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But o'er some plain that steameth to the (Black hell laughs horrible—to hear the sun,


1бо Peopled with Death ; or where more Thee to defend, meek Galilæan ! Thee hideous Trade

140 And thy mild laws of Love unutterLoud-laughing packs his bales of human

able, anguish;

Mistrust and enmity have burst the I will raise up a mourning, Oye Fiends !

bands And curse your spells, that film the eye of social peace : and listening Treachery of Faith,

lurks Hiding the present God; whose presence With pious fraud to snare a brother's

lost, The moral world's cohesion, we become And childless widows o'er the groaning An Anarchy of Spirits ! Toy-bewitched,

land Made blind by lusts, disherited of soul, Wail numberless; and orphans weep

for No common centre Man, no common sire

bread! Knoweth ! A sordid solitary thing, Thee to defend, dear Saviour of Man- ! Mid countless brethren with a lonely heart

kind! Through courts and cities the smooth , Thee, Lamb of God! Thee, blameless savage roams

Prince of Peace ! Feeling himself, his own low self the From all sides rush the thirsty brood of) whole;

War ! When he by sacred sympathy might make Austria, and

Austria, and that foul Woman of the The whole one Self! Self, that no alien

North, knows !

The lustful murderess of her wedded Self, far diffused as Fancy's wing can

lord ! travel !

And he, connatural Mind! whom (in Self, spreading still ! Oblivious of its own,

So bards of elder time had haply Yet all of all possessing! This is Faith! feigned) This the Messiah's destined victory! Some Fury fondled in her hate to man, But first offences needs must come ! Bidding her serpent hair in mazy surge

Lick his young face, and at his mouth Even now

inbreathe 1 January 21st, 1794, in the debate on the Horrible sympathy! And leagued with Address to his Majesty, on the speech from the

these Throne, the Earl of Guildford moved an amend- Each petty German princeling, nursed in ment to the following effect :-'That the House hoped his Majesty would seize the earliest oppor

Soul-hardened barterers of human blood ! tunity to conclude a peace with France, etc.

Death's prime slave-merchants ! ScorThis motion was opposed by the Duke of Port

181 land, who 'considered the war to be merely

pion-whips of Fate !

Nor least in savagery of holy zeal, grounded on one principle-the preservation of the Christian Religion. May 30th, 1794, the Apt for the yoke, the race degenerate, Duke of Bedford moved a number of resolutions,

Whom Britain erst had blushed to call with a view to the establishment of a peace with

her sons ! France. He was opposed (among others) by Lord Thee to defend the Moloch Priest Abingdon in these remarkable words: 'The

prefers best road to Peace, my Lords, is War! and War

The prayer of hate, and bellows to the carried on in the same manner in which we are

herd, taught to worship our Creator, namely, with all

That Deity, Accomplice Deity our souls, and with all our minds, and with all our hearts, and with all our strength.'

In the fierce jealousy of wakened wrath

their songs


gore !





forth with our armies and our | That vex and desolate our mortal life. - fleets

Wide-wasting ills ! yet each the immediTo scatter the red ruin on their foes ! 190

ate source O blasphemy! to mingle fiendish deeds Of mightier good. Their keen necessities With blessedness!

To ceaseless action goading human

thought Lord of unsleeping Love,? Have made Earth's reasoning animal her From everlasting Thou! We shall not

Lord :

220 die.

And the pale-featured Sage's trembling These, even these, in mercy didst thou

hand form,

Strong as an host of armed Deities, Teachers of Good through Evil, by brief Such as the blind Ionian fabled erst.

wrong Making Truth lovely, and her future From Avarice thus, from Luxury and War might

Sprang heavenly Science; and from Magnetico'er the fixed untrembling heart.

Science Freedom.

O'er waken'd realms Philosophers and In the primeval age a dateless while

Bards The vacant Shepherd wander'd with his Spread in concentric circles : they whose flock,

souls, Pitching his tent where'er the green grass Conscious of their high dignities from waved.


God, But soon Imagination conjured up Brook not wealth's rivalry! and they, An host of new desires : with busy aim,

who long Each for himself, Earth's eager children Enamoured with the charms of order, toiled.


230 So Property began, twy-streaming fount, The unseemly disproportion : and whoe'er Whence Vice and Virtue flow, honey and Turn with mild sorrow from the victor's gall.

car Hence the soft couch, and many-coloured And the low puppetry of thrones, to muse robe,

On that blest triumph, when the Patriot The timbrel, and arched dome and costly

Sage feast,

Called the red lightnings from the o'erWith all the inventive arts, that nursed

rushing cloud the soul

And dashed the beautcous terrors on the To forms of beauty, and by sensual wants

earth Unsensualized the mind, which in the Smiling majestic. Such a phalanx ne'er means

Measured firm paces to the calming sound Learnt to forget the grossness of the end, Of Spartan flute! These on the fated Best pleasured with its own activity.

day, And hence Disease that withers man- When, stung to rage by pity, eloquent hood's arm,

240 The daggered Envy, spirit - quenching Have roused with pealing voice the unWant,

numbered tribes Warriors, and Lords, and Priests—all That toil and groan and bleed, hungry the sore ills

and blind

These, hush'd awhile with patient eye 1 Art thou not from everlasting, O Lord, my God, mine Holy One? We shall not die. O

serene, Lord, thou hast ordained them for judgment, etc.

Shall watch the mad careering of the -Habakkuk i. 12.

storm ; ll 198-259

Beatty 101



, Hailleran" ungenanalizing qe mund

qa this amagdation

locks ;

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Then o'er the wild and wavy chaos rush Caught in whose monstrous twine Behe-
And tame the outrageous mass, with

moth 1 yells,
plastic might

His bones loud-crashing !
Moulding Confusion to such perfect

O ye numberless, As erst were wont-bright visions of the Whom foul Oppression's ruffian gluttony day !

Drives from life's plenteous feast ! O To float before them, when, the summer

thou poor wretch noon,

Who nursed in darkness and made wild Beneath some arched romantic rock re

by want, clined


Roamest for prey, yea thy unnatural hand They felt the sea-breeze lift their youthful Dost lift to deeds of blood ! Opale

eyed form,

281 Or in the month of blossoms, at mild eve,

The victim of seduction, doomed to know Wandering with desultory feet inhaled

Polluted nights and days of blasphemy; The wafted perfumes, and the flocks and

Who in loathed orgies with lewd waswoods

sailers And many-tinted streams and setting sun Must gaily laugh, while thy remembered With all his gorgeous company of clouds

home Ecstatic gazed ! then homeward as they Gnaws like a viper at thy secret heart ! strayed

O aged women ! ye who weekly catch Cast the sad eye to earth, and inly mused The morsel tossed by law-forced charity, Why there was misery in a world so fair,

And die so slowly, that none call it

murder ! Ah ! far removed from all that glads the

O loathly suppliants ! ye, that unreceived sense,


Totter heart - broken from the closing From all that softens or ennobles Man,


291 The wretched Many ! Bent beneath

Of the full Lazar-house; or, gazing, stand their loads

Sick with despair! Oye to Glory's field They gape at pageant Power, nor recog- Forced or ensnared, who, as ye gasp in nise

death, Their cots' transmuted plunder! From

Bleed with new wounds beneath the the tree

vulture's beak ! Of Knowledge, ere the vernal sap had thou poor widow, who in dreams dost risen

view Rudely disbranched ! Blessed Society ! Fitliest depictured by some sun-scorched Thy husband's mangled corse, and from

short doze waste,

Start'st with a shriek; or in thy halfWhere oft majestic through the tainted

thatched cot

Waked by the wintry night-storm, wet The Simoom sails, before whose purple

and cold

Cow'rst o'er thy screaming baby!
Who falls not prostrate dies ! And where

by night,

270 Children of wretchedness! More groans Fast by each precious fountain on green

must rise,
The lion couches ; or hyæna dips

1 Behemoth, in Hebrew, signifies wild beasts Deep in the lucid stream his bloody jaws ; in general. Some believe it is the elephant, some Or serpent plants his vast moon-glittering the hippopotamus ; some affirm it is the wild bull. bulk,

Poetically, it designates any large quadruped.



More blood must stream, or ere your She that reeled heavily, whose wine was wrongs be full.

blood; Yet is the day of retribution nigh :

She that worked whoredom with the The Lamb of God hath opened the fifth

Dæmon Power, seal :

And from the dark embrace all evil things And upward rush on swiftest wing of fire Brought forth and nurtured : mitred The innumerable multitude of wrongs

Atheism ! By man on man inflicted ! Rest awhile, And patient Folly who on bended knee Children of wretchedness! The hour is Gives back the steel that stabbed him ; nigh

and pale Fear And lo! the Great, the Rich, the Mighty Hunted by ghastlier shapings than surMen,

round The Kings and the Chief Captains of the Moon-blasted Madness when he yells at World,


midnight! With all that fixed on high like stars of Return pure Faith! return meek Piety ! Heaven

The kingdoms of the world are your's : Shot baleful influence, shall be cast to

each heart

340 earth,

Self-governed, the vast family of Love Vile and down-trodden, as the untimely Raised from the common earth by comfruit

mon toil Shook from the fig-tree by a sudden Enjoy the equal produce. Such delights storm.

As float to earth, permitted visitants ! Even now the storm begins :1 each gentle When in some hour of solemn jubilee name,

The massy gates of Paradise are thrown Faith and meek Piety, with fearful joy Wide open, and forth come in fragments Tremble far-off-for lo! the Giant Frenzy

wild Uprooting empires with his whirlwind Sweet echoes of unearthly melodies, arm

And odours snatched from beds of amaMocketh high Heaven ; burst hideous

ranth, from the cell


And they, that from the crystal river of Where the old hag, unconquerable, huge,


350 Creation's eyeless drudge, black Ruin, sits Spring up on freshened wing, ambrosial Nursing the impatient earthquake.

gales !

The favoured good man in his lonely O return !

walk Pure Faith ! meek Piety! The abhorred Perceives them, and his silent spirit drinks Form

Strange bliss which he shall recognize in Whose scarlet robe was stiff with earthly

heaven. pomp,

And such delights, such strange beatitude Who drank iniquity in cups of gold, Seize on my young anticipating heart Whose names were many and all blas

When that blest future rushes on my phemous,

view ! Hath met the horrible judgment! For in his own and in his Father's might Whence that cry? The Saviour comes ! While as

the The mighty army of foul Spirits shrieked

Thousand Years Disherited of earth! For she hath fallen Lead up their mystic dance, the Desert On whose black front was written

shouts !

360 Mystery ;

Old Ocean claps his hands! The mighty 330

Dead 1 Alluding to the French Revolution. Rise to new life, whoe'er from earliest time

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and sage,

!! Shelly

Monaded, #83

With conscious zeal had urged Love's How the black-visaged, red-eyed Fiend wondrous plan,

outstretched 1 Coadjutors of God. To Milton's trump Beneath the unsteady feet of Nature The high groves of the renovated Earth

groans, Unbosom their glad echoes: inly hushed, In feverish slumbers—destined then to Adoring Newton his serener eye


390 Raises to heaven : and he of mortal kind When fiery whirlwinds thunder his dread Wisest, hel first who marked the ideal

name tribes

And Angels shout, Destruction ! How Up the fine fibres through the sentient

his arm brain...

370 The last great Spirit lifting high in air Lo! Priestley there, patriot, and saint, Shall swear by Him, the ever-living One,

Time is no more!
Him, full of years, from his loved native

Believe thou, O my soul,
Statesmen blood - stained and priests

Life is a vision shadowy of Truth ; idolatrous

And vice, and anguish, and the wormy By dark lies maddening the blind multi

grave, tude

Shapes of a dream! The veiling clouds Drove with vain hate. Calm, pitying he

retire, retired,

And lo! the Throne of the redeeming

And mused expectant on these promised

Forth flashing unimaginable day 400 years.

Wraps in one blaze earth, heaven, and 0 Years! the blest pre-eminence of

deepest hell. Saints !

Contemplant Spirits ! ye that hover o'er Ye sweep athwart my gaze, so heavenly with untired gaze the immeasurable fount bright,

Ebullient with creative Deity! The wings that veil the adoring Seraphs' And ye of plastic power, that (interfused eyes,

Roll through the grosser and material What time they bend before the Jasper

mass Throne 2

380 In organising surge! Holies of God! Reflect no lovelier hues! Yet ye depart, (And what if Monads of the infinite And all beyond is darkness ! Heights

mind ?) most strange,

I haply journeying my immortal course Whence Fancy falls, fluttering her idle

Shall sometime join your mystic choir ! wing.

Till then

410 For who of woman born may paint the

I discipline my young noviciate thought hour,

In ministeries of heart-stirring song, When seized in his mid course, the Sun

And aye on Meditation's heaven-ward shall wane

wing Making noon ghastly! Who of woman

Soaring aloft I breathe the empyreal air born

Of Love, omnific, omnipresent Love, May image in the workings of his thought, Whose day-spring rises glorious in my soul i David Hartley

As the great Sun, when he his influence 2 Rev. chap. iv. v. 2 and 3.-And immediately Sheds on the frost-bound waters—The I was in the Spirit : and behold, a Throne was set

glad stream in Heaven and one sat on the Throne. And he Flows to the ray and warbles as it flows. that sat was to look upon like a jasper and a

1796. sardine stone, etc.

1 The final Destruction impersonated. ll 395. HOI "au




anawedly Berlian in frodlarning & final happenen of all men, but this is also Hartley." ,'

Wood & Wesluman

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