result from their refusal. Let all those who chance to be
involved in such trying circumstances, whether placemen,
servants, or dependants, be careful to prove, by their
edifying conduct, by their honesty, their fidelity, and
their uniform attention to their employer's interest and
welfare, that the religion of their preference effectually
inculcates every Christian Virtue in an eminent degree.
No violence will then be offered to their consciences:
they will be left at full liberty to adore their God in their
own way: they must become respectable and respected
in this very act of recusancy.
This shall be unto you a straight way, so that fools shall

not err therein.”—Isa. xxxv. 8.

Prayer. Most gracious and merciful God, who, of thy pure bounty, hast bestowed on me, in preference to so many others, the precious gift of faith, which is the beginning of salvation; who hast made me, before reason could direct my choice, a member of the one only and true Catholic Church, wherein I am secured from error, and guided in the road that leads to eternal bliss. Grant, O my God, that I may never prove so ungrateful as to waver in this faith, or to contradict it by my conduct ; but that, till the end of my life, firmly believing what it teaches, and earnestly endeavouring to comply with the duties it lays down, I may merit the eternal reward thou hast promised to those who persevere to the end in the profession of thy faith and the observance of thy commandments. This grace, O my God, I ardently implore, through the death and passion of my Saviour Jesus Christ, who, with thee and the Holy Ghost, liveth and reigneth, one God, world without end. Amen.


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Page The Preface

V Table of Moveable Feasts... 30 Calendar.........

32 An Abridgment of the Christian Doctrine

40 Morning Exercise

43 Morning Prayers

45 A Prayer to be said by Chil

dren for their parents 49 Night Prayers, and a daily

Examination of Con-

..... 50 The Seven Stations of the Passion

53 The Litany of Jesus A Prayer in honour of the

Childhood of Jesus Christ 57 A Litany in honour of the Child Jesus

ib. A short Prayer of St. Ber

nard to the Blessed Virgin 59 The Acts of Faith, Hope, and Charity

ib. An Act of divine Love and Oblation.

61 Means of sanctifying Study 62 On the holy Sacrifice of the Mass

63 The Ordinary of the Mass.. 72 A Mass for the Dead

88 A Mass on the Passion of our Lord.....

103 Ontte Sacrament of Penance 114 An Examination of Conscience

117 Of Contrition

133 Motives for exciting Contrition

138 An Act of Contrition 146 Resolution of Amendment 148 A Prayer before Confession 151 Of Confession

152 Prayers after Confession 159 Of Satisfaction



Page Of Indulgences

.... 165 An Offering of Sacramental Penance

167 Of first Communion

168 A Prayer for those preparing

for first Communion. 173 Instructions and Devotions for Communion

............. 175 A Prayer for the three Days

before Communion 179 Meditations for the three

Days before Communion 181 1st Day. On the opposite

Dispositions of Commu-

ib. 2d Day.—The Passion of

our Lord applied to the

holy Communion ..... 184 3d Day.-On the Virtues

which should adorn a

Communicant .... 188 Immediate Preparation for

Communion ........ 191 Prayers before Communion 192 A Method of hearing Mass

before Communion 199 Devout Prayers after Communion

220 A Method of hearing Mass after Communion

224 A Prayer for the three Days after Communion

225 Meditations for the three

Days after Communion... 227 1st Day.-On the Senti.

ments which the holy
Communion should pro-

duce in our Souls ..... ib. 2d Day. - On the Imitation

of Jesus Christ ...... 231 3d Day.-On the Danger of

not corresponding with
the Graces received in the
holy Communion ..... 235






...... 246


Page Preparation for Confirmation .....

240 A Prayer before Confirmation .....

245 A Prayer to the Holy Ghost,

to beg the Descent of that
divine Spirit with his se-

ven--fold Gifts............
"The Ceremony of Confirma-
tion ........

247 A Prayer after Confirmation ...

253 On the Presence of God ... 254 On the Sign of the Cross 256 On Meditation ...... 259 The Method of Meditation 261 Preparatory Acts for Meditation

262 On the predominant Passion ...

269 Devotions for every Day in the Week

279 Exercise for Sunday.-De

votion to the adorable

ib. Monday - Devotion for the Souls in Purgatory

.... 281 Tuesday.-Devotion to our Angel Guardian........

284 Wednesday: Devotion to St. Joseph... 287

Devotion to the blessed

290 Friday.

De. votion to the Passion of our Lord......

293 -Saturday.-Devotion to the B. Virgin... 296 On Novenas

301 A Novena in honour of the holy Name of Jesus ib.

to the Sacr. Heart 302 to the B. Virgin 304 to St. Joseph...... 305 to St. Patrick 307

to St. Charles Borromeo


Page A Prayer to St. Augustin 310

to St. Angela 312 to St. Ursula...... 313

to St. Aloysius... ib. On the Choice of a State of Life........

314 A Prayer for the Choice of a State of Life

315 A Prayer to implore the di.

vine Direction in any Un

dertaking .... .... 316 Renewal of Baptismal Vows ib. A Prayer for deceased Parents

318 An Universal Prayer......... 319 The Rosary of Jesus......... 321 On the Rosary of the Blessed Virgin

326 The Rosary of the B. Virgin 329 The Litany of the Life and Passion of our Lord ...... 337

of the blessed Sa. crament

339 for a happy Death 310 A Prayer for a happy Death 342 The thirty Days' Prayer ... 343 A Method of honouring the

Mysteries of the Life and

Passion of our Lord ...... 316 Devotions for the Sick 348 Prayer before receiving the Viaticum.......

351 Short Acts of Thanksgiving

after receiving the Viati-

352 Prayer before Extreme Unction

353 Prayer after Extreme Unction....

354 Preparation for Death ib. Prayers for the Agonizing... 357 The Seven Penitential Psalms

360 Devotions to the Sacred

Heart of Jesus ..... An Act of Consecration to the Sacred Heart of Je

368 The Litany of the Sacred Heart


....... 367


Page An Act of Reparation to the Sacred Heart...

370 Devotions to the Heart of Mary

372 The Litany of the Heart of Mary

373 The Dolours of the Blessed Virgin.........

374 The Litany of Loretto, in English and Latin.. 377

of the Saints, in English and Latin......... 379

Page The Vespers of Sunday, in

English and Latin....... 389 Various Hymns and Can

ticles, in English and

401 Little Office of the B. Virgin

423 The Office for the Dead 428

APPENDIX. Reasons for adhering to the

Roman Catholic Religion 454

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