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Printed for the Incorporated Law Society of the United Kingdom,


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THE LIBRARY collected by the Rev. Joseph Mendham, M.A., of Sutton Coldfield, Warwickshire, subsequently the property of his nephew, the late Rev. John Mendham, M.A., of Clophill, Bedfordshire, has obtained a well-deserved reputation, as containing among other historical and theological works, a large collection of books and pamphlets relating to controversies between the Churches of England and Rome, especially during the year 1688 and following years, rare editions and versions of the Old and New Testament, Liturgies, Expurgatory Indexes, Catalogues of Prohibited Books, Councils, writings of the Fathers, early printed books of great rarity, and some manuscripts.

Mrs. Mendham, widow of the Rev. John Mendham, having with much kindness and liberality placed this Library at the disposal of Mr. Charles Hastings Collette, of Lincoln's Inn Fields, the selection of works contained in the following Catalogue was made by that gentleman, and, with the permission of Mrs. Mendham, presented by him to the Incorporated Law Society of the United Kingdom.

In order that this valuable presentation may be perpetually associated with the name of the collectors and owners, it is now designated "The Mendham Collection."

The Catalogue was compiled by Mr. John Nicholson, Assistant Librarian, Lincoln's Inn.

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