What balmy sweets Pomona breathes That, around whose azure rim around !

Silver figures seem to swim, But if the vext air rush a stormy stream Like fleece - white clouds, that on the Or Autumn's shrill gust moan in plaintive skiey Blue, sound,

Waked by no breeze, the self-same shapes With fruits and flowers she loads the

retain ; tempest-honor'd ground.

Or ocean-Nymphs with limbs of snowy


Slow - floating o’er the calm cerulean THE SILVER THIMBLE


Just such a one, mon cher ami, ADDRESSED TO THE AUTHOR OF THE

(The finger shield of industry) POEMS ALLUDED TO IN THE PRE

Th’inventive Gods, I deem, to Pallas CEDING EPISTLE

gave She hail lost her Silver Thimble, and her What time the vain Arachne, madly complaint being accidentally overheard


30 by him, her Friend, he immediately Challenged the blue-eyed Virgin of the sent her four others to take her choice

sky of.

A duel in embroider'd work to try. As oft mine eye with careless glance

And hence the thimbled Finger of grave Has gallop'd thro' some old romance,

Pallas Of speaking Birds and Steeds with To th' erring Needle's point was more wings,

than callous. Giants and Dwarfs, and Fiends and But ah the poor Arachne! She unarm’d Kings;

Blundering thro' hasty eagerness, alarm’d Beyond the rest with more attentive care

With all a Rival's hopes, a Mortal's I've loved to read of elfin - favoured

fears, Fair

Still miss'd the stitch, and stain'd the How if she long'd for aught beneath the

web with tears. sky

Unnumber'd punctures small yet sore And suffer'd to escape one votive sigh, Full fretfully the maiden bore, Wafted along on viewless pinions aery

Till she her lily finger found It laid itself obsequious at her feet :

Crimson'd with many a tiny wound; Such things, I thought, one might not

And to her eyes, suffused with watery hope to meet

woe, Save in the dear delicious land of Faery !

Her flower-embroider'd web danced dim, But now (by proof I know it well)

I wist, There's still some peril in free wish- Like blossom'd shrubs in a quick-moving ing

mist : Politeness is a licensed spell,

Till vanquish'd the despairing Maid sunk

low. And you, dear Sir! the Arch-magician. You much perplex'd me by the various O Bard ! whom sure no common Muse set :

inspires, They were indeed an elegant quartette ! I heard your Verse that glows with My mind went to and fro, and waver'd

vestal fires ! long;

And I from unwatch'd needle's erring At length I've chosen (Samuel thinks me

point wrong)

Had surely suffer'd on each finger joint 50








Those wounds, which erst did poor (Hallowing his Sabbath-day by quietArachne meet ;

ness) While he, the much-loved Object of my A wealthy son of commerce saunter by, choice

Bristowa's citizen : methought, it calmed (My bosom thrilling with enthusiast His thirst of idle gold, and made him

heat), Pour'd on mine ear with deep impress- With wiser feelings : for he paused, and ive voice,

looked How the great Prophet of the Desart With a pleased sadness, and gazed all stood

around, And preach'd of Penitence by Jordan's Then eyed our Cottage, and gazed round Flood;

again. On War; or else the legendary lays And sighed, and said, it was a Blessed In simplest measures hymn'd to Alla's

Place. praise ;

And we were blessed. Oft with patient Or what the Bard from his heart's inmost stores

Long-listening to the viewless sky-lark's O'er his Friend's grave in loftier numbers

note pours :

60 (Viewless, or haply for a moment seen Yes, Bard polite ! you but obey'd the Gleaming on sunny wings) in whispered laws

tones Of Justice, when the thimble you had I've said to my beloved, 'Such, sweet sent ;

girl ! What wounds your thought-bewildering The inobtrusive song of Happiness, Muse might cause

Unearthly minstrelsy! then only heard 'Tis well your finger - shielding gifts When the soul seeks to hear ; when all prevent.


is hushed, 1795.

And the heart listens !'



the top,

But the time, when first

From that low dell, steep up the stony REFLECTIONS ON HAVING LEFT


I climbed with perilous toil and reached Sermoni propriora.---HOR.

Oh! what a goodly scene! Here the Low was our pretty Cot : our tallest

bleak mount, rose

The bare bleak mountain speckled thin Peeped at the chamber - window. We

with sheep;

30 could hear

Grey clouds, that shadowing spot the At silent noon, and eve, and early morn,

sunny fields; The sea's fair murmur.

And river, now with bushy rocks o'erair

browed, Our myrtles blossom’d; and across the Now winding bright and full, with naked porch

banks ; Thick jasmins twined: the little land- And seats, and lawns, the abbey and the

wood, Was green and woody, and refreshed the And cots, and hamlets, and faint cityeye.

spire ; It was a spot which you might aptly call The Channel there, the Islands and white The Valley of Seclusion ! Once I saw


In the open

scape round


Dim coasts, and cloud-like hills, and My spirit shall revisit thee, dear Cot! shoreless Ocean

Thy jasmin and thy window-peeping It seem'd like Omnipresence ! God, me

rose, thought,

And myrtles fearless of the mild sea-air. Had built him there a Temple: the And I shall sigh fond wishes-sweet whole World

abode! Seemed imaged in its vast circumference : Ah !-had none greater ! And that all No wish profaned my overwhelmed

had such ! heart.

It might be so—but the time is not yet. 70 Blest hour! It was a luxury,—to be! Speed it, O Father! Let thy Kingdom


1795 Ah ! quiet dell ! dear cot, and mount

sublime ! I was constrained to quit you. Was it

RELIGIOUS MUSINGS right, While my unnumbered brethren toiled


CHRISTMAS EVE OF 1794 That I should dream away the entrusted hours

This is the time, when most divine to On rose-leaf beds, pampering the coward


The voice of Adoration rouses me,
With feelings all too delicate for use? As with a Cherub's trump: and high up-
Sweet is the tear that from some Howard's


Yea, mingling with the Choir, I seem to Drops on the cheek of one he lifts from

view earth ::

50 The vision of the heavenly multitude, And he that works me good with un- Who hymned the song of Peace o'er moved face,

Bethlehem's fields ! Does it but half: he chills me while he Yet thou more bright than all the Angelaids,

blaze, My benefactor, not my brother man ! That harbingered thy birth, Thou Man of Yet even this, this cold beneficence

Woes !
Praise, praise it, O my Soul! oft as thou Despised Galilæan! For the Great

Invisible (by symbols only seen)
The sluggard Pity's vision-weaving tribe! With a peculiar and surpassing light
Who sigh for wretchedness, yet shun the Shines from the visage of the oppressed

good man,
Nursing in some delicious solitude When heedless of himself the scourged
Their slothful loves and dainty sym-

saint pathies !

Mourns for the oppressor.

Fair the I therefore go, and join head, heart, and

vernal mead, hand,

60 Fair the high grove, the sea, the sun, the Active and firm, to fight the bloodless

stars ; fight

! Of science, freedom, and the truth in Yet nor high grove, nor many-colourd Pa. from Christ.


Nor the green ocean with his thousand Yet oft when after honourable toil

isles, Rests the tired mind, and waking loves Nor the starred azure, nor the sovran sun, to dream,

E'er with such majesty of portraiture 20


True impress each of their creating Sire Fuelton

fondas Guments, Fell. I'm

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with power

part of wood 2 101 Aprel pols in gropy u 2 pros 2h

Imaged the supreme beauty uncreate, Treading beneath their feet all visible
As thou, meek Saviour ! at the fearful


51 hour

As steps, that upward to their Father's When thy insulted anguish winged the

throne prayer

Lead gradual --- else nor glorified nor Harped by Archangels, when they sing

loved. of mercy!

They nor contempt embosom nor reWhich when the Almighty heard from

venge : forth his throne

For they dare know of what may seem Diviner light filled Heaven with ecstasy!

deform Heaven's hymnings paused : and Hell her The Supreme Fair sole operant : in yawning mouth

whose sight Closed a brief moment.

All things are pure, his strong control

ling love Lovely was the death Alike from all educing perfect good. Of Him whose life was Love! Holy Their's too celestial courage, inly

He on the thought - benighted Sceptic Dwarfing Earth's giant brood, what time

they muse

бо Manifest Godhead, melting into day On their great Father, great beyond What floating mists of dark idolatry

compare ! Broke and misshaped the omnipresent And marching onwards view high o'er Sire :

their heads
And first by Fear uncharmed the drowsed His waving banners of Omnipotence.

Till of its nobler nature it 'gan feel Who the Creator love, created Might
Dim recollections; and thence soared Dread not : within their tents no terrors

Strong to believe whate'er of mystic For they are holy things before the

The Eternal dooms for His immortal Aye unprofaned, though Earth should

league with Hell ;
From Hope and firmer Faith to perfect God's altar grasping with an

an eager Love

hand Attracted and absorbed : and centered Fear, the wild-visaged, pale, eye-starting there

wretch, God only to behold, and know, and feel, Sure- refuged hears his hot pursuing Till by exclusive consciousness of God


70 All self-annihilated it shall make

Yell at vain distance. Soon refreshed God its Identity : God all in all !

from Heaven We and our Father one !

He calms the throb and tempest of his

heart. And blest are they, His countenance settles; a soft solemn Who in this fleshly World, the elect of

bliss Heaven,

Swims in his eye-his swimming eye upTheir strong eye darting through the

raised : deeds of men,

And Faith's whole armour glitters on his Adore with steadfast unpresuming gaze

limbs! Him Nature's essence, mind, and energy! And thus transfigured with a dreadless And gazing, trembling, patiently ascend



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A solemn hush of soul, meek he be- Omnific. His most holy name is Love. holds

Truth of subliming import ! with the All things of terrible seeming : yea,

which unmoved

Who feeds and saturates his constant Views e'en the immitigable ministers

soul, That shower down vengeance on these He from his small particular orbit flies latter days.

With blest outstarting! From himself For kindling with intenser Deity

he flies, From the celestial Mercy-seat they come, Stands in the sun, and with no partial And at the renovating wells of Love

gaze Have fillid their vials with salutary Views all creation ; and he loves it all

, wrath,

And blesses it, and calls it very good ! To sickly Nature more medicinal

This is indeed to dwell with the Most Than what soft balm the weeping good

High ! man pours

Cherubs and rapture-trembling Seraphim Into the lone despoiled traveller's Can press no nearer to the Almighty's wounds!


But that we roam unconscious, or with Thus from the Elect, regenerate through

hearts faith,

Unfeeling of our universal Sire, Pass the dark passions and what thirsty And that in His vast family no Cain cares

89 Injures uninjured in her best - aimed Drink up the spirit, and the dim regards

blow >Self-centre. Lo they vanish ! or acquire Victorious Murder a blind Suicide) New names, new features—by supernal Haply for this some younger Angel now grace

Looks down on Human Nature : and, Enrobed with Light, and naturalised in

behold ! Heaven.

A sea of blood bestrewed with wrecks, As when a shepherd on a vernal morn

where mad
Through some thick fog creeps timorous Embattling Interests on each other rush
with slow foot,

With unhelmed rage !
Darkling he fixes on the immediate road
His downward eye : all else of fairest

'Tis the sublime of man,

Our noontide Majesty, to know ourselves Hid or deformed. But lo! the bursting Parts and proportions of one wonderous Sun !

whole ! Touched by the enchantment of that This fraternises man, this constitutes sudden beam

Our charities and bearings. But 'tis Straight the black vapour melteth, and in


130 globes

Diffused through all, that doth make all Of dewy glitter gems each plant and

one whole; tree ;

This the worst superstition, him except On every leaf, on every blade it hangs ! Aught to desire, Supreme Reality! Dance glad the new-born intermingling The plenitude and permanence of bliss ! rays,

O Fiends of Superstition ! not that oft And wide around the landscape streams The erring priesthath stained with with glory!

brother's blood

Your grisly idols, not for this may wrath There is one Mind, one omnipresent Thunder against you from the Holy Mind,

One !


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