F.W.Watkins' Commercial and General London Directory

Will be published at the End of the Present Year.

Copies required by the Trade will be delivered at the same time as Subscribers' copies.
The regular Trade Allowance will be made.

Paternoster Row: May 10th, 1851.

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WANTED, in a large town in the North of AN ASSISTANT is WANTED immediately

a YOUNG MAN, of steady habits and gentlemanly address, to attend in a Shop: he will be expected to make himself generally useful in keeping the stock, &c. in order, when not required to attend. He should possess a tolerable knowledge of books, and be a good salesman.-Address A. X., care of Messrs. Simpkin, Marshall, and Co., Stationers'-Hall Court, London.


NO MASTER PRINTERS.-Wanted by a Young Man a SITUATION in a Provincial Office. The Advertiser has a thorough knowledge of the London and Country Trade, and has been accustomed to both Press and Case.-Address T. C., 1, Aston Terrace, Salmon's Lane, Limehouse, London.

WAN ANTED, as CLERK and ASSISTANT, a Young Man accustomed to the Bookselling trade: he must write a good hand, and be well acquainted with accounts.-Apply by letter, addressed to W. P., 221, Strand, stating age and salary required. O BOOKSELLERS and STATIONERS. -Wanted, by a Young Man, a Situation as ASSISTANT in either of the above businesses.

A re

in a Bookseller and Stationer's Shop. spectable young Female, of good appearance and address, who has had experience in a similar situation. A comfortable home is offered, and the situation permanent if the party suits.-Address, stating age, qualifications, and salary required, with references, to S. Humpage, High Street, Brecon, South Wales. TO NEWSPAPER PROPRIETORS and

PRINTERS.-The Overseer of an extensive

London Establishment, aged 33, who is about to leave his present situation, offers his services as OVERSEER, Reader, or Clerk. Many years' unexceptionable reference.—Address A. B., 5, Myddleton Street, Clerkenwell.


To A highly respectable Young Woman, of good address and business habits, well acquainted with the various

branches of the above trades, seeks an Engagement as ASSISTANT. Can keep accounts. Excellent character will be given.-Direct C. D., 11, Great Ryder Street, St. James's, London.

то Highly respectable references can be given.-Apply WANTS SITUATION, a BOOKBINDER,

by letter only to H. O., Publishers' Circular Office, 169, Fleet Street.

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who has had considerable experience for some years in the following branches, viz. Finishing, Forwarding, Stationery-binding, Machine-ruling, Marbling, and Edge-gilding. The advertiser is fully competent to perform what he here professes, and will be found to be a good general workman. Specimens and reference if required.-Address H.Williams, Mr. Henry Adams, Jun., Bookbinder, Bishop Lane, Hull, Yorkshire.


** Letters to be addressed to Mr. SAMPSON LOW, Office of the Publishers' Circular, stating lowest price, carriage free. Alison's Europe, 10 vols. Vols. 4, 5, and 6. Art-Union Journal for 1839 to 1844, and 1849.

Masere's (Francis) Doctrine of Permutations and Combinations, 8vo. London, 1795.

Massinger's Works, by Gifford, 1813. Vol. 1.


Nash's Worcestershire.

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Brand's Treatise on Assurances and Annuities. 8vo. Lond. Bulwer's Alice-Earnest Maltravers-and Pilgrims of the

Behmen's Works, 4 vols. 4to.

Rhine, 12mo. (pub. at 6s. each).

Church of England Magazine. Vol. 10.

lished by Murray, 1825 or 1827.)

Duke's History of Shrewsbury.

Edinburgh Review. Nos. 113 and 114.

Fleming's Christology, 3 vols. 8vo.

Plutarchi liber de Iside et Osiride, Græc. et Ang. Cantab. Plinii Secundi Opera, Vol. 10-(Valpy's Classics, Vol. 97.)

Cross (Serg.) on the Papal Supremacy. (A pamphlet pub- Roberts's Cambrian Popular Antiquities, illustrated with

Gentleman's Magazine. Nov. 1841; also July 1848 to
Jan. 1851, and the Volume of Index about 1820.
History of the Convocation of February 6, 1700.
Hody on Convocation.

Hutton's (Wm., of Birmingham) History of the Hundred
Court, or a Dissertation on Juries. (Pamph.)-2 copies.

Inglis's Solitary Walks through Many Lands, 2 vols. 8vo. Kendall's Theocratia, folio, 1653.

Sanctis Sancti, folio, 1654.

Lane's Arabian Nights, roy. 8vo. Knight, 1839. Vol. 3. Lord Collingwood's Life, 2 vols. 12mo. Last edition. Lockhart's Spanish Ballads, with plates.

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Printed at 57, Skinner Street, Snowhill, in the City of London, by ELIEZER CHATER WILSON, of 6, Palmer Terrace, in the Parish of St. Mary, Islington; and published by SAMPSON Low, of 14, Great James Street, in the Parish of St. Andrew, Holborn, at the Office, 169, Fleet Street, in the Parish of St. Dunstan in the West.-Friday, May 16, 1851.

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General Record of British and Foreign Literature ;



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Messrs. COLBURN AND Co. have in the press the following New Works:-THE ENGLISH IN AMERICA, by the Author of "Sam Slick," 2 vols.-SCENES FROM SCRIPTURE, by the Rev. GEORGE CROLY, LL.D. 1 vol.-EIGHT YEARS IN PALESTINE AND SYRIA, FROM 1842 TO 1850, by F. A. NEALE, Esq. late attached to the Consular Service in Syria, 2 vols. with Illustrations.-CLARE ABBEY, by the Author of "The Discipline of Life" (LADY EMILY PONSONBY), 2 vols.

BINNS AND GOODWIN have just published a most beautifully got-up volume from the pen of CHARLOTTE ELIZABETH, entitled FALSEHOOD AND TRUTH. It is uniform with their previous popular work, "The Morning of Life" (vide Adv. 182).

MISS CATHERINE SINCLAIR, author of "Modern Accomplishments," &c. has just published a collection of Anecdotes and Aphorisms, entitled the KALEIDESCOPE, in one vol. small 8vo.

THE new, complete, and cheaper edition of Professor LIEBIG'S FAMILIAR LETTERS ON CHEMISTRY is this day published by Messrs. Taylor and Co.

MR. PICKERING has just ready for publication, a fine library edition of the WORKS OF MILTON, Prose and Verse, with Life of Milton by Mitford. In these days of boasted cheup literature, it is really a treat to see such a work produced as will do credit to any collection of our sterling authors. MR. VARTY has just published a new illustrated, general, and elementary PHYSICAL ATLAS, with descriptive letterpress, by Dr. KARL VOGEL, Director of British Schools at Berlin.

A VERY interesting work, by EMILIO DANDOLO, is just ready for publication, translated into English it gives an authentic narrative of the Organization, Adventures, and final Disbanding of the ITALIAN VOLUNTEERS AND LOMBARD RIFLE BRIGADE IN 1848 AND 1849.

LIBRARY AT CONSTANTINOPLE.-The Turkish government is engaged in forming at the capital a vast public library, to be composed of all the MSS. hitherto dispersed over a great number of collections, even in the provinces, as well as of the most important scientific and art-works published abroad. Not only will this plan afford ample means to the oriental scholar resorting to Constantinople, but will bring forth many rare MSS. and works hitherto hidden in the dust of convents, mosques, &c., all over Turkey.

GOETHE-When Professor Zahn sojourned in Naples, he took an active part in the excavations of Pompeii-studies which eventually led to the publication of his meritorious work on this subjeet. At the same time he faithfully reported the progress of these operations to old Goethe. The poet's replies to these communications on the ancient paintings of Pompeii, its theatres, and other buildings, were replete with those sparks of genius he exhibited on every occasion. This rather voluminous correspondence, long laid up at Naples, has been lately recovered, and will be published by Professor Zahn.-Literary Gazette.


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(Oxford Pocket Classics.) AHN (Dr.)-Easy and Practical Method of Learning the French Language, adapted to the Use of English Learners. By A. A. First Course. 12mo. (Liverpool), pp. 66, sewed, 1s. 6d. [3218 AINSWORTH'S Historical Romances and Tales, in 12 vols. Vol. 5, Jack Sheppard. 12mo. pp. 300, boards, Is. 6d.. ALEXANDER (J. A.)—Isaiah, Translated and Explained: an Abridgment of the Author's Critical Commentary on Isaiah. By Joseph Addison Alexander. Vol. 1, post 8vo. (New York), pp. 397, 8s........




ALFRED LENNOX; or, Puseyism Unveiled: a Tale for the Times. 18mo. pp. 170, cloth, 1s. 6d. ALLEN (W.)-Memoir of William Allen. By James Sherman. 12mo. pp. 472, cloth, 8s. 6d.... (3222 ANCIENT (The) BRITONS: a Tale of Primeval Life. 12mo. pp. 330, cloth, 7s.

(Vide Adv. 461.)


ARDEN (Rev. G.) Manual of Catechetical Instruction for Public or Private Use. 2d edit. revised, 12mo. cloth, 28. [3224 ARNOLD (T. K.) The First Hebrew Book. By the Rev. Thos. Kerchever Arnold. 12mo. pp. 240, cl. 7s. 6d. [3225 (Vide Adv. 462.) ARTHUR CONWAY; or, Scenes in the Tropics. By Capt. Milman. 3 vols. post 8vo. pp. 938, bds. 31s. 6d.[3226 (Vide Adv. 432.) AYTOUN (W. E.)-Lays of the Scottish Cavaliers; and other Poems. By William Edmondstone Aytoun. 4th edit. 12mo. pp. 360, cloth, 7s. 6d.... . [3227 BABBAGE (C.)-The Exposition of 1851; or, Views of the Industry, Science, and the Government of England. By Charles Babbage, Esq. 8vo. pp. 248, cl. 6s. 6d..... [3228 BAGH O BAHR.-Translation of the Bagh of Bahar; or, Tales of the Four Darwesh, from the Urdu Tongue of Mir Ammand, of Dihli. By Lewis Ferdinand Smith. New edit. revised and corrected throughout. By Duncan Forbes, LL.D. 8vo. pp. 294, cloth, 10s... [3229 BAILY (J.)-The Dorking Fowl: Hints for its Management and Feeding for the Table. By John Baily. 12mo. pp. 44, cloth, 1s. 6d. .. [3230 BALLOON (A) View of London (as seen from Hampstead), exhibiting 8 square Miles, showing all the Railway Stations, the Great Crystal Palace, &c. In a case, 6s. [3231 BANKER'S (The) Common Place Book. 12mo. (Boston, U.S.) pp. 13s, cloth, 4s. 6d. . [3232 BARLOW (Peter).-A Treatise on the Strength of Timber, Cast and Malleable Iron, and other Materials. New edit. revised, by J. F. Heather, and an Essay by the Rev. Robert Willis. 8vo. pp. 530, cloth, 16s. [3233 BAT'S Cricketer's Manual for 1851. Cloth, 1s...... 3234 BENNETT (W. J. E.)-The Eucharist: its History, Doctrine, and Practice; with Meditations and Prayers suitable to that Holy Sacrament. By the Rev. William J. E. Bennett. 3d edit. 12mo. pp. 460, cloth, 6s........ [3235 BICKERSTETH (E. H.)-Nineveh: a Poem. 12mo. sd. . [3236 BLOOMSURRY LENT LECTURES. - Popish Darkness and Millennial Light: being Lectures delivered during Lent, at St. George's, Bloomsbury. By Twelve Clergymen of the Church of England. With a Preface. By the Rev Edward Auriol. 12mo. pp. 396, cloth, 6s. [3237


(Vide Adv. 452.)

BOARDMAN (J. H.)-Arithmetical Exercises. By John H. Boardman, M.A. 12mo. (Cambridge), pp. 54, cloth, 18. 6d.; with Key, 28. [3238 BOHN'S Classical Catalogue; comprising all the Principal Editions of the Greek and Latin Classics, Translations, and Commentaries, with prices annexed. Royal . [3239 WSPAP half-morocco, 2s. 6d. Vide Adv. 366.) BRADSHAW'S Guide through London and its Environs. By E. L. Blanchard. Square, cloth, 5s... . [3240 BRADSHAW'S Stranger's and Visitor's Guide through London and its Environs. Square, sewed, Is. 6d... [3241 BRADSHAW'S New Railway Map of Great Britain, 1851. In case 63 6d. . [3242 BRITISH and Colodial Zollverein. Copied from the Globe of Feb. 1 and March 10. 8vo. pp. 24, 6d. [3243 BRITISH METROPOLIS (The) in 1851 a Classified Guide to London, so arranged, as to show, in separate ChapYers, every Object in London interesting to special (Vide Adv. 355*.)

BRUK Baster and Occupations. 12mo. pp. 320, cl. 5s..... [3244

BROWN'S (T.) Philosophy of the Mind. 4 vols. Svo. cloth, (Edinburgh), advanced to 36s. ; 1 vol. 8vo. cloth, reduced to 14s... . (3245 BROWNING (C. A.)-The Convict Ship and England's Exiles. By Colin Arnott Browning. 5th edit. 12mo. pp. 390, cloth, 5s..... [3246 BROWNING (E. B.)-Casa Guidi Windows: a Poem. By Elizabeth Barrett Browning. 12mo. pp. 144, cl. 5s. [3247 BUDGE (E.)-The Mirror of History; or, Lives of the Men of Great Eras from Julius Cæsar to William the Conqueror. By the Rev. Edward Budge. 12mo. pp. 300, cloth, 5s. . [3248 BULMAN (T.)-A Short Record of the Life and Experirience of Thomas Bulman. By James Backhouse. 18mo. pp. 72, cloth, 1s.... [3249

BURGESS (R.)-Sermons for the Times. By the Rev. Richard Burgess. Square, pp. 172, cloth, 3s. 6d. .. [3250 BURNS (J.) Sketches of Sermons on Scripture Characters and Incidents. By Jabez Burns. 12mo. pp. 372, cloth, 4s. 6d.. [3251

BURNS (R.)-Life and Works of Robert Burns. Edited by Robert Chambers. 12mo. pp. 352, sewed, 2s. 6d.; cloth, 3s.

-[3252 (Chambers' Instructive and Entertaining Library.) (Vide Adv. 458.)

BYRON (Lord) Life, Letters, and Journals. By Thomas Moore. New edit. 6 vols. 12mo. cloth, 18s...

3253 Poetical Works. New edition, 10 vols. 12mo. cloth, 30s... . [3254 CAFFRE (The) TRIBES.-Forty-two Sketches, represest. ing the Classes and Tribes of the Colony of the Cape of Good Hope and the Southern part of Central Africa, viz. the Hottentots, Amakooras, Zoolus, Bushmen, Malays, Negroes, &c. 40. with letterpress and 42 coloured plates, cloth, 2. 2s.; tinted, £3. 78 6d......... ..[3255 CAMPBELL (J.)-Popery and Puseyism illustrated: à Series of Essays, with Addresses and Appeals to the Sunday School Teachers of England. By John Campbell, D.D. Fcp. 8vo. pp. 224, clota, 2s. 6d... -[3256 CARLILE (J.)—Manual of the Anatomy of the Human Mind. By the Rev. Edward James Carlyle, D.D. Fcp. 8vo. pp. 278, cloth, 5s. [3257 CHAMBERLAIN (1.)-The Theory of Christian Worship. By the Rev, T. Chamberlain, M.A. Fcp. 8vo. pp. 208, cloth, 5s...


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COLLECTION of Rules by the Liverpool Cutting Society; containing Forty different Systems of Cutting, selected from the best Authorities on all the Newest Styles of Garments with Diagrams to each separate rule. sewed, 4s.....

4to. [3262

COMPANION to the CIGAR. By a Veteran. 18mo. pp. COMYN (S.)-The Chess Player's Pocket Companion. By 490, reduced to 1s. 6d. cloth [3263 Samuel Comyn. 18mo. (Lancaster), pp. 76, cloth, 1s.; gilt edges. 1s. 6d. [3264 CONSECRATION and DESECRATION: a Shadow of the Times, 1850 and 1851. Fcp. 8vo. cloth, 2s. 6d. .. [3265 (Vide Adv. 438.)

COOK (E.)-Poems. By Eliza Cook. 5th edit. Vol. 1, 12mo. pp. 290, cloth, 7s. 6d.


COPLEY (E.) Catechism of Domestic Economy. By Esther Copley. 18mo. pp. 120, cloth, 1s........ ..[3267 CRAWSHAW (J.)-A Series of Lectures to Children. By the Rev John Crawshaw. 18mo. pp. 118, cloth, 18.; cloth, gilt, 1s. 6d. ..[3268 CREWDSON (Mrs. T. D.)-Aunt Jones' Verses for Children. By Mrs. T. D. Crewdson. Fcp. 8vo. pp. 128, cloth, 3s. 6d. . [$269 CRUCHLEY'S Picture of London. 16th edit. 18mo. with a Map, 4s.... . [3270 CUNNINGHAM (P.)-Handbook to Westminster Abbey ; its Art, Architecture, and Associations. By Peter Cunningham. New edit. 12mo. pp. 130, sewed, 1s.....(3271 (Vide Adv. 381.)

CURTIUS (G.)-The Results of Comparative Philology in reference to Classical Scholarship. By Dr. G. Curtius. Translated from the German. 12mo. pp. 76, cl. 3s. [3272 DANA (J. D.)-A Manual of Mineralogy, for the Use of Students. By James D. Dana. 12mo. (New Haven), pp. 432, cloth, 78. 6d....


DAVIS (D.)—A Manual of Magnetism. By Daniel Davis. 12mo. (Boston, U.S.) 180 Illustrations, pp. 322, 7s. 6d. [3274 DAWSON (R.)-An Essay on Spermatorrbæa and Urinary Deposits; with Observations on their Nature, Causes, &c. By Richard Dawson. 6th edit. post 8vo. pp. 160, cloth, . [3275 DE MORGAN (A.)-The Book of Almanacs; with an Index of Reference, by which the Almanac may be found for every Year. Compiled by Augustus De Morgan. Oblong, cloth, 5s. [3276


(Vide Adv. 392.)

DEMOSTHENES: the Oration on the Crown. into English, by the Rev. J. Norris, M.A. bridge), pp. 122, sewed, 3s...

Translated 12mo. (Cam. [3277 DE PLANCY (J. C.)-Legends of the Seven Capital Sins. By J. Collin de Plancy. Translated from the French. Fcp. 8vo. pp. 254, boards, 2s. 6d. ; cloth gilt, 3s.... [3278 D'EWES (SIR S.)-College Life in the Times of James the First, as illustrated by an unpublished Diary of Sir Symonds D'Ewes, Bart. Post 8vo. pp. 136, cl., 58. [3279 (Vide Adv. 459.)

DIXON (E. S.)-The Dovecote and the Aviary: being Sketches of the Natural History of Pigeons and other Domestic Birds in a Captive State; with Hints for their Management. By Rev. E. S. Dixon. 12mo. with woodcuts. pp. 480, cloth, 7s. 6d....... . [3280 (Vide Adv. 422.) DODS.-Twelve Lectures on the Philosophy of Electrical Psychology. By John Bovee Dods. 12mo. (New York), pp. 252, 3s. 6d.. .. [3281 DONALDSON (PROF.)-Improved Farm Buildings; comprising a Series of Designs of Building adapted to various sized Farms. By Professor Donaldson. 4to. cloth, 31s. 6d. . [3282 DOWLEANS (A. M.)-Catalogue of East Indian Productions collected in the Presidency of Bengal. 4to. sewed, 2s. 6d.. DYMOND (J.)-Essays on the Principles of Morality, and on the Private and Political Rights and Obligations of Mankind. By Jonathan Dymond. Royal 8vo. pp. 212, sewed, 2s. 6d. . [3284 EARS of CORN from Various Sheaves: being Thoughts for the Closet. Edited by Sarah Letts. 12mo. pp. 162, cloth. 2s. 6d. ; cloth, gilt, 3s... [3285 EAST INDIA Register and Army List for 1851, corrected to May. 12mo. sewed, 10s. [3286 ECCLESTON (J.)-A Treatise concerning the Life of God in the Soul of Man. By Theodore Eccleston. 18mo. pp. 162, cloth, 2s.


[3287 EWBANK (W. W.)-A Commentary on the Epistle of Paul the Apostle to the Romans: with a New Translation and Explanatory Notes. By William Withers Ewbank. Vol. 2, post 8vo. pp. 218, cloth, 5s. 6d....... [3288 Vide Adv. 459.)

FALSEHOOD and TRUTH. By Charlotte Elizabeth. New edit. 12mo. (Bath), pp. 160, cloth, 3s. 6d. (Vide Adv. 433.)

· [3289 FAMILY ECONOMIST, 1848, 1849, 1850. 1 vol. 12mo. cloth. 4s. [3290 FAMILY HERALD.-Vol. 8, 4to. cloth, 7s. 6d....... [3291 FENELON.-Counsels to those who are Living in the World: from the Original. Edited by the Rev. Wm. J. E. Bennett. 12mo. pp. 132, cloth, sewed, 2s... [3292 FITZGERALD (J.)-An Appeal to Pious and Devoted Clergymen concerning the Canon Law and Canonical Obedience, as they exist at present in the Established Church. By John Fitzgerald, M.A. 8vo. pp. 80, sewed, 2s. [3293 FLATTERS (J. J.)-The Paradise Lost of Milton. Illustrated in a Series of 54 plates of the Human Figure, før the Use of Sculptors, Artists, &c. By J. J. Flatters. Folio, half-bound, £1. 16s.... [3294 FLETCHER (J.)-Education, Voluntary and Free. By Joseph Fletcher Svo. pp. 92, with 11 plates, 2s. 6d. [3295 FORD (J.-The Gospel of St. Luke illustrated from Ancient and Modern Authors. By the Rev. James Ford. 8vo. pp. 690, cloth, 15s.... [3296 (Vide Adv. 438.)

FYFE (W. W.)-Summer Life on Land and Water. By William Wallace Fyfe. 12ino. (Edinburgh), with Engravings, pp. 340, cloth, 6s. [3297

GAME of LIFE. By L. Ritchie. 12mo. boards, 1s. ; cloth, Is. 6d. (Parlour Library, Vol. 58.) [3298 GAUNTLETT'S (H. J.)-Comprehensive Choir Book. Oblong, cloth, 9s. 6d.... . [3299 GAZETTEER (A) of the World; or, Dictionary of Geographical Knowledge, compiled from the most recent Authorities. Edited by a Member of the Royal Geographical Society. Vol. 4, royal 8vo. cloth, 13s... . [3300 GILLRAY (J.)-Historical and Descriptive Account of the Caricatures of James Gillray. By Thomas Wright, Esq. and R. H. Evans, Esq. 8vo. pp. 496, cloth, 15s.... [3301 GIRDLESTONE (E.)-Sermons on Romanism and Tractarianism, and other Subjects suited to the Times. By Edward Girdlestone. 12mo. pp. 280, cloth, 5s..... .[3302 GODFREY (Mrs.)-On the Prevention and Cure of Spinal Curvatures and Deformities of the Chest and Limbs: being the Result of many years' experience. By Mrs. Godfrey. 8vo. pp. 90, cloth, 48. . [3503 GOOD (W. W.)-The Theorists Confuted; or, the Practical Farmers Vindicated: with a Reply to Mr. Mechi. By William Waller Good. Svo. pp. 412, cloth, 8s. 6d... [3304 GRANT (J.)-Adventures of an Aide-de-Camp. By James Grant. Complete edit. with an Illustration. By John Gilbert. 12mo. pp. 510, cloth, 2s. 6d.. . [3305

(Routledge's Standard Novels.) GREATLEY (T.)-Philosophy in the Fens; or, Talk on the Times: a Poem, in Twelve Chapters. By T. Greatley, Esq. Fep. 4to. pp. 370, 10s. 6d. [3306 GREAT EXHIBITION of Doings in London for 1851. Oblong, 2s. 6d. plain; coloured, 5s. 6d... [3307 GROOMBRIDGE'S Farm and Garden Essays.-1. The Cultivation of Arable Land; 2. The Rearing and MaBagement of Poultry; 3. Annuals for the Flower Garden; 4. A Treatise on the Horse. 18mo. sewed, each 4d. [3308

GUERICKE (H. E. F.)-Manual of the Antiquities of the Church. By H. E. F. Guericke. Translated and adapted to the use of the English Church. By Rev. A. J. W. Morrison. 12mo. pp. 300, cloth, 5s. 6d............ [

(Vide Adv. 458.)

[3309 HALL (S. C.)-The Swan's Egg. By Mrs. S. C. Hall. 18mo. pp. 158, boards, 1s. ..[3310

(Chamber's Library for Young People.) HANDBOOK to Windsor Castle and Eton. By Edward Jesse. New edit. 12mo. pp. 92, sewed, Is.... [3311 HARRIS (T.) Supplement to a Short Proposal for Diminishing Costs, &c. in Equity. 8vo. 1s. sewed [3312 HATCHARD (T. G.)-The German Tree: a Moral. By the Rev. T. Goodwin Hatchard. 18mo. cloth gilt, 1s.[3313 HAWTHORNE (N.)-The House of Seven Gables: a Romance. By N. Hawthorne. Post Svo. bds. 1s. 6d. [3314 (Bohn's Cheap Series.)

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(Railway Library.)

(Vide Adv. 450.) HAWTHORNE (N.)-The Scarlet Letter: a Romance. By Nathaniel Hawthorne. 12mo. pp. 260, boards, 1s. ; cloth, 1s. Gd. ..[3315 HAWTHORNE (N.)-The Scarlet Letter: a Romance. By Nathaniel Hawthorne. Royal 16mo. 4s. ...... .... [3316 (Vide Adv. 425.) HAYDN'S Dictionary of Dates and Universal Reference, relating to a l Ages and Nations. 5th edit. Svo. pp. 680, cloth, 18s.... [3317 HEILNER (G. M.)-The Grammar of the German Language Philosophically Developed. By G. M. Heilner. Post 8vo. pp. 380, cloth, 7s... .[3318 HEWITSON (W. H.)-Memoir of the Rev. W. H. Hewitson, late Minister of the Free Church of Scotland. By the Rev. John Baillie. Post 8vo. cloth, 5s. ..[3319 (Vide Adv. 452.)

HEYGATE (W. E.)-Care of the Soul; or, Sermons upon some Points of Christian Prudence. By W. E. Heygate. 12mo. pp. 286, cloth, 5s. 6d. [3320 (Vide Adv. 435.)

HILL (R.)-Memorial of the Rev. Rowland Hill; chiefly consisting of Anecdotes illustrative of his Character and Labours. By James Sherman. 18mo. pp. 100, cloth, 1s... ..[3321 HISTORY of Greece for Young Persons. Edited by Rev. J. M. Neale, M.A. 18mo. pp. 300, cloth, 3s. ..[3322 (Juvenile Englishman's Historical Library.) (Vide Adv. 438.) HOFFMAN (M.)-A Treatise on the Law of the Protestant Episcopal Church in the United States. By Murray Hoffman. Royal 8vo. (New York), pp. 480, cl. 14s. [3323 HUGHES (W.)-A Manual of European Geography, embracing the Physical, Industrial, and Descriptive Geography of the various Countries of Europe: for the Use of Schools, &c. By William Hughes. 12mo. pp. 358, cloth, 3s. 6d... .[3324 HURTON (W.)-A Voyage from Leith to Lapland; or, Pictures of Scandinavia in 1850. By William Hurton. 2 vols. post 8vo. pp. 640, cloth, 21s... [3326 INGLIS (H.)Marican, and other Poems. By Henry Inglis. Post 8vo. pp. 144, cloth, 8s. ..[3327 JACKSON (J.)-Repentance: its Necessity, Nature, and Aids: a Course of Serinons preached in Lent. By John Jackson. 12mo. pp. 156, cloth, 3s. 6d. ..[3328

JACOBINS (The) in Hungary; or, the Conspiracy of the Abbot: a Tale of Austrian Oppression. By Francis Pulszky. 2 vols. post 8vo. pp. 6.0, cloth, 21s...... [3329

JAMES (G. P. R.)-Gowrie; or, the King's Plot. 12mo. pp. 432, bds. 1s. 6d. ; cloth, 28.

..[3330 (Parlour Library, Vol. 59.) JARDINE (D.)-A Treatise of Equivocation. Edited by David Jardine. Fcp. 8vo. pp. 140, cloth, 5s. . [3331 KITTO (J.)-Pictorial Family Bible. Division 1. 4to. sewed, 5s... .[8332

LE MAOUT (A.)—L'Exhibition de Londres: Poème en Trois Chants. Par A. Le Maout. 8vo. pp. 24, sewed, 3333


LETTIS (J. W.)-The Post Office Guide, under the Sanction of Her Majesty's Postmaster General. By J. W. Lettis. 18mo. pp. 132, cloth, 2s. 6d. . [3334

LIST of COINS in Use in England, &c. with their Sizes and Value. On a Card (Manchester), 2d.... . [3335 LONDON in Ancient and Modern Times; or, Sketches of the Great Metropolis, from its Origin to the End of the Eighteenth Century. The Two Monthly Volumes bound together, with Engraved Frontispiece, pp. 354, cloth boards, 1s. 6d... ..[3336

(Vide Adv. 467.)

LONDON CONDUCTOR: a Guide for Visitors to the Great Industrial Exhibition. 12mo. with Illustrations, sewed, 9d.; cloth, 1s. . [3337 LONDON in 1851; with a Map. 12mo. cloth, 2s. 6d. [3338 MACAULAY (T. B.)-Lord Clive. By T. B. Macaulay. 12mo. sewed, 1s.... ..[3339 (Traveller's Library, No. 2.) M'CULLOCH (J. R.)-London in 1850-51, from the Geographical Dictionary of J. R. M'Culloch. Square, pp. 132, sewed, 1s... [3340


(Vide Adv. 403.) (Traveller's Library, No. 3.) MACGILL (G.)-Rent no Robbery: an Examination of some Erroneous Doctrines regarding Property in Land. By George Macgill, Esq. 8vo. pp. 40, sewed, is... [3341

M‘LEOD (W.) — Explanatory English Grammar for Beginners. 18mo. sewed, 1s... [3342 (Vide Adv. 403.) (Gleig's School Series.) M PHUN'S Pocket Guides. Reduced to 1s. each.... [3343 MANNERS (J.) –The Church of England in the Colonies: a Lecture delivered before the Members of Colchester Literary Institution, on Wednesday, Jan. 22, 1851. By Lord John Manners. 8vo. pp. 36, sewed, 1s. [3344 MARIE MADELEINE. Translated by Lady Mary Fox ; with illustrations by M. Lepelle de Bois Gallais. Post Svo. pp. 124, bds. 10s. 6d.

. [3343 MARTINEAU (H.)-Introduction to the History of the Peace, from 1800 to 1815. By Harriet Martineau. Svo. pp. 415, cloth, 15s... [3346

(Vide Adv. 417.)


MATIN (The) Bell. 18mo. pp. 100, sewed, 1s. MELVILL (H.)—Thoughts appropriate to the Season and the Days, in Lectures Delivered on Tuesday Mornings during Lent, 1851, at St. Margaret's, Lothbury. By the Rev. Henry Melvill. 12mo. pp. 240, cloth, 4s. 6d...[3348 MERCIER (L. W.)-Greek Selections, for the Use of Junior Forms in Schools. By Rev. Lewis Page Mercier. 12mo. pp. 106, cloth, 4s.

.. [3349

(Vide Adv. 401.) MONGE (G.)-An Elementary Treatise on Statics. By Gaspard Monge. With a Biographical Notice of the Author. Translated from the French by Woods Baker, A.M. 12mo. (Philadelphia). pp. 216, sheep, 8s. ..(3350 NAUTICAL ALMANACK (The) for the Year 1854, to which is added a Supplement and an Appendix. 8vo. sewed, 5s. .[3351 NEANDER'S Church History. Vol. 3, square, cloth, 3s. 6d... .[3352 (Vide Adv. 444.) (Bobu's Standard Library.) NEW TESTAMENT (Greek), with various Readings and References, Critical. Large print, 8vo. cloth, 12s... [3353 NEWLAND (H.)-The Erne; its Legends and its Flyfishing. By the Rev. Henry Newland. 12mo. pp. 412, cloth, 12s...



(Vide Adv. 461.) NOAKE (J.)-The Rambler in Worcestershire; or, Stray Notes on Churches and Congregations. By John Noake. 12mo. pp. 400, cloth, 5s. .[3355 NOTES of an Attaché in Spain in 1850. Post 8vo. pp. 368, cloth, 14s... (3356

NYREN'S Cricketer's Guide for 1851. Collected and edited by Charles C. Clarke. 18mo. pp. 106, cl. 1s. 6d. .... [3357 OATES (G) Tables of Sterling Exchange, in which are given the Value of a Sterling Bill, in Federal Money, for any Amount from 1 to £10,000 at every Rate of Premium from one-eighth per cent to twelve and a half per cent. by Eighths, and also How to Invest, &c. By George Oates. 4to. cloth, 15s.... .[3358 OBSERVING (The) EYE. Part 3, Molluscous Animals. 3 Parts in 1 vol. 18mo. cloth, 3s. [3359 OLD TESTAMENT, Greek, Septuagint Version of. 8vo. cloth, 18s... [3360

OLSHAUSEN (H.)-Biblical Communing on St. Paul's Epistles to the Galatians, Ephesians, Colossians, and Thessalonians. By Hermann Olshausen. 8vo. (Edinb.) pp. 500, cloth, 10s. 6d. ..[3361 (Vide Adv. 454.)

OVERMAN (F.)-The Manufacture of Steel: a Handbook. By Frederick Overman. 12mo. (Philadelphia), pp. 226, cloth, 4s. 6d. ..[3362 OVID'S FASTI, Tristia, Epistles, &c. Literally translated. Square, 5s... [3363

PINNOCK (W. H.)-An Analysis the story of the Reformation, with the Frior and Subsequent History of the English Church; with Questions of Examination, especially intended for the Universities, &c. By the Rev. W. H. Pinnock. 18mo. pp. 446, cloth, 4s. 6d. [3377 POPERY the Enemy of God and the Enemy of Man: a Course of Twelve Lectures. Sewed, 1s. 6d.; cl. 2s.[3378 (Vide Adv. 372.)

POST (J.)-The Origin, History, and Doctrine of Baptism, deduced from Holy Scripture and other Authentic Sources. By Jacob Post. Fcp. 8vo. pp. 80, cl. 18. [3379 POUSSIN (G. T.)-The United States: its Power and Progress. By Guillaume Tell Poussin, late Minister of the Republic of France to the United States. Translated from the French by Edmund L. Du Barry, M.D. 8vo. (Philadelphia), pp. 488, cloth, 14s... .[3380 POWERSCOURT (T. A.)-Letters and Papers of the late Theodosia A. Viscountess Powerscourt. Edited by Rev. Robt. Daly. 6th edit. 12mo. pp. 318, cloth, 5s. PRESTWICH (J.)-A Geolo?ical Inquiry respecting the Water Bearing Strata of the Country around London; with reference especially to the Water Supply of the Metropolis, and including some Remarks on Springs, &c. By Joseph Prestwich, Jun. 8vo. pp. 240, cloth, Ss. 6d...




PRIEST MIRACLES (The) of Rome: a Memoir of the Present Time. Fcp. 8vo. pp. 320, cloth, 6s. ...... [3383 PROTESTANT TRACTS. Translated from the French of J. N. Roussel. Nos. 1 to 6: Nos. 1 to 3, 2d. each; Nos. 4 to 6, 1d. each. [3384 RENNIE (SIR J.)-The Theory, Formation, and Construction of British and Foreign Harbours, illustrated by numerous Examples. By Sir John Rennie, C.E. Folio, Parts 4, 5, 6, and 7, sewed, each, prints, 12s.; proofs, 18s.

[3385 REPORTS and Papers read at the Meetings of the Architectural Societies of the Archdeaconry of Northampton, the Counties of York and Lincoln, and of the Architec tural and Archæological Societies of Bedfordshire and St. Alban's, during the Year 1850. Svo. pp. 212, plates, 10s. 6d. [3386 RICHARDSON'S Geology. Revised and enlarged by Dr. Thomas Wright. Post 8vo. cloth, 5s. ..[3387 (Vide Adv. 443.) (Bohn's Scientific Library.) RITCHIE (L.)-The Game of Life. 12mo. pp. 274, boards, 1s.; cloth, 1s. 6d. . [3388 (Parlour Library.) ROBERTS (A.)-Plain Sermons for all the Sundays and chief Holidays of the Year. Preached to a Village Congregation. By the Rev. Arthur Roberts. 2 vols. 12mo. pp. 628, cloth, 10s. .. [3389

(Vide Adv. 452.) ROWBOTHAM'S Water Colour Drawing Book. Parts 1 to 3, each, 3s. 6d. .[3390 ROYAL EXCHANGE (The) and the Palace of Industry; or, the Possible Future of Europe and the World. Fcp. 8vo. pp. 176, extra cloth boards, 2s... ..[3391

(Vide Adv. 467.)


ROYLE (J. F.)-On the Culture and Commerce of Cotton in India and elsewhere; with an Account of the Experi ments made by the East India Company. By J. Forbes Royle. 8vo. pp. 616, cloth, ISS. ..[3392 RUFFNER (H.)-The Fathers of the Desert; or, an Account of the Origin and Practice of Monkery among Heathen Nations. By Henry Ruffner. 2 vols. 12mo. [3393 (New York), pp. 615, cloth, 14s....

(Vide Adv. 446.)

(Bohn's Classical Library.) OXENDEN (A.)-The Story of Ruth. By the Rev. Ashton Oxenden. 18mo. pp. 150, cloth, 28.


(The Cottage Library, Vol. 6.)

SANDERS (J.)-A Practical Treatise on the Culture of the
Vine as well under Glass as in the Open Air. By John
Sanders. 8vo. pp. 40, cloth, 5s.
SCHOOL (The), Part 2, 12mo. sewed, Is.



PALACE (The) of Glass and the Gathering of the People. A Book for the Exhibition. Fcp. 8vo. pp. 162, extra

cloth boards, 2s..

(Vide Adv. 467.)



HINTS addressed to the Common People upon the assumed Supremacy of the Bishop of Rome: a Tract for the Times. By a Rutland Rector. 8vo. pp. 68, sewed,


[blocks in formation]




PAROCHIAL VISITING: The Rich. 12mo, sd. 1s.[3368

(Parochial Papers, No. 4.)

PATON (A. A.)-The Goth and the Hun; or, Transylvania,
Debreczin, Pesth, and Vienna, in 1850. By A. A. Paton.
Svo. pp. 428, cloth, 148.
PAYNE'S Illustrated Plan of London. 18mo, cloth case,




PEACE: an Essay. 8vo. pp. 36, sewed, 1s... PEEL (SIR R.)-Life and Times of. By Charles Mackay. Vol. 4, 8vo. pp. 656, cloth, 148. .[3322 PENGILLY (R.)- The Scripture Guide to Prophecy; with Explanatory Observations, &c. By R. Pengilly. 12th edit. 12mo. pp. 160, cloth, 2s. 6d... [3373 PENLEY (A.)-The Elements of Perspective. Illustrated by numerous Examples and Diagranis. By Aaron Penley. 12mo. pp. 60, sewed. Is. . [3374 PERCY HAMILTON; or, the Adventures of a Westininster Boy. By Lord William Lennox. 3 vols. post 8vo. pp. 844, cloth, 31s. 6d... 3375 PETIT (Le) RIMEUR: being French and English Words, and Sentences in Rhyme. Square, pp. 54, cl. 1s. 6d. [3376

(Parochial Papers, No. 5.) SCHWARZ (J.)-A Descriptive Geography and Brief Historical Sketch of Palestine. By Rabbi Joseph Schwarz. Translated by Isaac Leeser. 8vo. (Philadelphia), pp. 518, illustrated, cloth, 188..


SELECTIONS from the Christian Poets, Ancient and Modern. Svo. half-bound, pp. 432, 12s. (Vide Adv. 370.)


SEPTUAGINT, Greek; with an Historical Introduction.

[blocks in formation]

BERNAYS (L. J.-The Way of Peace: an Easter Plea. Preached before the University of Oxford, on Easter Sunday, 1851. By Rev. L. J. Bernays, M.A. 8vo. pp. 28, sewed, 1s. · [3399

(Vide Adv. 404.) BRANDER (B.)-A Funeral Sermon preached at Christ Church, Derry Hill, on the Occasion of the Lamented Death of the Most Noble the Marchioness of Lansdowne. By the Rev. Boulton Brauder. Svo. (Calne), pp. 18, sewed, 6d. [3100 BUNCH (R. J.)-Preached at St. Martin's, Leicester, May 6, 1851, at the Annual Visitation of the Rev. T. K. Bonney, D.D. By Rev. Robert James Bunch, B.D. 8vo. pp. 28, sewed, Is. ..... [3401 EDEN (C. P.)-The Things written aforetime written for our Learning. Preached at the Visitation of the Ven. Archd. Creyke, at l'ontefract, April 30, 1851. By C. P. Eden, M.A. 8vo. pp. 18, sewed, 1s. .[3402 FENN (J.)-A Funeral Sermon, preached at St. Peter's Church, Sudbury, May 18, 1851, by the Rev. Joseph Fenn, on the Death of the Rev. W. H. Wilkinson, M.A. 8vo. (Sudbury), sewed, 6d. ..[3403

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