BROADBRIM, Hezekiah,-continued.

their Source: a Cessation of Hostilities proposed:
Endeavours used to allay the Heats and Animosities that
have too long existed, to reconcile the contending Parties,
and unite all religious Professions in the Bands of
Brotherly Love and Concord: with some brief Remarks
on the Slave Trade. By HEZEKIAH BROADBRIM.
Published according to Act of Parliament.

8vo. [About 1801.] 8 BROOKS, Thomas, Rector of St. Mary, Magdalen, Fish Street, London. He was a very affecting Preacher, and useful to many. Tho' he used many homely phrases, and sometimes too familiar resemblances, which to nice critics might appear ridiculous, he did more good to souls than many who deliver the most exact composures.—Mr. Brooks had been for some time a Preacher at St. Thomas Apostles; and about 1651 was chosen by the majority of the parishioners of St. Mary Magdalen. Gathering a church there in the congregational way, the rest of the parish preferred a petition against him to the Committee of Ministers, and he published a defence against their charges. He died Sept. 27, 1680.-Palmer's Nonconformists' Memorial, Vol. 1, p. 123.

The Foot out of the Snare; or, a Restoration of the Inhabi-
tants of Zion into their Place, &c.

London, Printed, &c.

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Note.-Part by Thomas Brooks. For the full title-page see my Catalogue of
Friends' Books, Vol. 2, p. 745.

BROWN, James.

4to. 1656. 7

NAYLER, James, of Ardesloe, near Wakefield.

Foot yet in the Snare,-Discovered in an Answer to John Tol-
dervy, Thomas Brooks, and others.
4to. 1656. 41

Antichrist in Spirit unmasked.

PARKER, Alexander, of Yorkshire, afterwards of London.

A Discovery of Satan's Wiles, and his svbtile Devices in Trans-
forming himselfe into the likenesse of truth,—against the
lyes and slanders lately printed and published in a Booke
entituled, Antichrist (in Spirit) unmasked, &c. put forth by
one James Brown, who stiles himself a Preacher, &c.

London, Printed for Thomas Simmons, at the Bull and
Mouth, near Aldersgate.

4to. 1657. 91

FOX, George, Founder of the Society of Friends.

The Great MISTERY of the Great Whore unfolded, &c. (page 259)
Folio. 1659.

BROWN, John, of Wamphry, in Scotland, was banished in 1662; and died in Holland in 1679. Besides the following, he wrote a treatise on the " Morality of the Sabbath," and other works.

Vieu of the Quakers Religion; being An Examination of
the Theses and Apologie of Robert Barclay, one of their
number, published lately in latine, to discover to the
World, what that is, which they hold and owne for the
only true Christian Religion. By JOHN BROWN Minister
of the Gospel. (With a Postscript, by R. M. C.)
Printed for John Cairns, and other Booksellers in Edin-

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4to. 1678. 73

BARCLAY, Robert, of Ury, near Aberdeen in Scotland.

Robert Barclay's Apology for the True Christian Divinity, vindi-
cated from JOHN BROWN'S Examination and pretended Con-
futation thereof, in his book, called, QUAKERISME the Path-
way to PAGANISME. In which Vindication I. B. his many
gross perversions and abuses are discovered, and his furious
and violent Railings and Revilings soberly rebuked. By
R. B. Whereunto is added A Christian and Friendly Expos-
tulation with ROBERT MACQUARE, touching his Postscript to
the said book of J. B. written to him by LILLIAS SKEIN, wife
of Alexander Skein, and delivered some moneths since at his
house in Rotterdam.

Printed in the year, 1679, and are to be sold by Benjamin'
Clerk, Stationer, in George Yard, Lumber Street, at
4to. 1679. 27

Reprinted in his Works, page 717, folio edition.

Note. This Reply "could not have been seen by Brown; for while Barclay
was admitted into the presence of Charles II., and was even gaining
favours for his sect, Brown perished in A.D. 1679, by a lingering disease,
on a foreign shore."-See Brownlee's "Careful and free Inquiry into the
Principles of Friends." Philadelphia, 1824.

BROWNLEE, William Craig, A.M. Pastor of a Dutch Reformed

Church in New York for many years, was born in 1784 at
Torfoot, the family estate, near Strathaven, Scotland. His
paternal ancestors had been the "Lairds of Torfoot" for
many generations. He was brother of the "Reverend "
James Brownlee, of Falkirk, and Nephew to James
Jeffray, M.D. Professor of Anatomy in the University of
Glasgow, to whom the following work is dedicated.

A Careful and Free Inquiry into the True Nature and Ten-
dency of the Religions Principles of the SOCIETY OF
FRIENDS, commonly called "Quakers. In Two parts. 1.
The history of their opinions: the rise and progress of
the Society. II. Dissertations on their doctrinal tenets,

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BROWNLEE, William Craig,-continued.

their worship, ministry, &c. By William Craig Brown-
lee, A.M. Minister of the Gospel.


Suis-je seul? Je me plais encore au coin du feu.” Philadelphia: Published by John Mortimer. J. Harding, 8vo. 1824.


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HICKSITE Controversy.

Note.-Appendix II. of this book, "Contains a brief Review of the most
distinguished Quaker Writers and Preachers."

He has published besides the above several theological works,

Review of Brownlee, On Quakerism..

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BROWNSWORD, William, of Kendal.

The Quaker-Jesuite, or, Popery in Quakerisme: Being a
clear Discovery. 1. That their Doctrines, with their Proofs
and Arguments, are fetcht out of the Council of Trent, Bel-
larmine, and others, 2. That their Practises are fetcht
out of the Rules and Practises of Popish Monks. With a
serious admonition to the Quakers, to consider their ways,
and return from whence they are fallen. By William
Brownsword, Minister of the Gospel at Kendal.

London, Printed by J. M. and are to be sold by Miles Har-
rison, Bookseller in Kendal.

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4to. 1825. 4


4to. 1660. 2

STORY, John, of Westmoreland.

Babilon's Defence Broken down, and one of Antichrist's War-
riour's DEFEATED: In an Answer to a scandalous Pamphlet,
Intituled, THE QUAKER-JESUIT: or, Popery in Quakerisme:
Put forth by one William Brownsword, who calls himself
Minister of the Gospel at Kendal. In which the Doctrines
of the Quakers (so called) are more truly stated than he hath
stated them, &e., &c. By John Stoery.

London, Printed for Robert Wilson, at the Black-Spread

Eagle and Wind-mill, in Martins near Aldersgate. 4to. 1660. 5

BUCKLER, Edward,-Minister at Calbourn, in Hampshire.
"He was much the gentleman, a good Preacher and a
good writer. He had been one of Oliver's Chaplains, and
preached before him four times a year, for which he had
£20. After he was ejected he lived privately at Bradford
Abbis in Dorset, where he followed the trade of malting,
and preached but seldom; except in and about the year
1672, at a gentleman's house, where few if any were
admitted besides the family. He frequently attended at
the public church.-Palmer's Nonconformists' Memorial,
Vol, 2, p. 7.

and ROBERT DINGLEY.-The Address of some Ministers
of Christ.
[About 1658.]

BUCKLER, Edward,-continued.

BAKER, Daniel, of London.

With THE LIGHT is fifteen Priests (of the Isle of Wight)

reproved, &c.

London, Printed,―for Mary Westwood.

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Edward Bucklar.

John Martin.
Simon Pole.

Martin Wells.
Matthew Hearne.

4to. 1658. 4

Philosophical, Historical, and Theological Observations.

of Thunder.

BUCKRIDGE, Abraham, (A Fictitious name?).

A Copy of a Quaking Epistle. Written Nov. 7, 1704.-In
"The New Universal Magazine." For November, 1755,
p. 177.
8vo. 1755. }

BULL, George, a learned Prelate, was borne at Wells, in Somersetshire, in 1634. He was educated at Tiverton School, in Devonshire, from whence he removed to Exeter College, Oxford; but on refusing the engagement he retired in 1649 to his native County. Having been ordained he became Minister of St. George's near Bristol. In 1658 he was presented to the Rectory of Siddington, in Gloucestershire.- -In 1705 he was consecrated Bishop of St. David. -He died in 1709, and was buried in the Church of Brecknock. From his Life, by Nelson.

This George Bull has written several theological Works, but I do not find
any of them against Friends, he was nevertheless an adversary, and for
some particulars concerning him I refer the reader to John Roberts's Life.

BUNYAN, John, was born at Elstow, near Bedford, in 1628,
He learnt to read and write, and followed his Father's
business, which was that of a travelling Tinker.
some years he led a dissolute life, but at length he began
to study the scriptures. About 1655 he became member
of a Baptist Congregation at Bedford, to whom he occa-
sionally preached; for which at the Restoration, he was
taken up and confined in Bedford gaol 12 years, support-
ing himself and family all the while by tagging laces.
It was here that he wrote his "Pilgrim's Progress,"
which has gone through numerous editions and been
translated into Foreign languages. On his release from
Prison, he became Teacher of the Baptist Congregation
at Bedford. He died at the house of one Mr. Straddock,
a Grocer, at "The Star," on Snow Hill, in the Parish
of St. Sepulchre's, London, after 10 days sickness;
and was buried in the New Burying-place, near the

BUNYAN, John,-continned.

Artillery-ground, in the City-road (called Bunhill-Fields,)
where there is this inscription on his tomb,




OBT. 31ST AUGT. 1688.-Æ 60.

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Some Gospel Truths opened, according to the Scriptures.
Or, The Divine and Humane Nature of Christ Jesus, His
coming into the World; his Righteousness, Death,
Resurrection, Ascension, Intercession, and second coming
to Judgment, plainly Demonstrated and Proved. And
also, Answers to several Questions, with profitable Direc-
tions to stand fast in the Doctrine of Jesus the Son of
Mary, against those blustering Storms of the Devil's
Temptations, which do at this Day, like so many Scor-
pions, break loose from the Bottomless Pit, to bite and
torment those that have not tasted the Vertue of Jesus,
by the Revelation of the Spirit of God. Published for
the good of God's Chosen Ones, by that Unworthy Servant
of Christ, John Bunyan, of Bedford, By the Grace of God,
Preacher of the Gospel of his Dear Son. [With an
Epistle to the Reader, by John Burton.]
8vo. 1656.

BURROUGH, Edward, of Underbarrow in Westmoreland.

The True Faith of the Gospel of Peace contended for, in the
Spirit of Meekness: And the Mystery of Salvation (Christ
Within, the Hope of Glory) Vindicated in the Spirit of Love,
against the Secret opposition of JOHN BUNYAN a Professed
Minister in Bedfordshire: or, An Answer to his Book, called,
Some Gospel Truths Opened, &c.

London: Printed for Giles Calvert at the Black Spread
Eagle at the West end of Pauls.
4to. 1656. 4

Reprinted in his Works, page 136.

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A VINDICATION of the Book called, Some Gospel-Truths
Opened; According to the Scriptures, and the Opposition
made against it by EDWARD BORROUGH, a professed Quaker,
(but proved an enemie to the Truth) examined and con-
futed by the Word of God. And also, The things that were
then laid down, and declared to the world by me, are a
second-time born witness to, according to truth: with the
Answer of Edward Borrough to the Quæries then laid
down in my Book reproved. And also, a plain Answer
to his Quæries, given in simplicitie of soul; and is now
also presented to the world, or who else may read or

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