655 ANONYMI introductio anatomica, gr. et lat., item Hypatus de partib. corporis, gr. et lat. c. notis Dn. W. Trilleri et J. St. Bernard. Acc. figuræ anatom. c. explic. gr. ex cod. bibl. Leid. LB. 1744. large 8°.

At first, Greek and Latin, by Pt. Lauremberg, Hmb. 1616. 4°. and gr. lat. p. eund. sumtib. Jo. Morsii, LB. 1618. 4°. 4 leaves of preliminary matter and 87 pages. 656 ANONYMI Ravennatis (Guidonis presb. sec. IX.) de geographia 11. V. ex MS. cod. eruit et notis illustr. Plac. Porcheron. Par. 1688. 8°.

Corrected and enlarged with Pomp. Mela ed. Abr. Gronov. LB. 1722. 8°.

ANONYMI scriptoris hist. sacra, see POLLUX.

657 ANQUETIL, L. P. Précis de l'hist. univ. Par. 1818. 8°. 8 voll. (48 fr.) Also vellum paper. 658 hist. de France dep. les Gaulois jusq. à la mort de Louis XVI. Par. 1817. 8°. 10 voll. (60 fr.) Also on vellum paper.


l'esprit de la ligue. Par. 1818. 8°. 2 voll. (11 fr., vellum paper 22 fr.)

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662 ANQUETIL Duperron, Abr. Hyac. Recherches histor. et géogr. sur l'Inde. Berl. 1786. 4°. 2 parts in I vol.

This is the second volume of the descript. de l'Inde by Bernouilli, with a separate title. 663 l'Inde en rapport av. l'Europe. Par. 1798. 8°. 2 voll.


legislation orientale. Amst. 1778. 4°.

See also OUPNEKHAT and ZOROASTER. 665 ANSELME de Ste Marie (Pt. de Guibours). Histoire généalogique et chronologique de la maison royale de France, des pairs, etc.

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674 ANTAMORI, P. Fr. (anonym). Storia del duomo di Orvieto. Roma, Lazzarini, 1791. 4°. 394 pages: to which is added, Stampe del duomo di Orvieto. Roma, 1791. large fol. 2 leaves of text, and 32 leaves of plates, with the numbers 1-37. whereof 8 are of 1 sheet, and 24 of half a sheet.

It contains also valuable documents. 675 ANTARA. Poema arabicum Moallakah c. integris Zouzenii scholiis e cod. MS. ed., in lat. serm. transtul. et lect. var. addid. Vc. El. Menil. Obss. subjunx. J. Willmet. LB., Luchtmans, 1816. large 4°. (4 fl. 2 st.)

676 ANTES, J. Observations on the manners and customs of the Egyptians, the overflowing of the Nile and its effects. Lond. 1800. 4. 139 pages, with one map. 677 ANTHOLOGIA Græca Planudea. ̓Ανθολογια διαφορων ἐπιγραμματων, ἀρχαιοις συντεθειμένων σοφοις etc. Flor. per Lr. Francisci de Alopa Venetum, III. idus Augusti M.CCCC.LXXXXiiij (1494). 4°.

This work and Apollonius Rhodius, Callimachus, Euripides, and the Gnomæ (see below) were printed together at one and the same press, in capital letters, under the superintendence of Lascaris. All five together are very rare, and only extant in the Laurentian library at Florence, and in four cases in England. (Beloe, anecdotes, III. 310.) The Anthologia and Apollonius are the easiest to be met with. (Wolf, lit. Annal. I. 237.

The book begins on the reverse of the first leaf with the above-mentioned title, is without catchwords and pagination, but with the signatures A-KK III, each sheet of 8 leaves. Altogether 272 leaves. Then follow 7 separate leaves without signatures, containing a Greek epigram and a Latin letter of Lascaris to Pt. Medicis, and after these, on the reverse of the 7th leaf, the colophon.

These 7 leaves (in Maittaire ann. T. I. 1719. p. 270-283. accurately reprinted from the original edition) are wanting in many copies, which then appear to be without date.

The first and very rare edition of the Anthologia of Planudes, whereof several copies are to be found on vellum (with the 7 leaves written 1000 fr. M'Carthy, pre

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678 ANTHOLOGIA. Florilegium diversor. epigrammatum in septem libros. Ven. in ædd. Aldi, 1503. 8°. 290 unnumbered leaves.

The first, the best, and the rarest of the 3 Aldine editions. A reprint of the preceding, with all its errors; but Aldus has subjoined at the end, in 21 pages, various readings from other MSS. and 19 epigrams, not before printed, and also 6 other pieces at the end of the 7th book. There are copies in which the title and first sheet are printed afresh. The older are distinguished by the last line of the title being θεται (where there is τιθεται in the others), and by the oft-occurring familiar abbreviations for e and ou, which in the others are always uncontracted. I have not observed farther differences. Both kinds are at Dresden. Copies also on vellum. The Aldine editions of 1517 and 1519 are nonentities. 679 florilegium etc. (the same title). Flor. per hæredes Ph. Juntæ, 1519. 8°.

410 numbered leaves, and 2 unnumbered at the end, whereof the first is blank, and on the reverse of the second the Junta lily. Scarce, but very faulty. A reprint of the preceding, with all its additions and various readings. Here first the poem of Paul. Silentiar. is disfigured by transposition. 680

florilegium etc. Solerti nuper repurgatum cura. Ven. in ædd. Aldi et And. soc. m. Jan. 1521. 8°. 289 numbered leaves, and 1 unnumberIed with the anchor.

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similar to the first, but with a dedication to Maurice of Nassau. See Chardon mélang. I. 269. The edition, Rost., prælo Myliandr. 1606. 8°. with a dedication to the sons of Bogisl. is one and the same impression as the first edition.

693 anthologia s. florilegium gr. lat. h. e. vett. græcor. epigrr. (gr.) doctiss. viror. opera lat. carmine conversa et recens edita ab Hi. Megisero. C. III indd. Ff., sumt. auctoris, 1602. 8°. 560 and 535 pages, 2 parts in I vol.

Only a selection from the Anthology and scarce. Still scarcer are copies with the new title, Omnium horar. obsonia, Frankf. 1614. 8°. There are here only the first 8 leaves reprinted, but two indexes of names omitted. See Chardon mélang. I. 223. 694

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florilegium h. e. vett. græcor. poetar. epigrr. ll. VII. (gr.) interpr. Eilh. Lubino. In bibliop. Commelin. 1604. 4°. without the dedication, 1011 pages.

Well printed and rare; with a prose translation. Sometimes the first 4 leaves are wanting (Title and Dedication), from whence originated an edition without place or date. This edition is printed in Corp. poetar. gr. T. II. Col., Allob. 1614. fol. p. 495. sqq.

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principal thing. In the edition, Lips., sumt. Ch. Tauscheri, 1655. 8°. only the first 8 leaves are reprinted.


analecta vett. poetar. græcor. (gr.) editore Rch. Fr. Ph. Brunck. Arg. (1772-73, 76), 8°. 3 voll. Several copies on large paper in 4°. and 3 on vellum.

Brunck has greatly extended and enlarged the collection and frequently corrected the text, still however often arbitrarily and without assigning his grounds for so doing: he has done nothing for its eluci dation. In the 3rd book are to be found lectt. et emendd. There is a list of the poets contained in this edition in the Classical Journal, X. 155.

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Anthol. gr. s. poetar. gr. lusus ex rec. Brunckii, indd. et comm. adjec. F. Jacobs. Lps., Dyck, 179495. large 8°. 5 vols. (on printing paper 5 d., on writing paper 7 d.F. Jacobs animadvv. in epigrr. anthologiæ gr. secund. ord. analector. Brunckii. Lps., 1798-1814. large 8°. 3 parts in 8 vols. (on printing paper 17 d. 12 gr. on writing paper 23 d. 4 gr.)

Brunck's text, with the omission of the large poems. But in the excellent critical and exegetical commentary Jacobs follows his own course. Added to which, ej. obss. critt. in anthol. gr. in Actis philol. Monacens. T. I. fasc. II. (1812) p. 121 ss. Wolfs lit. Anal. I, 96, 357. Im. Gli. Huschke analecta crit. in anthol. gr. c. suppl. epigrr. max. part. ineditor. Jen. et Lps., 1800. large 8°. (1 d. 12 gr.)

700 - anthol. gr. c. vers. lat. Hug. Grotii edita ab Hi. de Bosch. Ultraj., Wild et Altheer, 1795-98. 3 voll.-(T. IV. s.) Hi. de Bosch obss. et notæ in anthol. gr. quib. acc. Cl. Salmasii notæ ined. ib. 1810. 4°. on printing paper 32 fl., on writing paper 48 fl. (large paper copies no longer to be had) and in folio, (only 12 copies according to Brunet, of which the sale-catalogue says nothing.) 192 fl.

The text is after the Frankfort edition

of 1600, with corrections of the most remarkable errors. But the translation of Grotius, printed for the first time, is excellent. The annotations extend only to the 2nd book. The 5th part has yet to appear. 701 anthol. minor, s. florileg.

epigrr. gr. c. vers. lat. Hug. Grotii. Auct. J. Arn. Kanne. Hal., Gebauer, 1799. 8°. (1 d.)


anthol. gr. ad fid. codicis olim Palatini ex apographo Gothano edita. Curav., epigrr. in cod. Pal. desiderata et annot. crit. adjec. F. Jacobs. Lps., Dyck, 1813-17. large 8°. 3 vols.

A faithful impression of the principal codex, and only corrected in evident errors. Vols. 1 and 2, text; 3, critical apparatus. It is necessary to have both the editions of Jacobs together.


anthologiæ gr. epigrr. lib. primus per Fr. Bellicarium in lat. serm. metricum conversus. Par., Grandinus, 1543. 4°

A copy on vellum, M'Carthy 171 fr.— Epigrr. lat. ex anthol. gr. petita, lat. carm. reddita a P. Stephano. Lugd. 1593. 8°. 119 pages. Epigrr. ex libris gr. anthologie

a Q. Sept. Flor. Christiano selecta et lat. versa. Acc. Musæi poemation versib. ab eod. express. Lut., Rb. Steph., 1608. 8°. 4 leaves of preliminary matter and 115 numbered leaves.

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A metrical version of the best epigrams. Hellas Veilchen v. Herder gepflückt, in e. Kranz gewund. v. e. Freunde d. griech. Muse. Chemnitz, 1801. 4°. (1 d. 4 gr.) Collected from H's zerstreut. Bll., with the Greek text.-Collections from the gr. anthology and from the pastoral, elegiac and dramatic poets of Greece. By Rb. Bland and others. Lond., 1813. 8°. (18s.) The translations are better than the notes. 706 ANTHOLOGIE græcæ a Const. CEPHALA Conditæ ll. III. Duo nunc prim., tertius post Jensium iterum editi, c. lat. interpr. comm. et notitia poetar. (cura J. Jac. Reiske). Lps. 1754. 8°. On writing paper very scarce.

Here also are the epigrams to be found which Jensius had printed in lucubratt. Hesych. Rot. 1742. 8°. as well as the following whole collection, Sepulcralia car

mina ex anthologia MS. græcor. epigrr. delecta (a J. H. Leich). Lps. 1745. 4°. (Also on large paper.) Reiske's criticisms are extremely violent and arbitrary. Another volume of this Anthology (amatoria) he published in Miscell. Lips. nov. Vol. IX. Together with it are also to be joined, Stratonis aliorumq. vett. poetar. græcor. epigrr. nunc pr. a Ch. Adf. Klotzio edita. Altenb. 1764. 8°. (6 gr.)—J. Glo. Schneideri peric. crit. in anthol. Const. Cephala. Lps. 1771. 8°. (8 gr.)

707 Ad edit. Lips. J. Jac. Reiske expressi (cura Warton). Ox. 1766. small 8°. Large paper copies

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All Reiske's notes and even some epigrams are here omitted.

708 ANTHOLOGIA veterum lat. epigrammatum et poematum, cura et c. adnott. Pt. Burmanni secundi. Amst. 1759-73. 4°. 2 vols. also on large paper.

A specimen was previously published, Amst. 1747. See also EPIGRAMMATA. 709 persica, persice, ex diversis Persis, in lat. translata a Cæs. reg. linguar. orient. academia (ed. Ign. a Stürmer). Vindob. 1778. large 4o. (1 d.)

710 ΑΝΘΟΛΟΓΙΟΝ του όλου ἐνιαυτου TovσITATOV (anthol. ecclesiæ græcæ.) Ven. 1712. fol. 668 pages. 711 ANTICHITÀ, le, di Ercolano. Vol. 5, 6. Bronzi T. 1, 2. Vol. 7. Vol. 1-4. Pitture antiche T. 1-4. Pitture T. 5. Vol. 8. Lucerne e candelabri. Napoli, stamp. reale, 1757-92.-To which is added: Ott. Ant. Bayardi catalogo degli antichi monumenti dissotterrati dalla città di Ercolano. ib. 1754. (printed anew 1755.) Altogether 9 vols. in large folio with plates and vignettes.

Vol. I. 1757. title-plate, I portrait and 50 plates. Vol. II. 1760. r portrait and 60 plates. Vol. III. 1762. 1 portrait and 60 plates. Vol. IV. 1765. 1 portrait and 70 plates. Vol. V. 1767. I portrait and 79 plates, to which is added in 32 separate pages, modello di una nave, with 3 plates. Vol. VI. 1771. 1 portrait and 99 plates. Vol. VII. 1779. 84 plates. Vol. VIII. 1792. I portrait, 3 plates to the preface, and 93 plates.-To which also is added (although not prized), Ott. Ant. Bayardi prodromo delle antichità d'Ercolano. Nap. 1752. 4°. 5 voll. See Biörnsathl Letters, I. 307

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