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The Same. 4to.
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of a Valet: written by himself. 12mo. London. 1752.

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Middlebury. 1812–13.
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Seasonable Discourse; or a censure upon a Dialogue of the Anabaptists. 4to. London. 1644.

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The Old Orthodox Foundation of Religion: left for a Patterne to a New Reformation. 4to. London. 1653.

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Address to those migrating to the West. 8vo. 1813.

Historical Notes, in reference to the Crawford County [Penn.] Sabbath School Union. 12o. 1826.

Letter addressed to the Germans of Pennsylvania, inviting them to aid in founding a Professorship of German Literature in Alleghany College. 12mo.

Speech at the Execution of David Lamphear. 12mo. 1822.

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See Seaman, G.

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Century Sermon at Portsmouth Jan. 4, 1801. 8vo. Portsmouth. 1801.

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Valedictory Discourse at Portsmouth, Aug. 11, 1805. 8vo. Portsmouth. 1805.


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ication Sermon at Yarmouth, (Mass.] Jan. 1, 1795. 8vo. Boston. 1795.

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1805. 8vo. Boston. 1808.

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Account of the several Religious Societies in Ports-

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Princeton, N. J. Aug. 12, 1812. 8vo. New York. 1812.

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Annual Meeting of the American Board of Commissioners for Foreign Missions.

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Worcester. 1796.

New Introduction to the Latin Language. 12mo. Worces-

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New and Complete System of Arithmetic. 18mo. Albany.


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under Sir Ralph Abercrombie, and an outline of the Picture painted by Robert

Ker Porter. Svo. New York. 1804.
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Annual Catalogue of Students.

Prospectus of, svo. Meadville, 1829.

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Same 16mo. 1767.

Same. 12mo. Elizabethtown. 1802.

Divers Practical Cases of Conscience Satisfactorily Resolved.

16mo. Boston. 1727.

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16mo. Boston. 1750.

Same. 16mo. Boston. 1767.

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adelphia. 1799.

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mencement at Providence, R. I. Sept. 6, 1797. 8vo. Providence. 1797.

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of Missouri, thence across the Rocky Mountains to the Pacific Ocean. 2 vols.

8vo. Philadelphia. 1814.

History of the American Revolution. 2 vols. 8vo. Baltimore.


Original Poems. 12mo. Salem. 1801.

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dence. Svo. Providence, R. I. 1797. Allen, Thomas. The way of the Spirit in bringing Souls to Christ, in Ten Ser

mons. 16mo. London. 1676. Allen, Thomas. Sermon at Pittsfield, [Mass.) April 22, 1798, on the death of

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The same.

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Mass. Election Sermon. Svo. Boston. 1808.

Discourse occasioned by the death of Thomas Allen, Jr. Esq. at Boston, delivered at Pittsfield, March 30, 1806. 8vo. Boston. 1806.

Historical Sketch of the County of Berkshire, and Town of Pittsfield, (Mass.) written in May, 1808. Svo. Boston. 1808. Allen, Thomas, Jun. Oration at Pittsfield, Mass. July 4, 1803. Svo. Pittsfield. Allen, Timothy. Salvation for All Men, Put out of all Dispute. Svo. Hartford, Conn.

Answer to Pilate's Question. (What is Truth?] Svo. Providence, R. I. 1765. Allen, William. A Doubt resolved; or Satisfaction for Seekers. 4to. Lon

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[Pres.] American Biographical and Historical Dictionary. 8vo. Cambridge, Mass. 1809.

Same, 2d ed. 8vo. Boston. 1832.
Massachusetts Election Sermon. 8vo. Boston. 1813.

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Sermon at New York, Oct. 3, 1832, before the Amer. Board of Commissioners for Foreign Missions. Svo. Boston.

Account of the Separation in the Church and Town of Pittsfield, Mass. &c. 8vo. Pittsfield. 1809.

Sermon at Williamstown, Mass. June 7, 1515. Svo. Pittsfield.

Sermon at Pittsfield, Mass. April 3, 1814, on the death of Mrs. Fanny Lame Fleury, wife of Thomas Melville, Jun. Esq. 8vo. 1814.

Sermon at Harpswell, Me. Nov. 1822, on the death of Rev. Samuel Eaton. 8vo. Brunswick. 1823.

Sermon at Topsham, Me. Dec. 8, 1824, at the Ordination of Jacob C. Goss. 8vo. Brunswick. 1825.

Accounts of Shipwrecks and other Disasters at Sea. By a Friend of Seamen. 12mo. Brunswick, Me. 1823.

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Account of Arnold's Expedition to Quebec in 1775.(Maine, Hist. Coll. Vol. 1.]

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ed unanimously to be published with the late Oration; with Observations relat

ing thereto, &c. 4to. Boston. 1772. Allen, Ethan. Narration of his Captivity from Sept. 1775 to May 1778. 8vo. Boston. 1779.

The Same. 8vo. Norwich, Conn. 1780.

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