THE Works included in this Catalogue are for the most part of a standard character, and from the great and permanent importance as well as interest of the subject matter, and the acknowledged ability with which they are written, are believed to present strong claims to universal circulation and long-continued regard and popularity. There is nothing ephemeral in their character, for the foundation of their excellence is laid, not upon transitory opinions, feelings, or modes of thought, but upon established facts, demonstrations, and the unchanging principles of mental and physical inquiry. In order to bring them within the means and inclination of the great body of readers, they have been printed generally in the most economical form consistent with accuracy, neatness, and durability; and while it has been the study of the publishers to attain compactness and convenience of size, care has been taken in the selection of type and paper to make their perusal easy and agreeable to readers of all ages.

Those who are familiar with the current literature of the day must be aware that most of these productions have received the highest commendations on the score of utility and general merit, as well as for their extraordinary cheapness, from the various respectable reviews both in this country and England. Numerous testimonials from the first critical authorities might be adduced; but to avoid prolixity, the publishers have thought it best to omit all recommendations in the Catalogue, and only to insert for the information of purchasers a short description of the principal works, with a brief analysis of their peculiar and respective merits.


The subjects embraced in the writings of Mrs. Sherwood are exceedingly various, and adapted to different degrees of capacity, from that of opening youth to the matured intellect of riper years; but in all, the sentiments, the spirit, and the influence upon the mind are such as to command the warmest approbation of every enlightened Christian; while in their aptitude for the cultivation of the understanding and the improvement of the heart, they challenge competi tion. These features render them peculiarly suitable for the libraries of Sunday-schools, and for families in which there are young persons.

The editions heretofore produced in the United States, even of those portions that have been republished, have been, for the most part, inferior, and in some cases the works selected have been materially injured by alterations and abridgments. Great pains will be taken to render the present edition accurate, as well as cheap and beautiful. Each volume is perfect in itself, and may be purchased separately.

THE WORKS OF MRS. | SHERWOOD. Being the only Uniform Edition ever Published in the United States. Illustrated with Elegant Engravings on Steel.

VOL. I. contains-Henry Milner. The Story of Henry Milner has never before been published entire in America: it appeared in three successive parts in England, the first of which only has

been heretofore accessible to readers in this country.

VOL. II. contains-History of

the Fairchild Family-Orphans of Normandy-The Latter Days. VOL. III. contains Little Henry and his Bearer-Little Lucy and her Dhaye-Memoirs of Sergeant Dale, his Daughter, and the Orphan Mary-The History of Susan Gray-The History of Lucy Clare-The Hedge of Thorns-The Recaptured Negro -Susannah; or, the Three Guardians-The History of Theophilus and Sophia-Abdallah, the Merchant of Bagdad.

VOL. IV. contains-The Indian Pilgrim-The Broken Hyacinth -The Little Woodman-The

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Babes in the Wood-Clara Ste-
The Golden Clew-
phens -
Katharine Seward-Mary Anne
-The Iron Cage-The Little

VOL. V. contains- The Infant's Progress-The Flowers of the Forest-Juliana Oakley-Ermina-Emancipation.

VOL. VI. contains-The Governess-The Little MomiereThe Stranger at Home-Père La Chaise-English Mary-My Uncle Timothy.

VOL. VII. contains-The Nun - Intimate Friends - My Aunt Kate- Emmeline- Obedience

The Gipsy Babes-The Basketmaker-The Butterfly-Alune; or, Le Bächen Hölzli-Procrastination; or, The Evil of Delay -The Mourning Queen.

VOLS. VIII. and IX. contain -Victoria - Arzoomund - The

Birth-day Present - Catharine Crawley-The Golden ChainThe Blessed Family-The Two Sisters-The Orphan Boy-The May-bee--Julian Percival-Edward Mansfield-The Errandboy-The Ayah and Lady-The Infirmary-The MillenniumSouthstone Rock-The Pulpit, &c.




THE HISTORY OF THE | Europe, from the Subversion of DECLINE AND FALL OF the Roman Empire to the BeTHE ROMAN EMPIRE. By ginning of the Sixteenth CenEDWARD GIBBON, Esq. Con- tury. By WILLIAM ROBERTplete in 4 vols. 8vo. Maps, &c. SON, D.D. To which are added, This Stereotyped Edition of Gibbor's Rome is Questions for the Examination well printed on a good sized type, and contains he necessary Engravings, and is, in all re- of Students. By JOHN FROST, pects, perfect. These facts are stated, because most of the London editions now offered for A.M. Complete in 1 vol. 8vo. sale in this country are without the necessary With Engravings. Maps, &c., and are printed on a type so small that it is injurious to the eyes to read them. Yet, with all these disadvantages, they are sold at a higher price than this American edition.

THE HISTORY OF SCOTLAND, during the Reigns of Queen Mary and of King James VI., till his Accession to the Crown of England. With a Review of the Scottish History previous to that period. To which is affixed

AN HISTORICAL DISQUISITION CONCERNING THE KNOWLEDGE THE ANCIENTS HAD OF INDIA; and the Progress of Trade with that Country prior to the Discovery of the Passage to TLEMENT OF AMERICA. it by the Cape of Good With an Appendix, By WILLIAM ROBERTSON, D.D.Hope. With an Account of his Life containing Observations on the Civil Policy, the Laws and Juand Writings. To which are dicial Proceedings, the Arts, added, Questions for the Examination of Students. By JOHN the Sciences, and Religious Institutions of the Indians. By FROST, A.M. In 1 vol. 8vo. With a Portrait and Engravings. Complete in 1 vol. 8vo. WILLIAM ROBERTSON, D.D. With Engravings.

THE HISTORY OF THE REIGN OF THE EMPEROR CHARLES V. With a View of the Progress of Society in printed and bound uniformly, and contain the

No library, public or private, should be destitute of the historical works of Gibbon, Robertson, and Russell. The above editions are


THE HISTORY OF MODERN EUROPE; with a View of the Progress of Society, from the Rise of the Modern Kingdoms to the Peace of Paris, in 1763. By WILLIAM RUSSELL, LL.D. and a Continuation of the History to the Present Time, by WILLIAM JONES, Esq. With Annotations by an American. In 3 vols. 8vo. Engravings.


THE HISTORY OF THE JEWS. From the Earliest Period to the Present Time. By the Rev. H. H. MILMAN. In 3 vols. 18mo. With Maps and Engravings. Until the appearance of Professor Milman's admirable work, there was no History of the Jews, deserving of the name, except that of Josephus, and he lived at a period too remote, and too limited in its knowledge, to enable him

to do justice to the subject. The notices to be

found various Universal are meager and unsatisfactory; and a narrative at once Christian and liberal in its tone, spirited and elegant in its language, and adequately depicting the manners, wars, religion, and policy of the most remarkable of nations, was still wanting. The nature of the present work is strictly historical-not theological-yet it elucidates many obscure passages in the Old Testament, employs with great skill the casual evidence of heathen writers, and throws new light on the manners and customs of the Hebrews by frequent references to the pages of the oldest travellers.

LETTERS ON DEMONOLOGY AND WITCHCRAFT. By Sir WALTER SCOTT, Bart. 18mo. With an Engraving. This is a very curious and interesting work, containing as it does the results of much thought and great research upon one of the most exciting

topics of human inquiry. Most of Sir Walter Scott's unrivalled novels betray the predilection for the supernatural with which his mind was tinged, and the extent of his reading in works which treat of the history of that dark chap. ter of human nature" to which this volume is devoted. In it he has laid open the stores of his memory, and strikingly condensed and elucidated the subject; in many cases explaining, by most ingenious theories, occurrences which seem to lie beyond the boundaries of natural action.

NARRATIVE OF DISCOVERY AND ADVENTURE IN AFRICA. From the Earliest Ages to the Present Time. With Illustrations of its Geology, Mineralogy, and Zoology. By Professor JAMESON, and JAMES WILSON and HUGH MURRAY, Esqrs. 18mo. Map and Engravings.

In this volume is recorded every thing that is known of the interior of that dangerous continent, which has been for so many ages a terra incognita, and proved the grave of so many enterprising travellers, except what has been re vealed to us by the recent investigations of John and Richard Lander. The plan of the work consists of condensed abstracts of the narratives of all the modern African travellers, in which every thing important or interesting is preserved, while the unessential details have been so abbreviated as to bring the substance of each account within convenient limits.


Illustrations of their Climate, Geology, and Natural History, and an Account of the WhaleFishery. By Professors LESLIE and JAMESON, and HUGH MURRAY, Esq. 18mo. Maps, &c.

No person's education can be considered com. lete without a certain degree of attention to the most recent improvements and discoveries in every branch of science. In none have greater advances been made, in the present century, than in geography and the knowledge of the earth which we inhabit; the Polar Seas and Regions have been most fertile in results through the enterprise and perseverance of a Ross, a Franklin, and a Parry, and this work, which their investigations are described, is one of most interesting and instructive character.

HISTORY OF CHIVAL-in RY AND THE CRUSADES. By G. P. R. JAMES, Esq. 18mo. With Engravings.

No modern writer is, perhaps, so wel' qualified to write upon this subject as the author of "Richelieu," and of the "Life and Times of Charlemagne;" unquestionably, since the death of Sir Walter Scott, the best-informed historical antiquary of the age. The present work con

tains, in a small compass, a clear and concise

account of that celebrated institution which, in process of time, became the foundation of the modern European systems of government and jurisprudence, with a vivid description of those amazing ebullitions of national enthusiasm which poured such immense multitudes of warlike pilgrims upon the plains of Asia. and produced such extraordinary changes in the condition of mankind. The work is eminently curious, interesting, learned, and philosophical.

PALESTINE, OR THE HOLY LAND. From the Earliest Period to the Present Time. By the Rev. M. RusWith a SELL, LL.D. 18mo. Map and Engravings.

The early History of that most interesting portion of the globe--the theatre of those wonderful events from which our religion is derived -as well as its present state, is described in this volume with the greatest accuracy. The places of many of the inciden's recorded in the Bible are pointed out, and the changes that have occurred in the lapse of ages are carefully delineatel. The work may be read with advantage in connexion with the Sacred History, which it confirms and illustrates.

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