Book-Prices Current.



VOLUMES I. TO XXVI. Being a Record of the Prices at which Books have been sold at Auction during the years 1887 to 1912, with the Titles and Descriptions of the Books in full, the Catalogue Numbers, the Names of the Purchasers, Special Notes on

certain Books, and a very full Index. Demy 8vo. bound in buckram, and printed on good paper, with

fine margin for notes, price £ 175. 6d. net each. Some of the earlier volumes are out of print, and greatly advanced in price. Information concerning these can be had on application to the Publisher. The more recent ones can still be had at the published price, but very few copies of any of the volumes remain

on hand. Opinions of the Press. "We acknowledge, with much pleasure, that 'BookPrices Current'is now the most carefully edited work of its kind published in this or any other country."-Athenaeum,

“With the present season of book-auctions, "Book-Prices Current reaches its 25th year, and it is, we believe, the only purely bibliographical periodical in existence which has continued to appear for a quarter of a century regularly, uninterruptedly, and with a promptitude which is a credit to those who produce it and a boon to those who use it. It has had many rivals and imitaiors, both at home and abroad; but the only effect of this rivalry has been many improvements in matters of detail."-The Times, Sept. 29th, 1911.

"It exhibits all those good qualities of accurate record which have raised the publication to such a position of universal esteem."-Publishers' Circular.




TEN VOLUMES OF BOOK-PRICES CURRENT, 1887-1896 Constituting a Reference List of Subjects and, incidentally,

a Key to Anonymous and pseudonymous Literature. Demy Svo., bound in buckram. Price One Guinea net.

“If money, as Anthony Trollope neatly put it, be the reward of labour, too much is certainly not asked for the labour whicn has 'marshalled into order a manuscript involving 33,000 distinct titles and considerably over 500,000 numerals.' The typographical arrangement of the volume will receive praise from those who can understand the difficulties of the printers' task," The Guardian.

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See No. 6443. Collation :- Blank leaf; title ; dedication to Sir Edward Winckfield, Ajj;
text, A iij to Gij, pp. 5-54. It comprises 197 stanzas of 6 lines each. A notice of this poem, of
which only two copies are known, will be found in Corser's “ Collectanea,” part iv., p. 390. The
author, who was dead in 1596, does not seem to have written anything else beyond a letter and some
verses at the end of Gabriel Harvey's " Pierces Supererogation," 1593.


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