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die isländ. Edda, im J. 1070-75 aus alten run. Schrr. zuerst edirt von Sämund Freden, u. nun in die hochdeutsche Sprache mit einem Versuch zur rechten Erklär. übs. u. edirt von Jac. Schimmelmann. Stettin, Kaffke, 1777. 4°. with 7 plates (3 d.).

Without value. It contains only the Völuspa and Havamal.


die Edda nebst einer Ein-. leit. über die nord. Poesie u. Mythologie u. einem Anhang über die histor. Literatur der Isländer, von F. Rühs. Berl. 1812. 8°. (1 d. 8 gr.)

With this may be compared W. C. Grimm's review in the Heidelberg. Jahrbüch. 1812. Nos. 61 and 62. On the other side there appeared, F. Rühs üb. den Urspr. der isländ. Poesie aus der angelsächs. (Berl.) 1813. 8°. 48 pages. Grimm's reply is in the Heidelb. Jahrb. 1814. Nos. 14 and 15.

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mythol. Dichtungen u. Lieder der Skandinavier. Aus dem Isländ. der jüngern u. ältern Edda übs. u. mit einig. Anmm. begleit. von F. Majer. Lpz., Cnobloch, 1818. large 8°. 6583 The song of the XI. century, from the more ancient Icelandic collection, called Edda, imitated by J. Beresford. Lond. 1805. 8°. (3s. 6d.)

of the sun, a poem

See also ARAS, SAGA, and SNorro. EDDIN, see NASIREDDIN. 6584 DE-DURER al montachabat al mansura fiislahit ghalathat al mischhura. (Selected and well strung pearls for the correction of faults in language.) Cpl. 1221 (1807). small fol.

Elhadscheh Mustapha Aschir Efendi is the author; the preface is Arabic; the work itself is Turkish.

6585 EDELINCK. Recopilacion de los retratos originales aviertos en lamina Gerardo Edelinck. Withpor out place or date, fol.

91 leaves with Edelinck's portrait. Engraved by Devaux after Tortebat. 6586 EDELMANN, J. Ch. (anon.) Unschuldige Wahrheiten, gesprächsweise abgehandelt. 1-15. Unterredung. Without place, 1735-43. 8°. 2 vols.-Moses mit aufgedecktem Angesicht. Without place or date, (Berleburg, 1740-41). 8°. Also, Ff. and Lpz. 1747. 8°.

Decried in their time as impious, and strictly suppressed. The 15th piece of the first is particularly scarce.

6587 EDEN, F. Morton. The state of the poor, or a history of the labouring classes in England from the conquest to the present period. Lond. 1797. large 4°. 3 vols. (31. 3s.) A French abridgment by RochefoucauldLiancourt, Par. 1802. 8°.

6588 EDEN, Rch. The history of trauayle in the West and East Indies and other countreys lying eyther way...gathered in parte and done into Englysshe by Rch. Eden. Newly set in order, augmented and finished by Rch. Willes. Lond. 1577.4°.

A valuable and scarce collection. At first, ib. without date, 4°.

6589 EDER, Jos. C. Scriptores rer. Transsilvanar. Cibinii, 1797-1800. 4°. 2 voll.

6590 EDGEWORTH, Maria. Moral tales. Lond. 1816. 12°. 3 vols. (10s. 6d.) Popular tales. ib. 1814. 12°. 3 vols. (128.)-Tales of fashionable life. ib. 1813. 12°. 6 vols. (1l. 198.) -Belinda. ib. 1811. 12°. 3 vols. (16s.)-Essay on Irish bulls. ib. 1815.12°. (6s.)—Leonora. ib. 1815. 12°. 2 vols. (9s.)—Patronage. ib. 1814. 12°. 4 vols. etc. Also translated into German.

6591 EDICTUM. Christianum de fide et sacramentis edictum. Romæ, Ant. Bladus, 1535. 4°.

Reina at Milan possesses a copy on vel-
lum: see Dibdin Decam. III. 212.
6592 EDICTUM perpetuum Adria-
neum Gu. Ranchinii opera restitu-
tum. Parmæ, ex regio typographeo
(Bodoni), 1782. 8°.

6593 EDÍPUS. Le roman d'Edipus,
fils du roy Layus, lequel Edipus
tua son père et depuis épousa sa
mère, et en eut quatre enfans; et
parle de plusieurs choses excellen-
tes. Par., Pt. Sergent, without
date, 4°. Gothic letter, 24 leaves,
with the signatures A-F.
6594 EDIT du roi concernant l'aug-
mentation des pouvoirs des tréso-
riers généraux des finances. Par.,
Vc. Sertenas, 1535. 120.

On vellum, 10 fr. M'Carthy.

6595 EDMONSON, Jos. Complete body of heraldry. Lond. 1780. fol. 2 vols. with plates.

Scarce even in England, and it sells for 14 guineas. See also SEGAR. 6596 EDRISI (anon.) De universali geographia hortus cultissimus, mire orbis regiones, provincias, etc. earumque dimensiones et horisonta describens (arabice). Romæ, ex typogr. Medicea, 1592. 4°. 163 leaves.

Only an abridgment from Edrisi's large geographical work. Copies may still be had at Molini's in Florence for 30 paoli; but these, like many of the older copies, have only an Arabic title, and no indication of the place or date of printing.

6597 Geographia Nubiensis, i. e. accuratissima totius orbis in VII climata divisi descriptio, ex arab. in lat. versa a Gbr. Sionita et J. Hesronita. Par., Blageart, 1619. 4°.

After the index there ought to be an appendage of 54 pages; De nonnullis orientalium urbibus. Afterwards I leaf with the Privilegium of 1620. The translation is very inaccurate. Consult Notices et ex

traits, T. I. p. XXII. 6598 Africa (arab.) Curavit J. Mlch. Hartmann. Ed. II. Gött. 1796. 8°. (2 d.)

Edrisi's Egypt is wanting in the first


6599 descripcion de Spaña de Xerif al Edris, conocido pol el Nubiese, con traduccio y notas de Jos. Ant. Conde. Madr., imp. real. 1799. 4°.-J. Mlch. Hartmanni progrr. II. de Edrisii Hispania. Marburgi, 1802. 4°.-Descrizione della Sicilia, cavata da Edrisi, con copiose annotazioni di Fr. Tardia, is in the Opuscoli di autori Siciliani. T. VIII. Palermo, 1764. 4°. p. 233, etc.-J. Mlch. Hartmanni commentatio de geographia Africæ Edrisiana. Gött. 1792. 4° (20 gr.)

6600 EDWARDS, Bryan. History civil and commercial of the British colonies in the West Indies. Lond. 1793-1801. large 4°. 3 vols. with plates. Also, ib. 1807. large 8°. vols. with plates (21. 2s.).



historical survey of the French colony in the islands of Saint Do

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6603 EDWARDS, G. A natural history of uncommon birds, and of some other rare and undescribed animals, etc. exhibited in 210 copper-plates (in English and French). Lond. 1743-51. large 4°. 4 vols.

It contains, besides the title-plate, 210 illuminated plates, and I mezzotinto plate in the commencement of the 1st vol. The above title is the principal title. The work at first appeared in English only in the years above-stated: in 1745-51 a French translation was added to it with separate titles, and at the same time that the 4th vol. appeared, a new title of 1751 was added to the 1st vol. Consequently the work is met with sometimes with the date of 1743, sometimes of 1745, and sometimes of 1751. As to the rest, the older copies contain plates more carefully illuminated than those in the new.

6604 gleanings of natural history, exhibiting figures of quadrupeds, birds, insects, plants, etc. Lond. 1758-64. large 4°. 3 vols. With Edwards's portrait and 152 illuminated plates.

It ought to be joined to the preceding work, with which the plates are also numbered, running on from 211 to 362. The price of all the 7 vols. together is 311. 10s., but they have become of less value since the beauty of their plates and colouring has been surpassed by more modern works.

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coloured engravings of the various breeds of dogs existing in Great Britain, with observations on their properties and uses. Lond., White, 1800-4. 4°.

This work appeared in Nos. 660861 plates representing about 150 rare and curious ornamental plants. Lond. 1809. 4°. (21. 28., illuminated 31. 138. 6d.). Amoris divini 6609 EFFECTUS. et humani effectus. Without place, 1626. oblong 8°. with plates by Sneyders.

A copy in which the plates were struck off on vellum, illuminated by the engraver himself, and furnished with a description written on vellum in characters of gold, was sold for 300 fr. at Pâris's sale in London, 1790.

6610 EFFIGIES fundatoris, curator. et professor. aliorumque illustrium viror, quorum gratia, etc. Academia Lugduno-Batava incepit auctaque et ornatą est, etc. LB., Pt. van der Aa, (1723). fol. 6611 Romanor. imperatorum ex antiquis numismatibus, quæ in thesauro Christianæ reginæ adservantur, delineata. Traj. ad Rh., Fr. Halma, 1695. largest sized fol.

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14 leaves engraved by J. Van Vianen, without text. Also in H. Ch. Henninii hist. augusta imperator. Romanor. Amst. 1707. fol.

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Containing 74 likenesses of the old philosophers. Very badly drawn and engraved, and almost all fictitious: yet very scarce. 6613 pictorum aliquot celebrium Germaniæ inferioris effigies una cum Dm. Lampsonii elogiis. Antw., vidua Hi. Cock, 1572. fol. with 23 portraits. 6614 pictorum illustrium, quos Belgium habuit, ad vivum delineatæ. Antw., Gallæus, without date, 4°.


the true effigies of the most eminent painters and other famous artists, that have flourished in

Europe. (Antw., Meyssens), 1694. öbenh. 1738. 4°. In German, Hmb. fol.

First, I title-plate and 10 leaves of preliminary matter of English text. Then, as the first part, the book specified in the preceding number, with the same title (1 title-plate and 22 portraits). Next, as the 2d part, Image de divers hommes d'esprit sublime. Antw., mis en lumière par J. Meyssens (1 title-plate and 100 portraits). This 2d part at first by itself, Antw. 1649.



plantarum, arborum, fruticum et herbarum effigies cum sex linguar. nomenclaturis. Ff., hered. Ch. Egenolphi, 1562. 4°. 391 pages with woodcuts.

The less complete first edition has finer woodcuts: Herbarum, arborum, fruticum, frumentor. ac leguminum etc. imagines (lat. et germ.) Ff., Egenolph, 1546. 4°. 8 and 265 leaves. The following work is different from this: Eicones plantar. s. stirpium in tres partes digesta (a Jac. Thdr. Tabernæmontano), curante N. Bassæo. Ff. a M. 1590. oblong 4°. with good wood


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1740. 4°. 6624

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det gamle Grönlands nye Perlustration eller Naturel-Historie. Kbhvn. 1741. 8°. In French (by des Roches de Parthenay). Copenh. 1763. 8°. with plates. In German by J. G. Krünitz. Berl. 1763. 8°. with plates (14 gr.). EGESIPPUS, see HEGESippus. 6625 EGINHART (anon.). Vita et gesta Karoli magni (edid. Hm. a Nuenare). Col., J. Soter, 1521. 4°. 14 leaves of preliminary matter, 169 pages, and leaf, colophon.

The first edition very scarce. Annales regum Francor. ab a. 741-788 are appended. An extremely faulty impression of this edition is, Lps., Grosse, 1616. 4°. A new recension from MSS. in Reuberi script. rer. Germ., after other MSS. in Freheri corp. hist. Franc., after 5 MSS. in Duchesne script. hist. Franc., and after 2 new MSS. in Acta SS. Jan. T. II. p. 874, etc.

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6626 Eginhartus animadversionib. illustratus per F. Besselium. Helmst. 1667. 4°.

Reuber's text, Nuenare's edition, and a Florence MS. being also made use of. Divided into chapters for the first time.

6627 de vita et gestis Caroli M. cum commentario F. Besselii et notis J. Bollandi. Acc. Mlch. Goldasti animadvv. ineditæ cum variis dissertatt. Curante J. Hm. Schminckio. Trj. ad Rh. 1711. 4°.

A new and excellent recension after the earlier editions, and 5 MSS. Compared anew with 9 MSS. in Bouqueti script. rer. Gall. V. 84, etc. The edition by Ger. N. Heerkens, Groning. 1755. 8°. is chiefly after Schminck, and very incorrect. 6628 vita Caroli M. edita cum adnotatt. et varietate lectionis a Gbr. Gf. Bredow. Helmst., Fleckeisen, 1806. 8°. (1 d.)

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A new recension after the editions hitherto published, and after Albertus Stadensis. Translated into French by Helies Vinet, Poictiers, 1556. 8°.; afterwards in Cousin Hist. de l'empire d'occident, 1684: most recently, Par. 1812. 12°. In German by J. G. Kunisch in Bredow's Carl. der grosse. Altona, 1814. 8°.

6629 EGLOGHE rusticali, il Moreto d'incerto, il Batino del Bracciolini,

Celeo e l'Orto del Baldi, Pane del Farsetti. Ven. 1760. 4°. with plates. 6630 EGMONT, J. Ægid. van, and J. HEYMAN. Reizen door eer gedeelte van Europa, klein Asien etc. Leiden, 1757. 4°. 2 vols. with plates. In English, Lond. 1759. 8°. 2 vols. with plates.

6631 EGNATIUS, J. Bt. Ad Franciscum I. de ejus in Italiam adventu deque victoria ex Helvetiis panegyricum carmen. Mediol., ex æd. Minutianis, 1515. 4°.

On vellum in the Royal library at Paris. 6632 oratio habita in funere clarissimi imperatoris N. Ursini, Nola Petilianique principis. Ven. 1509. 4°.

On vellum, 10 fr. M'Carthy.-See also HISTORIÆ Augustæ scriptores. 6633 EGUIARA y Eguren, Jos. de. Bibliotheca Mexicana s. eruditor. historia viror., qui in America boreali nati, vel in ipsam asciti quavis lingua scripto aliquid tradiderunt. Tomus I. (A-C.) Mexico, 1755. fol. EGUILLEVILLE, see GUILE


6634 EHINGEN, G. von. Itinerarium d. i. histor. Beschreibung der Reisen nach der Ritterschaft vor 150 Jahren in zehn unterschiedliche Königreiche vollbracht, nebst Contrafacturen etc. aus Reimund Fuggern Museo colligiret u. von Dm. Custode in Kupf. gestochen. Augsp. 1600. fol. with numerous plates. 6635 EHINGER. Elias. Catalogus bibliothecæ amplissimæ reip. Augustanæ. AV. 1633. fol.

Scarce, but it is not true that only 100 copies were printed. 6636 EHRET, G. Dion. History and analysis of the parts of Jessamine, which flowered in the garden of R. Warner at Woodfort. Without place, 1759. large fol. with illuminated plates.


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plantæ et papiliones deWithout scriptæ et æri incisa. place, 1748. fol. with 15 illuminated plates.

See also TREW. VOL. I.

6638 EICHHORN, J. Gf. Monumenta antiquissimæ historia Arabum post Alb. Schultensium arabice edidit, lat. vertit et animadvv. adjecit. Gothæ, 1775. large 8°. (1 d. 12 gr.)

6639 antiqua historia ex ipsis vett. scriptor. græcor. narrationib. contexta. Lps. 1811-12. large 8°. 4 voll. (10 d. 8 gr.)-Antiqua hist. ex ipsis vett. scriptor. latinor. narratt. contexta. Gött. 1811. large 8°. 2 voll. (4 d.)

EICONES, see EFFIGIES, No. 6616. EINAJUT Oollah, see Jonath. SCOTT.

6640 EINAR, Halfdanus. Historia literaria Islandiæ, auctorum et scriptor. tum editor. tum ineditor. indicem exhibens. Havn. 1786. 8°. 6641 ΕΙΣΑΓΩΓΗ προς των γραμμάτων ἑλληνων. Elementale introductorium in idioma Græcanicum (ed. Hm. Trebel). Witt., Gronenberg, 1511. 4°.

The first Greek piece printed in Saxony. 6642 EISENBECK, Emmeran. Der 104. Psalm Davids inn teutsche Hexameter oder heroicum carmen versetzt. Regenspurg, 1617. 4°. Reprinted entire in the Neuesten aus der anmuth. Gelehrsamkeit XI. 17, etc. 6643 EISENBERG, le Baron d'. Description du manége moderne dans sa perfection. Without place, 1727. oblong fol. with 60 plates by Bn. Picart. Also on large paper.

The original edition with the best impression of the plates. The later editions are inferior, under the title, l'Art de monter à cheval ou description du manège moderne. Haye, 1733, or 37, or 40. oblong fol.


le même ouvrage. Nouv. édit. augm. d'un dictionn. des termes du manége moderne. Amst. et Lpz. 1759. oblong fol. with plates.

Sometimes in the same vol., Anti-maquignonage pour éviter la surprise dans l'emplette des chevaux, par le Bar. d'Eisenberg. Amst. 1764. oblong fol. with 9 plates. The Dictionn. des termes etc., at first by itself, Amst. et Lpz. 1747. oblong fol.-In German (with the Dictionn.) Amst. u. Lpz. 1766. oblong fol. with plates.

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