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Medium of Intercommunication



“When found, make a note of."-CAPTAIN CUTTLE.










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Cathedral Service'-"To Priest" --Pickwicklan Studies'


LONDON, SATURDAY, JANUARY 6, 1900, That an imperial rescript should put one

great and energetic country, a year in advance
CONTENTS. - No. 106.

of its neighbours, though a little surprising in
NOTES :–Editorial Good Wishes - Origin of Yeomanry modern days, is not unprecedented. On the

Cavalry, 1-A Lifetime's Work - Special Literature for other side of the land over which this imperial
Soldiers, 2—"Boer"— Rogers's "Ginevra Quagga

doctor or scientist holds sway is a country in
and ,” 3-A Pastille-Cavendish-
**Wroth silver" --- Poe's Hop-Frog Wound" for which a calendar other than ours prevails

"Winded ”—Prince of Wales as Duke of Comwal), 4. The same holds true of Turkey, and once held
Pasquil Kinnui
Gaitas,” 5.- Partridge, the Almanac-maker - Omar true of Republican France. "To add to the

Khayyam—"Byre"-St. Michael's Church, Bassishaw, 6. complexity of calendars seems a subject for
QUERIES :- Portrait of Madame Lafitte-Correspondence regret. At any rate, in presence of conflict-
of English Ambassadors to France-On a Pincushion'

ing authorities-imperial, ecclesiastical, or
Lambert in Guernsey-"The Dukes"-Methodist Plea'
- Marriage Gift - Author Wanted - Moseley Hall

, 7– popular—the attitude coincides with that of
Thomas Tomkinson, Gent." -Lieut. James Galileo when, striking the earth with his foot,

and Town Clerk -
Wagner's Meistersinger - Dr. Syntax-Stop-preso Edi- he said, or is reputed to have said, “E pur si
tions-Marylebone Churchyard Publio Vault-Toad Mugs- muove.' It is still the nineteenth century,
Sidney, Young, and Brownlow - Hogarth's Sigismunda' and the Editor at least will wait for å time

Viscount Cholmondeley's Scotch MSS., 8-"Bully"
Dandy's Gate="Thé Bcurre" _"Witchelt"=11-shod, 9. he may never see before congratulating his
REPLIES :- Cromwell and Music, 9-'An Apology for readers on the advent of the twentieth.

-Boxing Day, 10—"The Appearance"-Polkinghorn-
Swansea — Shepherdess Walk – Hawkwood, 11 — Bryan,
Lord Fairfax-The Mint-"Bridge"--Stafford Family THE ORIGIN OF YEOMANRY CAVALRY.
“Lowestoft China," 12 – The Great Oath — "Tiffin
Edgett, 13 — "Cordwainer" -

May Road

IN connexion with the decision of the
Well, Accrington - "A pickled rope Authorship of Government, announced on 20 December last,

The Red, White, and Blue' - Prefaces, 15 - Morcom-
Margaret 'Blount - Hannah Lee-**

Hoastik carles," 18– to recruit a new mounted infantry force for
"Middlin'” – Cox's Museum, 17—“King of service in South Africa from the ranks of the
Bantam"-Grolier Bindings, 18.

Yeomanry, it may be interesting to place on
NOTES ON BOOKS :-Sidney Lee's 'Life of Shakespeare' record the fact that it is to the great Suffolk

• Students' Standard Dictionary'.
Library'-Reviews and Magazines.

agriculturist Arthur Young that we owe the
Notices to Correspondents.

inception of Yeomanry Cavalry.

The germ of Young's idea of forming a

"militia of property for this country is

contained in some reflections on the French

Revolution at the end of his Travels in

France, published in May, 1792. In August,
The recent issue of the Jubilee Number of 1792, he repeated the suggestion in vol. xviii.
Notes and Queries having brought the editor of his .Annals of Agriculture' (p. 491), and
into communication, more or less close and expanded it in his well-known pamphlet
personal, with some to whom individually he entitled The Example of France a Warning
was the mere shadow of a name, and having to England, which went through four English
elicited manifestations of toleration and even editions in 1793-4 (besides two editions in
of sympathy, by which he has been flattered French-one published at Brussels and the
and touched, he feels justified in taking

the other at Quebec), and made a great sensa-
opportunity of the first number of the New tion in its day.
Year to wish his contributors a full share of

Young says in this pamphlet :-
the privileges and blessings with which, in
spite of a not too propitious outset, he is "A regiment of a thousand cavalry in every
fain to hope it is charged. His indebted county of moderate extent, just disciplined enough
ness to those who make his post enviable enrolled and assembled in companies three days in

to obey orders and keep their ranks, might be
and his labours light is not to be expressed. every year, and in regiments once in seven, at a
Should even his aspirations be of no effect, very moderate expense to the public...... It has been
the attitude of benevolence-to use the word said that such a militia is impracticable; I will not

on a case absolutely new, but we may
in its classical sense-is like that of devotion reason

venture to assert that a law which legalises and
or prayer, good in itself, and is a step regulates the mode in which all the land proprietors
(the longest that can be taken) towards its in the kingdom......may instantly assemble armed,
cwn fulfilment. For congratulations on the in troops and regiments...... law which prepares
arrival of a new century he has still twelve the means of security and defence, while the rage
months to wait. That fact, simple as it is, and order, must be good, and may be essential to

of attack unites and electrifies the enemies of peace
s not obvious to all. To him and to most of the salvatiou of the community.”-Fourth edition,
his readers it is patent as the sun at mid-day. 1794, pp. 141-2.



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