dio Juris Ordine atque Methodo Scientifica, Instituendo. Wirceb. 1781,



ILE, M. DE L', first Professor of Astronomy in the Imperial Academy

Progrès de l'Astronomie, de la Géographie, et de la Physique. St. Petersb. 1738, 4to.

ICTUS, T. CAIUS, a Lawyer, who lived in the reign of Adrian and yof Sciences at St. Petersburgh.-Mémoires pour servir à l'Histoire, et au
Antoninus Pius, about A. D. 140.-Fragmenta à Jacobo Oiselia. Lugd.
Bat. 1658, Svo.-Specimen Animadversionum Criticarum in Caii Icti
Institutiones, à Ger. Meerman, cum earundem Institutionum Summario à
Petro Ægidio. Mant. 1743, 8vo. Par. 1747, 8vo.

IDACIUS, Episcopus Lemicensis.-Chronicon. Lugd. Bat. 1606. q Et Fasti Consulares. Par. 1619, 8vo. Et cum Annot. Hispanice, ad confirmationem eorum quæ ibi traduntur. Pampl. 1615. Et una cum Eusebio. Amst. 1658.

IDE, J. J. A., D. P.-System der Reinen, &c. ; System of Pure and Practical Mechanics. Jena, 1805, 8vo.

IDEN, HENRY.-Translation of John Baptista Gelli's Circes. 1557, 16mo.

Lond. IDES, EVERT YSBRAND, Ambassador from the Czar of Muscovy to the Emperor of China.-Journal of an Embassy from John and Peter Alexiovetz, the Emperors of Muscovy, to China. Lond. 1698, 8vo.-Three r Years' Travels from Moscow overland to China; through Great Ustiga, Siriama, Permia, Siberia, Davur, Great Tartary, &c., to Pekin. To which is added, an accurate Description of China; done originally by Dionysius Hac, a Chinese Author. Englished from the Dutch. Lond. 1706, 4to. IFFLAND, WILLIAM AUGUSTUs.-The Lawyers; a Drama, in five Acts. Translated from the German, by C. Ludger. Lond. 1799, 8vo. 2s. 6d. The Foresters, a Picture of Rural Manners; a Play, in five Acts. Translated by Bell Plumptre. Lond. 1799, 8vo. 2s.-The Nephews; a Play, in five Acts. Freely translated from the German, by Hannibal Evans Lloyd, Esq. Lond. 1799, 8vo. 2s. 6d.-Crime from Ambition; a s Play, in five Acts: from the German, by Maria Geisweiler. Lond. 1800, 8vo. 2s. 6d. IGINIUS. See HYGINUS. IGNATIUS, surnamed THEOPHORUS, one of the Apostolical Fathers of the Church, was born in Syria, educated under the Apostle and Evangelist St. John, ordained Bishop of Antioch, about a. D. 67, in which See he continued for 40 years; suffered martyrdom at Rome, in the year 107. The genuine Epistles of Ignatius are addressed to the Smyrneans, St. Polycarp, the Ephesians, Magnesians, Philadelphians, Trallians, and Romans, being in all seven in number: they are very interesting remains of ecclesiastical antiquity.-EPISTOLÆ.-Epist. 4, Latine. Col. 1478.-Epist. xi.

Lat. Par. 1498.-Epist. Lat. Ven. 1546, 8vo.-Epist. 12, Gr. Lat. Interprete Joan. Brunnero, per Andr. Gesnerum. 1559.-Epist. à Guill. Morellio, Gr. Par. 1562, 8vo. Morell had previously published a Latin translation of the Epistles. Par. 1558, 8vo.-Epist. Gr. Lat. Ant. 1566, 8vo. -Epist. Gr. Lat. cum Notis N. Vedelii et Apologia pro Ignatio. Genev. 1623, 4to.-Epist. Vetus Versio Latina. Oxon. 1642, 4to.Epist. Gr. Lat. cum Dissertatione de Scriptis ejus per Jac. Usserium. Oxon. 1643, 1644, 4to.-Epist. Gr. Lat. cum Notis Isaaci Vossii. Amst. 1646, et Lond. 1680, 4to. These editions contain also the Epistles of St. u Barnabas, Appendix Ignatiana, continens genuinas ejus Epistolas, Gr. Lat. cum Notis ad easdem et ad non genuinas per Jac. Usserium. Lond. 1647, 4to.-Epist. Latine inter Franc. Rous, Mella Patrum. Lond. 1650, 8vo.-Epist. Gr. et Lat. cum Notis Cotelarii; accedunt Acta et Martyrium ejusd. Par. 1672. Et ex Recensione J. Clerici. Ant. 1698, fol.Epist. et Martyrium, Anglice. Lond. 1693, 8vo.-Epist. in J. E. Grabii. Spicileg. S. S. Patr. Oxon. 1700, 8vo.-Epist. septem Genuinæ, Gr. cum S. Polycarpi Epistola ad Philippenses ex MS. Florentino Mediceo, cum Versione Vet. Lat. et Notulis C. Aldrich. Oxon. 1708, 8vo. Best edition.-Epistolæ Genuinæ juxta Exemplar Mediceum, cum Vet. Lat. v Versione Annot. Joan. Pearsoni et Tho. Smithi. Accedunt Acta genuina Martyrii S. Ignatii; Epist. S. Polycarpi ad Philippenses et Smyrnenses Ecclesias; de Polycarpi Martyrio, &c. Gr. Lat. Oxon. 1709, 4to.-Epist. Gr. et Lat. in Rich. Russel, P. P. Apost. Lond. 1746, Vol. ii. 8vo.ENG. TRANS. The English Translations of these Epistles are,-The Famous Epistles of St. Polycart and St. Ignatius. Translated by Elborough. 1668, 8vo. The Epistles of Ignatius, Bishop of Antioch; both larger and smaller, in Greek and English, with the various Readings from all the Greek MSS., by William Whiston, M. A., in his Primitive Christianity Revived. Lond. 1711, 8vo. The translation of the larger Epistles was done by Mr. w Whiston, and that of the smaller by Bishop Wake. They also make part of that Bishop's Genuine Epistles of the Apostolical Fathers. Fourth edit. 1737, 8vo.; where there is a valuable Introductory Chapter on the History and Writings of Ignatius.


IGNATIUS, C. P. DIACONUS. IGNATIUS, à JESU.-Grammatica Linguæ Persicæ. Rom 1661, 4to. IHRE, JOHN, Professor of Rhetoric and Politics in the University of Upsal, born 1707; died 1780.-) -He published a Lexicon Dialectorum, 1766, in which he explained and illustrated obsolete words still used in the provinces; and in 1769, his Glossarium Sueco-Gothicum was published in r2 vols. fol. He was the Author also of an explanation of the old Catalogue of the Sueco-Gothic Kings: to which are added, the old West-Gothic Laws.-Dissert. de Runorum Antiquitate, Patria, Origine, in Occasu. IKENIUS, CONRAD.-Antiquitates Hebraica, secundum triplicem Judæorum Statum, Ecclesiasticum, Politicum, et Economicum, breviter delineatæ. 1737. Editio tertia. Brem. 1741, 12mo. Editio quarta. 1764.Dissertationes Philologico-Theologica in diversa Sacri Codicis utriusque Testamenti loca. Lugd. Bat. 1749, 1770, 2 vols. 4to.

ILGEN, CAROLUS DAVID, Professor.-Hymni Homerici, &c. ; or, Hymns and other small Pieces, attributed to Homer; including the Battle between the Frogs and Mice: with a version of the last Poem, by Demetrius Zenus, in the modern Greek dialect; and a Dramatic Piece, by Theodorus Prodromus, entitled, the Battle of the Cats and Mice. Revised, and illustrated with critical Notes. Lond. 1795, 8vo. 12s.

ILIFF, MRS., wife of Edward Henry, and an Actress.-Poems on z various subjects. 1808, 8vo. 5s.

ILIFF, EDWARD HENRY, late of the Theatre Royal, Haymarket.— Angelo; a Novel, founded on Melancholy Facts. Lond. 1796, 2 vols.

12mo. 5s.

ILINGWORTH, REV. CAYLEY, F. A. S., Archdeacon of Stow, and Rector of Scampton and Epworth, in the County of Lincoln.-A Topographical Account of the Parish of Scampton, in the County of Lincoln, and of the Roman Antiquities lately discovered there; together with Anecdotes of the family of Bolle. Lond. 1810, 4to. 31s. 6d.

ILIO, CH.-Théorie du Monde Politique, &c.; Theory of the Political a World, or of the Science of Government, considered as an exact Science. Paris, 1806, 8vo.


ILIVE, JACOB, a Printer and Letter-founder, of infidel principles; died He published,-An Oration, spoken at Joyner's Hall, pursuant to the Will of Mrs. Jane Ilive, his mother. Lond. 1733, 8vo. Intended to prove the plurality of worlds; and asserting that this earth is hell, that the souls of men are apostate angels, and that the fire to punish those confined to this world at the day of judgment will be immaterial.-A Dialogue between a Doctor of the Church of England and Mr. Jacob Ilive, upon the subject of the Oration. 1733. Which is highly praised in Holwell's third part of Interesting Events relating to Bengal.-A Pretended Translation of the Book of Jasher, in 1751, said to have been made by one Alcuin, of Britain. The account given of the translation is full of glaring absurdities; but the publication, in fact, was written by himself secretly, and printed off by night.-Modest Remarks on the late Bishop Sherlock's Sermons.Reasons Offered for the Reformation of the House of Correction in Clerkenwell, &c. 1757.

ILLESCAS, GONÇALO DE.-Historia Pontifical y Catholica. Burg. 1578, fol. Barc. 1602 and 1606, 2 vols. fol. Madr. 1613, fol.

ILLENDEN, J.-Every Man his own Gauger. Lond. 1771, 1s. 6d. ILLINGWORTH, JAMES, B. D.-A Genuine Account of the Man whose Hands and Legs Rotted off in the Parish of King's-Swinford, in Staffordshire, where he died, 1677. Lond. 1678, 1751, 8vo. Pamphlet. ILLINGWORTH, JAMES, D.D., Lecturer of St. Alphage.-The Signs of the Times; or, a System of True Politics, humbly addressed to all his Majesty's Subjects. Lond. 1781, 8vo. 1s. 6d.-Sermon on the Duty to God and the King. 8vo.-A Sermon on the General Fast. 1795,


ILLINGWORTH, WILLIAM, Esq., Barrister at Law. An Inquiry into the Laws, Ancient and Modern, respecting Forestalling, Regrating, dand Engrossing; together with adjudged Cases, Copies of Original Records, and Proceedings in Parliament, relative to those Subjects. Lond. 1800, 8vo. 7s.

ILLYES, JOACH.-De Natura, Essentia, et Constitutione Medicenæ. Jen. 1597, 4to.

ILLYRICUS, MATTHIAS FRANCOWITZ, or FLACCUS ILLYRICUs, a most zealous Defender of the Protestant Faith; was born at Albana, in Illyria, in 1520; died at Francfort, 1575. His Works are numerous, and all remarkably scarce, occasioned by the Catholic party having done all in their power to suppress them.-Contra Papatum Romanum, a Diabolo inventum. Impress. absque nota editionis anno 1545, 8vo. Very scarce.-Carmina Ve tusta ante 300 Annos scripta, quæ deplorant Inscitiam Evangelii, et Taxant abusus Ceremoniarum; edita cum Prefatione Matthiæ (Francowitz), Flacci Illyrici. Witeb. 1548, 8vo. A keen satire against the Church of Rome.-Notæ quædam clarissimæ veræ de Fals. Relig. quibus etiam rudiores scire queunt, Papistarum esse Falsam Religionem. Magd. 1549, 8vo. A Work of extraordinary rarity, as scarcely a copy of it is to be found.Scriptum contra Primatum Papæ, ante annos 120 compositum; item Matthiæ Flacci Illyrici de eadem Materia. Magd. 1550, 8vo. Arg. 1555. —Omnia Latinè scripta hactenus sparsim, contra Adiaphoricas Fraudes et f Errores edita, et quædam prius non excusa. Magd. 1550, 8vo.-Refutatio Confessionis An. Osiandri, de Justificatione. Franc. 1552, 4to.-Sylvula Carminum aliquot a Diversis Piis et Eruditis Viris conscriptorum, quibus variæ de Religione, Sententiæ et Controversiæ explicantur. Absque nota editionis, anno 1553, 8vo.-Historia Certaminum inter Romanos Episcopos et Sextam Carthaginensem Synodum, Africanasque Ecclesias, de Primatu seu Potestate Papæ, bonâ fide ex authenticis Monumentis collecta; accedunt Monumenta quædam vetusta et Tractatus singularis contra Primatum seu Tyrannidem Papæ. Bas. 1554, 8vo. One of the scarcest of this Author's Tracts.-De Mystica Sacramentalique Præsentia et Manducatione Corporis Christi in Cœna. 1554, 8vo.-Antilogia Papæ, hoc est de Corrupto Ecclesiæ Statu et totius Cleri Papistici Perversitate; auctore eodem Flacco Illyrico, cum Præfatione Wolfgangi Wissemburgii. Bas. ap. Oporinum. 1555, 8vo. Varia Doctorum Piorumque Virorum de Corrupto Ecclesiæ


Statu Poëmata, ante nostram ætatem conscripta et edita, cum Prefatione Matthiæ (Francowitz) Flacci Illyrici. Bas. 1557, 8vo. Very rare and curious. Scripta quædam Papæ et Monachorum de Concilio Tridentino, nunc primum in lucem edita. Bas. without date, 8vo.-Liber de Voce et Re Fidei contra Pharisaicum Hypocritarum fermentum; cum Prefatione Philippi Melancthonis. Bas. 1555, 8vo.-Apologia pro suis Demonstra. Ationibus, in Controversiâ Sacramentaria contra Theod. Bezæ Cavillationes. 1556, 8vo. To this volume is annexed a small piece, entitled, Repetitiones Apologia M. Flacci Illyrici, de Logo, et aliis quibusdam. Jen. 1561, 8vo. Refutatio Invectiva Bruni contra Centurias Historiæ Ecclesiasticæ, in qua simul recitantur amplius 100 Historica maximique momenti Papistarum mendacia. Bas. 1556, 4to.-Catalogus Testium Veritatis qui ante nostram ætatem Pontifici Romano, ejusque Erroribus reclamarunt. Bas. 1556, 8vo. Arg. et Bas. 1562. Lugd. 1598. Et auctior per S. G. S. (i. e. Sim. Goulartius). Genev. 1608, fol. Et cui adjuncti sunt tres alii Tractatus. Cattop. 1677, 4to.-Missa Latina, qui olim ante Romanam, icirca annum Domini 700 in usu fuit, bonâ fide ex vetusto authenticoque Codice descripta; cum additamentis quibusdam ejusdem Argumenti, et Præfatione Matthiæ Flacci Illyrici; adjuncta est Beati Rhenani Præfatio in Missam Chrysostomi, à Leone Tusco, anno Domini 1070 versam. Argent. 1557, Svo. A volume of extreme scarcity. Care must be taken by purchasers, that the Latin Preface of Beatus Rhenanus on the Mass be found in it.-Paralipomena Dialectices. Bas. 1558, 8vo.-Consensus unanimus Primitivæ Ecclesiæ de non Scrutando Divinæ Generationis Filii Dei modo. Bas. 1560, 8vo.-Disputatio, cum Victorino Strigelio de Originali Peccato et Libero Arbitrio, cum aliis ejusdem Argumenti. Brem. 1562, 4to. Gall. Helmst. 1696, 8vo.-Liber de Sectis, Dissentionibus, et Confusionibus Doctrinæ, Religionis, Scriptorum et Doctorum Pontificiorum. Bas. 1565, 4to.-De Translatione Imperii Romani ad Germanos. Item de Electione Episcoporum, quod æque ad Plebem pertineat. Bas. 1566, 8vo. -Refutatio Sophismatum et Elusionum quæ pro Sacramentario Errore contra Sacrosanctum Testamentum Christi afferri solent; una cum aliis quibusdam ejusdem Argumenti. 1567, 8vo.-Clavis Scripturæ Selectæ, seu de Sermone Sacrarum Litterarum. Bas. 1567, fol. Of this Work there have been seven editions, the last at Leipsic in 1695, which is no inconsiderable test of its merit.-De Injustitia aut Peccato Originali. Bas. 1568, 8vo.-DeAmonstrationes de Essentia Imaginis Dei et Diaboli, Justitiæque ac Injusti. tiæ Originalis, cum Testimoniis veterum. Bas. 1569, 8vo.-Defensio Sana Doctrinæ de Originali Justitia ac Injustitia aut Peccato. Bas. 1570, 8vo. -Besides being Author of the above, Illyricus began that Ecclesiastical History called, the Centuries of Magdeburg, of which he had the chief direction. v. Judex Matt. This is his most considerable Work, and employed the intervals of a life-time spent in violent controversies.

İLOVIUS, STANISLAUS.-De Facultate Historica. Bas. 1556, 8vo. ILSLEY, CHARLES, of New Inn.-A Brief Inquiry concerning the Origin, Progress, and Impolicy of taxing Attornies; including Remarks on a 1 Regulation ascribed to a suggestion from the late Lord Kenyon. Lond. 1804, 8vo. A Pamphlet.

ILSLEY, FRANCIS, late of Kingston, Jamaica.-The West Indian Interest Considered; a Statement of Facts relating to the prime Cost of Sugar. 1810, 8vo.

IMBERTUS, JOANNES RUPELLANUS.-Institutionum Forensium Galliæ, libri iv. Lugd. 1552, 8vo.-Enchiridion Juris Galliæ. Lugd. 1556, 8vo.-Enchiridion du Droit escrit gardé et observé en France. Par. 1589, 8vo.-Jus Civile Concinniori Methodo digestum. Pictav. 1558, 4to.-La Practique Judiciaire, tant Civile que Criminelle, observée par tout le Roymaume de France; illustrée de plusieurs Commentaires, &c. par Pierre Guenois. Par. 1602.

IMBONATUS, CAROLUS JOSEPHUS, Mediolanensis.-Bibliotheca Latino-Hebraica, sive de Scriptoribus Latinis, qui contra Judæos, vel de Re Hebraica scripsere. Rom. 1694, fol.

IMBRICIUS, BALT.-Gnomologia Demosthenica, auctoritate H. Wolfii collecta, Græce; cum versione Latina per J. L. Hawenreuterum. Bas. 1570, 5 tom. 8vo.

IMESON, WILLIAM, Esq., Writer to the Signet, at Edinburgh.-A Letter to Lord Melville, on the Constitution and Usages of the Court of n Session. Lond. 1815, 8vo.

IMHOFF, JOHN, or according to Saxius, JAMES WILLIAM, a very famous Genealogist, born of a noble family at Nuremberg, 1651; died 1728. -His Works are, Genealogiæ excellentium in Gallia Familiarum. Norimb. 1687, fol.-Genealogia Familiarum Bellomanesiæ, &c. Norimb. 1688, fol. -Historia Genealogica Regum Magnæ Britanniæ. Norimb. 1690, fol.Notitia Procerum S. R. Imperii. Tubingen. 1693, fol.-Historia Italiæ et Hispania Genealogica. Norimb. 1701, fol.-Corpus Historia Genealogicæ Italiæ et Hispaniæ. Norimb. 1702, fol.-Recherches Historiques et Génealogiques des Grands d'Espagne. Amst. 1708, fol.-Stemma Reogium Lusitanicum. Amst. 1708, fol.-Genealogiæ 20 Illustrium in Hispania Familiarum. Leips. 1720, fol.

pimprovements in Mill-Work, &c. Lond. 1787, 8vo. 15.-A Compendium of Arithmetic; wherein the Rudiments of that noble Art are made easy to the weakest capacity. To which is added, the Art of Numbering, by numbering rods, called Napier's Bones. Lond. 1787, 12mo. 7s. 6d. IMLAY, GILBERT, Captain in the American Army, and Commissioner for laying out Lands in the Back Settlements.-A Topographical Description of the Western Territory of North America; containing a minute Account of the climate, natural history, population, agriculture, manners, and customs: with an accurate Statement of the various Tribes of Indians that inhabit the Frontier Country. Lond. 1792, 8vo. 7s. 6d. 2d edition enlarged. q 1795, 8vo. 6s. 3d edition entitled, the Discovery, Settlement, and State of Kentucky; and an Essay towards the Topography and Natural History of that important country, &c. Lond. 1797, 8vo. 9s.-The Emigrants; or, the History of an Expatriated Family, being a Delineation of English Manners, drawn from real Characters. Written in America. Lond. 1793, 3 vols. 12mo. 9s.

IMMANUEL, R., Filii Salomonis.-Mechabberoth, seu Poeticarum Compositionum, Hebraicè. Brescia, printed by Gerson of Socino. 1491, 4to.-Lib. Compositionis Immanuelis: continet Rhythmica quædam cum Prosaicis mixta. Constant. 1540, 4to.

IMMERIUS, SOPHIST., a Bithynian, who flourished under Constance and Julian, about A. D. 360.-Oratio, cum Comm. Gottl. Wernsdorfii, à T. C. Harles. Erford, 1785, 8vo.-Eclogæ et Declamationes, à Wernsdorfio, Gr. et Lat. Gott. 1790, 8vo.

IMOLA, JOAN. DE.-Super 1, 2, et 3. Decretalium. Lugd. 1525, 3 tom. fol.-Super Clementinis. Lugd. 1539, fol.-Repet. in L. Filio Præterito. ff. de Injusto, et rupto Testamen. Lugd. 1553.-Comm. in primam et secundam Infortiati digestique novi partes. Bon. 1580.-Comm. in Tit. de Appellationibus. Spir. Nem. 1598, 8vo.

IMOLA, TARTAGNI DE ALEX., a native of Imola, a city of Romania, s and celebrated Lawyer.-Commentarii in secundam digesti veteris partem, cum additionibus ad Bartolum: curante Achille Turvato. Bonon. ap Andreas Portilia, 1473. Extremely rare; printed in columns, with fifty lines in each.-Lectura super toto titulo de verborum obligationibus, a peritissimis Viris diligentissime emendata. Bonon. 1477, fol.-Lecturæ in Digestum Vetus, Comm. in Codicem, Digest. Novum et Infortiatum, cum Comm. Fr. Curtii, B. de Landriano, Ant. Francisci et T. Diplovaticii, &c. Lugd. 1558.--Consiliorum seu Responsorum, libri vii. cum Scholiis M. Antonii Comitis, cumque addit. H. Ant. Nattæ et H. Zanchi. Ven. 1597. IMPENS, JOANNES.-Historia Veteris Testamenti, Carmina in Compendium contracta. Lovan. 1656, 4to.

IMPERATO, FERRANTE.-Historia Naturale. Nap. 1599, fol. Ven. 1672, fol. Lips. 1695, 4to.

IMPERATUS, FRANC.-Opusculum de Fossilibus. Neap. 1610, 4to. IMPERIALIS, JOH. BAPT.-Exoterica Exercitationes. Vicet. 1602, 4to.-Museum Historicum et Physicum. Ven. ap. Junt. 1640, 4to. Hamb. 1711, 8vo.

IMPEY, ELIJAH BARWELL, Esq., M. A.-Poems. Lond. 1811, 12mo. 8s. A Gratulatory Poem; suggested by the Commemoration at Oxford, June 30th, 1813. Lond. 1813, Is.

IMPEY, JOHN, Esq.-The New Instructor Clericalis; stating the Authority, Jurisdiction, and Modern Practice of the Court of Common Pleas : with Directions for Commencing and Defending Actions, entering up Judgments, suing out Prosecutions, and Proceeding in Error. Illustrated by Notes, Observations, and a copious Index. Lond. 1782, 8vo. 1786. 4th edition, corrected; with considerable additions, from all the printed Cases, and several not in print, down to the present time. Lond. 1794, 8vo. 5th edition, corrected. 1812, 2 vols. roy. 8vo.-The New Instructor Clericalis; stating the Authority, Jurisdiction, and Modern Practice of the Court of King's Bench. 1785. 5th edition. 1786, 8vo. 1793. 6th edit. v1796. 7th edition corrected; with considerable alterations and additions. 1807, 2 vols. 8vo.-Practice of the Office of Sheriff, and Under-Sheriff; showing the Powers and Duties of those Officers, the manner of appointing the High Sheriff, Under-Sheriffs, and their Deputies, election of the Sheriffs of London and Middlesex, with the Bye-laws of the city relative thereto: the nature of actions by and against Sheriffs; including all the modern determinations, and necessary precedents of returns to writs, &c. Also the Practice of the Office of Coroner; showing the mode of his appointment, with the powers and duties of taking Inquisitions, and mode of holding Courts. To each of which Works are added, copious Appendixes of useful precedents. Lond. w 1786, 8vo. 9s. 2d edition, corrected and improved. Lond. 1800, 8vo. 3d edition, with considerable alterations and improvements. 1812, 8vo.-The Modern Pleader; containing the several forms of Declarations in all Actions, with Notes thereon. Also a Collection of choice and useful Precedents for Declarations in the Superior Courts, in the Action of Account and Common Assumpsits, with those on Promissory Notes; the whole made easy and useful to Students, and to the Practisers in town and country, furnishing the latter with the necessary instructions for their Agents. Lond. 1794,

IMISON, JOHN.-The School of Arts; or, an Introduction to Useful Knowledge. Lond. 1785, 8vo. 8s. Of this Work a 'new and enlarged edition was published with the title of, Elements of Science and Arts; being a familiar Introduction to Natural Philosophy and Chemistry, together with their application to a variety of elegant and useful Arts. Adapted to the improved state of Science. Lond. 1803, 2 vols. 8vo. 25s. Another edition, improved by J. Webster. 30 plates. Lond. 1807, 2 vols. 8vo.—A Treatise of the Mechanical Powers. To which are added, several useful

8vo. 7s.

[blocks in formation]


INCE, HUGH.-Translation of, The Redemption of Mankind. See KIMEDONCIUS, JACOB.

INCE, RICHARD, Esq., of Staffordshire; died 1758.-He wrote several Pieces in the Spectator.

INCHBALD, ELIZABETH, a Dramatic Writer.-Appearance is against them; a Farce. Lond. 1786, 8vo.-I'll tell you what; a Comedy. Lond. 1786, 8vo. 1s. 6d. -The Widow's Vow; a Farce. Lond. 1786, 8vo. 1s. -The Child of Nature; a Dramatic Piece, in 4 Acts. Lond. 1788, 8vo. 1s. 6d. Midnight Hour; a Comedy. Lond. 1788, 8vo.-Such things are; a Play. Lond. 1788, 8vo.-The Married Man; a Comedy. Lond. 1789, 8vo. 1s. 6d.-Next Door Neighbours; a Comedy, in 3 Acts. Lond. 1791, 8vo. 1s. 6d.-A Simple Story; a Novel. Lond. 1791, 4 vols. 12mo. 12s.-Every one has his Fault; a Comedy. Lond. 1793, 8vo. 1s. 6d.The Wedding Day; a Comedy, in 2 Acts. Lond. 1794, 8vo. 1s.-Na2ture and Art; a Novel. Lond. 1796, 2 vols. cr. 8vo. 7s.-Wives as the were, and Maids as they are; a Comedy, in 5 Acts. Lond. 1797, 8vo. 2s.Lover's Vows; a Play, in 5 Acts. From the German of Kotzebue. Lond. 1798, 8vo. 2s.-Wise Men of the East; a Play, in 5 Acts. From the German of Kotzebue. Lond. 1799, 8vo. 2s.-To Marry or not to Marry; a Comedy, in 5 Acts. Lond. 1805, 8vo. 2s. 6d.-Mrs. Inchbald was also employed in editing, The British Theatre; a Collection of Plays acted at the Theatres Royal: with Biographical and Critical Remarks. Lond. 1806-9, 25 vols. 12mo. L.6, 16s. 6d.—Also a Collection of Farces and other Afterpieces, in 1809, 7 vols. 12mo. 52s. 6d.—And the Modern Theatre. Lond. a1809, 10 vols. 12mo. 50s.

INCHBALD, Rev. P., A. B-Review of the two most generally received Opinions of the Fall of Man, and its Consequences; a Sermon, To which are added, Explanatory Notes, and references to the most eminent Divines who have written upon that subject. Lond. 1805, 8vo. 1s. 6d. INCHEQUIN, LORD.-A Manifestation to the Houses of Parliament in England, concerning the Irish Rebels. Lond. 1644, 4to.

INCHINO, GABRIEL.-Prediche sopra i quattro novissimi. Ven. 1601, 4to. Et Lat. Col. Agr. 1609, 8vo.-Sermons, intituléz, Chemins du Ciel. Par. 1606, 8vo. Et Lat. Col. Agr. 1649, 8vo.

INCHOFER, MELCHIOR, a learned German, was born at Vienna, in 1584; died at Milan, 1648.-He published a Latin Treatise, entitled, Epistolæ B. Mariæ Virginis ad Messanenses, veritas vindicata. Messina, 1629, fol. Reprinted at Viterbo, 1632, fol. In this work he proves that the pretended letter from the Blessed Virgin Mary to the people of Messina is genuine. Tract. Syllepticus, Quid de Terræ Solisque Motu vel Statione secundum Scripturam sentiendum sit. Rom. 1653, 4to.-De Sacra Latinitate. 1635, 4to. Monach. 1638, 8vo.-Historia trium Magorum. 1659, 4to.-Annalium Ecclesiasticorum Regni Hungariæ. Tom. i. Rom. 1644, fol. This is a valuable work, but has not been finished.—He wrote also the c Funeral Oration of Nicholas Richard, a Dominican Master of the Sacred Palace. 4to. And a Satire against the Government of the Jesuits, entitled, Monarchia Solipsorum, is also attributed to him, but was more probably written by Julius Clement Scotti, an ex-Jesuit. On its first appearance, it was ascribed to Sciopius, but that opinion is now given up: it was, however, dedicated to Leo Allatius, and was reprinted at Venice, 1652, with Inchofer's name.-Monarchie des Solipses; traduite de l'original Latin en Françoise, avec des Remarques, et diverses pieces importantes sur le même sujet. Ámst. 1754, 12mo.

INCLEDON, BENJAMIN, Esq.-Account of the Hospital of St. Mardgaret, at Pilton, in Devonshire. Archæol. xii. 211. 1796.

INDAGINE, JOHN AB.-Introductio in Chyromantiam, Physiognomiam, et Astrologiam Naturalem. Complexiones Hominum, Naturas Planetarum, cum Periaxiomatibus, de Faciebus Signorum et Canonibus de Ægritudinibus. 1522, fol. Arg. 1531, 1541, fol. Par. 1543, 8vo. Par. 1547, 8vo. Ursel. 1603, 8vo. Argent. 1622, Svo. Gall. par Ant. du Moulin. Lion. 1556, 8vo. Rouen, 1638, 12mo.-Pleasant Introductions into the Art of Chiromancie and Physiognomie. &c. See WITHERS, F. Lond. 1558, 1598, 8vo. Lond. 1666, 12mo.


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INGELO, NATHANIEL, D. D., a Divine of the 17th century; died 1683. He published three Sermons in 1659 and 1677; and wrote a religious Romance, entitled, Bentivolio and Urania. Lond. 1660, fol. 2d edition; wherein all the obscure words throughout the Book are interpreted in the margin, which makes this much more delightful to read than the former edition. Lond. 1669, fol.

INGEMUNDUS, RAGUALDUS.-Leges Suecorum Gothorumque. Stock. 1614, 4to.

INGENHOUSZ, JOHN, F. R. S, an eminent Physician and Chemist, was born at Breda, 1730; died 1799. He published a very valuable Work, entitled,-Experiments on Vegetables; discovering their great power of purifying the common air in sunshine, but injuring it in the shade or night. Lond. 1779, 8vo. 5s. Translated into the French and German languages, and highly esteemed by all the experimental Philosophers of that period. Nouvelles Experiences et Observations sur divers objects de Physique. Par. 1785, 2 tom. 8vo.-Experiences sur les Végétaux. Par. 1787-89, 2 tom. 8vo. -Experiments on the Torpedo. Phil. Trans. Abr. xiii. 575. 1775-Easy Method of Measuring the Diminution of Bulk taking place on the Mixture iof Common Air and Nitrous Air: with Experiments on Platina. Ib. xiv. 38. 1776.-A Ready way of Lighting a Candle, by a very moderate Electrical Spark. Ib. 462. 1778.-Electrical Experiments. Ib. 463.-Account of a new kind of Inflammable Air, or Gas, which can be made in a moment without apparatus, and is as fit for explosion as other Inflammable Gases in use for that purpose; and a new Theory of Gunpowder. Ib. 540. 1779.-On some new Methods of suspending Magnetical Needles. Ib. 589. 1779.-Improvements in Electricity. Ib. 598.-On the Degree of Salubrity of the Common Air at Sea, compared with that of the Sea Shore, and of the places far removed from the Sea. Ib. 692. 1780.-Some further Considerations on the Influence of the Vegetable Kingdom on the Animal Creation. Ib. 319. 1782.

INGENUIS, FR. DE.-De Jurisdictione Reipublicæ Veneta in Mare Adriaticum. Eleuth. 1619, 4to.

INGHAM, SAMUEL, Surgeon.-Diseases of the Bones. Translated from the original of M. du Vernoy, M. D. Lond. 1762, 8vo. 5s.-An Account of a Fistula in each Testis. Med. Obs. and Inq. ii. p. 273.


INGHIRAMI, TOMASO FEDRA, an Italian Scholar, was born in 1470; died at Rome, 1516.-It has been supposed that he was the Author of the Additions to the Aulularia of Plautus. Paris, 1513. INGHIRAMIUS, CURTIUS.-Etruscarum Antiquitatum, Fragmenta. Franc. 1657, fol.-Discorso sopra l'Opposizioni fatte all' Antichita Toscane. Fir. 1645, 4to.

INGLEFIELD, CAPT.-Narrative concerning the Loss of his Majes ty's Ship Centaur, of 74 Guns; and the Marvellous Preservation of the Pinnace, with the Captain, Master, and ten of the Crew, in a traverse of near 300 leagues on the Great Western Ocean. Lond. 1783, 8vo. Is.

INGLEFIELD, MRS. ANN.-Her Justification; containing the Proceedings in the Ecclesiastical Court, July 11th and 17th, 1785, taken in short hand, by W. Blanchard. With a Preface and Notes, by Mrs. A. F. Lond. 1787, 8vo. 3s.

INGLIS, CHARLES, D.D., and Bishop of Nova Scotia.-Stedfastness in Religion and Loyalty recommended; a Sermon. Lond. 1793, 8vo. INGLIS, HENRY DAVID, a Baptist Teacher in Edinburgh.-Two Letters to the Public on the Doctrine of Grace Exemplified in the Case of William Mills. 1791, 8vo.-Sermon on the Godhead of Jesus Christ. 1792, 8vo,


INGLIS, JOHN, D. D., one of the Ministers of Edinburgh.-Examina. mtion of Mr. Dugald Stewart's Pamphlet relative to the Election of a Mathematical Professor in the University of Edinburgh. Edin. 1806, 8vo.-Reply to Professor Playfair's Letter to the Author of the Examination of Pro. fessor Stewart's Statement, &c., including some Remarks on Mr. Stewart's Postscript. Edin. 1806, 8vo.

INDIA, FRANCISCUS.-Dialogus dictus Hygiphilus, de Febre Maligua. e Veron. 1593, 4to. Dialogus tertius, &c. Veron. 1599, 4to.-De PodaVeron. 1600, 4to. gra, &c. INESE, L.-Relation de Feu d'Artifice, et des Illuminations, qui ont été faites au College des Escossois de Paris, 8 Juillet, 1688, jour de S. Marguerite, Reine et Patrone d'Ecosse, Duc de Rothesay, &c. 4to. n INETT, JOHN, D. D.-Origines Anglicana; or, A History of the English Church, beginning where Bishop Stillingfleet has ended his History of the British Church; and containing an account of the affairs thereof, from the first planting of the Christian Religion amongst the English Saxons, till the death of King John. Lond. 1704, 1710, 2 vols. f fol.

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INGEBERN, JOH.-Chiromantia, Metoposcopia, et Physiognomia Practica, Germ. Franc. 1724, 8vo.

INGEGNERI, ANGELO.-Danza di Venere, Pastorale. Vicen. 1584,


INGEGNERI, G10.-Fisionomia Naturale. Milan, 1607, 8vo. Vicen. 1815, 4to. Viterb. 1619, 12mo. Pad. 1626, 4to.

INGELAND, THOMAS, an ancient Dramatist, who wrote only one piece, entitled,-A Pretie and Mery new Enterlude called the Disobedient Child. Lond. printed by Thomas Colwell, without date.

INGELDEN, MR.-Free Thoughts on Love and Marriage. Lond. 1765, 4to. 1s.


INGLIS, MRS. RICHMOND.-Anna and Edgar; a Tale. Edin. 1781,

INGMETHORPE, THOMAS.-Sermon on 1 John 2, 3, 4, &c. Oxon. 1598, 8vo.-On Rom. xiii. 1. Lond. 1619, 4to. INGOLSTETTERUS, JOH.-De Natura Occultorum et Prodigiosorum Dissertatio. Lips. 1597, 8vo. Lond. 1624, 4to.

INGPEN, WILL.-The Secrets of Numbers. INGRAM, ALEXANDER, Teacher of the Mathematics at Leith.-The Elements of Euclid: viz. The first six books, with the eleventh and twelfth; also some of Euclid's Demonstrations are restored, others made shorter and more general, and several useful propositions are added. Together with Elements of Plane and Spherical Trigonometry, and a Treatise on Practical Geometry. Edin. 1799, 8vo. 6s.-The Ready Reckoner. 1810, 8vo.— New and Correct Tide Tables, constructed for determining with precision the time of High Water at the principal Seaports in Europe, &c. 1814,

o 8vo.

INGRAM, DALE, Surgeon and Man-Midwife, practised first at Roading, in Berkshire, afterwards in Barbadoes, and lastly in London; died 1793, -Essays on the Cause and Seat of the Gout. Lond. 1743, 8vo. Praises the country as an excellent remedy.-Practical Cases and Observations in Surgery; with Remarks, highly proper, not only for the improvement of all young Surgeons, but also for the direction of such as are farther advanced. Lond. 1751, 8vo. 4s.-An Abstract of the Anatomy of the Human Body;

containing a short but exact and satisfactory description of all the parts which compose it; together with a plain account of their several uses. From the p French of Verdier. Lond. 1753, 8vo.-An Historical Account of the several Plagues that have appeared in the World, since the year 1346; with an Inquiry into the present prevailing opinion that the Plague is a Contagi. ous Distemper capable of being transported in merchandize from one coun. try to another; account of its resemblance to the Yellow Fever, &c. Lond. 1755, 8vo. 2s. 6d.―The Gout, Extraordinary Cases in the Head, Stomach, and Extremities; with Physical and Chirurgical Remarks and Observations on the various stages of the Disorder, the Rheumatism, the disease commonly called Scurvy, the Nature and Formation of External and Internal Chalkstones, and Considerations proving the Gout the immediate parent of Jaun7 dice, Dropsy, and Stone. With an accurate Account of, and difference between, Obstructions in the Kidneys or Ureters, and the Paroxysms in the Back and Loins occasioning the loss of Muscular Action in the Lower Limbs. To which is prefixed, an Essay, pointing out the progressive Symptoms and Effects, and the reasons why the Gout was not heretofore regularly treated and cured. Lond. 1767, 8vo. 3s. 6d.-An Inquiry into the Origin and Nature of Magnesia Alba, and the Properties of Epsom Waters; demonstrating that Magnesia made with those Waters exceeds all others. Lond. 1768, 8vo. 1s.-The Blow; or, An Inquiry into Clarke's Death. Lond. 1769, 8vo. Is. To this a reply was made, entitled, A Letter to Dr. r Ingram, in which the merits of his Inquiry into Clarke's Death are considered. Lond. 1769, 8vo.-A Strict and Impartial Inquiry into the Cause of the Death of the late William Scawen, Esq., &c. To which is added, An Ac. count of Accidental Poisons to which Families are exposed; with their Antidotes. Lond. 1777, 8vo. 3s.

INGRAM, EDWARD JAMES, Esq.-Vindicia Lusitaniæ; or, An Answer to a Pamphlet entitled, The Causes and Consequences of the late Emigration to the Brazils. Lond. 1808, 8vo.

INGRAM, HENRY.-The Flowers of Wye; a Poem, in six cantos. Lond. 1815, 8vo. 10s. 6d.

$ INGRAM, REV. JAMES, M. A., Anglo-Saxon Professor, Oxford.-An Inaugural Lecture on the Utility of the Anglo-Saxon Literature; to which is added, the Geography of Europe, by King Alfred: including his account of the Discovery of the North Cape, in the ninth century. 1808, 4to. Is. 64.-Quintilian, de Institutione Orator. lib. xii. recisis, quæ minus necessaria videbantur, &c. Lond. 1810, 8vo.

INGRAM, ROBERT, a worthy English Divine, born in Yorkshire, 17267; died 1804. He was Author of,-An Exposition of Isaiah's Vision, chap. vi. ; wherein is pointed out a strong similitude betwixt what is said in it, and of the infliction of punishments on the Papists, by the witnesses, Rev. xi. 6. Lond. 1784, 8vo.-A View of the great Events of the Seventh Plague; or, A Period when the Mystery of God shall be finished. Lond. 1787, Svo.-Accounts of the Ten Tribes of Israel being in America; originally published by Manasseh Ben Israel, &c.; with Observations thereon, and extracts from Sacred and Prophane, Ancient and Modern History, confirming the same, and their return from thence about the time of the return of the Jews. Lond. 1792, 8vo. 1s.-A Complete and Uniform Explanation of the Prophecy of the Seven Vials of Wrath, or Seven Last Plagues, contained in the Revelation of St. John, &c. 1804.

INGRAM, ROBERT ACKLOM, B. D., Rector of Seagrave, Leicestershire; ❝ died 1809, aged 47.-A Charity Sermon, on Gal. vi. 9. Colchest. 1788, 8vo. 1s.-A Sermon for the Benefit of the Sunday Schools established in Colchester. Lond. 1797, 8vo. Is-An Inquiry into the present Condition of the Lower Classes, and the means of improving it; including some Remarks on Mr. Pitt's Bill for the better support and maintenance of the Poor: in the course of which the Policy of the Corn Laws is examined, and various other important branches of Political Economy are illustrated. Lond. 1797, 8vo. 2s. 6d. Syllabus or Abstract of a System of Political Philosophy. To which is prefixed, a Dissertation, recommending that the Study of Political Economy be encouraged in the Universities, and that a Course of Pub lic Lectures be delivered on that subject. Lond, 1800, 8vo. 1s. 6d.—An Essay on the Importance of Schools of Industry and Religious Instruction; in which the necessity of promoting the good Education of Poor Girls is particularly considered. Lond. 1801, 12mo. Is.-The Causes of the Increase of Methodism and Dissention, and of the popularity of what is called Evangelical Preaching, and the means of obviating them considered, in a Sermon. Lond. 1807, 8vo. 4s.-Disquisitions on Population; in which the Principles of an Essay on Population, by the Rev. R. Malthus, are examined and refuted. Lond. 1808, 8vo. 3s. 6d.

INGRAM, ROWLAND, B. D.-Reflections on Duelling. Lond. 1804, w8vo. 3s.-God and our Country; a Sermon, preached at Gigglewich and Leeds. 1804.

Quæstio de Purgatione per Medicamentum, atque obiter etiam de Sanguinis Missione, an sextâ die possit fieri? Venice, 1568, 4to.-Galeni Ars Medica. Ven. 1573, fol.—De frigido Potu, post Medicamentum Purgans. Epistola. Ven. 1575, 4to. Reprinted at Milan, 1586.-Informatione del Pestifero e Contagioso Morbo, &c. Palermo, 1576, 4to. This work was translated into Latin, by Joachim Camerarius, and published under the title of, y Methodus Curandi Pestiferum Contagium. At Nuremb. 1583.—-In Galeni Librum, de Ossibus, Doctissima et Expertissima Commentaria. A posthumous publication. Messina, 1603. Under the inspection of his nephew, Nicholas Ingrassias. This, which may be deemed his principal work, contains the text of Galen, in Greek and Latin; with a Commentary, in which there is much minute and accurate description, particularly of the parts belonging to the organ of hearing. The figures are those of Vesalius. The Author defends Galen as far as he is able, but not against the truth of modern discovery.

INGUEM, or INGHEN, MARSILIUS.-Quæst. in libros priorum Analytizcorum Aristotelis. Ven. 1516.-In Aristotelis Libros de Generatione; Quæstiones. 1520, fol. Ven. 1526, 1567, fol. INGUIMBERTI, DOMINIC JOSEPH, MARIE D', an exemplary and learned Bishop of Carpentras, at which place he was born in 1683; died 1757. He published some original Works, and some editions of other Authors. The principal of these productions are,- Genuinus Character Reverendi admodùm in Christo Patris D. Armandi Johannis Butillierii Rancæi. Rome, 1718, 4to.-Specimen Catholicæ Veritatis. Pastor. 1722, 4to.-An Italian Translation of a book, entitled, Théologie Religieuse: being a Treatise on the Duties of a Monastic Life. Rome, 1731, 3 vols. fol. a-An Italian Translation of a French Treatise by Father Didier, on the Infallibility of the Pope. Rome, 1792, fol.-An edition of the Works of Bartholomew of the Martyrs; with his Life. 2 vols. fol.-La Vie Separée: another Treatise on Monastic Life. 1727, 2 vols. 4to.

INGULPHUS, Abbot of Croyland, and an English Historian, was born at London, about 1030; died 1109.-Historia Anglorum, cum ejusdem Continuatione per Pet. Blesensem, edente Hen. Savile. Lond. 1596, fol. Franc. 1601, fol. See Savile's Scriptores, p. 850. 1601. See also GALE, T.

INMAN, JAMES, A. M., Professor of Mathematics in the Naval College, b Portsmouth.-An Introduction to Algebra; designed for the use of Students at the Royal College, Portsmouth. 1810, 8vo. 4s.

INNES, ALEXANDER, D. D., Assistant Preacher in St. Margaret's, Westminster, and Rector of Wrabness, Essex.—The Absolute Authority of the Church; against Bishop Hoadly, on Matth. xviii. 17. 1717, 8vo.-The Danger of Corruptions from an unhappy Education; a Charity Sermon on Matth. xxvi. 41. 1719, 8vo.-Consecration Sermon, on Ps. exxii. 11. 1726, 4to.-Twelve Sermons. 1726, 8vo.-Inquiry into the Origin of Moral Virtue. Westm. 1728, 8vo.

INNES, REV. GEORGE, of Aberdeen.-Fourteen Discourses on Practiccal Subjects. Lond. 1783, 12mo. 3s.

INNES, HUGH.-Meditations and Reasonings on various Important and Divine Subjects. Glasg. 1756, 8vo.

INNES, JAMES.-Idea Juris Scotici; or, a Summary View of the Laws of Scotland. Lond. 1733, 4to. 1747, 4to.

INNES, JAMES DUNBAR, Surgeon, London.-A Treatise on the Venereal Disease. Lond. 1784, 8vo. 2s.

INNES, JOHN, M. D., Edinburgh.-An Inflammation of the Stomach, with Hydrophobia and other uncommon Symptoms. Ed. Med. Ess. i.

283. 1731.

d INNES, JOHN.-Dissertation concerning the Arithmetic of Annuities; to which are subjoined, Proposals for supplying the defects of this Branch of Arithmetic. Edinb. 1741, 4to.

INNES, JOHN, Dissector in the University of Edinburgh, a native of the Highlands of Scotland; died 1776.—A short Description of the Human Muscles, chiefly as they appear on Dissection; with their several uses, and the Synonyma of the best Authors. Edin. 1776, 12mo. 3s. The same, improved, by Alexander Monro, M. D. Edin. 1778, 12mo.-Eight Anatomical Tables of the Human Body; containing the principal parts of the Skeletons and Muscles represented in the Large Tables of Albinus; with e Concise Explanations. Edin. 1776, 4to. 6s. 6d.

INGRAM, WILLIAM, of Cairnbarns, in Aberdeenshire.-Poems, in English and Scottish Dialects. Aberd. 1812, 12mo. INGRASSIAS, JOHN PHILIP, an eminent Physician and Medical Wriƒ ter, was born in Sicily, 1510; died 1580. He was Author of the following Works,-Iatropologia: liber quo multa adversus Barbaros Medicos dispu tantur. Venice, 1544, 1558, 8vo.-Scholia in Iatropologiam. Nap. 1549, 8vo.-De Tumoribus præter Naturam. Nap. 1553, fol. Vol. i. This is properly a Commentary on some of the books of Avicenna.-Raggionamenr to fatto sopra l'Infernita Epidemica dell anno 1558. Palermo, 1560, 4to. Together with Trattato de due monstri nati in Palermo in diuersi tempi.Constitutiones et Capitula, necnon Jurisdictiones Regii Proto-Medicatûs Officii, cum Pandectis ejusdem reformatis. Palermo, 1564, 1657, 4to.—

INNES, THOMAS.-Critical Essay on the Ancient Inhabitants of the Nothern parts of Britain, or Scotland. Lond. 1729, 2 vols. 8vo.

INNES, WILLIAM.-Bundle of Myrrhe; or, three Meditations of Tears. Lond. 1620, 8vo.

INNES, REV. WILLIAM, Minister of the Gospel, Edinburgh.-Reasons for Separating from the Church of Scotland. 1804, 8vo. 1s. 6d.-Summary View of the leading Doctrines of the Word of God. 1805, 12mo. 1s. -Notes of Conversation with Hugh Macdonald, Niel Sutherland, and Hugh McIntosh, executed at Edinburgh. 1812, 12mo.-Eugenio and Epenetus; or, Conversations concerning Baptism. Edin. 1813, 12mo.Thoughts on Christian Union. Edin. 1813, 18mo.-Sketches of Human Nature. 2d edit. Edin. 1818.-Two Dissertations; 1. On the Law of Moses; 2. On Salvation by the Belief of the Gospel Testimony. Edin. 1819, 12mo.

INNOCENS, G. DES.-Des Eléphantiques, ou Lepreux. Lyon, 1595, 8vo. Osteologie. Bourd. 1604, 8vo.


INNOCENTIUS IV., whose name before he arrived at the Pontificate was SINNIBALDUs, flourished in the 15th century.-Apparatus super quinque

g Libros Decretalium, cum Repertorio Baldi de Perusio. Argent. 1478,
mag. fol.
This uncommon book is without the Printer's name, but it evi-
dently came from the press of Henry Eggesteyn. It is in double columns
and printed in a small Gothic type. Et Ven. ap. Bern. de Stagnino, 1495,
fol.Decretales cum Flisci Comment. Venet. impensa Nic. Jenson et Jo.
de Colonia, impressit Jo. Herbort.
1481, fol.


INNOCENTIUS VIII. PAPA.-Regulæ et Ordinationes. Without name of Printer, or place, (1484,) 4to. This is a small Tract of only 13 leaves, the typography of which is the same as that which appears in some of the Works of Caxton and Machlinia.

INNOCENTIUS X.-Constitutio, qua declarantur et definiuntur quinque Propositiones in Materia Fidei. Rom. 1653, 4to. The same, in English. Par. 1653.

INNOCENTIUS XI. PAPA.-Decrets portans Suppression d'un Office de la Conception Immaculée. 1678, 8vo. 1680, 12mo. In English. Oxf. 1679, 12mo.

INSTITORIS, MICH., Nobilis Hungar.-Narratiuncula de Hungaria per Turcam, hactenus Afflictem, vastata atque direpta. 1667, 8vo. INSULANUS. See MENAPIUS, GUL

INSULANUS, THEOPHOLUS, perhaps fictitious.-Treatise on the Second i Sight. Edin. 1763, 12mo.-An Essay on the Nature and Action of the Subterranean Invisible People, Elves, Faunes, or Fairies. 1815.

INSULIS, MICH. AB-Quodlibetum Coloniense, de Fraternitate S. Rosarii, B. Mariæ Virginis; reproductum à Joh. And. Coppenstein. Col. 1479, 4to. Lugd. 1488, 4to. Col. 1624, 8vo.

INTERIANO, PAOLO.-Ristretto delle Historie Genovese. Luc. 1551, 4to.-Inventio del Corso del Longitudine; col Ristretto della SphæVen. 1551, 4to.


INTORCETTA, P. PROSPERUS.-Narratio de Statu Missionis Chinensisad ann. 1669. Rom. 1671, 8vo.

j INTRIGLIOLUS, NICOLAUS.-Consilia seu Responsa Juris. Panorm. 1632, fol.-Decisionum Aurearum Mag. Reg. Cur. Regni Siciliæ, liber unicus. Panorm. 1631, fol.

INVEGES, AGOSTINO.-Annali della Citta di Palermo, in 3 part. Palerm. 1649-51.

INWOOD, W., Architect and Surveyor.-Tables for the Purchasing of Estates, Freehold, Copyhold, or Leasehold; Annuities, and for the Renewing of Leases held under Cathedral Churches, Colleges, or other Cor. porate Bodies, for terms, or years certain, and for lives, &c. Lond. 1811,

8vo. 7s.

kION, a Greek Tragic Poet of Chius, a few fragments only of whose Works are preserved.-Reliquiæ ab Andr. Rivino. Lips. 1653, 8vo.-SeJecta ex Ione, Homero, Hesiod. &c. Eton. 1762, 1777, 8vo.


IRELAND.-The Poems of William Julius Mickle. 1794. See MICKLE, W. J.

Papers, and Legal Instruments under the hand and seal of William Shakespeare, including the Tragedy of King Lear, and a small fragment of Hamlet, from the original MSS. Lond. 1796, fol. 84s. A Work which his son afterwards confessed to be a forgery. See IRELAND, WM. HEN.-Picpturesque Views on the River Wye, from its Source at Plinlimmon Hill, to its Junction with the Severn below Chepstow; with Observations on the Public Buildings and other Works of Art in its Vicinity. Lond. 1797, roy. 8vo. 36s.-Picturesque Views, with an Historical Account of the Inns of Court in London and Westminster. Lond. 1800, large 8vo. 42s. IRELAND, THOMAS.-Abridgment of Sir Edward Coke's 11 parts of his Reports. 1650, 1657, 1666, 12mo.-Exact Abridgment of Sir James Dyer's Reports; wherein is contained, the Substance of the Reports at large. 1651.-Verses spoken to the King and Queen at Oxford. 1663, 4to.

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IRELAND, WILLIAM HENRY, son of Samuel preceding-An Authentic Account of the Shakespeare Manuscripts. 1796, 8vo. In this Work the Author confesses that he was himself the writer of these papers, and that his father was perfectly unacquainted with the whole affair.-The Abbess; a Romance. Lond. 1799, 4 vols. 12mo. 14s-Henry II.; an Historical Drama. 1799, 8vo. One of the Pieces intended to have been imposed on the world as the production of Shakespeare.-Rimnaldo, or the Castle of Badajos. Lond. 1800, 4 vols. 12mo. 14s.-Ballads, in imitation of the Ancient. 1801, 12mo.-Mutius Scævola, or the Roman Patriot; a Drama. Lond. 1801, 8vo. 2s. 6d.—Rhapsodies. 1803, 12mo.-Chatelar, or Effursions of Love. 12mo.-The Woman of Feeling; a Novel. 4 vols. 12mo. -Gandez the Monk; a Romance. 1804, 4 vols. 12mo.-Confessions; containing Particulars of the Fabrication of the Shakespeare MSS.. together with Anecdotes and Opinions of many distinguished persons in the Literary, Political, and Theatrical World. Lond. 1805, 8vo.-The Catholic; a Romance. 1807, 3 vols. 12mo.-The Modern Ship of Fools. 1807, 12mo.-All the Blocks; a Poem. 1807, 12mo.-The Sailor Boy; a Poem. 1807, 12mo.-The Fisher Boy. 1808, 12mo.-The Cottage Girl. 1810, 12mo.-Neglected Genius; a Poem. 1812, 8vo.-Chalcographemania; a Satirical Poem. 1814, 8vo.

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IREMONGER, REV. F., M. A., F. L. S.-Suggestions to the promotion of Dr. Bell's System of Instruction; with an Account of the Establishment and Progress of the Hampshire Society for the Education of the Poor. Lond. 1813, 8vo. 8s.-A Sermon preached at the Lent Assizes; with an Appendix and Notes. 1816.

IRENEUS, ST., Bishop of Lyons in France, about the beginning of the 3d century, was by birth a Greek, and probably born at or near the city of Smyrna; suffered martyrdom under the Emperor Severus. He wrote several Works, all of which are lost except his five books against Heresies, and even in these the far greater part of the original Greek is wanting.IPPOLITO, COUNT FRANCESCO.-Account of the Earthquake in Cala- Adversus Hæreses, libri v. à Desid. Erasmo. Bas. 1526, 1534, fol. Par. bria, March 28, 1783. Phil. Trans. xv. 383. 1783. 1545, 8vo. Bas. 1560. Par. 1563, 1567, 8vo.-Adv. Hær. cum Notis Gallasii. Gen. 1570, fol.-Adv. Hær. à Franc. Fevardentio, Gr. et Lat. Colon. 1596, fol. ab eodem, Gr. et Lat. Par. 1639, fol. Par. 1675, fol. -Adv. Hær. Lat. cum Græci Textus parte, haud exigua restituta, cum Notis Joh. Ernesti Grabii, Editoris, et aliorum. Oxon. 1702, fol. A good edition.-Adv. Hær. Lat. cum Græci Textus parte paulo auctiore quam in editione Cl. Grabii, Dissertationibus præviis, Appendice ad quinque Irenæi libros, &c. cura Domini Renati Massuet, Presb. et Monach. Bened. Par. 1710, fol. Best edit.-Fragmenta, Anecdota; à Pfaffio, Gr. et Lat. Hag. Com. 1747, 8vo.-Opera, Gr. et Lat. recognita et illustrata per Joannem Pottanum. Oxon. 1715, 2 vols. fol.

IRELAND, JOHN, was born near Wem, in Shropshire; died at Birmingham, 1808. He was Author of,-Memoirs of Henderson the Actor. ! Lond. 1786.-Graphic Illustrations of Hogarth. From Pictures and Drawings in the possession of the Author. Lond. 1794-9, 2 vols. large 8vo. 42s. A Work in which he was employed by the Messrs. Boydell, and in which he displays a correct knowledge of the arts, and a vein of humorous remark and anecdote not ill suited to the subjects he had to illustrate. The u present Author has been often confounded with Samuel Ireland, owing to the title of this Work being similar to one of the publications of that Tourist, and the names of the Authors being the same. A new edition, with improvements, of the third or Supplementary volume of Hogarth illustrated. 1804, 36s.



IRELAND, JOHN, D. D., Vicar of Croydon.-Five Discourses; containing certain Arguments for and against the Reception of Christianity by the Ancient Jews and Greeks. To which are subjoined illustrative Notes. Lond. 1796, 8vo. 3s. 6d.-The Claims of the Establishment, considered in a Sermon. 1807, 8vo. Paganism and Christianity compared, v in a Course of Lectures to the King's Scholars of Westininster School. 1809, 8vo. 10s. 6d.

IRELAND, J. P., Surgeon to the 4th Battalion of the 60th Regiment of Foot.-Some Account of the Effects of Arsenic, in counteracting the Poison of Serpents. Medico Chirurg. Trans. ii. 393. 1811.

IRELAND, SAMUEL, originally a Mechanic in Spitalfields, but afterwards a speculator in scarce books, prints, &c., and perhaps more unfortunate than accessary in the possession of the forged MSS. of Shakespeare; died 1800.-A Picturesque Tour through Holland, Brabant, and part of France, made in the Autumn of 1789. Illustrated with copperplates in aquatinta, from Drawings made on the spot. Lond. 1790, 2 vols. 8vo. 52s. 6d.—Picturesque Views on the River Thames; with Observations on the Works of Art in its Vicinity. Plates. Lond. 1792, 2 vols. royal 8vo. 52s. 6d.-Graphic Illustrations of Hogarth; from pictures, drawings, and scarce prints in the possession of the Author. Lond. 1794, 2 vols. 4to. o-Picturesque Views on the River Medway, from the Nore to the Vicinity of its Source in Sussex; with Observations on the Public Buildings, and other Works of Art in its Neighbourhood. 29 plates. Lond. 1793, large 8vo. 31s. 6d. The same. Lond. 1797, 8vo.-Picturesque Views on the Upper or Warwickshire Avon; with Observations on the Public Buildings and other Works of Art in its Vicinity. Lond. 1795, 4to.-Miscellaneous

IRENEUS, M. Jo.-Apologia pro Sexu Fœmineo; Versa per J. Bros-
Franc. 1544, 8vo.


IRENICUS, FRANC.-Exegesis Germaniæ, Oratio Protreptica in Amorem Germaniæ. Hag. 1518, fol.-Germaniæ Descriptio. Franc. 1570, fol.

IRETON, JOHN.-An Exact Survey of the Microcosmus, or Little World; being an Anatomy of the Bodies of Man and Woman. Translated from the Original of Spaher. Lond. 1670, fol.

IRHOVIUS, GUL.-De Palingenesia Veterum, seu, de Metempsychosi Pythagorica. Amst. 1753, 4to.

IRIARTE, JOH.-Regiæ Bibliothecæ Matritensis, Codices, Græce MSS. Matrit. 1769, fol.

IRISH, DAVID.-Levamen Infirmi. Lond. 1700, 8vo.-Animadversio Astrologica. Lond. 1701, 8vo.

IRONSIDE, LIEUT. COL.-Of the Culture and Uses of the Son or Sun Plant; with an Account of the Manner of manufacturing the Hindostan Paper. Phil. Trans. Abr. xiii. 506. 1774.

IRONSIDE, EDWARD, Esq., of Twickenham; died 1803.—The Hiswtory and Antiquities of Twickenham; being the first part of a Parochial Collection for the County of Middlesex, begun in 1780. Lond. 1797, 4to. 10s. 6d.

IRONSIDE, F. GILBERT, Bishop of Hereford.-Sermons; one preached before the King, on 1 Pet. iv. 15. Oxon. 1685, fol.-On Psalm cxliv. 10, 11. Lond. 1690, fol.-On Psalm lxxxv. 8. Lond. 1690, fol.-On Prov. xx. 28. Lond. 1691, fol.-On Psalm xii. 1. Lond. 1691, fol. IRONSIDE, GILBERT.-Seven Questions of the Sabbath; briefly disputed, after the manner of the Schools. Oxf. 1637, 4to.

IRVINE, ALEXANDER, a native of Scotland.-De Jure Regni Diascepsis, ad Regem Carolum. Lugd. Bat. 1627, 12mo.

IRVINE, REV. ALEXANDER, Minister of Rannoch.-An Inquiry into

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