daughter. The Lady of Colonel Blair, a AC Seringapatam, Gen. Sir William daughter. The Lady of N.B. Edmonstone, Clarke, Bari. Commander of that district, Esq. a son. At the Government House, in the 45th year of his age. che Lady of Hugh Spottiswoode, Esq. a March. in Bencoolen, the Hon. Charles daughter. At Arcot, the Lady of Major. Murray, som:of the late Bishop of St David's, Walker, a son. The Lady of Leith Alex- and nephew of the Duke of 'A chole, and of ander Davidson, Esq. a daughter. At Ma- the lüte Lord Charles Aynsley. He fell a dras, the Lady of the Rev. Dr Kerr, Prin- sacrifice to the great exertions he used in cipal Chiplain, a son. At Purgeah, the the defence of Mr Parr, Governor of BenLaily of C. Gizme, Esq. a daughter. do coolen, who was massacred by the Malays Cuprah, the Lady of R. H. Rattray, Esq. a in March 1st. He was a young man, unidaughter.

versally admired and esteemed.

dpril 8. At Rio de Janeiro, whither he DEATHS.

had accompanied the Royal Family, and

Government of Portugal, Gen. John Forbes Oct. 15. 1898. In the province of Guzerat, of Skellater, in Aberdeenshire, in the 76th Lieut. Simon Fraser Robertson, of the sth

year of his age. General Forbes was the regiment of Bombay native Infantry, third senior General Officer in the service of that son of Arthur Robertson, Esq. of inches.

crown, General and Gowernor of Rio de 16. On board the Lord Duncan India.

Janeiro, a Counsellor of War, General of man, in Kidgeree roads, Bengal, (on his Cavalry, and Knight Grand Cross of the passage to Prince of Wales island for the illustrious orders of Avis, in Portugal, and recovery of his health,) Mr Andrew Lyall, of Charles III. in Spain. This much res.' son of the late Provost James Lyall, of pected veteran was a Lieutenant at the Montrose.

siege of Maastricht in 1748. He served all 23. Ac Berhampore, William Grant Esq. these campaigns, as well as the Seven Years fourth son of Patrick Grant, Esq. of Glen: War, at the conclusion of which he entered moriston. This gentleman, from his pious into the service of Portugal, where he conand liberal character, was no less the sub- tributed much to the establishing the tacject of regret at his death than of gene- tics of Frederick the Great (then introral esteem while he lived. He left Scot. duced into all the armies of Europe ) in the. laad at an early period of life, and was on Portuguese army, under the immediate prothe eve of returning to his native country, tection and friendship of Count de Lippe. in the 37th year of his age, when he fell a During a period of nearly 50 years, he disvictim to a malignant fever : he has be- tinguished himself in that country by hia queathed to the different societies for the activity, his zeal, and his incorruptible in. propagation of the Gospel among the na- tegrity, to which last circunastance it was tive Indians, the sum of 53001. Sterling.

perhaps owing, that'he enjoyed, uninter. Nov. 18. In Bengal, of the wounds he re- ruptedly, the favour of four successive soceived in an attack on the post of Comona, vereigns. The tears and unfeigned sorrow Lieut. Thomas-Kennedy Ramsay, of the of the present reigning Prince were the pioneers, second son of the late Rev. John most affecting testimonials of his attachRamsay, minister at Kirkmichael.

ment to the General, as the public and sin22. In the fort of Allyghur, aged 23, also

cere regrets of the people were of his real in consequence of a wound which he recei, worth. Indeed he was a virtuous and an ved in the above attack, Lieut. David Chas. honourable man; and, as a soldier, possesLivingstone, youngest son of the late Sir sed undaunted courage, indefatigable acAlexander Livingstone, Bart. of Westquar- tivity, promptitude, and decision. He com

nianded, with reputation, the Portuguese Dec. 18. At Hydrabad, Mr George Rose, army in Roussillon, at the commencement surgeon to the 2d batt. 17th reginient na- of the Revolutionary War; and he will tive infantry, sixth son of the late William hereafter be classed among those of our Rose, Esq. of Mountcoffer.

countrymen who have added to the respecJan. 14. 1808. At Calcutta, much regret- tability of the British national character ted, after an illness of four months, Mrs Ro

among foreigners. bertson, wife of Mr James Robertson, sur- Ac Bombay, Capt. Andrew Buntine, geon ac Moorshedabad, Bengal establish. commander of the Fortune country ship.. ment.

June 4. At Alexandria, America, Mrs 19. In Bengal, whither he had gone for Ann Warren (late Miss Bruncen,) sister to the recovery of his health, Mr Charles the Countess of Craven. Campbell, surgeon and botanist to the Com.

13. At Tobago, Neill Stewart Esq. of pany's establishmeist at Sumatra, second Urrard, son of the late Mr James Campbell of Glas- Ac Antiguá, Ralph Coming, M. D. surX9W.,

geon of the naval hospital



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July 4. At Barbadoes, John Fair, Esq. 27. At his seat, Cloucestershire, the Hon. paymaster of the 63d regiment of foot. and Right Rev. James Yorke, L. L. D.

14. Ac Brighton, the Right Hon. Henri- Lord Bishop of Ely.---- His Lordship was etta Laura Countess of Bath, and spouse of uncle to the Earl of Hardwicke, and in Sir James Murray Pulteney, Bari. Iea- his 76th year. ving no issue, the title is extinct. Her im- 27. At Maisondieu, Mr Thomas Robert. mense estates are left to different persons, partly to Sir James Pulteney, Sir John 27. At Otter House, Argyllshire, Anne ; Johnstone, Earl of Darlington, and Lord and on the 1st Sept. Jane-Eliza, the daughBradford

ters of Capt. Duncun Campbell; and, on the Ang. 5. At Calder, near Fort George, same day, Elliot, his youngest son Mrs Fortye, wife of Major Fortye, 6th roy- 27. Ai Edinburgh, Mr Robert Hamilton, al veteran battalion

late teacher of elocution in Aberdeen. 10. Ac Glasgow, Mr John Kirkland, ma- 29. At Bath, Major John Duddingston, qufacturer.

of the 28th regiment. 14. At Mungo's Wells, Berwickshire, at 29. At Dunse Castle, Mrs Janet Erskine, an advanced age, James Thomson, Esq. relict of Robert Hay, Esq. of Drummelzier.

18. Ac Leith, Miss Janet Ross Mabon, 29. Ar Boach, Alexander Dunbar of sciy daughter of Mr Andrew Bell Mabon, Beach, Esq. merchant there.

29. At London, Catherine, second daugh18. At Dinwoody Mains, Miss Mary ter of Lieutenant-General Lord Forbes, aBrand, daughter of Mr James Brand, farmer. ged 8 years and 5 nionths.

19 At Wilmington, near Dartford, Kent, SO. At Inverness, Miss Elizabeth MunJas, Cumming, Esq. Admiral of the White, ro, sister to the late Sir Hector Munro of aged-70 years.

Novar. 90. Francis Reynolds Moreton, Baron--, At'Brighton, Miss Cecilia Napier, youngDucie, Provost Marshal of Barbadoes, est daughter of the late Hon. Geo Napier.

20. In the Royal Hospital, Plymouth, Mr Lately, Mr Hunter, surveying-master of Robert Croll, late surgeon of his Majesty's Portsmouth Dock-yard. floop Reindeer, a young man of promising At Louden, Mrs Hay, relict of William abilities.

Hay, Esq. of Edinburgh. 21. At London, Sir Walter Ogilvy, Bart. At Dusseldorf, Edniund, Baron de Haof Invercarity.

rold, General in the Bavarian ser vice. This 21. At St Andrew's, the Rev. John A. Gentleman was of a very old and respecdamson, senior minister of that city, and table family in the south of Ireland. Professor of Civil History in the Universi. At Southcot House, near Reading, in the ty of St Andrew's, in the 67th year of his 86th year of his age, the Conite D'Hector, age, and 45th of his Ministry.

the father of the navy of France under the 22. At Glasgow, Mr William Banner- • monarchy: man, merchant.

Sudderly, at West Cliffe, Brighton, after 29 At Fotheringham, the Rev. Robert taking a ride, Sir George Pauncefort Bart. Small, D. D. and F.R. S. one of the minis- At Dublin, James Trail

, Esq. Under. Sefers of Dundee. He was aged 73, and had cretary to the Lord Lieutenant of Ireland. been 50 years a minister.

Philip Gidley King, Esq, Captain in the 23 At Kelso, Mrs Mitchelson, relict' of Royal Navy, and lite Governor of New Samuel Michelson, Esq. W. S.

South Wales. 24. At Gosford, after a short illness, che At Savannah, Georgia, James Oliver, Right Hon. Francis Charteris Wemyss, Esq. formerly of Berwick. Earl of Wemyss, in the 85th year of his age. Dowager 1.ady Kenyon, relict of Lord He is succeeded in bis sicles and estates by Kenyon, late Chief Justice of the Court of his grandson, the Hon. Francis Charteris, King's Bench. only son of the late Lord Elcho.

Lady Diana Beauclerc, relict of the Hon. 24. At Irvine, Mr James Young, mer. Topha'm Beauclerc, and sister to the Duke ehant, formerly baillie of that burgh. of Marlborough.

24. At Forgánhall, William Glen of for- At Horsham, Mrs Aldrich, wife of Capt. ganhall, Esq. in the 64th year of bis age. C. Aldrich, and sister of Lady Errol. He was an affectionate father and a steady At Clifton, Hugh Mair, Esq. friend.

At Stanmore, Mrs Learmonth. 25. At Braid, Maria, third daughter of At Scotstown, Miss Campbell Oswald, Mr Robert Bow, merchant in Edinburgh. sixch daughter of the late George Oswald

26, At Leith, Robert Strong sen. Esq. of Auchincruiv-, Esq merchant there.

Ar Leith, Mrs Jones, relict of Mr Wm. 26. At Eastfield, the Rev. James Rhind, Jones, shipmascer. She has mortified 2001. minister of Whitburn.

for coale io the poor of Leith.


At Findhorn, the Rev. Laurence Reid, 5. At Edinburgh, Mr R, Arras, merchant. minister of the Relief congregation there. 6. At Belhaven, near Dunbar, Captain

At Aberdeen, Mr James Christie, aged James Kellie, late of the East India Com93 years, farmer on part of the lands of Mr pany's 12th regiment native infantry, on Moir of Scotstown, which he had occupied the Bengal establishment. for upwards of 50 years, by three succes- 6. On his passage from London to Arsive leases, the expiry of which he just sur- broath, Captain Andrew Small, of the Fife. vived.

shire militia, much and justiy regretted by Sept: 1. At Worthing, the Lady of Lord his fanily, friends, and acquaintances. William Russell.

7. At London, Lady Wallace Dunlop. 1. At Cheltenham, Lieut.-Gen. Bowyer, 8. Ac Moffat, Mr James Spadin, archilate Commander of the Forces in the Wind. tect in Edinburgh. ward and Leeward islands.

10. At Grantown, the seat of the Lord 2. At Craigerook castle, aged five years, Justice. Clerk, Charles Hope, Esq. CommisArchibald, second son of Mr Constable, sioner of the Royal Navy. bookseller in Edinburgh.

12. Louisa-Charlotte, youngest daugh4. At Merchiston Bank, in the 85th year ter of Lieut.-Colonel Ainslie, 25th itgi. of his age, John Home, Esq. author of the tragedy of Douglas, &c.

12. At Inverness, Mr Ebenezer Youog, 4. Ai Oxgang, Mr David Calder, eldest teacher of Lacin in the InvernessAcademy. son of the late Mr Archibald Calder, mer- 13. At Inverness, Mr Alex. Macgiluray, chant, Glasgow.

coppersmith and brass-founder, convener of 5. Ac Hopetoun House, the Right Hon. the irades, and captain of the loverness cumLady Jamina Johoscone Hope, wife of pany of volunteers. Capt. George J. Hope, royal navy, and 15. Ac Edinburgh, Mrs Eleanor Prinyoungest daughter of the Earl of Hope- gle, daughter of the deceased John Pringle

of Haining, Esq. one of the Senators of the 5. Ac London, Mrs Peek, widow of Mr College of Justice. Robert Peek, silk mercer, London, and 16. At ditco, Mrs Sophia Robertson, daughter of the late Sir Archibald Prim- daughter of the late William Robertson, rose, Bart. of Dunipace.

Esq. of Ladykirk.



[blocks in formation]

T. will appear in our next.

W-R-d's notes are under consideration. We should be glad to know how far they are original.

The Tale, by the Ettrick Shepherd, was accidentally delayed this month, but will appear in our next; as will the elegant “ Address to a Lady".

Several other pieces are received, and are under consideration.




Edinburgh Literary Miscellany,

For OCTOBER 1808 :

With a View of CALDER CASTLE.


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Page Register of the Weather for Octoa

POETRY. ber, ...

723 To an Honest Suter, but very bad High Water at Leith for November, ib.

Poet, . ,

766 Description of Calder Castle, :: 723 The Guardian Angel,

ib. Hints on the Introduction of Coffee,

The Kirn, in lieu of Tea, as a Beverage, ib.

768 Monthly Memoranda in Natural History, ...

725 PROCEEDINGS OF PARLIAMENT, Improvement in the Supply of Water at Glasgow,...

House of Commons, 727

769 Account of Books committed to the

-Local Militia,

ib, Flames, suppressed, or censured, 729 -Distilleries,

ib. Proclamation by James VI.,

House of Lords, ,731

774 Strictures on Combinations,

-Catholic Petition,

ib. 732 A Journey through the Highlands and

-Scots Appeals,

776 Western Isles, in the Summer of

1804.-By the Ettrick Shepherd, 735 On the Employments of Women du.

HISTORICAL AFFAIRS. ring the Middle Ages, . . . 738 Portugal, . ..

. 777 Sketch of the Rise and Progress of - Proclamation by his Excellency the British Navy. . , .

741 Lieut. Gen. Sir How Dalrymple, Description of Newfoundland, with

commanding the Bricish Forces in an account of the Cod.fishery car. Portugal, to the Portuguese Nation, 782 ried on upon its banks, 744 Spain,

784 Singular Exploits of the Earl of Pe- -Proclamation of Ferdinand VII., . 'ib.

terborough in Spain, . . . 748 - Installation of the Supreme Junta Memoirs of the Progress of Manu. of Spain at the Palace of Aranjuex, 785 factures, Chemistry, Science, and France and Russia,

788 the Fine Arts, . 750 France and Austria,

790 Sweden,

ib. Nayal Intelligence,

791 SCOTTISH REVIEW, 1. Strutt's Queenhoo-Hall, a Romance; and Ancient Times, a

SCOTTISH CHRONICLE. Drama, .. 752 Court of Session

794 II. Chalmers's Caledonia,

Circuit Intelligence,

795 Magistrates of Edinburgh,

797 New Works published in Edinburgh, 764 Marriages,

ib. Scottish Literary Intelligence, : ib. Births,

798 Literary Intelligence, English and Deaths,

ib. Foreign, ib. Stocks and Markets,

Soo State

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State of the BAROMETER, in inches and decimals, High Water at LEITH

and of Farenheit's THERMOMETER, in the For NOVEMBER 1808. open air, taken in the morning before sun-rise,

Morn. Even and at noon; and the quantity of rain-water

Days. H. M H. M. fallen, in inches and decimals, from Sept.

Tú. 1 0 31 053 26. to Oct. 25. 1808, in the vicinity of

W. 2 1 15 1 97 Edinburgh.

Th. 3 1

59 2 22

Fr. 4 2 45 3 S Barom. Thermom. Rain. Weather.

Sa. 5 3 31 3 55 Sept.

M. N
In Pts

Su. 6 4 19 4 43 26 29.85 | 54 58


M. 7 5 7 5 31 27 30.


Tu. 8 5

56 6 20 28 29.73 29 50


W. 9 6 44 7 8 29 29.65 31 43


Th.10 7 33 7 57 30 29.8 35 50


Fr. 11 8 21 8 45 29.9 51 Ditto Sa. 12 9

9 9 34 2 29.89 40 54

Su. 13 9

59 10 24 3 29.85 43


M. 14 10 50 11 16 4. | 30. 42 53


Tu. 15 11 43 5 30.0544 62


W. 16 0 10 039 6 29.9 48 57


Th. 17 1 8 1 38 7 29.85 46 49 0.04 Showers

Fr. 18 2 9 2 40 8 29.4 44 44 0.03 Ditto

Sa. 193 11 S 49 9 29.8 39 49


Su. 20 4 13 4 44 29.7 43 56


M. 21 5 13 5 42 11 29.75 44 55


Tu. 22 6 9 6 36 12 29.9 36 44

W. 23 7

1 7 97 13 30.05 32


Th. 24 7 51 8 15 14 29.31 32 40 1.5 Snow

Fr. 25

8 37 8 59 15 29.65 40 47


Sa. 26 9 21 9 43 16 29.5 37 45 0.02 Showers

Su. 27 10 4 10 25 17 29.61 34 50


M. 28 10 46 11 8 18 29.7 35 47


Tu. 29

11 30 11 52 19 29.8 32 48


W. 30 20 29.6 39 49 0.01 Showers 21 29.4 36 47


MOON's PHASES 29.4 46 Cloudy

For NOVEMBER 1808. 23 29.5 32 47


Apparent time at Edinburgb. 24 29.3


Ditto 25 28.9 39 48 0.41 Rain

Full Moon, 3. 8. 15. morn.
Last Quar. 11. 9. 29. mori.
New Moon, 18. 2. 43. morn.

First Quart. 24. 10. 51. Even
Quantity of Rain, 2.01




0 14



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Nov. 2 Duke of Kent born, (1767.)

8. Princess Augusta Sophia born, (1768.)
11. Martinmass
30. St Andrew's day,

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