could not,

And the same moment I descry him, Long ere the hunters could approach the lady,

forest, I will return to you.

[Exit GLYCINE. To have led you hence.-Retire. [Enter OLD BATHORY, speaking Zapolya.

O life of terrors ! as he enters.

Old Bathory. In the cave's mouth we Old Bathory. Who hears? A friend !

have such 'vantage ground 30 A messenger from him who bears the That even this old arm---signet !

[Exeunt ZAPOLYA and BATHORY [ZAPOLYA, who had been gazing

into the Cave. affectionately after GLYCINE, Enter LASKA and PESTALUTZ. starts at BATHORY's voice. Laska.

Not a step further! Zapolya. He hath the watch-word ! Pestalutz. Dastard ! was this your Art thou not Bathory?


promise to the king ? Old Bathory. O noble lady! greetings Laska. I have fulfilled his orders. from your son ! [BATHORY kneels.

Have walked with you Zapolya. Rise! rise ! Or shall I As with a friend : have pointed out Lord rather kneel beside thee,

Casimir : And call down blessings from the wealth And now I leave you to take care of of Heaven

him. Upon thy honoured head? When thou For the king's purposes are doubtless last saw'st me

friendly. I would full fain have knelt to thee, and Pestalut (affecting to start). Be on

your guard, man ! Thou dear old man ! How oft since Laska (in affright). Ha ! what now? then in dreams


Behind you ! Have I done worship to thee, as an 'Twas one of Satan's imps, that grinned angel

and threatened you Bearing my helpless babe upon thy For your most impudent hope to cheat wings!

his master! Old Bathory. O he was born

Laska. Pshaw ! What! you think honour ! Gallant deeds

'tis fear that makes me leave And perilous hath he wrought since


40 yester-eve.

Pestaluts. Is't not enough to play the Now from Temeswar (for to him was

knave to others, trusted

But thou must lie to thine own heart? A life, save thine, the dearest) he hastes Laska (pompously). Friend! Laska hither

will be found at his own post, Zapolya. Lady Sarolta mean'st thou ? Watching elsewhere for the king's inOld Bathory.

She is safe.

terest. The royal brute hath overleapt his There's a rank plot that Laska must prey,

hunt down, And when he turned, a sworded Virtue 'Twixt Bethlen and Glycine ! faced him.

Pestalut: (with a sneer). What ! the My own brave boy-0 pardon, noble

girl lady!

Whom Laska saw the war-wolf tear in Your son

pieces ? Zapolya. Hark! Is it he ?

Laska (throwing down a bow and oid Bathory. I hear a voice

arrows). Well ! there's my arms! Too hoarse for Bethlen's ! 'Twas his

Hark! should your javelin fail scheme and hope,




These points are tipt with venom.

Glycine (leaning on Bethlen). And now [Starts and sees GLYCINE without.

once more a womanBy Heaven ! Glycine !


Was it then Now as you love the king, help me to That timid eye, was it those maiden hands seize her!

50 That sped the shaft, which saved me and [They run out after GLYCINE, avenged me?

and she shrieks without : Old Bathory (to Bethlen exultingly). then enter BATHORY from

'Twas as a vision blazoned on a the cavern.

cloud Old Bathory. Rest, lady, rest! I feel | By lightning, shaped into a passionate in every sinew

scheme A young man's strength returning ! Of life and death! I saw the traitor, Which way went they?

Laska, The shriek came thence.

Stoop and snatch up the javelin of his [Clash of swords, and BETHLEN'S

comrade; voice heard from behind The point was at your back, when her the scenes ; GLYCINE enters

shaft reached him alarmed; then, as seeing The coward turned, and at the self-same LASKA'S bow and arrow's.

instant Glycine. Ha! weapons here? Then, The braver villain fell beneath your Bethlen, thy Glycine

sword. Will die with thee or save thee !

Enter ZAPOLYA. [She seizes them and rushes out, Zapolya. Bethlen ! my child! and BATHORY following her.

safe too ! Lively and irregular music, Bethlen. Mother ! Queen ! and Peasants with hunting Royal Zapolya! name me Andreas ! spears cross the stage, singing Nor blame thy son, if being a king, he chorally.


Hath made his own arm minister of his CHORAL SONG


So do the Gods who launch the thunderUp, up! ye dames, ye lasses gay ! To the meadows trip away.

bolt ! 'Tis you must tend the flocks this morn,

Zapolya. O Raab Kiuprili! Friend !

Protector ! Guide !
And scare the small birds from the corn.
Not a soul at home may stay :

In vain we trenched the altar round with

60 For the shepherds must go


A flash from Heaven hath touched the With lance and bow

hidden incenseTo hunt the wolf in the woods to-day.

Bethlen (hastily). And that majestic Leave the hearth and leave the house

form that stood beside thee To the cricket and the mouse :

Was Raab Kiuprili ! Find grannam out a sunny seat,

Zapolya. It was Raab Kiuprili; With babe and lambkin at her feet. As sure as thou art Andreas, and the Not a soul at home may stay :

king. For the shepherds must go

Old Bathory. Hail Andreas ! hail my With lance and bow


[Triumphantly. To hunt the wolf in the woods to-day. Andreas. Stop, thou revered one,

[Exeunt Huntsmen. Lest we offend the jealous Destinies Re-enter, as the Huntsmen pass off, By shouts ere victory. Deem it then BATHORY, BETHLEN, and GLYCINE.

thy duty




To pay this homage, when 'tis mine to Old Bathory. Haste ! my life upon it claim it.

I'll guide him safe. [Thunder again. Glycine. Accept thine hand - maid's Andreas. Ha! what a crash was there! service!

[Kneeling. Heaven seems to claim a mightier criminal Zapolya. Raise her, son!

[Pointing without to the body of O raise her to thine arms! she saved

PESTALUTZ. thy life,

Than yon vile subaltern. And through her love for thee, she saved Zapolya. Your behest, High powers, thy mother's !

Low I obey! to the appointed spirit, Hereafter thou shalt know, that this dear That hath so long kept watch round this maid


drear cavern, Hath other and hereditary claims

In fervent faith, Kiuprili, I entrust thee! Upon thy heart, and with Heaven

[Exeunt ZAPOLYA, ANDREAS, guarded instinct

and GLYCINE, ANDREAS But carried on the work her sire began !

having in haste dropt his Andreas. Dear maid ! more dear thou

Manet BATHORY. canst not be! the rest

Old Bathory. Yon bleeding corse Shall make my love religion. Haste we (pointing to Pestalutz's body) may hence :

work us mischief still : For as I reached the skirts of this high Once seen, 'twill rouse alarm and crowd forest,

the hunt I heard the noise and uproar of the From all parts towards this spot. Stript chace,

of its armour, Doubling its echoes from the mountain I'll drag it hither. foot.

[Exit BATHORY. After awhile Glycine. Hark! sure the hunt ap

several Hunters cross the stage proaches.

as scattered. Some time [Horn without, and afterwards

after, enter KIUPRILI in his distant thunder.

disguise, fainting with faZapolya. O Kiuprili!

tigue, and as pursued. Old Bathory. The demon-hunters of Raab Kiuprili (throwing off his disthe middle air

guise). Since Heaven alone can Are in full cry, and scare with arrowy

save me, Heaven alone

129 fire

Shall be my trust. The guilty ! Hark! now here, now

[Then speaking as to ZAPOLYA in there, a horn

the Cavern. Swells singly with irregular blast! the

Haste ! haste ! Zapolya, flee! tempest

[He enters the Cavern, and then Has scattered them !

returns in alarm. [Horns heard as from different Gone ! Seized perhaps ? Oh no, let me places at a distance.

not perish Zapolya. 0 Heavens! where stays Despairing of Heaven's justice ! Faint, Kiuprili?

disarmed, Old Bathory. The wood will be sur- Each sinew powerless ; senseless rock, rounded ! leave me here.

sustain me! Andreas. My mother ! let me see thee Thou art parcel of my native land. once in safety,

[Then observing the sword. I too will hasten back, with lightning's

A sword ! speed,

Ha! and my sword !

Zapolya hath To seek the hero!



The murderers are baffled, and there lives Thou must have seen him. Say where An Andreas to avenge Kiuprili's fall !

is th' assassin ?

160 There was a time, when this dear sword Old Bathory (pointing to the body of did flash

PESTALUTZ). There lies the asAs dreadful as the storm-fire from mine

sassin ! slain by that same sword arms

That was descending on his curst emI can scarce raise it now—yet come, fell

ployer, tyrant !

140 When entering thou beheld'st Sarolta And bring with thee my shame and

rescued ! bitter anguish,

Casimir. Strange providence ! what To end his work and thine! Kiuprili

then was he who fled me? now

[BATHORY points to the Cavern, Can take the death - blow as a soldier

whence KIUPRILI advances. should.

Thy looks speak fearful things ! Whither,

old man ! Re-enter BATHORY, with the dead body of Would thy hand point me? PESTALUTZ.

Old Bathory. Casimir, to thy father. Old Bathory. Poor tool and victim of Casimir (discovering Kiuprili). The another's guilt!

curse! the curse ! Open and Thou follow'st heavily : a reluctant

swallow me, weight !

Unsteady earth! Fall, dizzy rocks ! and Good truth, it is an undeserved honour

hide me ! That in Zapolya and Kiuprili's cave

Old Bathory (to Kiuprili). Speak, A wretch like thee should find a burial

speak, my lord ! place.

Kiuprili (holds out the sword to [Then observing KIUPRILI.

Bathory). Bid him fulfil his 'Tis he !-- In Andreas' and Zapolya's

work ! name

Casimir. Thou art Heaven's immediFollow me, reverend form ! Thou

ate minister, dread spirit ! 170 need'st not speak,

O for sweet mercy, take some other For thou canst be no other than Kiuprili.

form, Kiuprili. And are they safe?

And save me from perdition and de[.Voise without

spair ! Old Bathory. Concealyourself, my lord! Old Bathory. He lives ! I will mislead them !

Casimir. Lives! A father's curse can Kiuprili. Is Zapolya safe?

never die ! Old Bathory. I doubt it not; but haste, Kiuprili (in a tone of pity). O Casimir ! haste, I conjure you !

Casimir ! [As he retires, in rushes CASIMIR. Old Bathory. Look ! he doth forgive Casimir (entering).

Monster !
Thou shalt not now escape me !

Hark! 'tis the tyrant's voice.
Old Bathory.
Stop, lord Casimir!

[EMERICK's voice without. It is no monster.


I kneel, I kneel ! Casimir. Art thou too a traitor ? Retract thy curse ! O, by my mother's Is this the place where Emerick's mur

ashes, derers lurk ?

Have pity on thy self-abhorring child ! Say where is he that, tricked in this dis- If not for me, yet for my innocent wife, guise,

Yet for my country's sake, give my arm First lured me on, then scared my

strength, dastard followers ?

Permitting me again to call thee father !


you !

[ocr errors]



Kiuprili. Son, I forgive thee! Take Emerick (aside, not perceiving Casimir thy father's sword;


and Bathory, and looking at the When thou shalt lift it in thy country's

dead body). And ere I ring the cause,

alarum of my sorrow, In that same instant doth thy father I'll scan that face once more, and murbless thee !

mur-Here [KIUPRILI and CASIMIR embrace; Lies Casimir, the last of the Kiuprilis ! they all retire to the Cavern

[Uncovers the face, and starts. supporting KIUPRILI. Casi- Hell ! 'tis Pestalutz ! MIR as by accident drops his Casimir (coming forward). Yes, thou robe, and BATHORY throws

ingrate Emerick ! it over the body of PESTA- 'Tis Pestalutz ! 'tis thy trusty murderer ! LUTZ.

To quell thee more, see Raab Kiuprili's Emerick (entering). Fools ! Cowards !

sword! follow-or by Hell I'll make you Emerick. Curses on it and thee ! Find reason to fear Emerick, more than

Think'st thou that petty omen all

Dare whisper fear to Emerick's destiny ? The mummer-fiends that ever masquer- Ho! Treason ! Treason ! aded

Casimir. Then have at thee, tyrant ! As gods or wood-nymphs !

[They fight. EMERICK falls. [Then sees the body of PESTA- Emerick. Betrayed and baffled

LUTZ, covered by CASIMIR'S By mine own tool !- -Oh ! [Dies. cloak.

Casimir (triumphantly). Hear, hear, Ha ! 'tis done then !

my Father! Our necessary villain hath proved faith- Thou should’st have witnessed thine own ful,

deed. O Father, And there lies Casimir, and our last Wake from that envious swoon ! The fears !

tyrant's fallen! Well !--Aye, well !

Thy sword hath conquered ! As I lifted And is it not well ? For though grafted

it on us,

Thy blessing did indeed descend upon And filled too with our sap, the deadly

me; power

Dislodging the dread curse. It flew forth Of the parent poison-tree lurked in its

from me fibres :

And lighted on the tyrant ! There was too much of Raab Kiuprili in him :


Attendants. The old enemy looked at me in his face, E'en when his words did flatter me with Rudolph and Bathory (entering). duty.

Friends ! friends to Casimir! [As EMERICK moves towards the Casimir. Rejoice, Illyrians ! the body, enter from the Cavern

usurper's fallen. CASIMIR and BATHORY. Rudolph. So perish tyrants ! so end Old Bathory (pointing to where the

usurpation ! noise is, and aside to Casimir). Casimir. Bear hence the body, and This way they come !

move slowly on ! Casimir (aside to Bathory). Hold them One momentin check awhile,

Devoted to a joy, that bears no witness, The path is narrow! Rudolph will as- I follow you, and we will greet our sist thee.



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