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Venet. 1476

ABANO (Pet. de) Conciliator Differentiarum Philosophorum et præcipue Medicorum. fol. ABEILLE (Scipion) Nouvelle Histoire des Os.12mo. Paris, 1685 ABERCROMBIE (John M.D.) Pathological and Practical Researches on Diseases of the Brain and Spinal Cord. 8vo. Edinb. 1828

The same: 2nd edit. enlarged. Svo. ib. 1829 Pathological and Practical Researches on Diseases of the Stomach, the Intestinal Canal, the Liver, and other Viscera of the Abdomen. 8vo. ib. 1828 ABERCROMBY (Dav.) Opuscula Medica hactenus edita. 12mo.

Lond. 1687

ib. 1685

Nova Medicinæ Clavis. 12mo. ABERNETHY (John) Surgical and Physiological Essays: On the Lumbar Abscess. On the Composition and Analysis of Animal Matter.-Part 2. On the Nature of the Matter perspired and absorbed from the Skin. On the ill Consequences sometimes succeeding to Venæsection.-Part 3. On Injuries of the Head. Supplement to the Essay on the Lumbar Abscess. Experiments on Irritability. Surgical Cases and Remarks on the Operation for Aneurism; Of Emphysema; Of the Use of Mercurial Fumigations. 8vo. ib. 1793-97

Surgical Observations, containing a Classification of Tumours, with Cases to illustrate the History of each Species;-An account of Diseases which strikingly resemble the Venereal Disease; and various Cases illustrative of different Surgical Subjects: viz. Injuries of the Head; Aneurism; the Operation of Puncturing the Urinary Bladder; the


Removal of loose Substances from the Knee Joint.-Part 2nd. Of the Disorders of the Health in general, and of the Digestive Organs in particular which accompany Local Diseases and obstruct their Cure; on Diseases of the Urethra, particularly of that Part which is surrounded by the Prostate Gland; on the Treatment of one Species of Nævi Materni. 8vo. Lond. 1804-06 ABERNETHY (John) Surgical Works, viz.-On the Constitutional Origin and Treatment of Local Diseases; Aneurism; Diseases resembling Syphilis; Diseases of the Urethra; Injuries of the Head; Miscellaneous Subjects, viz. The ill Consequences occasionally succeeding to Venæsection; On Emphysema; On the Operation of Puncturing the Urinary Bladder; On the Tic Douloureux; On the Removal of loose Substances from the Knee Joint; Treatment of one Species of the Nævi Materni; On Hæmorrhoidal Diseases; On Fistulæ in the Perinæum, Tumours, and Lumbar Abscesses. 2 vols. 8vo.

The same: a new edit. 2 vols. 8vo.

ib. 1811

ib. 1827

Introductory Lectures, exhibiting some of Mr. Hunter's Opinions respecting Life and Diseases, delivered before the Royal College of Surgeons, London, in 1814 & 1815. 8vo. ib. 1815

Physiological Lectures, exhibiting General Views of Mr. Hunter's Physiology and Researches in Comparative Anatomy. 8vo.

ib. 1817 The Hunterian Oration delivered Feb. 14, 1819. 4to. ib. 1819

Reflections on Gall and Spurzheim's System of Physiognomy and Phrenology. 8vo.


ib. 1821

Lectures on the Theory and Practice of Surgery, ib. 1830.

An Address to the Audience at the Conclusion of the First Anatomical Lecture, &c. 8vo. [Anon.] ib.

Surgical Lectures given at St. Bartholomew's Hos

pital. 1806. MS. By a Pupil.

Notes of Surgical Lectures given at St. Bartholomew's Hospital. MS. By a Pupil.


ABINSCENUS. Vide Avicenna.


ACADEMY:-Transactions of Academies, Learned Societies, &c.

Great Britain and Ireland.

Philosophical Transactions, [of the Royal Society of London,] giving some Account of the present Undertakings, Studies, and Labours of the ingenious in many considerable Parts of the World.-128 vols. 4to.

Lond. 1665-1829

Medical Essays and Observations relating to the Prac-
tice of Physic and Surgery; abridged from the Philc-
sophical Transactions, from their first publication down
to the present time. 2 vols. 8vo.
ib. 1745

A general Index to the Philosophical Transactions, from
the 1st to the end of the 70th volume. By P. H. Maty,
ib. 1787

A Continuation of the Alphabetical Index to the Matter
contained in the Philosophical Transactions of the Royal
Society of London from vol. 71 to vol. 110-the year
1781 to the year 1820 inclusive. 4to.
ib. 1821

An Index to the Anatomical, Medical, Chirurgical and
Physiological Papers contained in the Transactions of
the Royal Society of London, from the Commencement
of that Work to the End of the Year 1813; Chronolo-
gically and Alphabetically arranged. [By James Briggs,
Esq.] 4to.
Westminst. 1814
Diplomata et Statuta Regalis Societatis Londini pro
Scientia Naturali promovendâ. 4to.
Lond. 1777

The History of the Royal Society of London. By Thos.
Spratt. 4to.

The same: 3rd edit.

ib. 1667

ib. 1722

The History of the Royal Society of London, as a Sup-
plement to the Philosophical Transactions. By Tho.
Birch. 4 vols. 4to.
ib. 1756-57


The History of the Royal Society, from its Institution to
the End of the 18th Century. By Tho. Thomson, M.D.
ib. 1812
Philosophical Collections (published by Rob. Hooke
during the Interruption of the Philosophical Transac-
tions.) No. 1-7. 4to,
ib. 1679-81-82

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