country and mankind; in the most upright and disinterested manner : who, in fine, enjoys the goods of life with the greatest moderation, bear its ills with the greatest fortitude; and in those various circumstances of duty and trial,, maintains and expresses an habitual and fupreme reverence and love of God; that man is the worthieft character in this stage of life ; passes through it with the highest satisfaction and dignity; and paves the way to the most easy and honourable old age.

Finally, he who, in the de cline of life preserves himself most exempt from the chagring


incident to that period; cherishes the most equal and kind affections; uses his experience, wifdom and authority in the most fatherly and venerable manner; acts under a sense of the inspection, and with a view to the approbation of his Maker; is daily aspiring after immortality, and ripening apace for it; and haying sustained his part with integrity and consistency to the last, quits the stage with a modest and graceful triumph; this is the best, this is the happiest old man.

Therefore, that whole life of youth, manhood and old age, which is spent after this man

[blocks in formation]

ner, is the best and happiest life.


he weep

Character of a True Friend. CONCERNING the man you call your friend tell me, Will


in the hour of your distress? Will he faithfully reprove you to your face, for actions for which others are ridiculing or censuring you behind your back? Will he dare to stand forth in your defence, when detraction is secretly aiming its deadly weapons at your


reputation ? Will he acknowledge you with the same cordiality, and behave to you with the fame friendly attention, in the company of your superiors in rank and fortune, as when the claims of pride or vanity do not interfere with those of friendship? If misfortunes and lofles should oblige you to retire into a walk of life, in which you cannot appear with the same distraction, or entertain your friends with the same liberality as formerly, will he still think himself happy in your society, and, instead of gradually withdrawing himself from an unprofitable connection, take pleasure


you into

in professing himself your friend, and cheerfully assist you to support the burden of your afflictions? When fickness shall call you to retire from the


and busy scenes of the world, will he follow

your gloomy retreat, liften with attention to your

“ tale of symptoms,” and minister the balm of confolation to your fainting spirit ?--And lastly, when death shall burst asunder every earthly tie, will he shed a tear upon your grave, and lodge the dear remembrance of

your mutual friendship in his heart, as a treasure never to be resigned? The man who will not do all this, may be your


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