Offended with my question, in full choir, I answered: The all-potent, sole, imAnswered, "To find thy God thou must look higher."

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mense, Surpassing sense;

I asked myself what this great God might


That fashioned me.

Unspeakable, inscrutable, eternal,
Lord over all;

The only terrible, strong, just, and true,
Who hath no end, and no beginning

He is the well of life, for he doth give
To all that live

Both breath and being; he is the Creator
Both of the water,

Of all things that

I asked the world's great universal mass
If that God was;


Which with a mighty and strong voice And now, my God, by thine illumining replied, As stupefied, "I am not he, O man! for know that I By him on high Was fashioned first of nothing; thus instated

And swayed by him by whom I was created."

Earth, air, and fire.

He hath the list,

Of all the heavenly host, or what earth

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He keeps the scroll, and calls them by their names.

Thy glorious face

(So far forth as it may discovered be) Methinks I see;

And though invisible and infinite,
To human sight

Thou, in thy mercy, justice, truth, ap-

In which, to our weak sense, thou comest nearest.

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Stay for me there! I will not fail
To meet thee in that hollow vale.
And think not much of my delay:
I am already on the way,
And follow thee with all the speed
Desire can make, or sorrow breed.
Each minute is a short degree,
And every hour a step towards thee.
At night, when I betake to rest,
Next morn I rise nearer my west
Of life, almost by eight hours' sail,
Than when sleep breathed his drowsygale.
Thus from the sun my vessel steers,
And my day's compass downward bears :
Nor labor I to stem the tide
Through which to thee I swiftly glide.

'Tis true, with shame and grief I yield,
Thou, like the van, first took'st the field,
And gotten hast the victory,
In thus adventuring to die
Before me, whose more years might crave
A just precedence in the grave.
But hark! my pulse, like a soft drum,
Beats my approach, tells thee I come:
And slow howe'er my marches be,
I shall at last sit down by thee.

The thought of this bids me go on,
And wait my dissolution
With hope and comfort. Dear, forgive
The crime, I am content to live
Divided, with but half a heart,
Till we shall meet, and never part.




My dear and only love, I pray
That little world of thee
Be governed by no other sway
But purest monarchy:
For if confusion have a part,

Which virtuous souls abhor,
I'll call a synod in my heart,
And never love thee more.

As Alexander I will reign,
And I will reign alone;
My thoughts did evermore disdain
A rival on my throne.

He either fears his fate too much,
Or his deserts are small,
Who dares not put it to the touch,
To gain or lose it all.



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Whilst I do rest, my soul advance;
Make my sleep a holy trance:
That I may, my rest being wrought,
Awake into some holy thought,
And with as active vigor run
My course, as doth the nimble sun.
Sleep is a death; O, make me try,
By sleeping, what it is to die:
And as gently lay my head
On my grave as now my bed.
Howe'er I rest, great God, let me
Awake again at last with thee.
And thus assured, behold I lie
Securely, or to wake or die.
These are my drowsy days; in vain
I do now wake to sleep again:
O, come that hour when I shall never
Sleep thus again, but wake forever.




WHOE'ER she be,

That not impossible She

That shall command my heart and me;

Where'er she lie,

Locked up from mortal eye In shady leaves of destiny,


Till that ripe birth

Of studied Fate' stand forth,
And teach her fair steps to our earth;

Till that divine

Idea take a shrine

Of crystal flesh, through which to shine:

Meet you her, my Wishes, Bespeak her to my blisses, And be ye called, my absent kisses.

I wish her beauty

That owes not all its duty

To gaudy tire, or glist'ring shoe-tie:

Something more than

Taffeta or tissue can,

Or rampant feather, or rich fan.


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