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" Muses' anvil, turn the same (And himself with it) that he thinks to frame, Or for the laurel he may gain a scorn, For a good poet's made as well as born; And such wert thou. Look how the father's face Lives in his issue; even so, the race Of Shakespeare's... "
Poems, with illustrative remarks [ed. by W.C. Oulton]. To which is prefixed ... - Pagina xli
door William Shakespeare - 1804
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The Case for Shakespeare: The End of the Authorship Question

Scott McCrea - 2005 - 280 pagina’s
...how the father's face lives in his issue," Jonson remarked to those readers who had known the man. "The race of Shakespeare's mind, and manners, brightly shines in his well-turned and true-filed lines." Dozens, perhaps hundreds, of people — including "our James" — were still alive...
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Shakespeare's Marlowe: The Influence of Christopher Marlowe on Shakespeare's ...

Robert A. Logan - 2007 - 251 pagina’s
...that the playwright's "art doth give the fashion" (1, 58): For a good Poet's made, as well as bom. And such wert thou. Look how the father's face Lives...Shakespeare's mind, and manners brightly shines In his well turned and true filed lines: In each of which, he seems to shake a lance, As brandished at the...
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