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101 ADELUNG, F. Nachrr. v. alt-
deutsch. Gedicht., welche aus d.
Heidelb. Bibl. in d. Vatican. ge-
komm. sind. Kgsb. 1796. 8°. (18
gr.) Altdeutsche Gedichte in Rom.
od. fortges. Nachrr. v. Heidelb.
Handschrr. in d. Vatic. Bibl. ib.

1799. 8°. (1 d. 4 gr.)
102 ADELUNG, J. Cp. Gramma-
tisch-krit. Wörterb. d. hochdeutsch.
Mundart. m. beständ. Vergleich. d.
übr. Mundarten, besond. ab. d.
oberdeutsch. Lpz., Breitkopf 1793-
1801.4°. 4 voll. (24 d.) Suppl. od. 5.
Bd. Berl. 1818. 4°.

An earlier edition, Lips. 1774-86. 4°.
4 vols. and 5th vol. 1st part. A good edition,
Lips. 1793-1802. 8°. 4 vols. (10 d.) Dt.
W. Soltau Beytr. z. Bericht. d. Adelung.
W. B. Lüneb. 1806. 4°. (20 gr.) belongs
as a supplement to his great work.
Of Adelung's other grammatical writings

may be noticed: Deutsche Sprachlehre, f. Schul. 5. Aufl. Berl. 1806. 8°. (21 gr.) Umständl. Lehrgebäude d. deutsch. Spr. Lpz. 1782, 83. 8°. 2 voll. (2 d. 16 gr.) Vollst. Anw. z. deutsch. Orthogr. 3. Aufl. Lpz. 1812. 8°. 2 voll. (1 d. 16 gr.) Ueb. d. deutsch. Styl. 4. Aufl. Berl. 1801. 8°. 2 voll. (1 d. 16 gr.) 103-Mithridates, od. allgem. Sprachenkunde m. d. Vater Unser als Sprachprobe in beinahe 500 Sprr. u. Mundart. Th. I Berl., Voss 1806. Th. 2. Fortges. v. J. Sev. Vater. ib. 1809. Th. 3. Abth. 1-3. ib. 181216. Th. 4. ib. 1817. large 8°.

See also FRESNE (du) and JOEcher. 104 ADER, Guillem. Lou Gentilhome Gascoun e lous heits de Gou

erre deu grand e ponderous Henric Gascoun, Rey de France e de Navuarre. Tolose, Ramond Colomiés, 1610. 8°.

A burlesque poem in the Gascogne dialect, wherein the exploits of Henry IV. up to 1609 are described.

105 ADIMARI, L. Poesie sacre e morali. Fir. 1696. fol.

Fine edition. Also Lucca 1711. 8°. 106 satire. Amst. (Lucca) 1716.8°. Also Amst. 1764. 4°. Lond. (Livorno) 1788. 12°.

107 sonetti amorosi. Fir. 1672. 4°. also ib. 1693. 4°.


prose sacre. Fir. 1706. 4°. 109 ADLER, Jac. G. Ch. Museum Cuficum Borgianum Velitris. Rom. 1782. 4°. with plates. To which is added, as vol. 2, Collectio nova numor. Cuficor. s. Arabicor. vett.

CXVI. continens numos plerosq. inedit. e museis Borgiano et Adleriano, digesta et explicata. Hafn. 1792. 4°. with 7 plates. Editio II. Supplemento aucta. Altonæ, Hammerich, 1795. 4°. 110-Novi Testamenti versiones Syriacæ, simplex, Philoxeniana et Hierosolymitana denuo examinatæ et ad fid. codd. mss., novis obss. illustr. Hafn. Proft, 1789. large 4°. with plates: to which is added, Agst. Ant. Georgii et Jac. G. Ch. Adleri epist. duæ, in quib. loca nonn.

operis Adler. de vers. syr. N. T. exam. ib. 1790. 4°.

111 ADLERBETH, Gudmund Jöran. Poetiska Arbeten. Sth. 1802. 2 voll.


Greatly prized in Sweden.

112 ADMIRAL, Jac. 1'. Naauwkeurige Waarneemingen omtrent de Veranderingen van veele Insecten of gekorvene Diertjes. Amst. J. Sluyter, 1774. large fol.

4 and 34 pages, with 33 illuminated plates. There are also copies (with the same plates) without title, preface or table of contents, with 8 leaves of text, which begins and ends differently, and only goes as far as the 25th plate. In the 16th page an Advertissement corades the description. 113 ADMIRAL, J. l'. Icon duræ matris in convexa superficie visæ.Icon duræ matr. in concava superf. visæ. Amst. 1738. large 4°. with 2 plates.-Effigies penis humani. LB. 1741. large 4°. with 1 plate.— Icon membranæ vasculosæ. Amst. et LB. 1738. large 4°. with I plate.

Contains fine experiments of printing in colours. Two other similar experiments of the same, see under ALBINUS.

114 ADO Viennensis. Martyrolog. ab Herib. Rosweydo recensitum, nunc ope codd. bibl. Vatic. recogn. et adnotatt. illustr. op. et st. Dm. Georgii. Acc. martyrologia et kalendaria aliquot nunc in luc. edita. P. I. II. Romæ, Palearini, 1745. fol. 115 ADOLPHUS, J. British cabinet, containing portraits of illustrious personages engraved from original pictures, with biographical memoirs. Lond. 1799. fol. 2 vols. (6 guineas.) history of England from the accession of King George III. to the conclus. of the peace 1783. Ed. IV. Lond. 1817. 8°. 3 vols. (2l. 14s.)


This, with Hume and Smollet, forms a complete history of England from the earliest times down to 1783. See HUME. In German with observations and additions by Zimmerman, vol. 1, and vol. 2. part Ï. Lips. 1808-17. 8°.

117 ADRIANI isagoge SS. literar. Acc. antiquissimor. Græcor. in pro

phetas fragmenta. Græce. Cura D. Hoeschelii AV. 1602. 4°.

Also in Criticor. sacr. Vol. IX. ed. Amst. 118 ADRIANI Cardinalis S. Chrysogoni, ad Ascanium Cardinal. venatio. Ven., Ald. 1505. 8°. 8 leaves.


One of the more rare Aldines.
book itself has been often printed.
best edition of his other writings is, De
sermone lat. et modis latine loquendi. Ve-
natio. Iter Julii II. Par., Sim. Colinæus,
1528. 8°. 8 unnumbered and 248 numbered
leaves. Besides this, we have also by him,
De vera philosophia ex IV. ecclesiæ doctorr.
libb. IV. Bon. 1507. 4°. Rom. 1514. 4°.
cura et st. Bd. Passionei. Rom. 1775. 4°.
119 ADRIANI, Gi. Bt. Istoria de'
suoi tempi, dall' a. 1536, all' a.
1574. libri XXII. Fir., Giunti,
1583. fol.

A fine edition and scarce even in Italy. A less fine edition, but with marginal notes, Ven. Giunti, 1587. 4°. 3 voll. This work appears to be much more a continuation of Varchi, than of Guicciardini. ADRIANUS Carthus, see LIBER 124 de remediis.

120 ADVINEAUX (les) amoureuses. without place or date, folio, Gothic letter.

Without pagination, catchwords and signatures, in double columns; the type is the same as in Quadriloge d'Alain Chartier, printed by Colard Mansion, 1477. The work has three parts. The first, consisting of 8 leaves, begins with a preface. Pour par chevaliers. The second, of 14 leaves, in prose and verse, concludes the preface, car cest ouvrage est divisez de nuit. The third, of 4 leaves, is superscribed, S'ensuivent autres demandes. The last leaf has on the reverse 23 lines, and concludes, et ainsy en eut quatre los justement sans autre mesure. It is the oldest French collection of merry tales, and is also to be found in an edition of Abuzé en court.

121 ADVIS fidel aux véritables Hollandois, touchant ce qui s'est passé dans les villages de Bodegrave et Swammerdam (par de Wicquefort.) without place, 1673. 4°. with 8 plates by Romain de Hooge.

129 leaves in double columns without signatures, catchwords, and pagination, in Roman letters. Begins with Prologus in librum de Regim. princ. next follows an index which concludes on the recto of the 4th leaf. The reverse is blank. The text commences on the recto of the 5th leaf and ends on the recto of the 129th leaf. The first edition of a frequently printed work (Rom. St. Planck, 1482. fol. the last time under the name of Th. Aquino LB., Maire, 1643. 24°.) In French, le gouvernement d. princes. Par. Verard, 1497. fol. In Spanish, Regimiento de los principes. Sev. 1494. fol. and under the name of Th. Aquino, Madr. 1625. 4°. Limousin, Barcelona, 1480. fol. In Italian by Val. Averoni, Fir. 1577. 8°. 123 ÆGINETA, P. De re medica libri VII. gr. Ven., in æd. Aldi, 1528. fol.

The first edition. This work itself contains 137 leaves, besides 4 leaves at the beginning (whereof one is unprinted) and three at the end (whereof one also is unprinted). A pretended subsequent impression of 1534 is a nonentity.

Sought after on account of the plates. The edition in small 12°. without plates

is of no value.

122 ÆGIDII Romani de regimine principum 11. III. without place and printer (Gth. Zainer?) 1473. fol.

collatione vetustissimor. exemplar. emendati et restit. nec non aliq. locis aucti (cura Hi. Gemusai.) Bas., Cratander, 1538. fol.

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As yet the latest and best edition. Gemusæus also published separately observations on Ægineta, Bas. 1543. fol. A Latin translation by Albanus Torinus, Bas., Cratander, 1532. fol. (Liber VI. de chirurgia, which is wanting in this translation, was translated separately by J. Ph. Felicianus, Bas. 1533. fol.)-By J. Guinterus (from 3 MSS.) Par., Colinæus, 1532. fol. Col. Soter, 1534. fol. Ven., Arrivabene, 1542.8°. Ven., Turrisan. 1553. 8°., c. Guinterii et Cornarii annott. et Goupyli et Dalechampii scholiis. Lugd. 1567 or 1589. 8°.-By Jan. Cornarius. Bas., Hervag. 1556. fol.

præcepta salubria, Gu. Copo
interpr. Par., H. Steph. 1510. 4°.

Askew had a copy on vellum. Copus
has translated this piece of the first book
from a MS. Often printed.
126 ELIANUS, Cl. Opera quæ ex-
tant omnia, gr. et lat. e regione,
partim nunc pr. edita, part. multo
qu. antehac emendatiora in utraq.
lingua, cura et op. Cr. Gesneri Tig.,
ap. Gesneros fratres (1556.) fol.

Correct and not common: the date is inserted in some copies. 127 - de animalium natura ll. XVII.,

gr. et 1. Pt. Gillio et Cr. Gesnero interprr. (Genev.) ap. J. Tournes. 1611. 16°.—Col. Allobr., Ph. Albertus, 1616. 16°.-Lugd., Ant. Candidus, 1616. 16°.

After Gesner's recension, but incorrect. The two editions of 1616 are the same impression with different titles only. 128

gr. et 1. c. animadvv. Cr. Gesneri et Du. W. Trilleri, cur. Abr. Gronovio, qui et suas adnotatt. adjec. Lond., Bowyer, 1744. 4°. 2 voll. Scarce on large paper.

A very complete edition. Incorrectly and badly reprinted. Bas. 1730. 4°. new title. Heilbronn. 1765. 4°. and Tub., Cotta, 1768. 4°. (4 d.)


gr. et l. c. prior. interpretum et suis animadvv. edid. J. Glo. Schneider. Vol. I. II. Lps., Schwickert, 1784. 8°. (2 d. 6 gr.) Scarce on writing paper.

To which is added, J. Glo. Schneideri ad reliqua libror. Frid. II. Imp. et Alberti M. Capita comm., c. auctario emendatt. atq. annott. ad Eliani de N. H. libb. Lps. 1788 -89. 4°. 2 voll. (6 d.)-C. Glo. Kühn de via ac ratione, quà Æl. in hist. an. conscrib. usus est. Lps. 1777. 4°. F. Jacobs obss. in El. hist. an. et Philostrati vit. Apoll. Jen. 1804. 8°. (4 gr.)

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this edition, Jac. Perizonii diss. de morte Juda et verbo ἀπαγχεσθαι ad vindicanda dicta ad Elian. V. 8. contra Jac. Gronov. LB. 1702. 8°. (also Trj. ad Rh. 1766. 8°.) Ej. responsio I. et II. ad nuperam notit. de variis El. aliorumq. auctor. locis. ib. 1703. 8°.


gr. c. nott. J. Schefferi, interpr. Justi Vulteji, varr. lectt., notis posth. J. Schefferi et annott. Jo. Kühnii. Cur. J. H. Lederlino. Arg. 1713. 8°.

Valuable on account of Kühn's notes, which were prized by Hemsterhuis himself. 134 - gr. c. nott. integr. diversor. et interpr. lat. Justi Vulteji, cur. Abr. Gronovio, qui et suas adnott. adj. LB. (Amst., Rott., Ultr. et Hag. Luchtmans, 1731. 4°. 2 voll. also large paper.

The most complete edition after two new MSS.-An impression of the Greek text only, with an index for schools, by Cp. Kretzschmar. Dr. et Lps. 1746. 8°. as Operum Æliani T. I. (et unicus.)

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135 et fragmm., gr. c. integro comm. Jac. Perizonii aliorumq. viror. doctor. notis, Gronoviana nond. comprehensis editione. Curav. indicemq. græcitatis adj. C. Glo. Kühn. Lps., Schwickert, 1780. 8°. 2 voll. (2 d. 8 gr.) also on writing-paper.

A good small edition. The edition by Gli. Bj. Lehnert is of little importance: c. adnott. Jac. Perizonii et alior. selectis et (2 d.) suis. Lps., Breitkopf, 1794. 8°. 2 voll. 136

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Prodromos biblioth. Græcæ, cont. Æliani var. historiam, Heraclidis Pontici et N. Damasceni fragmenta (gr. ed. Diamant Coray). Par., Didot, 1805. 8°. (12 fr.)

700 copies on large paper, and one on vellum.-El. V. H.... edid. indiceq. gr. germ instrux. G. H. Lünemann. Gott., Dietrich, 1811. 8°. (18 gr.)

137 varia hist. lat. redd. a Jac. Laureo. Ven., Jolitus, 1550. 8°.

Not much known. The better-known translation by Just. Vultejus was first printed at Bas., Opor. 1548. 8°.

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Jos. Dacier). Par. 1772. 8°. (5 out date, fol. 124 numbered leaves, fr.) and one leaf of errata.

Sm. Formey's translation, under the title, Diversités hist. Berl. 1764. 8°. is of no value. 140

verm. Erzähll. a. d. Gr. m. Anm. v. J. H. F. Meinecke. Qdlb. 1775. (new title, 1787.) 8°. (18 gr.) 141 ÆLIANUS Tacticus. De militarib. ordinib. instituendis more Græcor. liber, a Fr. Robortello nunc pr. gr. editus, multisq. imaginib. et picturis ab eod. illustr. Ven., Spinelli, 1552. 4°. 4 leaves of preliminary matter, 77 pages, and one leaf at the end.

The first separate edition of the Greek text, already previously printed in Thomas Magister, Lutet. 1532. 8°. His and Gaza's Latin translation Robortello gave in a separate volume, Ven. 1552. 4°. which however is wanting in most copies, and is extremely scarce. The whole edition is repeated in Cl. Æliani opp. ed. Cr. Gesner. 142 Tactica, s. de motionib. ac præceptis militarib. ad formandas et transformandas acies necessariis, liber singularis. Ed. nova. Op. et st. Sixti Arcerii. LB., L. Elzevir. 1613. 4°. with 3 plates.


Already in March of the same year the publisher added thereto Leonis Imp. Tactica, ex ed. J. Meursii. LB. 1612. 4° and gave the works the following title: Cl. Eliani et Leonis Imp. tactica, s. de instruend. acieb. gr. et lat. Quor. hic græce prim. opera J. Meursii, ille ex Sixt. Arcerii nova interpr. lat., ambo aut. nott. et animadvv. illustriores in luc. exeunt. LB.,

L. Elzevir. 1613. 4°. 214 pages (El.) 447 pages (Leo) and 7 pages (Modest. vocabb. rei mil.). These last copies are oftener to be met with than the earlier copies without Leo.

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The first edition. A copy on vellum is in the Royal library at Paris.-Another edition, Par. ap. Bad., without date (1500?) fol. containing 6 books.

145 ÆMILIUS, P. De rebus gestis Francor. ll. IV. Par., Ascens. with

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Good copies of this edition were particularly sought after in France, although the edition, ex postr. auctoris recogn. Par. Vascos. 1544. fol. is equally fine, more correct, and augmented. A convenient small edition, Par. Vascos. 1555. 8°. 2 vols. The last edition, c. contin. Arn. Ferroni et Jac. Henricpetri. Bas. 1601. fol. In French by J. Regnart, Par. 1581, also 1643. fol. In Italian, Ven. 1549. 4°. In German by Ch. Wurstisen, Bas. 1572. fol.

147 ÆNEAS Gazæus et Zach. Mitylenæus. De immortal. animæ et mortalitate universi, gr. et l. Prior c. vers. et nott. Csp. Barthii, poster. c. interpr. J. Tarini, ejusdemq. et Barthii nott. Lps. 1655. 4°.

143 ELIANUS Tacticus. Del modo
di mettere in ordinanza, trad. per
Fr. Ferrosi. Ven., Giolito, 1551, also
1552. 8°.

la milice des grecs, ou tactique d'Elien, trad. du gr., av. d. notes, par Bouchaud de Bussy. Par. 1757. 12°. 2 voll.

See also SCRIPTORES de re mil. and 151 POLYBIUS.

Best in Gallandi bibl. PP. T. X. p. 627. -Eneas Plat. de immort. an. (lat. per Amb. Camaldul.) Ven., Paganinis, 1513. 8°. on vellum, M'Carthy, 79 francs (previously Vallière, 80 fr.)-Gr. Gli. Wernsdorf pr. de Enea Gaz. Numb. 1817. 4°. 148 ÆNEAS Sylvius. Opera (ed. M. Hopper). Bas. 1571. fol.

More complete than Bas. 1551. fol. An entirely complete edition of all his works is still wanting.


Csp. Cörber et J. Andr. Schmid). opp. geogr. et histor. (ed. Ff. et Lps. 1707. 4°.

Copies with the title, Helmst. 1699. 4°. are not perfect. There ought to be contained cosmogr., hist. Bohem., de concil. Bas., hist. Frid. III, epit. decad. Blondi, comm. in Ant. Panorm. Of which, hist. Frid. III. is wanting in the Basle édition. 150 oratt. politicæ et ecclesiast., quar. multas ex MSS. codd. eruit, reliquas colleg. et ad MSS. codd. rec. J. Dm. Mansi. Lucæ, 175559.4°. 3 voll.

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epistolæ in cardinalatu editæ. without place and date (Strb. Mentelin, about 1472). fol.

429 leaves with 37 lines in Roman let

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