P. 319. (182) “Q. Eliz. Thanks," &c. So The True Tragedie, &c. ("Queen,” &c.)—The folio has “Cla. Thanke,” &c.—Mr. Collier says that in the folio 1664 this line "is correctly given to the King:”—he ought to have said "incorrectly."

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P. 320. (185) "befit the pleasure" The True Tragedie, &c. has "befits the pleasures;' the folio, "befits the pleasure.



Was perhaps produced not long before 1597, the date of the earliest quarto. -So remarkable are the variations presented to us by the old copies of King Richard III.,-so greatly does the text of the quartos (or, properly speaking, that of the earliest quarto) differ from the text of the folio, that a modern editor, who must necessarily give an eclectic text of this tragedy, is not a little perplexed in his choice of readings. Nor is the difference in question confined to words and phrases, to amplification of sentences, and appropriation of speeches; for the quartos contain important passages which are not found in the folio, while the folio, on the other hand, supplies passages no less important which are wanting in the quartos.—The text of the folio is, on the whole, inferior to that of the quartos, and, as Malone observes in a note, would seem to have been tampered with by the players : accordingly I now adhere to the quartos in sundry places where my former edition exhibited the text of the folio.-In this tragedy Shakespeare cannot be said to have any obligations to an earlier play on the same subject by an unknown author, -The True Tragedie of Richard the Third: wherein is showne the death of Edward the Fourth, with the smothering of the two yoong Princes in the Tower: with a lamentable ende of Shores wife, an example for all wicked

And lastly the coniunction and ioyning of the two noble Houses, Lancaster and Yorke. As it was playd by the Queenes Maiesties Players, 1594, 4to (reprinted for the Shakespeare Society in 1844).


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