(Diptera: Ceratopogonidae)

By Willis W. Wirth and Franklin S. Blanton

Technical Bulletin No. 1474

Agricultural Research Service

Washington, D.C.

Issued January 1974

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A 3-month stay on the island of The junior author was able to colDominica by the senior author from lect in Puerto Rico on a U.S. Army January to March 1965 and our ex- Medical Department survey in June tensive collections from the island and July 1952, and his material was were made possible by facilities ex- presented to the U.S. National Mutended by the Bredin-Archbold- seum. We acknowledge the unfailing Smithsonian Biological Survey of kindness of Irving Fox of the UniverDominica under the very able lead- sity of Puerto Rico in San Juan in ership of Horton H. Hobbs of the responding to our numerous requests Smithsonian Institution, Washing- for loans of specimens and for inforton, D.C. We are especially grateful mation on Caribbean Culicoides durto the sponsors of the Survey, J. ing 1952–72. Dr. Fox has been most Bruce Bredin and John D. Archbold, helpful, especially in the early years for making these studies possible. We of our work when we most needed are grateful to the following ento- assistance. mologists participating in the Sur- We also acknowledge the cooperavey who collected Culicoides mate- tion and assistance of the following rial for us: Dale F. Bray, J. F. Gates individuals and institutions for the Clarke, Oliver S. Flint, Jr., Paul J. collection or loan of West Indian Spangler, Theodore H. Spilman, and material, personal assistance, advice, Edward L. Todd. Our Dominican and information: Thomas H. G. collections are in the U.S. National Aitken of the Rockefeller FoundaMuseum (USNM) in Washington, tion, now at Yale University School D.C.

of Medicine, New Haven, Conn., and The senior author also had the op- R. Martinez and A. Guerra, memportunity of making collections in bers of his staff at the Trinidad ReJamaica for several weeks in Feb- gional Virus Laboratory in Port of ruary of 1969 and 1970. He is grate- Spain; Peter R. Bacon of the Uniful to Thomas H. Farr of the Insti- versity of the West Indies in St. tute of Jamaica in Kingston for Augustine, Trinidad; Fred D. Benassistance. Extensive and productive nett of the Commonwealth Institute light trap collections from Jamaica of Biological Control in Curepe, were made available to us by Robert Trinidad; Richard F. Darsie of the E. Woodruff of the Florida State De- University of Delaware, Newark; partment of Agriculture, Division of John B. Davies of the Trinidad RePlant Industry, and E. G. Farn- gional Virus Laboratory, Medical worth of the University of Florida Research Council, Port of Spain; in Gainesville. To them we express M. E. C. Giglioli and John E our sincere thanks.

Davies, Mosquito Research


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