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719 ANTIGUEDADES arabes de Granada y Cordoba. Madr. 1804. large fol. 2 vols. with plates. ANTILOGIA papæ, see FLACIUS. 720 ANTIMACHI Colophon. reliquiæ, nunc prim. conquir. et explic. instituit C. Adf. Gli. Schellenberg. Hal., Hemmerde, large 8°. (6 gr.)


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ANTINORI. Memorie degli Abbruzzi. Napoli, 1781. 4°. 4 voll. Very circumstantial, but nothing less than exact. ANTIPATER, see ANTHOLOGIA. -ANTIQUITATES Galliæ, see MAFFEI. Puteolanæ, see ANTICHITÀ.

722 ANTIQUITÉS étrusques. grecques et romaines tirées du cabinet de W. Hamilton (par Pt. d'Hancarville). (Also with the English title, Collection of Etruscan, Greek and Roman antiquities from the cabinet of W. Hamilton). Naples, 1766–67. large fol. 4 vols. with coloured plates.

It is a description of the first collection of vases by Hamilton in the English and French language, and greatly to be preferred to the work by Passeri. Besides the title and dedication, vol. I. has 107 leaves, vol. II. 112 leaves of plates. A new edition, Flor. 1801-8. large fol. 4 vols. (also English and French) is less finely coloured. See also DAVID, PEINTURES, PIROLI and TISCHBEIN.

723 ANTIQUITÉS sacrées et profanes des Romains, expliquées par M. A. V. N. (Also with the Latin title, Antiqq. sacræ et civiles Romanor. explicatæ). Haye, Alberts, 1726. fol. French and Latin. Also on large paper.

Title-plate, 2 portraits in the preface, and 82 leaves of plates in 84 numbers.

724 ANTIQUITÉS dans la collection de S. M. le roi de Prusse à Sanssouci. P. I. Berl. 1769. P. II. Danz., 1772. fol. 24 bad plates by Krüger.

725 ANTIQUITIES, the unedited, of Attica; comprising the architectural remains of Eleusis, Rhamnus, Sunium and Thoricus. By the society of Dilettanti. Lond., Longman and Murray, 1817. large fol. 59 pages of text, and 78 plates (10l. 10s.)

The designs are drawn with perfect accuracy. It may be considered as a fifth volume to STUART. (See below.) ANTIQUITIES, Ionian, see CHAN


726 ANTITHESIS de præclaris Christi et indignis papæ facinoribus (auct. Sim. Rosario). Without place, per Z. Durantium, 1557. small 8. 88 pages, with 36 neat woodcuts.

The first edition, scarce. Also, without place, per eund. 1558. small 8°. 94 pages. And Geneva, Vignon, 1587. 8°. 147 pages, with the same woodcuts. Antithèse des faits de J. C. et du pape, mis en vers. fr. without place, 1561 and 1578. 8°. without place (Gen., Vignon), 1584. 8°. 143 pages. Rome, 1600. 8°. 143 pages: and without place, 1620. 8°. with the same woodcuts, is entirely a translation of the preceding book (consult Beyeri mem. libr. rar. 277), and only differs in the appendix.

727 ANTIVIGILMI. La biblioteca Aprosiana di Corn. Aspasio Antivigilmi (Ang. Aprosio da Vintimiglia). Bol. 1673. 12°.

J. Cp. Wolf in his Latin translation, Hmb. 1734. 8°. has omitted all the first part, and translated into Latin the Italian titles of the books.

ANTONIA, see Bn. PULCI. 728 ANTONINI, Annib. Rime de' più illustri poeti italiani. Par. 1731. large 12°. 2 voll.

Beautifully printed. In Dresden there are two different copies. The first with the title-vignette and a preface of 8 pages. The second without the title-vignette and preface, but having at the beginning of each volume a dedicatory leaf to C. Talbot, and at the end of the 2nd vol. two unnumbered leaves with an English sonnet and the Privilegium, which are wanting in the first copy. In other respects they are of the same impression. 729 ANTONINI, C. Manuale di vari ornamenti, tratti dalle fabbriche e frammenti antichi, opera raccolta,


disegnata ed incisa da C. Antonini. Roma, 1781–90. fol. 4 voll. 730 ANTONINI Augusti itinera rarium provinciar. omnium c. fragmento et ind. (edente Gf. Torino ex MSS. Cp. Longolii). In domo H. Stephani, (1512). 16°.

Single edition; the first, and most rare: printed in red and black. 8 leaves of preliminary matter, 92 numbered and 60 unnumbered leaves. A copy, in bad condition, in vellum, 224 fr. at Paris, 1808. At first in Annii com. sup. opp. div. auctor. (Ven.) 1498. 4°. The reprint in Mela, Ven., Ald. 1518. 8°. and Flor., Junt. 1519. 8°. is very faulty. Published after 2 MSS. with good notes by Jos. Simler in Ethicus, Bas. 1575. 12°.

731 ANTONINUS. Itinerarium Antonini Aug. et Burdigalense, quor. hoc nunc pr. est edit. illud ad MSS. codd. et impressos comparatum, emend. et Hi. Suritæ comm. explicatum (ed. And. Schott). Col. Agr. 1600. 8°.

A new recension. Printed literally after it in Pt. Bertii theatr. geogr. 1618. With diligent use of a Vatican MS. in Schelstrate antiq. eccles. II. 569 sqq.

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annotatt. Lond. 1643. 8°. A new recension. Chiefly after it is the

neat edition, Ox. 1680. 12°.


de reb. suis ll. XII repurgati, suppleti, restituti, vers. lat. nova, lectt. varr. ac comm. perp. illustrati, st. et op. Th. Gatakeri. Cbr., Buck, 1652. 4°.

17 leaves of preliminary matter, 123 pages of text, 8 leaves of testimonia (before which is a fine portrait of Antoninus), 439 pages of annotations, and so leaves of table of contents. A new recension (without MSS. however), with a learned, but somewhat heavy commentary. Finely printed. This edition (with Mer. Casaubon's notes) is reprinted in Th. Gatakeri opp. crit. (cur. Hm. Witsio). Trj. ad Rh. 1698. fol. (also with a separate title of the year 1697.)


Ed. II. acc. And. Dacerii annotatt. et Antonini vita aucta a G. Stanhope. Lond., Millington, 1697. 4°. with a portrait of Antoninus.

Far inferior to the preceding in neatness. Copies on fine paper are scarce.

738 Ed. III. Lond., Mortier, 1707. 4°.

This is the preceding edition, with the first sheet printed anew. 739 M. Antonini Imp. eorum quæ ad se ipsum ll. XII (gr. lat.) "recogniti et notis illustrati (a R. I.) Ox., th. Sheld. 1704. 8°.

Gataker's text, with the same notes, and also an abridgment of Casaubon's notes and an addition of his own. On large paper very rare. A careless reprint by Cp. Wolle, Lps. 1729. large 8°.

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comm. quos ipse sibi scr. 11. XII, gr. ad codd. MSS. fid. emend., notas, var. lect. et interpr. lat. castig. adjunxit, Gatakeri aliorumq. notas c. suis animadv. et indd. lo

cupl. adjec. J. Mth. Schulz. Vol. I. Slesvici, Röhs, 1802. large 8°. (2 d. 20 gr., vellum paper 4 d.)

A new and valuable recension. Vol. I. contains the text and various readings. Vols. II. and III. (notes) have not yet appeared.

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The same title. Glasg., Foulis, 1744 or 1751. small 8°. also on fine paper. Likewise a reprint of the edition of 1704. 747

744 - los doce libros del emp. M. Aurelio, traduc. del Griego por Jacinto Diaz de Miranda. Madr., Sancha, 1785. 4°. (24 rs.)

745 - i XII libri di M. Aur. Antonino di se stesso ed a se stesso traslatati dal gr. (da Fr. Barberini il vecchio). Roma, 1675. 12°.


With various readings of the Greek text from a MS. and the edition of 1643. reflexions morales de l'emp. M. Antonin, trad. av. d. remarq. par And. Dacier. Par., Didot j. 1800. large 4°. vellum paper, with plates by Moreau.

Of the earlier editions, Par., Barbou, 1691. 12. 2 vols. is sought after. The best French translation is by Joly, Par. 1770. 8°. ib. 1773. 12°. ib. 1796. 8°. (50 copies of this edition on large paper, rose-coloured paper, and I on vellum.) ib. 1803. in 12°. and 18°. (1 copy on vellum, and 4 on rose-coloured paper.)

6 on

Unterhalt. m. sich selbst, a.

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d. Gr. m. Anm. u. e. Versuch üb. A's philos. Grundsätze v. J. Mth. Schulz. Schlesw., 1799. large 8°. (20 gr.)

This is preferred to the translation of J. W. Reche, Ff. a. M. 1797. large 8°. (1 d. 16 gr.) Of the English translations the best is, the meditations of the emp. M. Aur. Antoninus by R.. Graves. Bath, 1792. 8°. (6s.) Lond. 1811. 12°.

748 ANTONINI Liberalis transformationum congeries, Phlegontis Trall. de mirabil. et longævis libellus. Ei. de Olympiis fragm. Apollonii historiæ mirab. Antigoni mirab. narratt. congeries. M. Antonini de vita sua 11. XII. Gr. et lat. omnia, Gu. Xylandro interpr. c.annott. et ind. Bas., Guarinus, 1568. 8°. 348 pages, 2 leaves, 344 pages and 23 leaves of table of contents.

The first edition, very scarce. Fabricius's account of a double edition of 1568 is unfounded, and rests upon a confusion with the emperor Antoninus, of whose work this edition contains a second corrected recension.

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756 chronica. Nrb., Ant. Coburger, 1484. fol. 3 voll. Gothic letter.

First edition that is known with certainty (uncertain, Ven. 1480. fol. 3 vols.); double columns, without catchwords and signatures, but with pagination and title of columns. The work reaches to 1458. The latest edition, Lugd., Junt., 1587. fol. 3 vols. with the annotations of Pt. Maturus, is interpolated.

757 summa theologiæ. Nrb., Ant. Coburger, 1477-79. large fol. 4 vols. Gothic letter, double columns.

The first complete edition. A copy on vellum in 5 vols. in M'Carthy's library bought in at an auction for 1210 fr., and again offered for sale for 1800 fr. The same copy in the year 1796, at Edwards's the bookseller in London for 751. Also in the Nuremberg library on vellum.-At first, Ven., Jenson, T. I. 1479. T. II. 1477. T. III. in 2 vols. 1477. T. IV. 1480. fol. To the edition, Nrb., Coburger, 1486-87. large fol. 4 vols. belongs, as a fifth volume, J. Molitoris tabula quintuplex. Nrb. 1486. fol. The latest and best edition is, Veronæ, 1740. fol. 4 vols.

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758 tract. de instructione simplicium confessor. acc. sermo b. J. Chrysostomi de pœnitentia. Without place or date (Col., Ulr. Zell, about 1470). 4°.

The first edition, without catchwords,

signatures, and pagination, with 27 lines in a page. Before the text are three leaves of table of contents. In the colophon, explicit summa confessionum s. interrogatorium, &c. Chrysostom follows without a colophon.-Another edition, without place or date, 4°. (with Schöffer's coat of arms, about 1470), is entirely like the preceding; the title however stands immediately over the text, and is printed in a rather larger character, and Chrysostom has a colophon. According to Renouard cat. I. 77. it was printed at Cologne by ther Hoernen. 759 summa confessionum s. interrogatorium pro simplicibus confessoribus editum. In Monte regali, per Ant. Matthiæ et Bths. Corderium, 24 Oct. 1472. 4°.

Fine and scarce, in Roman characters.Rom., G. Lauer, 1472. m. Febr. 4°. 130 leaves, also very scarce. Ven., Bm. de Cremona, 1473. small fol. 128 leaves. Ven., J. de Colonia, 1474. 4°.


incomenza uno confessionale uulgar del reueredissimo padre beato frate Antonio. Bon. (Bths. Azoguidi), 1472. small 4°.

In Roman characters, with 32 lines in a page; without catchwords on the last page of each layer. Also with a discourse of Jordano's, without place, 15 Apr. 1472. 4°. 89 leaves. Ven., Cp. Arnoldo, 1473. 4. Fir., Ripoli, 1477 and 1479. 8°. are in less estimation.


incomenza uno tractato vul

gare, osia confessionale... el quale se intitula medicina de l'anima. Bonon. 1472. 4°. with 34 lines.

This is a work of the same author, different from the preceding; containing 5 parts (at the end of the 4th is the colophon), of which the 5th is, tract. de excommunicatt. 762 tract. notabilis de excommunicatt., suspensionib. etc. acc. de sponsalib. et matrimonio. Ven., J. de Colonia, 1474. 4°. Gothic letter. 763 ANTONIO (Bettini) da Siena. El monte sancto di Dio. Florentie, Nicolo di Lorenzo, die x. Septembris, 1477. large 4°. 131 leaves.

The first book with a date which has copperplate engravings, and is extremely rare; in Roman characters, without pagination and catchwords. The recto of the first leaf begins, (S)ommario et brieue dimonstratione diquanto si contiene in questo libro etc. Then 3 leaves of tables. The text begins in the 5th leaf, and ends on the recto of the 131st. The signatures begin

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with A on the 6th leaf, and proceed as far as R, each signature having 8 leaves, except I, which has 9, and R, which has 4. The signature K is altogether wanting. The first copperplate (re-engraved in Dibdin, bibl. Spenc. IV. 130) is to be found on the reverse of the 3rd leaf of the tables, the second on the reverse of N 8, the third (reengraved in Vallière's Catal. T. I. p. 255) on the recto of P 7.

In the reprint, Fir., Lr. de' Morgiani, 1491. fol. instead of the copperplates are to be found 3 woodcuts copied after them. 764 ANTONIO, N. Bibliotheca Hispana vetus, ad a. 1500. Curante Fr. Per. Bayer, qui prolog. et auct. vit. et notulas adj. Matr., vid. et her. Ibarræ, 1788. fol. 2 voll.— Bibl. Hisp. nova ab a. 1500 ad 1684. Nunc pr. prodit recogn. emend. aucta ab ipso auct. Matr. Ibarra, 1783 and 88. fol. 2 voll.

The vetus is in chronological, the nova in alphabetical order, according to the Christian name of the authors. The last was under the superintendance of Th. Ant. Sanchez and J. Ant. Pellicer. Tom. I. of the vetus has 2 plates, the portrait of the king after the title, and a facsimile, p. 490. Owing to this, the earlier and less fine edition, Rom. 1672–96. fol. 4 vols. is greatly fallen in price.


censura de historias fabulosas, obra postuma: van añadidas algunas cartas del mismo autor y de otros eruditos (por Gr. Mayans y Siscar). Valencia, 1742. fol. ANTONIUS, Æl., see NEBRISSEN


766 ANVILLE, J. Bt. Bourguignon d'. Atlas général. (Paris, Demanne). large fol.

This costly atlas contains 46 maps in 66 leaves, which were engraved from 1737-80. 767 nouvel atlas de la Chine, de la Tartarie chinoise et du Thibet.

Haye, 1737. large fol. with 42 maps.

This is an appendage to Duhalde descr. de la Chine, after the Hague edition in 4 oblong volumes, and a mutilated copy of the Paris edition. Sometimes also the 50 maps and 14 plates of Duhalde's work are to be met with by themselves on large paper, with a separate title, and with the name of the geographer Desauche, of whom the atlas may be had for 48 fr.


atlas d'Anvillianus antiquus major. Paris, Demanne, 1768. fol.

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