lington, Carlisie, Jerer viah Grahame, ascertained; the these meter in the aged 73. Though his personal estate

sun rose considerabiy, being once as amounted to at least 50001. bis annual high as 85. Their descent was beauexpences during the last years of liis tiful and gradual for about three quarlife did not exceed five shillings, for ters of an hour. At first thiev aphis victuals were the elecmosynary proached the earth where a number contribution of his relations, and the of bay-makers were at work, bui who, last coat which he wore was coeval though repeatedly bailed io take hold with his beard, being nearly sixia

of the ropes thrown out, were too much t rrified by the new phenome

non to lend the adventurous travellers At Newcastle, Mrs. Watkin; vho,

any assistance. From this they skin on being informed that her sun was med a wheat fieid, in which the car fighting in the street, ran thither; and took the ground, and they rebundel on seeing one of the men fall, ex: about forty feet, and cleared the adclaimed O my son!” and immedi. joining hede. Tlie voyagers then ately expiici.

ihrow out the grapli z-ion wito

which they were provided, and, after 0.iford, July 7.–At ball.past two dragging along the field wrich was of this afternculi, Mi. Sadler, with leis büsler) for some "econds, it brouzlit son, ascended in his bloon ton then to anchor in a high quick-set Merton-meadows, amidt Ilie accla- lancr, vill this side of which the car mations of an immense concourse of rested in Buckingham bire, while the spectators, a-sembled from all parts of balloon itsell'swing the other side of the surrounding country. It was via trie hieilge into Bedford bine. In this sible for a considerable ume; and, si:uation assistance was gradually proafter a voyage of about one hour and ael, the most adventurous and bold a bail, descended in salety within a of t1.e parishioners advancing first; mile and a bali of siowe, ine seat of and the balloon, car, &:: Were porothe Marquis of Buckinghain, distance fierly secured. The travellers only of tweniy-four miles from Oxford.—- tesi cold once, and their motion was Messrs. Sadiers arrived safely at Ux- extremely carv. fiore in a post-chaise a little after two o'clock the next day (Sunday), with Bristol, Aug. 13.---live bas not for the balloon in anothicr post-chaise foi baif a century presented in this city a lowing them. It appears that the moie iwiul instance of its fury than course taken by the balloon was almost on the premises of-Messrs. Pyer and que north-east, to the loti ot Arles. Codrurgists, in Redcliitistieet, yesbury, between that town and Bicester. terday niorning. Mrs. Pyer having

years old.



lain in only five weeks, fire was tight- cipal part of the account-books, and ed to air a small room, used both as a upwards of 270l. in cash-wvies (proparlour and counting-house, which vided for a remittance to London was divided from the stop by the only shared the destruction; which, prinAight of stairs that led to the upper cipally through the exertions of Mr. part of the dwelling-house. An ad. Fros, jun. bookseller, who conducted joining court, kitchen, and warehouse, a fire engine through the warehouse, extending to Redcliff back, form the did yot, providentally for the neigh. rest of the premises. In the above. bourhood, reach any part of a consimentioned room, at a quarter past derably greater store of combustible seven, Mr. Pyer had seateid himselt matter. upon a stool to read a prescristion just received; and in the act of quit; Thursday, (the 22d and 23d inst.) in

About midnight of Wednesday and ting it to go into the shop, the stool consequence of the gates of the eastfell against either a six-gallon boitle of spirits of turpentine, or one with tol, having been left open, so great

ern lock of Cun.beriand basou, Bristhree gallons of spirits of wine, which broke, and the contents communica. inner gate of the western lock, that it

was the pressure of water against the ting with the fire-place, thie whole room was instantly in a blaze. Mr. ward gite resisted the momentum of

gave way; but, fortunately, the out. Pyer ram up stairs, followed by the floud ihrough the lock, else the whole Aames, and got his wife from bed into of the Apating harbour must have disthe front-room en the tirst floor, and charged itself into the Avon, and perproceeded to seek for the rest of his haps few of the vessels in it (including family; but the flames had spread so about 36 West Indiamen) could have rapidly as to fill the staircase and escaped iotal destruction. The action landiny-places to the sky-light, which and re-actica of the water occasioned blew up, and all communication be. tween the front and back rooms was, iving in the bason. Among the num

great confusion among the vessels thus cut off. The situation of all the ber was the schooner Ann, of London, wretched inhabitants. Dow truly desperate. A child of 4 years old awoke from sleep, attempted to jump

the male (f which being suddenly was thrown by a maid-servaut, who jumped after it, from the first story and was drowned.

the wharf, but feilinto the bason,

upon window into the street. The child's fall was broken, it is hoped, so as to prevent any serious injury; but the At Ipswich lamb fair, which began servant was much bruised, and con- on Wednesday the 22d inst. there was reved to the Infirmary. Mr. Moen, by far a greater quantity of lambs the shopman, afier banging by his than has appeared there for many hands from the second story window years past; the quantity was supposed several minuies, was iaken down by a

to exceed tha: ai the fair of 1808 by ladder, which also, with his assistance, at least 50,000. The prices of all varescued Mr. and Ms. Pyer. Every ried very much according to their possible exertion was maile to extris condition and quality; bui it may be cate a nurse and two children from the said that the general prices of the upper back-room, but, alas! without Heath launhs were from 10s. to 945. success--for when in about two hours each, very few indeed having exceedthe flames were sufficiently mastered,

ed that sum. Generally speaking, the remains of the poor woman were

the bulk of the lanıbs averaged from found, with those of the newly-born 18s. to 21s. being for the most part, in insaut o: her bosom, and the other, consequence of the severity of the of two years old, lying beside her, on

winter, in very low condition. the wreck of their bed, in a state too The commissioners for improving shocking for description! Her name the port of Ipswich have resolved to was Reed, and ages about fifty-three apply to Parliament for power to horyears. The stock and furniture were row a larger sum of money than they insured; the house (the property of are now enabled to du, on security of Mr. l'rost, baker) was not.' The prin- the rates and taxes payable by the act



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