The Curse of Kehama. By R. A political and statistical View of Southey. 4to. 11. 11s. 6d.

the several Stales of Europe; comRemains of Nithsdale and Gallo- prebending the Extent of Territory, wiv Song. With historical and tra- Population, Revenue, Military Force, ditional Notices relative to the Mian- &c. &c. By J. Baines. gs. 60. ners and Customs of the Peasintry,

The Regency Question; being a now first published. By R. F1. Cromel, Republication of Papers written durF.A.S. Ed. 8vo. Select Scottish Songs, ancient and 1788. With a new Preface, by D.

ing his Majesty's Illness in the Year modern; with criticai and bingraphi. O'Bryen. Ss. cal Notices, by R. Burns. Edited by R. H. Cioniek, F.A.S. Ed. 2 vols. 8vo. 16s.

A Sermon, preached at WorshipAn Elegy on the Death of her street, Finsbury-square, and LeatherRoyal Highness the Princess Amclia. lane Chapel, Nov. 11, 1810, on the 'Is. d.

Death of the Princess Ainelia.

By J. The Oa'r's Converzazione: a Poem. Evans, A.M. Is. 6d. 8vo. Is. 6d.

Pravers collected froin the several

Writings of Jeremy Tavlor, D.D. By Copies from a Correspondence and the Rev.S. Clapham, M.A. 8vo. 85 Substance of Communications with A Seimon on Suicide, addressed to Mr. Huskisson, Mr. Perceval, &c. the Inhabitanis of the Parish of Nave&c. on the Subjects of the Waste and stock, Essex. By J. Filkes, B. D. Abuses in the Military Establishment Is. 6d. and Expenditure. By J. J. Vassar, An Essay on the Pre-Existence of Esq. 5s.

Christ. By E. Pearson, D.D. Ss. Principles of the Constitution of The Articles of the Church of Eng. Government. By W. Cunninghame, land, with Scripture Proofs. 18me. Esg. -410. 158.

1s. 6). or on fine paper, 2s. Occasional Tracts, relative to the A Series of Discourses; containing War between Great Britain and a System of doctrinal, experiinental, France. Written and published at and practical Religion. By the Rev, different Periods from the Year 1793. J. Buckworth, A.M. 8vo. 53. Od. By W. Roscoe. 8vo. 85.



their position on the morning of the Gazette INTELLIGENCE.

15th instant, and followed the march

of the enenıy; and the advanced GAZETTE EXTRAORDINARY, DEC. 3.

guard was at Alenquer on the 15th, Doxning-street, Dec. 9, 1810. and the British cavalry and advanced A dispatcn, of which the following is guard at Azambuga and Alcventre

an extract, has been this dav re on the 16tlr, and at this place on the ceived at Lord Liverpool's office, 17th. addressed to his Lordship by Lieut- In these movements they made general Viscount Wellington, date about four hundred prisoners. Cartaxo, 21st November, 1810:

These troops have been followed on "THE eneny retired from the posi- their march by Sir Brent Spencer's

tion which thev had held for the division, and the 5th division of inlast month, with their right at So- fantry under Major-general Leith. bral, and their lett resting upon the On the 17th I received accounts from Tagus, in the night of the 14th in- Major-Geenral Fane, from the left of stant; and went by the road of Alen- the Tagus, that the enemy had colt quer towards Alcoentre with their sructed another bridge on the Zezere, riglit, and Villa Nova with their left. that which had been first thrown over They continued their retreat towards that river having been carried away Santarein on the following days. by the flouds; and that they had on


that day marched a large body of der his command; he still continues troops from Santarem towards Go with us, aud I receive froin him legno, and limmediately passed Lieut- much valuable advice and assistance. general Hill's corps across the Tagus Throughout the period during at Valada, in boats, which Admiral which we occupied those positions, Berkeley had been so kind as to send every thing went on with the utmost up the river to aid and facilitate the regularity and to my satisfaction, notoperations of the ariny,

withstanding that the force was comHaving advanced from the positions posed of troops of various descripin which I was enabled to bring the tions, and of different nations; and I enemy to a stand, and to oblige them attribute these advantages entirely to to retire without venturing upon any the zeal for the cause in which we are attack, it is but justice to Lieutenant- engaged, and the conciliating dispo. colonel Fletcher, and the officers of sition of the Chiefs and General Ofthe Royal Engineers, to draw your ficers of the armies of the different Lordship's attention to the ability and nations; and I have no doubt that the diligence with which they have exe same cordiality, will prevail as long as cuted the works by which these posi- it may be expedient that the armies tions have been strengthened to such should continue united. a degree, as to render any attack upon Lieutenant-general Sir Brent Spenthat line occupied by the allied army cer, and Marshal Sir William Carr very doubtful, if not entirely hope. Beresford, and the officers of the Geless. We are indebted for these ad- neral Staff of the Army, have contivantages to Lieut-colonel Fletcher nued to give me every assistance in and the Offieers of the Roval Engi. their power. ncers; among whom I must particuJarly mention Captain Chapman, who has given me great assistance upon

DEATHS IN AND NEAR LONDON. various occasions.

At Dawlish, in Devonshire, the Your Lordship will have observed Right Hon. George Legge, Earl of how much the effective strength of Dartmouth, after a lingering indişthe army in proportion to its total position of many months, said to numbers, has increased lately. There be in consequence of repelled gouf, is no sickness in the army of any im- which spasmodically affected his portance; and above one half of ihose stomach to a violent degree. His returned as sick in the military returns Lordslip was in the 56th year, being are convalescents, who are retained born on the 3d of October 1755: he at Belem till they will have gained suf is succeeded in his titles and estates ficient strength to bear the fatigues of by his eldest son, Lord Viscount marching and of their duty in the Lewisham, now in his 26th year. On field. Besides the allied army, your receiving the distressing news of the Lordship will observe, that an addi- death of ber esteemed Lord, the ami. tional force had been provided from able Countess, it is said, was seized the fleet; and I take this occasion of with a viclirinin. Mr. Nlash, the late informing your Lordship, that in Lord Chamberlain's Secretary, left every instance I have received the town on Saturday last to receive the most cordial and friendly assistance commands of the Queen relative to from Admiral Berkeler, and the offi- the funeral of the Princess Amelia. cers and men of the squadron under That gentleman, when he left the his cominand. Rear-admiral Sir ThoLord Chamberlain's office for Wind. Dias Williams has even done me the sor, had not heard of the death of favour to come up the T'agus to super- Lord Dartmouth. On the event be. intend the passage of Lieutenant ing officially inade known, Lord John Gen. Gil's corps over the river. Thynne, the Vice-Chancellor, began

In my dispatch of the 20th of Oc- to act. Lord Dartmouth was called tober, I informed your Lordship, that up as a Baron to the flouse of Peers the Marquis de la Romana had joined in 1801, during the life-time of bris the allied army in their positions in father, and appointed President of front of Lisbon, with a considerable the Board of Controul in the same detachment of the Spanisha as my us. year. In 1809, le succeeded his fa

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ther in his titles. He was Lord Cham- but had iminediate relief. After his
berlain to his Majesty, and a Knight return to Brandon House, be Fas
of the Garter; was educated at Ox. again seized with a violent hemor.
ford, and obtained the degree of M. A. rhage, which terminated his existence
in 1775. In 1774, he was returned for in five days.
the Borough of Plymouth: and, in
1780, for Staffordshire; and, two years

Johann Zoffani, Esq. R. A. This after, was appointed one of the Lords eminent portrait and historical pain. of the Bedchamber to the Prince of ter, was born at Francfort, and arrived Wales: and, in 1789, Lord Warden in England to study the arts about of the Stapdaries. In 1783, he was 1764. He at first suffered much thro' nominated one of the Commissioners poverty and want of employment, of Mr. Fox's new Board of the Admi- from which state he was at length reralty, who were to be assisted by a

lieved by Lord Barrington, whose subordinate Board of pine Directors. portrait he painted. Shortly after his In the summer of 1807, he resigned situation began to mend, he visited the Colonelcy of the Loyal Birming- Italy,, with recommendations from ham Volunteers, on account of in his Majesty to the Grand Duke of health. While meniber for Stafford, Tuscany; and while at Florence, he he supported the Coalition Admini: painted his celebrated picture of tbe stration, and voted for Mr. Fox's India Florence gallery. He afterwards reBill. His Lordship was a nian of the turned to England, which he again mildest and most amiable manners.

left to visit India, where he met with He married Frances, sister of the Earl great encouragement; but of late be of Aylesford, by whom he had a nu. that of truth of expression, a fine deep

had lived in privacy. His style is merous family. He is succeeded hy his eldest son William, born 1784. tone of colour, and bigh finishing in His remains were interred in the family

the detail. His principal works are vault in Trinity Church, Minories. portraits of dramatic perfoi mers of The following lines were written upon &c. with a picture embracingpor;

Garrick's time; viz. King, Shuter, him by the late Earl of Carlisle when traits of all the members of the Royal they were boys at Eton School.

Academy, and a similar one of the « Mild as the dew that whitens yonder Royal family.

plain, Legge shines serenest midst your youthful

MR. ELPHINSTON-A marble slab train;

has lately been erected on the eastern He whom thie search of fame with rapture wall of Kensington Church, to this

gentleman's memory, bearing the folDisdains the pedant though the Muse he lowing inscription :

lovesBy nature form’d with modesty to please,

“ Sacred to the memory of James ElAnd join with wisdom unaffected case."


His Mind was ingenuous,
At his sest at Brandon House, near
Coventry, the Right Hon. Henry His Manners though polished, were simple,
Yelverton, Lord Grey de Ruthyn,

His integrity was undeviating.

He was
Baron Hastings, Wyford, and Val.
Jance, Lieutenant-Colonel Comman-

A great Scholar and a

Real Christian. dant of the Fourth Regiment of War

Jortin, Franklin, and Johnson, wickshire Local Militia, and an active

Were in the number of bis Friends. magistrate for the county of Warwick, He was born at Edinburgh, His Lordship was married in June

Nov. 25, 0.9. 1721. 1809, to Maria, daughter of William He died at Hammersmith, Oct. 8, 1809. Kellam, Esq. of Ryton, by whom he and his remains are deposited near the has left an infant daughter, who suc

South Wall of this Church. ceeds to the titles and estates. His In grateful remembrance of his Virtues and Lordship passed three weeks in Co- Affection, his Widow has causad ventry with his regiment, during'

this Tablet to be engraven," which period he had a slight atieck,


His Heart was attectionate,



houses are to be pulled down and reGREAT improvements are making in built, and the whole furnished with Harwich. Workmen have been some lamps and reflectors. The spire of time past busily employed in erecting the church steeple, lately taken down a battery before the Angel Gate, near is not to be rebuilt, as the Trinity the Ship Yard. A great number of House is said not to consider it of any warehouses, workshops, &c. have been consequence as a sea-mark. removed, and several houses have been pulled down to make room for A new signal station is building upon new erections, including a steam en- Holyhead Mountain. The utility of gine to grind the stones found under, it is to take the names of ships, bethe beacon Cliff, which are said to longing to the Liverpool merchants, possess the quality of making a cement by numerical signs, as they pass, and as hard as the stone itself. The light communicate the intelligeuce by post.


A ,


Nov. 21, to Dec. 18, 1810, inclusive. (Extracted from the London Gazette.].-----The Solicitors' Names are between Parentheses. VERN E. Penley-Green, Warwick, G. Barnesley, York, linen-manusacuarer,

Bird T. ManTuin). Allen A. C. Ironmonger lane, mer- chester, cotion-merchant, (Willis & Co. cirani, (Jones & Co. Salisbury-square). Warnford-court). Bazley A. Oakhampton, Alien W. Rallipole, Dorset, innholder, grocer, (Anstice & Co. Temple). Brix R. (Alexander, New-square, Lincoln's-Inn). Knightsbridge, cabinet-naker, (Rogers, Acion, R. Manchester, cornfactor, (Cooper Frith-street). Bray R. Brighthelmsone, & Co. Southampton-building;). Ashion timber-merchant, (Ellis, Na ton-garden). -R. Bideford, Devon, linen-draper, (Jenkins Billington J. Cowbridge, Stafiord, potter, & Co. New-Inn). Amer R. New-streel, (Barbor, letter-lane). Butler E. BuckingDockhead, Surrey, callenderer, (Monney, ham, plumber, (Rogers, Fritli-street). Wool-street). Atkins A. Finsbury-square, Bruwne S. Derby, architect, (Kinderley & merchant, (Swain and Co. Old Jewry). Co Gray's-Inn). Boone J. Piccadilly, hat. Attree H R. Brighthelmstone, undertaker, haberdasher, Birkeit, Bond-court). Brewer. (Ellis, Haxton-garden).

ton J. jun Oxford, dealer, (Pugh, Bernard. Blatchford E. Denmark-street, St. George street). Beardsley W. Belper, Duffield, in the Fast, victualler, (Wiltshire and Co. Derby, innkeeper, (Vickers, Derby). Old Broad-street). Birch J.sen, and Birch Beech R Market-street, Hertford, straw. J. jun. Manchester, cotton-inerchants, plat-dealer, (Denton & Co. Gray's-Inn(Cooper and Co. Southampton-buildings). square). Baily S. and Maguire G. Fore. Bound J. Manchester, dealer and chapman, street, ironmongers, (Clarke & Co. Chan. (Milne and Co. Temple). Brown P. Paul. cery Jane). Brown J. Carlisle, and Brown street, Finsbury-square, baker, (Luckett, M. Petera!-green, Kirkoswald, Cumber. Wilson-street). Ball J. Hilperton, Wilts, land, manufacturers, (Birkett, Bond-court). butcher, (James, Gray's-Inn-square). Buck- Bennett S. Bath, upholsterer, (Highmoor, ler A. Basinghall-street, factor, (Nethersole Bush-lane). Binyon L. Fenchurch-street, & Co. Essex street). Bainbringe W. hardwareman, (ludkirn, Clifford's-!nn). Fletcher W. and Barber J. Barnes, soap. Brook J. Stow-Market, Suffolk, cabinetmanufacturers, (Bennet, Dean's-court). maker, (Marrioti, Stowupland). Blurton W. Caverswall, Stafford, dealer Cope J. Newcastle-under-Lyme, Stafford. and chapman, (Willis & Co. Warnford- shire,

(Wilson, King's-Benclicourt). Bennett J. and Hatchman R. Den- Walks). Crowder W. Alderinanburyham Springs, Lancaster, calico-printers, Postern, bricklayer, (Hussey, Furnival's(Ellis, Chancery-lane). Burchard W. Inn). Clemnions J. and I'rice C. PicketEdmonton, underwriter, (Wadeson & Co. street, cheesemongers, (Gregson and Co. Austin-Friars ). Barker J. Sedgley, Staf- Angell-court), Cowell R Smithfield Bars, aford, ironmonger, (Johnston, of the Inner- salesman, (Syddali, Aldersgate-street). Temple). Ball W. Budge-row, warehouse- Collins E. Si. Masy Axe, boot and shoe. man, (Adams, Old Jewry). Bramley J. maker, (Reeks, Wellclose square). ChatEssex - Wharf, Strand, coal - merchant, field G. Westbourne, fellmonger, (Bleas(Kearsey & Co. Bishopsgate-street). Berry dale & Co. New-Inn). Clay J. Kingstonupon-Hull, merchant, (Martin, Hull). Gilbert H. and Saunders W. Brichar, Child R. Darlington, Durhani, felimonger, Devon, merchants, (Luxmore, Red Lici(Wharton & Co. Temple). Carey E. M. square). Gillow J. Presion, Lancaster, Plymouin, merchant, (il indle, John-s?r.). grocer, (Wiglesworth, Gray's Inn square). Caley J. Liverpool, sail inaker; (Black- Godshali C. Royal Exchange, ale and stock, Temple). Coke J. Ć. Bright- porter-merchant, (Catoa & Co. Aldersgatehelmstone, confectioner,(Palmer, Douguly street). Grece G. Saint Ann, Soho, taile, strect). Clifford J. Fulneck and Jackson J. (Gray, Kiog's-Bench-Walks) Grace J. Quien-street, merchants, (Atkinson & Co. Bctolph-lane, broker, (Gale & Son, Beda Leeds). Cornford T. Cornford G. Milford- ford-street), Gresty k. Manchester, vie. Jane, coal-merchants, (Teasdale, Merchant tualler, (Wiglesworth, Gray's-lon). Gos Tailor;'- hall) Crawley H. Bristol, rectilier, ling S. Mark-lane, merchait, (Palmer & (Hleelis, Slaple-Inn). Chambers E. Wa- Co Copthill-court). Gray J. Nelson. teringbury, Kent, shopkeeper, Debary & terrace, City-Road, broker, (Jesse, FurCo. Temple ) Crawford T. and IV. Poplar, nival's-Inu). Greig J. Hampstead-road, Middlesex, stone-masons, (Finchett, Great baker, (Tucker, Bartlett's-buildings) Gor. Prescott-sercet). Chetham R. Siockport, land S, Commercial road, boot and shoecheck-manufacturer, (Bewit! & Co. Man maker, (Dixon & Co. Paternoster-sow). ches er). Cole T. Woodbridge, butcher. How J. Worthing, Sussex, plumber, Cooke J. Middle-siree!, Cloh Fair, wine- (Briggs, Essex street). Fiughes T. Lidmerchant, (Jones and Co Salisbury-sou.. gate-strect, buokselier, (Shepherd, Bari Carter J. Poplar, stopseller, (Pryer, Hoj. lett's-buildings). Hul W, Cirencestei, bori-court). Cheshire J. and Johnson sali-merchant, (James, Gray's-Inn-square). J. Birmingham, gun barrel and bayonet- Hentsch J. Holborn, haberdasher, (R. & A. makers, (Devon & Co. Gray’s-inn-sluare). Rosser, Red Lion-square). Hooper .


Donbavand, B Warrington, Lancashire, Ringwool, Hanis, scrivener, (Emy, Essexcoanon manufacturer, (Claughion & Co. couit).

Hall S. Bristol, iron nonger, Warring'on). Dick Il. Gosport, Navy (James, Gay’s-on square). Ilenderson d. and Prize Agent, (Blealale & Co, New. ad Neilson A. Mitre-court, Miik-street, Inn). Davy J. and M. Breaci-sireet, mer- merchants, (Bugg & Co. Addle-streci, 'chants, (Surel, Surrey-street). Dixon H. Hewson D. Wigon, Cumberland, and Manchester, joiner, (Lovill, Holbein- Barnes J Litile Bampton, manufactures court). Dorrell W. Colches er, plumber, (Bailye, Chancery-jane), Hudi waleker l}, (Luckelt, Wilson-sirert). Dagnall T. Luigbour Chambers, merchant, (Chap comb-naker,(Blackstock, Paper Luildings). mail & Co. Poultry). Hume J. Bath, Dick Q. and J. Finsbury squarc, merchanis, bookseller, (Highmoor, Busb-iane). biol. (Wadeson & Co. Austin-Einars). Danks last $. and Williams T. S. Liverpool, T. Oldbury, victualier, (Anstiee & Co. merchants, (Blacks ock, Paper-buildings) Inner Temple). Dudlow N. Brightheln Hopkins T Crossball, merchan', (Evans, stone, vinliner, (Ellis, Ifatton-garden). Haiton-garden). Il ghett J. Trinarai,

E;ps F. Seven Oaks, ironmonger, Carmartheil, coal-merchant, (Mercdith & (Mowbray, Banside, Southwark). Fast- Co. Lincoln's Inn) Higgins W. Great Sk. ham R. and Marsden R. Clithero, luin- Helen's, wine-merchant, (Gregson & Co. caster, calico-printers, (Wiliis & Co. Warn- Ange-court). Hiams H. Walter's-place, ford-court). Easton J. New Sarum, Wilis, Lambeth-road, nerchant, (Wilde, Castlebookseller, (Luxmore, kad Lion-square). 'street). Hesweld A. Hayiparket, army Errington T. and Buwstead C. Wood-sir., accoutrement-maker, (Mills & Co. Pariiswarehousemen, (Anneskey & Co. Angel mnent-street). llurwood W. Ballingdon, court). Eastman T. Clement'

. dane, mer- millwriglit, (Ansice & Co. Teniple chant, (Pasmore, Warufunt-couri). Id. Hutchins. Wigan, Lancaster, skinner, wards J. Liverpool, merchani, (Windle, (Windle, John-street). Hart IV. Fuihan, John-street).

cloth-dresser, (Kinsey, - Furnival's-Inu). Flint A. sen. and Flint J. Shamshall, lluskin R. Croydon, linen draper, (Tucker, near Uuoxeter, Sia Ford, cotton-spinners, Bartlett's building»). Hills B. Enñeld, (Cooper & Co. Sõvibamp on-building). linen-draper, (Wame, Old Broad-street). Flint J. and Flint A. jun. Cluttor-mojil, Huntsman Mani Huntsman A. Louth, na: Longnor, Stafford, cottun-spinners, milliners, (Barber, Gray's Inn-square. (Cooper & Co. Southampton-buillings). Hawksiead k. Manchester, couion-012neFoden J. Chester, lineu draper, (Phil;oi & facturer, (Heslop, Manchester). Houldieg Co. Temple). Fry 2, Canterbury, wool. J. Liverpool, merchant, (Windle, Johastapler, (Osbaldeston, Little Tower-street). street), Futcher T. R. Sherborne-lane, werchant, Johnson R. Lanc-End, Stafford, mang(Lee & Co. Three-Crown-conne) Fawcett facturer of ear hen-ware, (Willis & Co. W. Liverpool, Dierchant, (Windle, John Warford-court). Jones J. Hasting, Street).

lieu-diaper, (Osbaldeslon, Little Tovere

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